The Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 03


His full hand worked inside her until her pussy snapped shut around his wrist. What an amazing feeling! Her cunt had kidnapped his hand and wasn't going to give it back until it was done using it. So he kept pushing and poking and fist-fucking her, giving it to her harder and deeper as her moans grew louder and louder.

Cori couldn't believe this was happening. How could she let this happen? How could she be getting off on this? Was she really that horny? I guess when you fuck and cum several times a day, she thought, this is the result. She didn't know the reason and didn't care. She needed this. She needed to cum. She needed his fingers, his hand, hell -- his whole fucking arm -- to fill her up and get her off. She didn't care about the taboo relationship or what he might think of her. She just wanted to cream. And she did. Again and again. And Again. It was a triple climax as powerful as Cori could remember. Certainly she had been fucked better many times, but for whatever reason, she had one of the best orgasms she ever had.

She lay panting, basking in the feeling even after Norm pulled his dripping hand out of her. She heard him chuckling and was glad he had enjoyed it too. She should have been embarrassed to cum so hard, so fast in front of him like that, but for some reason she wasn't. She gave guys 10 times the pleasure she received from them, so if a good handjob got her off, she deserved it, even if it was at the hand of her step-father who was 40 years her senior. She sat up after a few minutes, not at all surprised to see Norm with his hard cock in his hand, lightly rubbing it.

"Guess the least I can do is return the favor, huh?" Cori said. She pushed him back on the couch and sat between his legs, holding his cock in her hand. "Just lay back, relax and enjoy it like I did," Cori said sweetly.

He had a bit of pre-cum on his cock, but not enough for proper lubrication. "We need some lube," Cori said, looking around.

"There's some lotion over ...." Norm turned to point, but stopped suddenly when he felt Cori supplying her own lube. He looked down and saw his gorgeous step-daughter hunched over his cock, gently licking up and down his shaft with her tongue, coating it with saliva. She never sucked his cock in her mouth, but Norm's cock twitched at the touch of her soft tongue and he waited breathlessly, hoping she'd go all the way down on him.

To his dismay, she stopped and used her saliva to resume the handjob. She didn't say a word or acknowledge what she had just done. Norm appreciated it, but he was also frustrated. What a little tease! She could lick him but not suck him? Well, maybe some other time. For now, his cock was rock hard and her stroke was perfect. He laid back but instead of closing his eyes, he focused squarely on Cori's jiggling tits with those hard nipples poking through the netted top.

Surprisingly, he held off for several minutes and soon Cori needed to supply some more lube. "Better add a little more spit," Cori smiled, leaning over. Norm saw his chance. He grabbed her by the back of her head with his good left hand and pushed her face toward his crotch. "What..." Cori asked, but before she could say anymore, her mouth was filled with his cock.

"No more teasing, Kitten," Norm scolded. "If you can lick it, you can suck it. Blow me, you little slut." Cori put up no resistance, but Norm held her firm nonetheless, grabbing a handful of her lovely golden hair to make sure she didn't try to twist away. Cori did anything but. She was surprised by Norm's bold, dominant move, but this was hardly an unusual situation for her and she had no trouble blocking everything out and focusing on her task -- giving the absolute best blowjob she could.

Sucking cock was actually a source of pride for Cori. She knew she was good at it and she liked to practice and perfect her techniques. She knew to guys, there was probably no such thing as a bad blowjob, but it was easy to tell from their reactions that hers were better than most. She attributed that to the fact that she was willing to use her mouth any way possible to provide pleasure. She deep-throated and gagged if that's what turned them on, she made her tongue move like a Riverdancer's legs if that's what they wanted, she poked cocks against the inside of her cheeks or slapped them against her soft lips if it made them happy, she sucked hard enough on both cock and balls to make her cheeks hollow out as if drawing an extremely thick milkshake through a straw. She had perfected each technique, which made her a great all-around cocksucker. Add to that the fact that she would willingly catch any load on her face or in her hair or swallow every drop like a kitten lapping up milk and she provided the ultimate blowjob experience for every man lucky enough to experience her talents.

