The Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 11


The teal box with a white ribbon, which he handed to Marie, contained a black velvet box. Inside the second box was a classic Tiffany diamond engagement ring. Frank knew that Marie could afford a building full of Tiffany rings if she really wanted to make such a purchase. She would understand what this ring meant and how he felt about her. Jayne was given a blue box which held a large round cut diamond in a 14 karat white gold knotted V shaped ring. This ring was, on the surface, far less valuable than Marie's but that was the point. Jayne didn't care about money. What she cared about were emotions. Frank knew this. He selected a ring for her that was as brilliant and original as she. She treasured the ring the moment she saw how perfectly it fit on her finger. Jayne was impressed that he thought enough to get them unique rings and said so.

"That's true," said Marie. "That was very thoughtful of you. I love mine. Oh. 'Yes,' by the way."

"Hell yes," said Jayne. "It was my idea."

"No," corrected Frank, "your idea was an American Legion with an internet geek who printed off his clergy certificate on an HP. I'm giving you a large church just down the road from here and a fully ordained Pastor." He stood up and kissed each of his fiancés.

Dinner was a lavish affair. The salads alone were twenty dollars. Jayne had the roasted fluke with risotto. Marie had monkfish with wheat berries, walnuts, cauliflower and prosciutto. Frank's dinner was roasted chicken and sausage with buttermilk spaetzle, cabbage and black truffles. The trio were happy to trade bites with each other. Marie and Jayne consumed champagne and chatted merrily. Frank had one glass and switched to ginger ale. He would be driving them home. There was a happiness in Marie's heart she hadn't known in almost three years.

"Mmmm," she said, swallowing a bite of monkfish, "can we get a wedding together in just over a month?"

Frank smiled and said, "Jenn and Chloe will be helping out when I bring them back from San Juan. Which reminds me, I need to text them that you both said yes."

"Do it when we get home," said Marie. "Let's just enjoy the moment." There was laughter in the air and the happy sounds of people enjoying their food.

That night, after Frank sent his text and Chloe replied with a smiley face and eight exclamation points, the trio retired to bed. Marie laid on her back. She shared the purple beast with Jayne, who lovingly rode her. Frank squatted over Marie's face so that she could kiss his cock, suck his balls, then lick and tongue fuck his ass. He and Jayne kissed and touched each other all over. It was a quiet celebration filled with love.


Chloe and Jenn had a wonderful time in San Juan. They did all the touristy things. They took scuba diving lessons. They visited the Devil's Tower at Castillo de San Cristobal in Old San Juan. They tanned out by their hotel's pool. They kissed and rubbed each other's pussies at night. They loved that no one stared at two women walking through Isla Verde Park while holding hands. It was bittersweet when the day arrived to meet Frank at the airport. On one hand, they were happy that one of Marie's wedding gifts to them was their room at Tarabella for as long as they wanted it. On the other hand, there was a very fast paced and busy world waiting for them when they got back. They had enjoyed the pace of San Juan. As energetic as the people were, it was slow and relaxing compared to New York City.

It took the newlyweds a few days to settle back into their usual routine of classes.


On the Wednesday after their return, Jenn had her therapy session with Kevin.

Marie had gone in with Jenn but had James drop her off at her parent's house before Jenn's session. James pulled away as Marie used her key to get in the house. She called out, "Hello?", but did not get a response. She heard a repetitive noise coming from the Dining Room and followed the sound. When Marie entered the room, she saw her parents. They were both naked and they were not alone. Tied to the dinner table was a young naked woman with long black hair, mocha skin, and a ball gag with harness. Marie's father was fucking the woman and Marie's mother was sucking one of the woman's tits and slapping the other.

"Oh my God!" said Marie. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!"

"Oh, hi, Pumpkin," said Harry as he continued fucking the young woman on the table. "We didn't hear you come in. Have you met Annie?"

The young woman mumbled something that was probably, "Hello," in singsong through the gag.

"Pleasure to meet you," said Marie.

"Hi, Sweetheart," said Catherine. She stopped slapping and sucking Annie and looked at Marie's shocked face. "Are you ok? I'm guessing Jennifer never told you about this..."

"Jenn knows about this?"

"That little monkey," said Harry, still fucking Annie. "She caught us when she was about twelve..."

"You've been fucking Annie since I was seventeen?"

"No, dear, not Annie," explained Catherine. "She's only been with us for about ten months. Jennifer caught us with Mrs. Baxter from next door."

"You were fucking Old Widow Baxter?" Marie was incredulous.

