tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 06

The Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 06



By early afternoon, Cori had completed the household chores Norm needed done. She had vacuumed, dusted, washed dishes, done two loads of laundry and cleaned the bathrooms. She refused to let Norm help, despite his offers to lend a hand. Of course, where he wanted to lend a hand most was on her body, because she was doing all this work in a very enticing outfit that he had selected for her.

It was a one-piece sheer black body suit that fit like a standard one-piece swimsuit – two straps over the shoulders, tight, form-fitting, high on the hips, backless with a deep scoop neckline. Like all her clothes, it was too small and fit her extra snugly. It was made of a stretchy material, similar to stockings, and molded nicely to her body. Because of its tightness, as she stretched and strained and moved about, the material inevitably crept into her ass crack, creating the look of a thong. When she tried to pull it out, Norm told her to keep it right where it was.

The sheer material made for nice nipple and pussy viewing and Norm found himself wondering how long she'd have to wear it before those erect nipples just sliced right through. It seemed like it was about to happen at any moment.

Along with this form-fitting top, she wore a black garter belt around her left thigh, white bobbie socks and black pumps. He tied a frilly white apron around her waist, making her look like a French maid turned extra naughty.

While Cori didn't allow Norm to work, she did allow him to supervise. Norm had little interest in how she cleaned as long as she was properly positioned for each task. So, even though it might be easier to wipe of the table, for example, by walking around it, it was much more entertaining for Cori to bend over the table and reach across it, lifting one long leg in the air as she extended as far as she could to reach the opposite side of the table. Whether or not she reached it, Norm had no clue. His eyes were focused squarely on her ass and on the pussy that was now staring back at him. The hyper-stretched fabric did its best, but was only able to cover about half of each pussy lip, leaving a nice amount of pink flesh bare for Norm's enjoyment.

When she vacuumed, Norm had her put the end of the nozzle over her breast. When she tried to pull it away the fabric ripped and Cori's nipple extended obscenely, pulled up and away from her breast by the powerful vacuum. "It doesn't really hurt," Cori said, "but it sure feels funny."

"Good. Do it on the other breast then," Norm said. By the time Cori was done vacuuming, the carpet might not have been much cleaner, but the damages inflicted on her bodysuit were a much better contribution to Norm's living conditions. The suit was ripped away from her breasts, leaving two jagged tears around both tits, separated by a thin strip of material that hung on stubbornly between them. And when he had her "vacuum her own carpet", the suction had torn a slit just above her pussy, letting her tuft of blonde hair stick out from between her legs.

When she cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen floor, Cori did it on her hands and knees. The more she had to reach and move, the more her body suit ripped away in the weakened areas, soon opening a slit all the way through the crotch.

For the dusting, Norm had her put her hands behind her back and he strapped a feather duster between her tits, tying it behind her back with a piece of white rope. Cori had to wipe off the TV screen, the end tables, the coffee table, the window sills, etc. by rubbing her tits over them. Norm employed the same technique to have her do the windows, spraying the window cleaner on, then wrapping paper towels around her chest. She rubbed her tits up and down and side to side, using her hard nipples to clean in the corners.

A few folks walking by did a double-take when the spotted Cori doing the large front windows, but with the glare of the sun on the windows, it was hard to see exactly what was going on. Norm wanted to take her outside and have her clean out there. Anyone walking by would surely see it all then. But that would have to wait for another day. It was time for lunch and he still had something else he wanted to do today.

"Everything looks great," Norm said as Cori stepped back from cleaning the last window. "And the house doest too." They both laughed. "You've done enough cleaning for today. Let's have some lunch."

After lunch, Cori insisted on Norm doing some exercises and suggested they try the pool, where the low resistance might give him more mobility. "All right," Norm said. "Put on some sort of bikini. With a thong."

"Got it," Cori said. She started to remove her body suit, but Norm insisted on doing it himself. With his good left hand, he eagerly tore away at the existing holes, ripping down from each breast, then up from her crotch. He literally ripped it off her, piece by piece, until only a few pieces hung from her tanned body in tatters.

"It was good while it lasted," Norm said. "We'll buy you another one sometime. I liked that a lot."