She put all this expertise, skill and desire to please into her work now, trying a little bit of everything to see what Norm liked the most. Responding to his aggressive hold, she began by deep-throating him, feeling the soft head of his cock rub against the back of her throat. He moaned and humped his hips, thrusting powerfully for a man of his age and condition. He tired quickly, though, and when he relaxed, Cori backed off and began applying her tongue-twister techniques to his rigid shaft while she bobbed her head up and down on him.

Norm had never felt anything so good. He'd had a few blowjobs in his day, of course, but they were never this good. Usually it was a lot of sucking on the head and jerking with the hand. But Cori, his own sweet step-daughter, was displaying skills that hinted at more than a little practice. She wasn't using her hands -- it was all lips and mouth and throat -- and her ability to tease, suck and massage him all at once made it feel almost like his first blowjob. It was amazing. He maintained his grip on her head, watching her golden hair bounce as she bobbed up and down, maintaining a deliberate steady pace. She reminded him of a marathon runner and he suspected that, like a marathoner, she could keep doing this for hours.

He wanted to make it last that long, but it was all he could do to make it this far. When she pulled his cock out and slapped it against her tongue while she looked him in the eye, he thought he was going to lose it. When she stuffed him back in her mouth and into the side of her cheek, he did. He saw his cock pushing against her soft cheek and he thrust with all his might as if to puncture a hole in her cheek and drive his cock right through. He loved watching it force her cheek out, making her look like a squirrel storing away nuts for winter. He finally reached his climax and started spurting away. He removed his hand from the back of her head, expecting her to pull back or to at least spit it out. Much to his surprise and delight, she never backed off. She kept sucking. Then swallowing! Then sucking some more. She wasn't dodging it. She wasn't spitting it out. She was ingesting every drop and doing her absolute best to milk his cock for more. What a fantastic slut!

As Norm watched Cori lick him dry and clean up every last drop, grinning the whole time, he knew he had her. She was his now to use any way he pleased. He could manipulate her in so many ways now. He could make her feel sorry for him. He could make her feel guilty about her mom. He could shame her by reminding her of her inappropriate dress and slutty actions. Hell, based on what he just saw, he might not have to manipulate her at all any more. She might be begging him to fuck her. All he knew was that he had lots of options and they all resulted in his cock inside Cori. And as long as that was the result, he didn't really care how he got there.

But more than fucking Cori, he wanted everyone else to know he was fucking Cori. He wanted the neighbors, his friends, anyone and everyone to see what an amazing babe he had landed. Not only that, but he wanted them to see that she was totally subservient to him, putting all of her considerable resources to use to please him. No shame, no humiliation, nothing could overpower her desire to serve and please him. He wanted so desperately to make that happen. He was sure he could trick her into almost anything now, but taking that next step and making it public, well, that might be a tough task. It's one thing for a girl to act like a slut in the privacy of her home but to do it for all the world to see was another story.

Of course, he told himself, Cori had displayed herself every day at her old job. But that was in a small town, same people every day. This was San Diego. Crowds. Traffic. New people coming and going. That meant new reactions every time. How would Cori respond to that? He couldn't wait to find out.

All of these thoughts passed rapidly through Norm's head as he enjoyed the lasting high of a powerful orgasm and watched Cori carefully pull his shorts back up, gently tucking his cock inside. Then she stood up and adjusted her thong to cover her pussy, which was still wet and slick from her own orgasm.

"That was fantastic, Kitten," Norm said. "Where did you learn to suck cock like that?"

Cori was embarrassed, realizing now that her proficiency had probably given away more about her past. If he didn't already know, though, he was surely suspecting something. So, Cori told him.

"Well, Pap, please don't judge me, but those guys I worked with ... well, I didn't just dress up sexy for them to bring in customers. I also had dates with them every night."

"I see," Pap said, showing no emotion. Yesterday, this news would have angered him. Not now. He saw Cori in a whole new light. She wasn't a young girl who needed a father figure for protection and guidance. She was a young woman with amazing sex appeal who needed to be used for that very purpose as much as possible. He was indebted to the guys at the Hard Body Shop for recognizing that and bringing it out of her. Plus, they had obviously done a fantastic job of teaching her the finer points of cocksucking. He wondered what else they had taught her. "So, you had sex with them every day?"

"Yes," Cori said.