"We still do," said Harry. "And she wasn't old at the time." Harry was still fucking Annie.

"Dad! Could you please stop that, cover up and talk to me?" Marie wasn't entirely sure what was bothering her most. It would have been traumatic enough to walk in on her parents having sex. This wasn't that. They were having sex with someone else. It was obviously consensual, so it didn't set off an anxiety attack. It was... It just wasn't right that they were so casual about fucking this stranger in front of their daughter. It was probably the surreal nature of the episode that kept Marie as calm as she was. It was too bizarre to be real to her.

"I'm sorry, Pumpkin, but I can't. We only have Annie for ten more minutes. She has a late afternoon class today."

"Oh my God," said Marie. "I can't believe this."

"See here, young lady," Catherine barked suddenly. "There is nothing wrong with what you are seeing. This is a beautiful act of trust between three consenting adults. If you are lucky, someday you might find something so beautiful."

"I did. I have," said Marie. "Ok, I'm more than a little shocked here. I wasn't expecting this, but I'd be a hypocrite if I said anything against it. I actually came here to tell you that I'm engaged to my two lovers right now. A man and a woman."

"Congratulations, Sweetheart!" cheered Catherine. "Is it anyone we know?"

"Um, you know Frank..."

"Frank?" asked Harry. "You mean Trent's kid brother?"

"Um, yes. That would be he," said Marie.

"Oh, that's so nice," said Catherine. "That boy cares so much about you. We could tell when we saw how he looked at you at Jennifer and Chloe's wedding. Now who's the woman?"

"She's... uh... She's, um, the Chief of Staff of my estate..."

"Is she the one who caught Chloe's bouquet?" asked Catherine.

"Uhhh, yes. That is she," Marie replied.

"Oh, she's lovely, dear. She has such amazing tits," said Catherine. "What's her name again?"

"Jayne Munroe," answered Marie, "but she's going to change it to Melar."

"I'm glad she's not a plain Jane," said Harry.

"Well, it's Jayne with a 'y', so..."

"Oh, isn't that exotic?" commented Catherine. "What do you do with her?"

"'Do?'" asked a puzzled Marie.

Catherine asked, "Do you trib her? Do you spank her?"


"Young lady, there is nothing wrong with talking about sex. You get the stick out of your ass right now. We did not raise our daughters to be prudes. Now, what do you do with her?"

"Um, I, uh, tie her up or cuff her to the headboard. I spank her. I trib her. I eat her out. I share a double-sided jelly dong with her. I motorboat her. I fuck her ass with a strap on. I slap her tits. I ride her face. I blindfold her..."

"That sounds like a lot of fun, dear," Catherine interrupted. "What do you do with Frank?"

"Well, uh, the, uh, the first time I had sex with Frank, I pegged him while he fucked Jayne..."

"Good for you, Pumpkin," said Harry. "Keep him in his place. That sounds wonderful. How long have you had them?"

"Uhhhhh, um, we, uh, I actually just took them as lovers seven months ago or so..."

"Do they get along well with each other?" asked Catherine.

"Oh, yeah," said Marie. "They're great. We balance out very well."

"Oh, excuse me, Pumpkin. It's time to untie Annie. We mustn't make her late for school. There's nothing more important than education."

"Would you care for a taste, dear?"

"Excuse me?"

"It's going to take a few minutes to untie her. Your father gets so involved with his knots. She'd love it if you ate her out while we got her loose."

"Oh," said Marie. "Oh, wow." Marie shuffled her feet. "What can I say?"

"You don't have to say anything, dear. Just suck on her cunt. She tastes like a peach."

Marie could not believe she was doing it, but she went over to the table and ate out her parents' submissive as they untied her. To Marie's astonishment, Annie did taste like peaches. Marie almost expected to have flashbacks of her rape as she tongued and sucked on Annie's pussy. As consensual as this obviously was, there seemed to be an element of force at play here. Nothing untoward happened when Marie slurped the vagina of her parent's sub. It was nice. It wasn't as spectacular as eating out Jayne, but it was pleasant. It was, however, freaky as hell to have her parent's watching her do this. Still, Marie stayed in the moment and never lost herself. She didn't see and feel the six men who attacked her. She just saw the lovely young woman she pleasured orally. After Annie was untied, and her gag was removed, she thanked Marie with a kiss.

Annie got dressed and gathered her books. She kissed her masters' feet and said goodbye. When she opened the door to leave, Marie noticed James pull up in the limousine.

