tagIncest/TabooThe Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 03

The Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 03


Chapter Three: California Creamin'

Norm woke up with his step-daughter knocking on the door and entering his room. He had another hard-on and thought Cori might offer to take care of it for him again, but she pretended not to notice.

Wow, Cori, thought to herself, for a guy in his condition, he sure isn't having any problems sexually. She thought about offering another handjob, but thought better of it. She wasn't sure how he felt about their relationship and didn't want to make him feel awkward. For her part, a little handjob now and then was no big deal if it would help him feel better. It could be relaxing for him. But if it made him nervous considering her age and their relationship, then that could adversely affect his health. Better to take it slow and offer only if the erections persisted.

Cori was wearing a little pink and white terry cloth robe that matched the outfit she had on last night. Norm was pretty sure she had nothing on underneath it even though the robe barely covered her tits and was so short that it stopped just past her ass cheeks. She bent over a bit as she made his bed after helping him into his chair and he saw that he was wrong. While he was certain she was wearing no bra, he now saw that she had on a pair of white bikini panties that contrasted perfectly with the nicely tanned skin of her ass.

After breakfast, Cori took a shower in the only full bathroom in the house -- the one in Norm's bedroom. The shower was a stand alone unit with a marbled glass door on it. Norm heard the water running and pictured Cori stepping in, her nude body all wet, soft and firm, round and flat in all the right places. He imagined the water running over her breasts, between her thighs, over her ass, down those long legs. If the real picture was half as good as the one in his head, he had to see it.

He wheeled his chair over to the door and opened it just a crack, counting on the sound of the water and the fact that anyone turned to face the water would have their back to the door to prevent any detection. He peered through the small crack and saw that Cori was indeed turned away from the door. She didn't know he was watching. The marbled glass made it hard to see anything clearly, but gave him enough of a look to know that he wanted to see more. He thought of a plan. It was deceitful and mean, but he was sure it would work.

He went back to the hallway outside the bedroom and lowered himself to the floor, pushing his chair a few feet away. As soon as he heard the water stop running, he started yelling, "Cori, help! Hey, Cori!"

"What's the matter?" Cori's yelled, concerned.

"I fell!"

"I'm coming! Are you all right?"

As he predicted, she hadn't taken time to dry off, let alone put on any clothes. She came sprinting out of the bathroom, her skin still glistening, water dripping off her golden body. It was hard for him not to smile at the sight, but he had to pretend to be hurt as he lay there.

She rushed to his side. "Are you all right? What happened?" She put her hands on his side, touching him gently, not wanting to hurt him. Her breasts hung over him, water dripping from her long nipples. For the first time, he could see her pussy. It was beautiful! Mostly shaven, she had a neatly trimmed patch of golden hair on her mound leading to what appeared to be an utterly edible pair of pink pussy lips. Norm had to be careful not to look for more than a second or two as she hovered over him.

"I'm fine," he grunted. "I think. I thought I could walk a little. Guess I was wrong."

"I guess so!" Cori laughed, relieved that he seemed to be unhurt. "Let me help you get back in the chair. Hold still and I'll bring it over."

She stood up and he looked up just in time to get a great view of her pussy. It looked so soft and inviting! She hurried back with the chair and helped him back in, paying no attention to his erection. She was so concerned with his safety, she never gave it a second thought.

"Thank you," he sighed. "I'm so sorry."

"Don't be sorry," she said. "I'm just glad you're OK. Guess you're going to have to start listening to me and let me do things around here. You're going to get better, but don't rush it, OK?"

"OK," he said. He hung his head as if ashamed, but actually he was watching a drop of water as it ran down her flat stomach, over that golden mound and right between her pussy lips. He wondered if she felt it tickle as it slid over her clit. He took a last glance before she retrieved her robe and put it back on.

"All right," she said. "If you're OK, I'm going to get dressed. Then we can get started on some of those projects you had."

"Actually," Norm said, his chest tightening, knowing his next words could make Cori mad or wary of his intentions, "could I pick something out for you to wear?"

"You really want to?" Cori asked. "Why?"

