tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Finale

The Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Finale



On Saturday evening, Cori went to the truck stop to meet with and train the girls she had recruited. Norm and Chuck were there as well, along with 24 of the girls Cori had invited. While Cori hadn't requested the girls wear anything specific, she was impressed to see that most had bought into the general concept she had laid out for them by dressing in some fairly provocative attire. As she scanned the room, she saw lots of cleavage, skirts, shorts and heels. She glanced at Norm and Chuck, who clearly were enjoying having a restaurant filled with young, pretty co-eds. The girls were enjoying a buffet spread as fulfillment of Cori's promise for a free meal.

Cori herself was wearing black heels with straps around her ankles, a tiny yellow pleated mini skirt that only covered about half her ass, a black thong that was visible above the skirt and a black tube top that was little more than a band about three inches wide across her nipples, leaving ample breast visible both above and below the material. She wore bright red lipstick and had her hair in a ponytail.

She asked every to sit down and keep eating while started the meeting by introducing Norm and Chuck and explaining a little about her vision for changing the restaurant. She told them about the Haulin' Tail name and showed them a poster of the logo. Most of the girls laughed or nodded, but a few frowned.

"Now, before I show you the menu and teach you how to take the orders and serve the customers, I want to remind you that you are free to leave if this is not for you," Cori said. No one got up, so she continued, "OK. I want to start by asking each of you to stand up and introduce yourself. But, instead of knowing where you're from, I want to hear your favorite sexual position and something kinky about yourself."

There was a rumbling among the girls, which Cori expected. She brought them to a halt by saying, "I'll start. I'm Cori Banks and I like any position, but doggy style is probably my favorite. My kinky thing is that I do like anal sex and I love to swallow cum."

Three girls got up and left. 21 left. Cori didn't acknowledge them, but continued. "I know this is uncomfortable, but I want to stress to you that it's essential. Dressed the way we expect you to dress, guys are going to want to talk about sex with you. If you can't do that freely and openly, this is the wrong job for you. They want to hear you talk about your love for sucking cock or how much you like being on top. You're all beautiful young women and it's clear that we've all been fucked before. So, let's put the silliness and shame aside and talk openly about it. Brandy, want to get us started?"

Cori purposely picked the brunette with the fantastic ass because she had immediately liked her and felt confident she was anything but shy about her sexuality. Her clothes backed that up. Brandy was wearing a pair of tight white booty shorts that accentuated her amazing ass, a black thong, heels and a t-shirt cropped off just below her breasts.

"Sure," Brandy smiled and stood up. "I'm Brandy and I prefer to be on top, but most guys like to do it doggy style with me because they say my ass is my best feature. My kinky thing is that I like threesomes with two guys."

"Great," Cori said, smiling and nodding to Brandy, thanking her with her eyes. They went on around the room, the gorgeous co-eds standing up one by one and sharing some of their dirtiest thoughts. Two more girls left when their turns came up, and they were down to 19. Still, Cori was pleased with the number, with the open attitude of the remaining girls, and with the wide range of beauty they possessed -- big tits, long legs, tight asses -- they all had their specialties. Some were redheads, some blonde, some brunette as well as Asian, African-American and Hispanic. It was a great mix with something to please every man.

"OK," Cori said, when all the girls had introduced themselves. "Now..."

"Hold on," Norm said, "we didn't get our turn." Before Cori could stop him, he continued. "I'm Norm and my favorite sexual position is sitting here just like you see me with a woman on her knees, blowing me. And my kinky thing is that I'd gladly pay any of you double to go in my office with me for a while."

The girls groaned and two more left. Cori wanted to stop them, but realized that her crude father-in-law had actually provided a good test. That was exactly the sort of talk the girls could expect from some of the customers. As much as she hated to admit it, if they couldn't deal with jerks like Norm, they wouldn't last long.

"Disgusting, right ladies?" Cori nodded. "Well, that's exactly the sort of thing you might here from your customers. We hope and think that most will be decent guys, but you're going to run into some macho jerks from time to time, so you better be able to deal with it. Thank you, Norm, you did a great job."

She played it off like he had been acting, letting him off the hook for the time being so that the girls didn't think their boss was a horny pervert. They'd probably find that out soon enough, but she wanted to have them on board first. "Chuck, anything you want to add?"

"Yeah, I'm Chuck," he said, standing up. "Of course, I like sex like the next man and will take pretty much any position I can get anytime, I suppose nothing beats a good blowjob. My kinky thing is that I like long legs. But I really want to say that I respect each and every one of you and assure you that neither Norm nor myself nor any of the other staff members will treat you with anything but respect. We will have several security personnel here at all times, both inside and outside the restaurant to ensure your safety. We're selling a sexy atmosphere, yes, but not sex or violence against women. I just want you to know that we're committed to maintaining that line between fun and inappropriate behavior and appreciate your willingness to take a chance with us."

Cori's jaw dropped, stunned by Chuck's eloquent speech. He came across as kind, decent, honest and professional. He made it clear that this was about business, not sex. He said everything she wished Norm had said and realized in that moment just how ashamed of her step-father she had become.