"Oh, I guess I should go," Marie said. "I have to meet Jenn." Marie walked up to her mother and kissed her goodbye."

"Mmmm," said Catherine. "Don't forget to brush your teeth, dear. You still taste like Annie."

"Sorry we fucked with you, Pumpkin," Harry said. "We just couldn't help ourselves."

"I guess it's ok," Marie said. "Annie seems nice."

"No, not about Annie," Harry explained. "We were fucking with you about not knowing who your fiancés are. Frank was here with the girls the day after the wedding."

"Why were they here?" asked Marie.

"So Frank could get your father's and my blessing, of course," said Catherine.

"Your mother didn't grill Frank nearly as hard as she had done to Chloe."

"Well, I didn't know Chloe at the time. I had to be sure she was really in love with Jennifer...."

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait," said Marie. "Frank came here to ask for your blessing to marry me?"

"And Jayne," added Catherine.

"Woah. He told you he'd be marrying both of us?"

"No," said Harry, "he said the three of you would wed. Jenn and Chloe insisted the three of you were head over heels in love. That was enough for me. I never argue with Chloe. That girl is always right. Your mother needed a little more convincing."


"Well, he said he hadn't gotten the rings yet. I told him he needed to get you a ring as special as you were." Marie showed Catherine the Tiffany. Catherine looked at it and said, "Meh. That'll do." She stayed completely straight faced for four whole seconds before she burst out in laughter and hugged Marie tightly. "I'm so glad he knows how wonderful you are."

"He treats me so well, Mom. He's so gentle but so strong."

"That's very important, dear. How did Jayne do?"

"Well, her ring isn't as expensive, but it's amazing to look at."

"I'm sure she loves it. Thank you so much for visiting us, dear."

"Let us know if you need anything, Pumpkin."

"Now that you mention it... Mom, do you think you could give Jayne away like you did for Chloe?"

"I'd be honored."

Hugs, kisses and another reminder to brush teeth were exchanged. Marie was smiling when James opened the car door for her. He was happy to see her in good spirits. They drove back to Kevin's office. When she got in the limo, it was obvious that Jenn had been crying.

"Are you ok?" Marie asked.

"Oh, I'm fine," Jenn replied as she wiped her eyes and face with a tissue. "I, of all people, should know not to wear mascara to a session. We did a little digging in the dirt today. I'd buried a few things but I've got a handle on it now."

"That's good. I met Mom and Dad's friend, Annie."

"Oops," said Jenn. "I didn't think she'd be here this early."

"She has a late afternoon class on Wednesdays. So.... you caught the folks with Old Widow Baxter?"

"She wasn't old then," Jenn said. "Look, I'm sorry I never told you. I just thought you'd rath..."

Marie interrupted Jenn with a crushing hug. "Thank you for helping Frank get their blessing. It means a lot."

"I knew it would."


"You're mine, bitch. You're all mine. This is what you are now. You're a hole to stick my dick in." He slapped his bitch's ass hard as he pumped his thick cock into the tight hole. He grabbed the bitch's hips with both hands and thrust deeply. He shot his load in the tight ass and pulled his cock out unceremoniously.

"Scanitinuzzo! What are you doing in there?"

Tony wasn't used to hearing his last name called out like that, but Axe didn't call him Gumby anymore. That had been his bitch name. It was clear he was no longer a bitch.

"I'm giving my roommate a bath, Sir. He really needed one."

Axe glared at him for a moment and said, "He didn't need a cum bath. Get your ass out of there." Axe turned to the left and shouted, "Open 43!" When Tony stepped out of the cell, Axe asked his cellmate, "You ok in there, Cuddle Cakes?" The bitch nodded and Axe dragged Tony out of earshot. The bitch remembered the reaming Axe had given him and chose never to complain to him.

"You are the slowest bitch tamer I have ever seen! Why haven't you traded that bitch for two cartons of Kools yet?"

"I don't smoke and he's not tamed, Sir," replied Tony. "He still thinks he's a man. He doesn't know he's a bitch."

"So trade him," Axe said. "That's part of what makes a bitch feel like property. Make the trade right in front of him. Trade Cuddle Cakes for another bitch and give the other owner any smokes you have left over from other trades. Make him feel worthless compared to the other bitch."

"That could work. Thank you, Sir." Axe was about to return Tony to his cell when Tony stopped. "Excuse me, Sir. May I ask a question?"

"What you want to know, Scanz?"

"'Scans?'" Tony asked.

"Yeah, Scanz with a 'z'. I'm trying it out as your owner's name. So, you had a question?"