"I, well," he stumbled, then, angered at her for asking the question, blurted, "because I'm 62 years old and I deserve a little something good in my life. If that's getting to look at you in some skimpy clothes, well, that doesn't seem like to much to ask for someone who's been a good person, an honest businessman and has always had women leave me for jerks. I know it's wrong with you being so sweet and my step-daughter and 40 years younger than me. You're just here to help. But dammit, I want to have some fun. And I think I deserve it. And since you obviously didn't mind dressing that way for those guys you worked with, well, I thought maybe you would dress that way for me. But I guess that was too much to ask. Why don't you just take that little ass of yours and go back home? I've got nothing much left to live for anyway, so let me die in peace."

"Hey," Cori said quickly, holding up her hands. "Slow down. I didn't say I wouldn't do it. I'm sorry. I just wanted to be sure we had everything out in the open, here. The last thing I want to do is make you uncomfortable. I'm here to help in any way I can. I'm sorry my mom and other women treated you wrong; you deserve better. I can't change that, but I will do my best to make you happy, within reason. I think we should draw the line at what we did last night, but if that helps, I'll do that for you any time. You have a lot to live for and we can find you a woman who will see what a good man you are. Your business will get back on track. You'll see."

"Well," Norm shook his head, looking away, delighted at Cori's response but pretending to still be angry.

"Come on," Cori pleaded. "Help me pick something out to wear." She took his hand and helped him out of the chair, putting his arm around her waist to lean on her for support. She walked him slowly into her bedroom and eased him onto the edge of the bed facing her closet.

"OK," she said, smiling at him and opening the door. "Anything particular you had in mind? Dresses? Skirts? Shorts? Tube tops? Halter tops? Swimsuits? Lingerie? I've got just about everything in here."

"Wow," Norm said, nodding his head and unable to hide his smile. "They sure did buy you a lot of stuff. Well, I like fishnets and mesh stuff. You got anything like that?"

"All types," Cori smiled. "How about something like this? She pulled out an orange mesh top with matching orange hot pants. It would look hot, but the mesh was tight and not too revealing. At least her nipples wouldn't poke through any holes.

"Nice," Norm nodded. "How about that one?" Cori followed his finger to a light blue fishnet outfit with a tiny skirt that was far more risqué. She hesitated, then reached for it.

"This one?"

"Yeah, I'd like to see that one."

"OK," Cori said. "What else?"

"Got heels?"

"Of course."

"Then put all that on and let me see."

"What about a tube top under the top?" Cori suggested, knowing her breasts wouldn't be covered at all by the inch-wide openings in the fishnet.

"No, I don't think so," Norm gave her a devilish grin. "It's hot here, you know, better if you let things air out."

"I see," Cori smiled. "All right. Well, let me help you back out to the living room and ..."

"No, I'll watch," Norm said. It was a statement, not a question. He sensed he had a bit of an upper hand and he wanted to set the standard as high as possible while Cori was still reeling from his outburst. Once she had time to think things through, she might draw the line somewhere else. But if could establish precedent now, the fashion show, dressing and undressing could be a featured part of every day.

From Cori's perspective, it wasn't that big of a request. He'd already seen her naked a few minutes ago and he was going to see her half-naked all the time, now. So, she just shook her head and smiled, undoing her robe and tossing it on to the bed. She picked up the thong first and quickly pulled it up her long legs, pulling it into place between her ass cheeks and carefully placing it over her pussy. She looked at Norm and saw him staring intently at her crotch, taking in every delicious detail.

She turned, letting him get a nice view of the backside as she stepped into the tiny blue skirt. The skirt was not fishnet. It was made of light cotton and was cut into two small rectangular panels that served more as loin cloths than a skirt. One panel covered about half of her ass and the other dangled teasingly over her pussy. Both attached to a narrow waist band that she pulled up to the top of her ass crack. It was a light, flimsy piece of clothing that served strictly to tease and entice rather than to actually conceal anything. With every turn or move, the little flaps would flip up, revealing glimpses of her bare skin and thong. On the sides, her legs were bare all the way to the waist band, offering a nice profile of her curved ass and firm thighs. If someone wanted to, say, cop a feel of her ass, he'd have the option of going under the skirt or right through the side. It was a garment designed for easy access.

