The Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 10


"Would you believe she can cum just by giving a blowjob?"

"Fuck no."

"Well, watch and see for yourself."

Tony reached down and snapped the top of her dress down, letting her tits hang down so that her hardened nipples brushed against the leather seat. He then grabbed the bottom of her dress and yanked it up, revealing the little thong and other wise bare ass cheeks. Guys were surrounding the car now, watching through all available window space now. Tony was surprised that none tried to cop a feel. But they were all respectful, not wanting to spoil Tony's fun or the show.

Tony grabbed her thong and pulled it up, yanking the fabric so that he knew it was burying itself in her pussy, rubbing across her clit.

"No fair if you fuck her with her panties," someone yelled.

"Just giving her something to think about," Tony replied, letting go of the thong, which snapped against her ass with an audible slap. "I won't touch her again, except with my cock in her mouth, of course. You'll see. She'll cum before I do."

"Hell no," one guy said.

"I'll bet you she does," another said. Soon, everyone was making bets, yelling and shouting. All the while, Tony talked calmly, his deep voice resonating in her ear. It was if his voice and his cock were combining to block out all other noises. The voices in the background were nothing more than dim white noise.

"You're doing great," Tony said gently. "You look fantastic and this feels great. Your nipples are so hard. Can you feel them rubbing across the seat?" She could, and it felt great. "I pulled your thong up. Can you feel it pressing against your clit? Your pussy lips are wrapped around it like a tight, pink taco. So hot and wet. Can you feel it?" She could indeed. "Your ass is exposed. Can you feel the breeze on your ass cheeks? Can you feel the hot sun coming through the sunroof? Does it feel hot on your ass?" It did.

"My cock is all the way in your mouth now. It's throbbing. I'm so close to cumming. Can you feel it pulsing?" She could "That's what you're doing to me. You're so amazing. You're making me throb. Did you know you could do that?" She did. And she loved it. "Later, I'll fuck your little pussy for you. Maybe your ass too. Can you imagine this cock spreading you open, driving up into you, pounding you over and over. Relentless. All. Night. Long." She was imagining it right now. She felt the tingle in her pussy and the jolts of electricity tracing across her aroused nipples. She felt the warmth of the sun on her ass, the soft fabric of the thong pressed against her clit. She felt the power of his cock. It's throbbing, pulsing, driving power. She smelled his musk and sensed the rising of his cum. His words had painted the picture and now she was inside it, living it. She felt the eyes on her and spread her legs a little wider, offering a better view to those behind her.

And what they saw was a pussy that was undeniably wet. They saw hips that were churning now, grinding as if against an invisible cock.

"Dude, she needs it back here," one guy said, starting to open the door.

"Don't even think about it," Tony said. His deep voice and dark eyes made him look and sound dangerous. The guy backed off, closing the door.

If you had asked Cori about it 15 minutes later, she wouldn't have remembered that. She was in a trance-like state now. Maybe Tony had hypnotized her with his cock and baritone voice. She was oblivious to everything but his cock and her pussy and her nipples. She was entering the throws of an orgasm and didn't even know it. Tony and the guys sure did.

"See, the nostrils?" Tony said. He was talking to the guys now. "I bet her pussy's dripping, right?"

"Hell yeah," one guy with a proper view reported.

"See the nipples?" Tony said again, nodding toward Cori's aching buds. "She's going to cum fellas. Hope you made the right bet."

"She's faking," someone yelled. "Any bitch can fake."

"Believe what you want," Tony said.

"Fuck, she ain't faking," someone else said. "Look, he's right. The nostrils, the nipples, that fucking cunt. Hell, she's practically humping the air. I can smell her! If this bitch blows, it's no fucking act."

While that argument ensued, Tony again turned his voice toward the beauty in his lap. "Feel it all now, Cori. Feel the leather on your nipples. Feel the satin on your clit. Feel the sun and wind on your ass. Feel my balls on your chin. Feel my cock on your tongue and in your throat. Feel the cum rising out of my balls, oozing out of my cock and onto your tongue. Feel it slide between your teeth and under your tongue. Feel it coat your throat and surround your tonsils on its way down. Feel your pussy ache for a shot of the same jizz. Feel it beg for release. Feel it cum, Cori. Cum."