"Well, Sir, I was wondering if all bitches become owners..."

"Hell, no! You and Trunk were the only two to graduate."

"'Graduate?' Is this a program?" asked Tony.

"Yeah. It's my program. Ever since my little girl was in high school and getting ready for college, I got worried for her. I read once that 25% of women report being raped or sexually assaulted in college. I also read that only 5 percent of rape victims report it to the police. That means the actual total is probably much higher. Now, what's a man like me supposed to do with that information? What can any father do? I was angry and I was frustrated and I realized something. I have about half the convicted rapists in New York State walk through my cell block. What if I showed rapists what it felt like? I was fucking crazy, Scanz. I saw these smug mother fuckers walk through here and and thought about my little girl. I tore open this one asshole's jumpsuit and I fucked the shit out of him. The other guards asked what I was doing and I told them.

"Is it working? I don't know. Trunk's going to be paroled soon. I know he's never going to rape another woman. I know you never will. I don't know if that's enough. I just know I was in a position to do something and I fucking did it. The other guards must think it's worth doing 'cause I never asked them to help me. They just do."

"Thank you for telling me, Sir. I'll fuck Cuddle Cakes a few more times today and trade him to Reamer."

"Aw, shit. That should break that bitch but good," Axe said.

They walked in silence back to Tony's cell. Tony's cellmate was laying on his bunk.

"Open 43!"

Tony entered the cell. He waited for Axe to close it and walk away. Tony yanked Cuddle Cakes off the top bunk and let him drop to the cement floor. He rolled the bitch over and pulled down the jumpsuit that stood between him and Cuddle Cakes' ass.

"What the fuck, man?" Cuddle Cakes asked. "I thought Axe was gonna punish you."

"You thought wrong, bitch! I told you. I own your ass and only I can say different. All Axe cares about is that I keep you quiet." Tony tore Cuddle Cakes' boxers off his body and stuffed them in the bitch's mouth. He got on the floor behind his bitch, pried open the ass cheeks and shoved his way in without any preparation. Cuddle Cakes screamed in agony through the underwear gag but the assault was just beginning.

Tony slapped his bitch on the ass and face as he rode Cuddle Cakes hard. Axe had picked this bitch name because the man was so big and needed to be stripped of his masculinity.

"You're mine, Cuddle Cakes! You're my fuck hole!" Tony said as he slapped the bitch's ass repeatedly in a steady rhythm. "You like doing this to girls? Well now you are a little girl and I'm gonna do this to you all the time until I get tired of your ass. Then I'm gonna pass you around to my friends. I'll bet I don't even get a carton of smokes for your ass."

Tony fucked Cuddle Cakes brutally. He slammed the bitch into the floor. His thick cock was too much for the tight ass he savagely stabbed into submission. Cuddle Cakes' blood acted as a lubricant and Tony fucked him harder and faster. The muffled screams were becoming hoarse as the bitch started to lose his voice from the incessant high-pitched pleas for mercy which only served to inspire Tony to greater heights of brutality. It used to bother Tony that he was so good at raping these men. He realized he'd never be able to do this to a woman again. This was a necessary evil. He was teaching these worthless bastards that no one deserves to be treated like this unless they've done it to someone else. Then they deserve every second of it.

Tony pulled his bitch off the floor and fucked him against the toilet. He slammed him against the wall and fucked him there. When Tony had him on the floor again, there was an urgency to his piston like hammering of Cuddle Cakes' ass. It took him longer, because he'd already come, but Tony managed to fire a small load in his bitch's ass.

When he was done, he washed his face and his dick and told the bitch to clean himself up. At lunch, Tony got a message to Reamer. Two hours later, in the yard, Reamer traded his bitch for Cuddle Cakes. Right in front of the two bitches, Tony also gave Reamer three cartons of cigarettes and two magazines. Reamer laughed and brought Cuddle Cakes back to his cell. Tony's new bitch seemed a little smug that he fetched such a high price. When they were back in his cell, Tony slapped his new acquisition.

"You'd better be worth what I paid for you, bitch. Suck my cock. Do it nice."


Marie had been used to clutter from her sisters on the Dining Room table. She already thought of Chloe as a sister. The clutter was usually textbooks. Recently, it had been bridal magazines. Marie noticed that a week after they returned from Puerto Rico, the clutter was catalogs. These were not the sort of catalogs she would have expected. They were from sperm banks.

"Um, what the hell is on my table now?" she asked Jenn and Chloe, who looked up at the same time.

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