Cori then put on top. It was cut like a crop top with straps over her shoulders and around the back. It hung fairly loosely with the netting wrapping around her breasts, conforming to their shape. It extended only about a half an inch past her nipples, which poked right through the wide openings. Cori attempted to position some of the fabric over her nipples, but it was no use. The strands of fabric were far too thin, the openings were far too wide and, the looseness of the top prevented it from staying in place. No matter what she did, her nipples would be exposed.

"Outstanding," Norm said as she twirled, letting him get the full picture. "Now just add the heels and I think that will do it."

Cori bent over to dig in her closet, looking for her shoes while Norm looked at the perfect picture of her ass and pussy. "I can't find my blue ones," Cori said. "Will these work?" She held up a pair of clear stilettos and Norm just nodded his approval. She put them on and walked back and forth across the room, modeling for him.

"That will work," Norm smiled.

"I haven't seen too much of that smile since I've been here," Cori smiled back. "But I like to see it. Now, where should we start? Cleaning? Bills? Errands? Remember, we need to do your exercises twice a day."

"Well, I've got a little extra energy I need to burn off right now," Norm said, nodding toward his erect penis, "so, why don't we do some exercises, then maybe sit down and take a look at the bills."

"Sounds good," Cori said. "Now, they showed me what you've been doing, but said we could try some other things so long as it got you up and moving. We just need to work on that right arm and leg. Everything else seems to be working pretty good." She glanced at his crotch, then winked at him, stepping forward to help him out of the bed. She guided him to the living room, helping him to the couch.

She put a five-pound weight in his left hand and they started doing curls. He had no problem with his left hand, but on the right side he could only bring his arm up about half way. Cori helped him the rest of the way, completing the curling motion.

"That's good," Cori said, encouraging him. But she could tell he was getting angry. She remembered that Norm was one of those guys who seldom got angry, but when he did, it came on fast and was intense. The doctors had warned her to watch his stress level, which was part of the reason she had been hesitant at first to be sexual with him. But seeing his need for relief before the handjob last night, she knew that had been a stress reliever instead of a stress inducer. Anger, on the other hand, was not. Encouragement didn't seem to be helping, especially when he showed that he had even less strength and movement in his right leg. She saw his face turning red, his determined grimace turning to a frown.

Thinking quickly, Cori turned to the only thing that had brought him happiness since she'd been here -- her body. "Here, let's try this," Cori said. She stood up in front of him, her back to him. She bent over at the waist and picked up his right foot. Slowly, she raised it up and down. She was straddling his right leg and remained bent over as she counted the reps. "We'll do three sets of 10," Cori said.

It was a good thing Norm wasn't being relied on to count. His mind was elsewhere, lost in the valley between her legs, his mind picturing her thong being pulled away, her pussy lips spread, his cock penetrating her over and over again. His anger shrank as his cock grew. Emboldened by their previous discussion, he reached out with his left hand and grabbed a handful of her ass cheek. Cori stood up and turned around quickly, acting surprised, but she only smiled when she saw Norm grinning back at her. There was no sign of anger any more. Ahh, the power of pussy, Cori thought. Then she had an idea.

"All right, tough guy," she taunted. "If you think that's fun, let's see you do it with your right hand."

"Why should I when I can do it with my left?" Norm challenged. "What's the incentive?"

"What do you want it to be?"

"I get to put one finger inside you with my left hand for every time I can touch you with my right."

"Inside me?" Cori asked. "I don't know, Pap. I think that's going past our line, don't you?"

"Fuck the line," Norm said. "Do you know how long it's been since I've had my hands on a pussy? Especially a 22-year-old pussy? Stop being a tease and let me touch it. The faster I get better, the faster you go home. It's a win-win."

Cori wasn't crazy about the idea, but she was willing to do anything to help him get better. If letting him dip his fingers a few times would give him the incentive he needed, it seemed like an odd but small price to pay.

"OK," Cori grinned. "You're on old man. Personally, I don't think you can do it anyway, so I think you're going to have to be satisfied with looking, because you won't be getting your hands on this pussy today." She taunted him, smiling and rubbing her hand between her legs for added effect.

"You little tease," Norm sneered. "Bend over and give me a target."

Cori resumed her position, straddling his leg and helping him with his leg lifts. She locked her knees and bent over a little farther than before, making sure her ass was high in the air, her pussy waving in front of his face. She kept looking back, for two reasons. One, to keep teasing him with her come-hither looks and, two, to make sure he didn't cheat and use his left arm to lift his right. But Norm's efforts were honest and inspired. It was slow and painful as he grunted and tried to focus his thoughts on his reluctant arm rather than her apparently very willing pussy.