"Oh, I've got more," Cori said. "In all different colors, too. You can rip one off me in bed tonight, if you want."

"I might just do that," Norm said, picturing his cock tearing through her clothes, unstoppable on its mission to penetrate whatever hole he was after at the time. "Now get that hot pussy of yours in a bikini and let's get wet."

Norm was a bit disappointed in Cori's choice. Yes, it was too small and yes it was a thong and yes she looked spectacular, but it didn't match the "scandalous" tone he had been trying to set. It was a beautiful red bikini, but it was little more revealing or outrageous than you would see any day at the beach. The material was rubbery and, though tight, didn't outline her nipples well, flattening them more than highlighting them. And while the thong did its job of splitting her ass, it emerged from her crotch in a wide panel that easily covered her pussy lips and mound. This outfit offered little hope for a nipple slip or a flash of pussy. It was OK, but not up to the high standards he already had for her. Frankly, he was disappointed the guys back in Georgia had ever picked this out for her.

"Which one of the guys bought you this?" Norm said. He hoped his lack of praise for her outfit would send the message.

"Oh, I bought this one myself," Cori said. "Do you like it?"

"You're beautiful as always," Norm said, "but I'm not surprised this was your selection. It's a little more conservative than I'd choose."

"Oh, well, I can change," Cori said, flustered that she had disappointed him.

"No, it's not necessary," Norm said. "After a quick workout, we need to run an errand and you'll have to change for that anyway. So this is fine for now."

Cori tried adjusting the suit to reveal more of her best assets, but it was so tight there was little she could do with it. She could kick herself. She should have gone with something hotter, skimpier. She'd know better next time.

Norm was pleased that Cori seemed to take his lack of enthusiasm for her attire to heart. He hoped that would mean she would go even further to please him next time, take even more risks. He'd find out soon enough.

As Cori helped him with his exercises in the pool, she commented on what a nice back yard Norm had. "I like your back yard, too," he said, sounding like a teenager. She laughed nonetheless. "No really, it's nice," she said. "We should hang out here more often. If you had a deck, we could grill out and eat dinner out here."

"Yeah, I'd love to have a deck," Norm agreed. "It's pretty expensive, though."

"I bet," Cori said. "One of these day, maybe. With that privacy fence, you could sunbathe nude out here if you wanted to."

Norm had an image of Cori, stretched out on deck, covered in suntan lotion, nude, her nipples pointed at the sky, her thighs slightly spread to let the sun's warm rays beam down on her pussy. It was a compelling image and Norm decided he had to have a deck right away. And he thought he knew how to get one.

When they went back inside, Norm allowed Cori to pick out her own clothes for an errand run – anxious to see how much she would compensate for the bikini faux pas. While she was doing that, he called his doctor, then made another quick call to a friend of a friend. By the time Cori was ready to go, Norm had arranged for a deck to be installed tomorrow. He didn't tell Cori. He wanted it to be a surprise. A really big surprise.

"OK, how's this?" Cori asked, twirling around. "More to your liking, I trust, sir."

"Yes, indeed," Norm said, slapping his left hand against his left thigh in applause. "That's how you do it, Kitten!"

Looking for just this sort of reaction, Cori had pulled out a real showstopper that the guys at the shop had always especially liked. It was an extreme modification of the classic schoolgirl outfit that so many guys fantasized about. But, true to form, the guys at the shop had been more creative, more daring with their selection.

First, Cori played up the schoolgirl image by putting her hair in a ponytail with a big red ribbon, exaggerated red blush on her cheeks and glistening candy-red lipstick. She twirled a sucker in her mouth and Norm saw that she had several more tucked away in her purse.

The top was cut like one of those sweater tops that had become so fashionable where there are long sleeves, but then the top only comes down over the breasts. Most women wore a top like that over something else. Cori, of course, did not. In traditional schoolgirl style, her top was made of white cotton. It had long sleeves, but at the shoulder, where the sleeves ended, so did most of the garment. At her armpit, the sleeve connected with what could best be described as a white scarf. This wrapped around her back like a tube top and was tied in the front in a big bow right between her breasts. The two breast panels came across the middle of her tits, covering the nipples but leaving the tops and bottoms of her breasts exposed. One quick tug on the bow would expose them completely, but the way her nipples poked out the sweater material, pulling off the top was hardly necessary to appreciate their shape and color.