Cori was little more than a puppet, controlled not by hand or force, but simply by a throbbing magic wand and a hypnotizing voice. She did cum. Her body jerking in those sharp, unmistakable convulsions that rippled along her belly and made her arch her back.

"She's cumming!" one guy yelled. Others quickly concurred, making comments about how hot that was and what a slut she was for cumming so easily. Only a few -- obviously those who had bet against her -- still tried in vain to claim it was fake, but even they eventually relented, unable to argue against what their eyes had just seen.

The show, of course, continued, as Tony reveled in making Cori cum and displaying her for everyone. All the while, he was enjoying his world-class blowjob, which was about to come to an end. There was only so much a man could take and he had reached his limit. He blew his wad into her mouth and she swallowed diligently, hungrily, just as promised.

Only when he was done did she lift her head and sit up, looking around at the horny crowd of guys staring at her, lust in their eyes. They were clapping and cheering and wishing they could take a turn. The guys near the passenger side now had access to reach in and cop a feel, grabbing at her arm and breast, pinching her nipple.

"Knock it off," Tony said, hitting the window button for the passenger side. The guys pulled their hands back reluctantly to avoid getting them pinched. "Gentlemen," Tony nodded to the slowly retreating crowd as he started the car and backed up.

"How did you know I'd cum?" Cori asked, pulling her top back up and plucking the thong out from between her pussy lips.

"I didn't," Tony admitted, "but I had a feeling. I figured if you thought cumming would make me feel good, you'd want to do it and give in to whatever inhibitions would normally hold you back, especially in public."

Although Cori had played the naïve, ditzy routine many times, she knew she wasn't dumb. She had never felt dumb around any of the guys at the shop or even Norm, despite his efforts to belittle her. But now, this guy had her feeling like a moron. How could he understand so much about her in such a short time? He seemed to know things about her she didn't know about herself. He had a quiet confidence which she supposed was why he was so direct.

She looked at him now as if seeing him for the first time. There was nothing about him that was striking ... except for that deep voice and those dark eyes. He had dark hair and was of Hispanic descent. He looked to be in his 30s and was average in height and weight -- a little pudge around the middle, but nothing excessive. His cock was average in both width and length. He had an average job and an average name. Yet nothing about this man was average. He was dark, mysterious and intelligent. And that, not his average body, made him sexy as hell to her.

"You don't think that was wrong of me to do, do you?" Cori asked, surprised at herself for caring what this guy thought of her. She had always been able to tell herself that she wasn't a slut no matter what others thought and she believed that. But now, she actually feared he would call her that. For some reason, his judgment of her would way more than that of 100 others.

"What, blowing me in public?" Tony scoffed. "Hell no. I think it was cool as hell. Don't let anyone ever judge you for that. You're better than all of them, Cori. You're not a slut. You're not a whore. You're just an insanely gorgeous babe who was put on this planet to please. You have the body and the spirit for it. Don't let anyone take that away. You're afraid I don't respect you, but you couldn't be further from the truth."

"Thank you," Cori said, genuinely touched. If this guy was giving her a snow job to set her up for another public banging, it was working. She was ready to spread eagle in the middle of the road for him if that's what he wanted.

"It's hard for a woman to be sexy and independent and professional and whatever the hell else she's supposed to be in this day and age," Tony continued. "But you're all of that. Now, what I want to do the rest of the evening is this. I want to take you home and cook you dinner while you prance around in nothing but your heels and your thong. Then, I'll spend the rest of the night fucking you in as many different ways as I can, capped by a morning blowjob before I take you home."

"OK," was all Cori could say.

"Do you need to check on your step-father first?"

"Oh, shoot, yeah," Cori said. "I better call him."

"Use my phone," Tony said, handing her his cell. She dialed the number and Norm picked up. He was angry, but trying to hide it, still holding out pathetic hope of one day fucking her again.

"Where have you been?"

"Recruiting," Cori said.

"But the car's still here. Who are you with?"

"A friend," Cori said.

"Well, did you forget about me? I need help. I haven't had a bath yet and I would like a decent meal tonight."

"That's your fault," Cori said, angry that he was laying a guilt trip on her. "I know you can take care of yourself now. And if you don't want to cook, there's money on the coffee table. Order a pizza. I'll see you tomorrow."