Slowly, he willed his arm toward her waiting ass, extending his fingers to the fullest, hoping for even the slightest touch of her delicate skin. He yelled triumphantly when he finally put his right hand on her ass cheek. The numbness in his hand prevented him from fully appreciating the soft warmth of her finely shaped ass and he couldn't clench his fist to get a good squeeze, but the primary objective had been achieved.

Cori jumped up and cheered as he slowly lowered his arm, grinning broadly as he watched her tits bounce up and down. "You better bend back over," he leered, "because I'm going for two, now!"

"No way," Cori teased. "You can't do two! You better be happy with what you got. Which finger do you want to get wet?"

The suggestion of her wetness caused yet another surge in his pants and Norm's right arm jerked a couple of inches back up again. The second time was actually easier than the first, but number three was a struggle and he was exhausted after that.

"Three's great!" Cori squealed, giving him a hug. "When do you want your reward?"

"Right now," he said, focusing his eyes between her legs. "Is it wet?"

"A little," Cori confessed. She didn't tell him that she was pretty much always wet, always ready. Ever since her days at the Hard Body Shop, her body had seemingly adapted to its call as a round-the-clock sex object. She might be called upon to perform at any time, so her body had conditioned itself to be ready at all times. Her sensitive nipples were almost always at least half-erect and her pussy was perpetually warm and moist. She couldn't explain it, she just knew that was the case.

"Got ya all wet just thinking about it, didn't it?" Norm teased. "You sure aren't a prude like your mother, are you Kitten? I don't think her pussy got wet once during our marriage. She was always stone cold. Show me how hot you are."

Cori sat down next to him on the couch and lay back against arm rest, putting one foot on the back of the couch and the other on the floor. She lifted the front flap of her skirt so that only a tiny strip of cloth now separated her pussy from her step-father's hand. She was spread wide for him, presenting his well-earned prize.

"Hot damn," Norm muttered under his breath, trying to soak in every detail before giving in to his urge to finger-fuck his step-daughter. He gently ran his left hand up the inside of her thigh then cupped her pussy, immediately feeling its warmth against his palm. How long had it been since he'd had his hands on a pussy like this? Hell, he'd never had his hands on a pussy like this, he told himself.

He grabbed the thong and immediately pulled it away from her body, getting a good look at the treasure barely hidden beneath. Her pussy was pink and plump and moist. He wanted to taste it, then fuck the ever-loving shit out of it. He could do neither. Not yet. Instead, he let the thong snap back down and then he pulled it up, forcing it to rub across her clit as it dug between her lips. She rocked her hips in response, letting her clit be stimulated by the thong. He looked up and saw that her eyes were closed. She was leaning back, enjoying it. Reward, hell, he thought, she wanted this all along.

He tore the thong to the side and cupped her pussy again, this time completely unobstructed. He squeezed it, half expecting juice to squirt out of that hot little peach. He used his fingers to splay her lips apart and took a look at that delicious opening and her budding clit. "Wow," he said. "Gorgeous." "Thanks," she whispered back.

He couldn't wait any longer, poking his index finger into her, finding her to be even warmer and wetter than expected. Her pussy welcomed his finger, squeezing tight around it while at the same time seeming to pull it further into her. This was just too good for only one finger to enjoy, so Norm added his middle and ring fingers to the party, pushing them all the way inside her, then spreading them out, exploring her thoroughly. She moaned a little and he looked up to see his step-daughter with her head back, her lips parted, her nostrils flaring slightly. Impossibly, her nipples were longer and harder than before. She's getting off on this, he thought.

Rather than risk her feeling guilty or changing her mind, Norm remained quiet, simply focusing on the task at hand, which, in this case, was finger-fucking her until she came. Man, how he wanted to see her cum. He continued rubbing and penetrating her pussy, feeling the temperature rise and the watching the fluids begin to ooze out of her. She started lifting her hips a bit, humping up and down, urging him to finger-bang her. He realized there was no reason to stop at three fingers now, so he added a fourth. When she just moaned and squealed instead of protesting, he decided to go all the way.

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