"And did you just give blowjobs or did you do more."

"I did more," Cori admitted. She actually felt good telling him this. It was like there were no secrets between them now. "Pretty much whatever they wanted. I mean, within reason, they never hurt me or made me do something I didn't want to do. I guess that's why I didn't mind, you know. It didn't feel like they were taking advantage of me. It felt like they cared about me, protected me and took care of me. In return, I made them feel good."

"Well, Kitten," Norm said. "I'm sure you think I'm mad or disappointed, but I'm not. I'm proud of you for being yourself. You're a very sexy young woman and you've not shied away from that. You've embraced it. And, along the way, you've used it to help you in your career. How could I be mad about that?"

"Thanks, Pap!" Cori said, feeling good about herself. "I'm so glad you're not disappointed in me. People always assume I'm a slut. Maybe I am. I mean, I pretty much fit the definition, I guess. But I don't feel like one, you know. I don't let anyone -- strangers at least -- treat me like one unless it's in some sort of role play or something like that. Does that make sense?"

"It sure does, Kitten," Norm said, grinning. This was getting better by the second. All he had to do was convince her that he didn't think she was a slut and he could make her do almost anything. She wasn't stupid by any means, but she was so sweet, so trusting of those she cared about that she was easy to take advantage of. He should have felt guilty about that, but hell, look at her, how could you not want to take advantage of that body? "You're not a slut, sweetheart. Sorry about calling you one before. I just like dirty talk sometimes, you know."

"Oh, I know," Cori said. "I do too. I like being called a slut and a bitch when I'm having sex. It makes it so intense sometimes."

"Good, because I can't promise I won't call you those things from time to time," Norm said. "Just know that I love and respect you."

"I guess that means this wasn't our last, um, session," Cori giggled.

"Hell no," Norm said. "I can't stop now. Stress relief, muscle rehab -- what better exercise to get me back on my feet? Now that you know I'm OK with it and I know you aren't creeped out by doing it with your step-dad, I'm ready to have some fun."

Cori was thrilled to see him smiling and lively. Seeing that change in his personality, that improvement in his movement, how could she be anything but pleased and proud of what she had done? And if a little sex could keep him happy and on that path to a full recovery, well, it was her duty to provide it.

That afternoon, Norm took a nap and Cori tended to the stack of bills, paying everything in full but dismayed that most of her savings were now shot. With more medical bills certainly on the way and Norm's failing business, it was going to be tight very soon. It was a good thing she hadn't wasted money on new clothes. Norm wouldn't have wanted her to wear them anyway, so it was all for the best, she reasoned. She'd have to find out more about his truck stop and how much money they could expect to have coming in.

When Norm woke up, Cori said she'd make dinner, but she needed to go to the grocery store to buy some things.

"I'll go with you and show you where to go," Norm said.

"OK, I better put on something else, don't you think?"

As much as Norm wanted to say no and make her flash her tits to San Diego, he knew this outfit went too far. Still, he wanted to make sure she was nicely displayed and insisted on helping her pick out a different outfit. Up until this point, he had focused a lot on her magnificent tits, but the girl had amazing legs and an incredible ass, too. He wanted to make sure whatever outfit he chose made that point loud and clear. Also, there were a lot of big fake boobs bouncing around San Diego, so it wasn't the size of Cori's breasts that he wanted to flaunt as much as the shape, firmness and those terrific nipples.

With these thoughts in mind, Norm joined Cori in sifting through her closet. He was turned on by every tiny garment he saw, but it was what appeared to be a simple white sweater that caught his eye. Upon a second look, it wasn't so simple. The material was soft and stretchy, like most sweaters, but unlike a typical sweater, this one was sleeveless and strapless. It would have to be tight and be held up only by her breasts. He liked that idea.

"Put this on," he said. It was a subtle change in his tone, but he was no longer asking, he was telling. If Cori noticed, she didn't let on. She started to take off her top and Norm added, "you can go ahead and take off your skirt and thong, too. This is going to be a whole new outfit."

Cori stripped completely and put the sweater on over her head. She was glad that he was being sensible about his clothes choices here. While going braless with a strapless, skin tight sweater was hardly modest, this was far removed from the virtual toplessness she had displayed all day. Though sexy, a tight white sweater was certainly an acceptable choice for the supermarket.