She hung up the phone before he could answer and nodded to Tony. "I'm yours for the night, sir."

"I know," Tony said, sound every bit like a man who did, indeed, know what he wanted and how to get it. He didn't sound surprised or giddy or excited -- it was like he knew it was going to happen all along.

Cori tried to hide his surprise when they got to his apartment. She had pictured a small, dark place in an old building with smelly carpet and creaky floors. But from the outside of the building and the nice part of town, she could tell it was going to be much nicer. A doorman actually held the door open for them, trying to maintain his stoic expression while glancing at Cori's half-naked, fully-fuckable body.

Cori noticed the men exchange glances and was prepared for Tony to drop something and ask her to bend over for the doorman or something like that -- happened all the time. But once again, Tony surprised her with his brashness. "Sorry, Bud, but I don't have tip money on hand right now. But I'll save her panties for you," Tony said, never breaking stride. Instead, as they walked through the foyer, he simply pulled Cori's dress up and gave her thong a quick tug, nodding to the doorman. Cori looked back and saw the expressionless doorman nod back.

"Have you done this before?" Cori asked.

"Nope," Tony said. "But I saw how he was looking at you. He'll like the panties. We should make sure to put plenty of pussy juice on them for him."

"But what if I want to wear my panties home tomorrow?" Cori asked, teasingly.

"Tough break," Tony said, chuckling, "just be glad I didn't promise him your dress."

He escorted her on to the elevator and already had his hands inside her dress, groping her tits before the door closed. "Push 21," he said. Cori did, noting that it was the top floor in the building. When the doors opened, he put her dress back over her tits and led her across the hall and into his plush apartment. It had a sunken living room with a couch, love seat and recliner, a formal dining room, a large kitchen, a master bedroom with a balcony and hot tub, two more bedrooms and an office.

"How do you afford this place?" Cori asked.

"You mean, on a cabbie's pay?" Tony asked.

"I didn't mean it that way, but yeah, I guess that's what I'm asking," Cori said. "Sorry, if I offended you."

"Not at all," Tony said. "A cabbie is a fine profession. My father was a cabbie and so were my uncles. But I'm not a cabbie. I own the company."

"What...oh, well, what were you doing in the cab at the airport that day?"

"We had a couple drivers call in sick," Tony said. "Sometimes when that happens, I fill in. I don't mind it and it shows the guys I don't put myself above them. It earns their respect."

Cori was impressed. She liked Tony a lot. She found herself really looking forward to the rest of the evening. Tony was too, apparently, as he asked Cori to remove her dress. He put on some music and told her to "feel free to dance" while he made dinner. Cori remembered Tony's script -- dancing, dinner and lots of fucking -- and was happy to play her role. She moved her hips sensuously to the slow songs, then jerked and hopped and bounced, making her ass and tits shake provocatively to the fast ones. She danced across the kitchen floor, rubbed up against him and shook her tits and ass in his face. She did the splits then crawled across the floor, making her ass twitch to the hard beats.

She performed for him for 20 minutes and he enjoyed every minute of the show as he prepared salads, grilled vegetables and chicken. He turned the music down and she helped him set the table and poured glasses of wine for them both.

"Shall I dress for dinner?" Cori asked, nodding toward her discarded dress.

"You already are," Tony said, squeezing her breasts. "You have lovely eyes, but I'd rather stare at these for the next half hour."

"That's fine," Cori laughed. "I stopped fighting that battle a long time ago."

They sat down and ate and talked. Cori told him a little bit about the shop back in Georgia, focusing on her friends there and how the shop had grown so much by selling a little T&A. She talked about doing the same sort of thing at the restaurant. She left out the details about fucking all her co-workers in Georgia or her step-father here. Tony listened intently but, true to his word, his eyes seldom strayed to her face, staying locked on her mesmerizing tits most of the time. His eyes followed them as the bobbled up and down with her movements. And, when she wasn't moving enough, he'd reach over with the handle of his knife and tap them on the underside, setting them into bouncing motion once again.

"So," he said as Cori finished telling him her plan for the restaurant, "after you get all these girls trained and the restaurant back on its feet, then what? You sound like you don't want to stay with your step-dad."