As if that wasn't hot enough, along the slope of her right breast bright red letters stood out brilliantly from the white fabric, spelling "I hope you grade" and over her left breast, "on the curve", with a red outline of a pair of lips at the end of it.

Her belly was bare except for the dangling gold chain in her navel. Her skirt was traditional schoolgirl in the sense that it was pleated with a red-and-black plaid pattern. The white g-string she wore underneath was untraditional, as was the fact that you could plainly see that g-string. That's because the skirt was 1) scandalously short, little more than 5 inches from top to bottom, thus revealing her pussy mound in the front and about two-thirds of her ass in the back, and 2) was slit on both sides all the way to the waist band.

She wore white thigh-high stockings and red heels with straps around the ankles. She was a prettier picture than Norm could even have dreamed of. She was a fantasy girl in a fantasy outfit, and yet she was all real.

"Where are we going, anyway," Cori asked as she helped him into the car.

"First, we have to go the pharmacy," Norm said.


"My doctor prescribed some pills to help me sleep," Norm said.

"I didn't realize you were having trouble," Cori frowned.

"Oh, it's no big deal. But he assured me these would help me sleep very well."

Norm was telling the truth – at least partly. He had asked the doctor's aid for sleeping pills and also for a Viagra prescription. He didn't know if the doc would OK that or not, but he'd find out when he got to the pharmacy. If not, he had enough to last a few more days, which would give him time to figure something else out.

"You go to the pharmacy at the mall?" Cori asked when he told her to pull into the mall parking lot.

"Not usually, but this one is closest to where we're going next, so I asked them to call it in here."

Cori started looking for parking spots near the entrance, but Norm had other ideas. "Let's park in the back," he said. "It will be easier to get out that way." It would also mean more time for her to be exposed, he thought. He figured she probably was on to his motive, but so long as she complied, he didn't care.

Of course Cori knew what he was doing and she smiled to herself. "Well, you don't dress like this to stay hidden away," she thought. She wasn't conceited about her looks at all, but she knew she was attractive, of course, and had long ago adopted the, "if you've got it, flaunt it" mantra. While she wasn't dumb or incapable of accomplishing things by using her mind, her body was far and away her best asset. If she didn't use that to her advantage, wouldn't that be dumb? That, along with her desire to please and serve, had been her justification for working at the shop. In this case, she was really gaining nothing financially or career-wise by showing off in public. This was all about Norm – his pleasure, his health, his fantasies. His smiles and praise were all the reward she was looking for. The pussy-lickings and orgasms weren't a bad bonus, though, she mused.

She helped Norm into his wheelchair and they started toward the entrance. Out this far, there were few cars, but very quickly heads started to turn as they crossed over the access road and reached the interior ring of parking. Here, the lot was more than half full and there were plenty of people coming and going. Norm once again was beside Cori, just a couple feet behind her where he could keep a good eye on her ass and on the reactions of the people in the lot.

As always, there were the women giving the displeased, disgusted looks, the women giving the jealous, "why can't I have a body like" that looks, the married guys giving the "I want to look but my wife is watching" glances, the single guys drooling and the teenagers laughing and pointing, trying to act cool but unable to control their hormones. Cori was used to all this, Norm was not. So while Cori was able to walk straight ahead as if she had blinders on, Norm's head was on a swivel, looking at the people on the right, then in front, then at Cori's ass, then the people on the left, then at Cori's pussy peeking out between her legs and so on. It was stimulation overload and he loved it. He gave thumbs up signals to the guys nodding their approval, smiled like a used car salesman at the disapproving women and sneered protectively at the teens giggling at his step-daughter.