Norm watched the garment stretch around Cori's curves, happy to see that it was extremely tight and that the shape of not only her breasts, but also her nipples was clearly outlined. He hadn't selected a bottom piece to the outfit, but soon realized he didn't need one. The sweater was actually intended to be a mini-dress and came down about half way on her ass. If it had been the proper size, it probably would have come down past her ass and, though short, would have had the intended fit. But, since this was clearly a couple sizes too small and with Cori's large breasts and round ass challenging the limits of the tiny garment, it was far too short -- unless you wanted to show off her ass and legs. Perfect! Man, those guys at the Hard Body Shop really knew what they were doing.

While they had often made Cori wear this sweater with nothing underneath, she didn't expect Norm to have the same idea. "So, what do you want me to wear with this? A mini-skirt? Some shorts?"

"Nope, just this," Norm said. He held up tiny red thong.

"That's it?" Cori frowned. "But this sweater is too short."

"That's why you're wearing a thong," Norm grinned. "If it was four inches longer, you wouldn't wear any panties at all."

Cori clamped her mouth and put on the thong, a little concerned now about a public appearance in a new city dressed like this.

"Now put these on," Norm held out a pair of silky white thigh-high stockings which Cori rolled up her long tan legs, smoothing the elastic tops around her sleek thighs. He gave her a pair of candy-red stilettos next. "See, these match your thong. It's all color coordinated. Got any candy-red lipstick?" Cori did, adding that and then putting her hair in a ponytail at Norm's request.

"Fantastic," Norm said, admiring his prize. "You're going to turn some heads, that's for sure."

"Thanks," Cori said.

"Bend over a second," Norm said. "I want to see how this looks before we put you on display." Cori bent over and Norm watched the sweater ride up as her fleshy tan buns came into full view, split nicely down the middle by the red thong. Her pussy pouch was framed nicely by her tan thighs and the white stockings. He thought about dropping the trip to the supermarket, ordering pizza and just fucking that little pussy right now. But no, he knew he had to pace himself. He had only so much energy at this point and his cock was trying to convince him he was a much younger, healthier man. He'd wait until they got home.

Cori drove Norm's SUV to the supermarket. It was an older model with a lot of miles on it. It still ran fine, but the ride was a little rough. Watching Cori's tits jiggle up and down, Norm was glad he hadn't had the shocks replaced. "I bet that sweater's a little hot on a day like this," he said. "Here, I'll let you cool off a bit." He reached over and tugged her top down below her breasts. Cori just laughed and kept both hands on the wheel. Norm then pointed the vents at her and turned the air on full blast. Within seconds, her nipples went from semi-erect to painfully rigid. When they pulled into the parking lot of the supermarket, Cori pulled her top back up over her tits, but the rush of cold air had created exactly the look Norm was looking for. Her headlights, as they say, were on high beam.

Cori helped Norm into his wheelchair. She offered to push, but Norm didn't want to miss the show, so he said he'd control it with the motor instead. Riding along just behind her, Norm had an eye-level view of her ass as well as a great vantage point to watch people's reaction to her. Pretty girls dressed in revealing attire wasn't new here, so few did more than glance initially. But it was the second, long, leering looks that told Norm he had achieved the desired effect. They were noticing that Cori was more than just pretty. She was stunning. They were noticing that she had more than nice breasts, they were perfectly shaped and her nipples were sticking up and out as if straining to be freed from their constraints. They were noticing that her sweater was more than sweater and that her ass was hanging out the back. They were noticing that her legs were long, tan and slender.

They were noticing that, among all the hot girls around, Cori was simply a little bit hotter. And, he was sure, they were noticing that she was accompanied by a man three times her age. They no doubt assumed the truth which was that he was her father -- or step-father -- so Norm decided he needed to make it clear that this relationship was very sexual. As they passed by other guys, he would make eye contact and point to her ass and give a thumbs up sign. Or he'd point to her and then his groin and nod with a big grin on his face. Most of the guys just smiled back, nodding, not sure what to think. Some raised their eyebrows with questioning looks as if to say, "Really? You and her?" Norm loved it!

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