"No," Cori said, explaining her self-imposed deadline for leaving. "I'm not sure where to go next. I miss Georgia terribly, but I like the weather here so much. I would love to go back to school and learn how to run my own company. Or, I'd like to work in a professional office maybe learning about marketing or business or something. What do you think? Any suggestions?"

"Nope," Tony said honestly. "I might think of something later, but right now I'm so horny I can't think straight. All I'll say is that you should do whatever you want and not let anyone stop you just because you're sexy. I think so far you've used your sexuality to do a lot, but it also stops you from getting any further ahead. At the end of the day, do you think your friends at the shop thought of you as a brilliant marketer or a hot piece of ass they wanted to fuck? Do you think they gave you credit for turning them around because of your brains or your body?"

"I... I'm not sure," Cori said. The guys had always respected her, she knew that. But did they really feel like she could have made a difference if she wasn't the hottest girl in the county? She wasn't sure there was any way to know that for sure.

"Look, I'm not saying they used you or anything," Tony said, taking her wrist and leading her toward the living room. "I'm just saying they could have. Or that they might not have appreciated your mind while you were walking around in a thong."

"And you do?" Cori smiled, looking at Tony who was staring at her tiny thong.

"Hell no," Tony said, "Right now you could be a mindless, senseless, dense bimbo and I would feel pretty much the same way. But at least I'm honest. And, in about 20 minutes, I'll go back to caring what you have to say -- at least for a few minutes. My mind respects you. My cock ... well, he's a little less caring about what you think or say."

Cori knew when to shut up. Tony's cock was controlling his actions now. He had that lusty gleam in his eye as he pushed her down on the couch and spread her legs, tossing one over the back and pushing the other over her head and holding it there firmly with his hand. With his other hand he jerked her thong to the side and ran his fingers roughly over her pussy, confirming its wetness before he began sliding his cock inside her with a steady determination and sheer lust in his eyes.

While his cock was average size, Cori was impressed by its firmness -- it was steely hard and pulsating with desire. He didn't give her the ultra hard banging so many guys preferred, but he didn't go the wimpy route either, going slow to try to impress her with his staying power. He maintained a steady pace with firm, straight strokes, hesitating for a beat with each penetration before retracting and plowing back again. It wasn't the size of his cock or his ability to stimulate her clit -- he was ordinary in those areas -- but it was his intensity that turned Cori on. He didn't seem angry or violent, but powerful and determined and completely in control of not only her, but himself as well. Because of that, Cori found herself giving herself totally to him, letting him take her and use her as he pleased, happy to be of service. She came seconds before he did, her release mixing with his torrent of cum in a sexy cocktail deep inside her.

He sat back on the couch, looking at her spread legs and wet pussy, admiring his work. "Now, you were saying something about careers or something?" he said, only half-joking. "My head's clear for the moment, so I can listen now. But make it quick. I'm already thinking about what I'm going to do next."

Cori was too, but she didn't go there. Instead, she tried to pick his brain some more. "I'm just confused," Cori said. "I feel like there are new things out there I should be doing, but I don't want to leave Norm or the shop back in Georgia in a bind."

"When's the last time you had a vacation?" Tony asked.

"Well, I guess this sort of is. And Ben took me to Orlando for four days about a year ago," Cori said.

"No, I mean, by yourself with no responsibilities to anyone else," Tony said. "It's not a vacation when you're with your boss on a business trip or taking care of your ailing step-dad."

"Well, then I can't remember."

"It seems to me you've spent so much time taking care of everyone else that you don't do enough to take care of yourself," Tony said. "Don't get me wrong, physically, you definitely take care of yourself -- like no other woman I've ever seen. But I'm talking about mentally, emotionally. Take some time for yourself. Get away from everyone and then I bet you'll figure out what you want to do next."

Cori found herself nodding. "You're right," she said. "I do need to be a little more selfish. Do what I want to do. I'm going to do it! No more little miss do anything to please everyone."

"Hold on," Tony laughed, "I was kinda counting on you keeping that 'do anything to please' attitude for at least the rest of the night."

"Don't worry," Cori laughed. "This has been the best night I've had in a long time. I'm not going anywhere and you're still running the show."

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