He had purposely had Cori park on the opposite side of the mall from the drug store, adding that much more exposure time. Once inside, the interest level rose significantly. Now, not only were there heads turning, but there were also comments and people turning to follow them. Again, Cori had been through this type of thing before. But even for her, it was uncomfortable. There were too many eyes, too many hands, too many comments and too many different personality types out there. Her appearance naturally elicited strong responses – whether positive or negative – from almost everyone. That was the fun of it, but also the scary part too.

It was hurtful to hear the "slut" and "trashy whore" comments from strangers when they practically spat it at her like venom. It was scary to see the guys who followed silently, lurking along the wall, not getting too close, not joking around with anyone else, just staring. It was creepy. Much less harmful were the guys who followed along loudly, joking and taking pictures with their camera phones. They were just having fun and as long as the occasional ass and tit gropings didn't get out of hand, it wasn't a big deal. Of course, with the guys at the shop, she had always felt safe, protected. While she trusted Norm, she didn't trust him near as much as she did those guys – not yet. And she feared that he couldn't defend her if he had to. That made her nervous. But she tried not to show it, knowing that if she remained bold, confident and continued on her path, most likely nothing would happen.

For his part, Norm was loving it. He had no worries about things getting out of control – not because he was sure they wouldn't, but because he was simply intent on soaking it all in. He listened to every cat-call, angered by a few and laughing at some:

"I give you an A+!"

"Grade-A hottie!"

"Let me give you an oral exam!"

"Look, she's the vali-DICK-torian!"

Some of it was comical, some childish and Norm loved it. He felt like a celebrity parading around his trophy wife. He occasionally groped her ass or flipped up her skirt, doing his best to make sure everyone knew she belonged to him. She helped sell that point by smiling and winking at him, kissing him on the cheek and, at one point, even stopping to slowly pull out her lollipop, sit on his lap and give him a hug and a French kiss. Then she stuck out her tongue and licked all over the sucker before sliding it slowly back into her mouth.

"Get it, grandpa!"

"Hit that thing, Pops!"

"Let me tap that and I'll let you watch, gramps!"

Once they reached the drug store, Norm said, "don't go anywhere guys, we'll be right back." Inside the store, it was much calmer, though the pharmacist nearly dropped a bottle of pills when he saw them approach. Cori stood back and pretended to be reaching for something on the bottom shelf, bending over to give the guy a good look while he rang up Norm's order.

The pharmacist mouthed "really?" to Norm when he handed him the Viagra and then glanced at Cori.

"Yes sir," Norm said proudly.

"Any time you need a refill, just call me," the pharmacist whispered. "Just promise you'll bring her in and I'll give you all you need for free."

Norm quickly stuffed the bag in the side pocket of his wheelchair before Cori saw that he had more than one order. He didn't want her to know about the Viagra.

In the short time they were in the drug store, the crowd had grown both in size and in aggressiveness. As soon as they came out into the concourse, about a dozen guys swarmed around them. Hands reached for Cori and guys stepped in front of them, impeding their progress. One guy grabbed her bow and yanked it, untying it and exposing her breasts. Norm rammed the guy with his wheelchair and Cori quickly retied the top. But the brief glimpse of her naked tits bobbing freely had stoked the fire.

One guy grabbed her wrist and she felt two hands – she wasn't sure if they were from the same guy or two different ones – shoot under her skirt, one managing to give her pussy a quick, firm squeeze while the other grabbed the g-string and started to pull it off.

"Hey," Cori snapped, spinning quickly and slapping the hand on her pussy away. Despite the groping hands, Cori was very fit, her long legs were lean and toned, but also strong. She kicked quickly at the guy tugging on her g-string, digging her heel into his gut and pushing him back. She felt an arm grab her around the waist and yank her back. She started to yell, but was relieved when she landed squarely on Norm's lap. He had grabbed her with his left arm and pulled her away from the horny throng and into his lap. Still, they were surrounded.

She had landed on Norm facing toward him and away from the crowd, and to keep her weight off him, she had spread her legs out to rest on the arm rests. This caused her g-string to dig into her ass and pussy even deeper as the position forced her to stick her butt up and out. As short as her skirt was, she was now basically showing off her asshole and pussy to the world, and more than one brave hand reached in to dip in a finger as they slowly picked up speed and moved through the crowd.

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