tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 05

The Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 05



Norm slept well himself and woke up the next morning the way every man should be allowed to start his day -- with a naked, hard-bodied babe curled up next to him. Norm studied her perfect body in the pale morning light, reminding himself that all that good stuff -- those tits, that pussy, that ass, those legs -- was his for the taking now. It was hard to believe. He imagined he understood how lottery winners felt now. One day, you're struggling to make ends meet, working two jobs and the next you don't have a financial worry. It had to be hard to remember that money was no longer an object.

Likewise, Norm had to remind himself that he had hit the babe lottery. Not only was she gorgeous, but so far she was willing to do anything and everything and, even if she wasn't, he had some blackmail and guilt options he could resort to. He had to remind himself that he didn't have to be a "good guy" any more. He didn't have to be normal and plain. Discretion and taboo were no longer objects. If he had a thought or an urge, there was really nothing -- unless it was illegal -- to keep him from doing it. What freedom!

He smiled as he thought about all this and knew what he wanted for breakfast. He used his good left hand and started tugging on her nipples, gently at first, then harder until she woke up. "Hey, Kitten," he said softly. "Time to get up. Pap's hungry. I worked up an appetite last night."

"I'll say," Cori said, groggily. She made no effort to pull away from his hand, which continued to torment her nipples. For Cori, this was nothing new -- ever since she started working at the Hard Body Shop, her body was a sex object from the moment she woke up until the moment she closed her eyes. She hadn't expected that lifestyle to follow her to San Diego, but it had. That, she decided, wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

"Did you decide what you want?" Cori asked.

"Oh, I know what I want," Norm chuckled as he squeezed her breast. "But first I want to eat breakfast. A taco."

"What?" Cori asked. "Tacos for breakfast?

"Not like you're thinking," Norm said. "No, you've heard of breakfast burritos, right? Well, this is sort of like that. Look, just get whatever fruit we have -- bananas, strawberries, grapes, oranges ... and don't slice any of them up. Bring a gallon of milk and a bowl, too. If we have any fruit dip, bring that. Oh, and if we have any Fruit Loops or Cheerios, that would be good too."

"OK," Cori said. "What do you want me to wear?"

"Do you have any tank tops?"


"Good. Just a tank top and some heels. Nothing else."

"OK," Cori picked up her heels beside the bed and scooted off to her bedroom. She came back a moment later wearing a thin, cream-colored tank top that must have come out of the girls clothes department. It was ridiculously small on her, stopping three inches shy of her belly button while the scoop neckline dipped to mid-breast. It was skin tight. She wore a set of bright red pumps with them. "How's this?" she asked, turning around in the doorway to give him the full picture.

"Perfect," Norm said, eyeing his prize.

"Thanks," Cori said. She hurried off to prepare the breakfast Norm had requested, returning about 10 minutes later with a tray filled with fresh fruits they had purchased yesterday, a gallon of milk and a box of Cheerios.

"Sorry," Cori said, setting the tray across Norm's lap, "no fruit dip. And don't we need tortillas or taco shells or something if we're going to make tacos? I don't think we have any."

"Oh yes we do," Norm grinned.

"Oh, where?" Cori asked. "I'll go get them."

"They're already here," Norm said. "You've got a nice little taco shell right between your legs there. All we have to do is stuff it."

"Oh," Cori said. "I see. Well, what would you like in your taco?"

"How about some strawberries and grapes," Norm said, eyeing the selection.

"Coming right up," Cori said. "Would you like them separate or together?"

"Mix them all together," Norm said. "About three strawberries and four or five grapes. Yeah, that's it. Just spread your lips, uh, I mean, taco shell open, and stuff them in there."

One by one, Cori stuffed the strawberries and grapes inside her pussy until she had the first serving ready for him. "And now?" she asked.

"Now you feed me," Norm said. "Just put that taco up to my mouth."

Cori climbed on the bed and straddled his face, lowering her pussy toward his mouth. He stretched out his tongue and tasted her sweet nectar. Oh, so sweet! He spread her pussy lips with his tongue and was instantly rewarded with a grape dropping into his mouth. He proceeded to munch on a fine meal of pussy lips, clit, grapes and strawberries for the next few minutes, taking his time to enjoy every delicious bite. He swirled his tongue inside her, feeling for hidden fruits -- forbidden fruits, some might say, he joked to himself -- and drawing them into his mouth.

For her part, Cori was enjoying this too. She loved a good pussy licking and Norm was doing a fine job. She hoped he wanted seconds.

"Mmm, you sure cook up a nice breakfast, Kitten," Norm said as he chomped on the last strawberry. "And that special sauce of yours is better than fruit dip any day."

"Can I get you some more?" Cori asked.

"Yeah, I think I want a banana this time. Just peel it and shove it all the way in there. Yeah, that's right. All the way. Try not to break it off. Good job. Now, come feed me."

Cori again straddled his face, this time with a banana sticking partly out of her pussy. Norm didn't hurry to get it out, either. He took his sweet time, nibbling away at small bites. He'd chew off a little piece and stick in his cheek while he resumed chewing on her lips and clit. Cori was getting so wet. Norm knew he was getting to her already, the little slut. Well, he'd happily eat food out of her cunt all day if it made her happy, because it sure tasted good to him.

By the time the banana was gone, Cori was officially in heat. Her pussy was on fire, her nipples ready to rip through her top. Norm had her pull her top down so her tits popped out through the neckline. He licked a Cheerio and stuck it on her nipple, then did the same to the other. "Feed me," he instructed again.

Cori leaned over him, sticking her left breast in his face. He sucked her tit, the Cheerio and as much of her breast as he could into his mouth, chomping down as if to take a bite. He sucked the Cheerio off and swallowed it while he sucked on her tit. He did the same to the right breast while she placed a new piece of cereal on her left nipple. Back and forth he went, devouring her tits for the next several minutes, gnawing on them hungrily. He noticed she was now rubbing her bare pussy on his chest, feeling her warmth and wetness as she continued to stoke her fire.

"You seem to enjoy cooking," Norm teased.

"Almost as much as you enjoy eating," Cori teased back.

"I bet you're getting hungry too," Norm said.

"Mmm-hmm," Cori responded, licking her lips, expecting him to order a blowjob next.

"Well, why don't you pour yourself some milk?"

"Hmmm? OK," Cori said, surprised. "You want me to eat cereal?"

"No, just milk in a bowl. Put it on the floor over there where I can see you. Now, get down on your knees and slurp it up, Kitten."

Cori was surprised by Norm's request and she didn't surprise easily. But she just knew he was going to have her suck him off. Maybe he still would, but this was different. It was a little degrading, but damn it was sexy!

"Like this?" she asked, now bent over the bowl, her ass pointed toward him.

"Yes, but turn a little bit so I can see you drinking it."

Cori turned so that he could see her lapping at the milk. This also gave him a nice profile of her tits hanging down and her long, golden legs stretched out behind her. "Nice," Norm said. "Lap it up, my little pussy cat."

She licked and lapped at the milk until nearly half the bowl was gone. Then Norm ordered her to her feet. "Fix yourself a plate of fruit." Cori arranged some fruit on a plate and awaited further orders.

"Too bad we don't have any fruit dip," Norm shook his head. "I guess I'll have to give you some of mine. Suck me, but when I tell you, pull away. Got it?"

Cori understood exactly what he had in mind. She gulped down his cock and sucked and gobbled his meat until he was ready to cum. "Pull back," Norm said. "Now, jerk it off all over your plate." Cori held her plate in one hand and his cock in the other, expertly tugging on it for the last few strokes to take him over the edge. She anticipated well and had good aim, dousing her plate with a generous layer of cum. Instead of sucking him dry as she normally would, she wiped him clean with a piece of bread.

"Who needs jelly?" she asked, taking a big bite. Norm nodded his approval and told her to eat the rest of her plate. Cori was hungry and horny, so it wasn't difficult for her to act like a cum-hungry slut, but she certainly played it up more, holding a strawberry over her lips until a strand of cum dripped off or licking the cum off a grape and showing him her cum-covered tongue and then swallowing. There was an art to making eating sexy and Cori had mastered it.

She topped it off by licking the plate clean and then grinning at him with cum dripping from her nose.

"I'm still a little hungry," Norm said. "There's one more banana. Why don't you feed it to me -- with a nice shot of cunt cream to wash it down."

Thrilled that he apparently hadn't forgotten her needs, Cori quickly peeled the banana, stuffed it into her pussy and re-positioned herself over his face. He once again ate slowly, focusing even more attention on her pussy lips and clit. By the time the banana was half gone, Cori was all the way there, humping his face, clutching her tits and serving up a nice helping of bananas and cream, a la Cori.

Unlike last night when she had been exhausted, this time Cori was invigorated by her good night's sleep and sexy start to the day. She jumped out of bed. "That was great! Now, what are we going to do today, Pap?"

"I'm glad you're so energetic," Norm said. "We need to do some housework and run some errands. Go take your shower and I'll find something good for you to wear."

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