"Well said, Chuck," Cori said. "All right, ladies, if you'll take a look at your packets, you'll see a dress code has been outlined. I see most of you already have the general idea, and I appreciate that. There are always exceptions, but those are to be determined by on one other than me, Chuck or Norm. Unless we say otherwise, you should always adhere to these guidelines."

Cori went over the list with them, which included no bras, heels at all times, thongs at all times, short skirts or booty shorts, bare thighs (thigh-high stockings were OK), tube tops, halter tops, crop tops, bikini tops, etc.

"A good rule of thumb for knowing if your mini skirt or shorts are too big is that the top of your thong should always be visible. One, guys like to know you're wearing a thong and two, this ensures that you're not covering too much skin. Any questions?"

"How do we pay for all this?"

"We're going to give you a monthly clothing allowance and tomorrow, I'll take all of you shopping to get enough clothes to at least get you through the first couple of weeks."

"What if guys try to, you know, grab you and stuff?"

"Good question. This is a bit of a gray area," Cori said. "The basic rule is that if they are inappropriate, you signal security and they will be escorted out, no questions asked, no discussions. However, I want to encourage you to be tolerant of the occasional pinch on the butt or hand on the thigh. I'm not saying let them pull your clothes off or pinch your nipples -- but if they're not doing it too hard or too often, try to cut them slack. But that's your judgment to make."

"What if they offer you money for sex?"

"Turn them down and warn them nicely that it's illegal and that they don't want to be thrown out, do they? We're not in the business of prostitution or even stripping, ladies, and we won't tolerate it from our customers or you. If we learn of any of you participating in anything like that, you will be fired."

"What if they expose themselves?"

"Signal security. They will be escorted out immediately. That can't be tolerated; we're going to be on thin ice in terms of food and health regulation as it is."

Cori was impressed by the quality of questions the girls were asking and their attentiveness to her answers. She had 17 left and they all seemed to get what was going on.

"Next, the menu," Cori said. "You'll find a draft of it in your packets. You'll see some interesting names. As you can see, they're not exactly g-rated. They are this way to serve as a fun icebreaker to encourage the customers to be able to talk to you about sex. You will encourage that further by your approach and your response. Norm and Chuck are going to pose as customers and I'll demonstrate what I'm talking about."

Norm and Chuck took seats in a booth and Cori approached them with a quick, perky walk that had her ass shaking and tits jiggling. When she reached the table, she put her hands on her hips and introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm Cori," she said in a high, chirpy voice. "Welcome to Haulin' Tail. See anything you like?"

The double-meaning was obvious as the guys took their eyes from their menu to her body.

"Absolutley," Norm said. She could tell he wasn't acting, but ignored him.

"Great!" She took out her pad and bent over at the waist, keeping her legs straight and letting her breasts hang just above the table top. Her cleavage was in clear view for the guys and her ass and legs were on display for anyone lucky enough to be behind her. "What can I get for you?"

"It's already here!" Norm chuckled.

"I'll have the Big Rack with Twat and Spicy sauce, the Big Load potato and a salad with Creamy Coed dressing."

"And to drink?"

"Iced tea."

"What cup size, sir? C, D or Double D?"

"Double D, of course," Chuck smiled.

Cori stood up and addressed the girls. "OK, he just ordered a rack of ribs with our hot sauce, a loaded baked potato, a salad with ranch dressing and an extra large iced tea. Study your menus this week. You're going to need to know what these items are and to be able to explain them to your customers."

"Why the cup size question?" someone shouted.

"Because we can charge more for the larger cup and nine guys out of 10 are going to say Double D just because they think it's fun.

"Now," Cori continued, "always repeat the order to the customer. This ensures you have it right, of course, but more importantly, they want to hear you saying those words. Don't rush through it or mumble it. Say 'twat' loud and clear. Watch." She bent back over the table and addressed Chuck.

"OK, you wanted the Big Rack with Twat and Spicy sauce -- that's my favorite too. So sweet isn't it? The Big Load potato -- you know, I love those, but they're so big it's hard to swallow it all sometimes. But I do just because I hate to waste anything so yummy. And the salad with Creamy Coed dressing. I could eat Creamy Coed all day, couldn't you? Oh, and let's see, a Double D iced tea. You must be thirsty. I'll see if I can just bring you a big jug."

Cori stood back up and was dismayed to see three girls leaving. Down to 14. But she was happy that the other girls were laughing and smiling. They enjoyed the silly, immature flirting that Cori had just demonstrated and realized it could be fun. "Any questions?" Cori asked. She repeated the exercise with Norm and then took her place back in front of the room.

"Do we always have to bend over like that?" someone asked.

"Every single time," Cori nodded. "That's not optional. A couple other things you should know. We're going to have music in here all the time. It won't be too loud to hear, but it will be loud enough. Use that to put rhythm in your walk. Make it sexy. Dance from time to time. Let them see you having a good time and see that you're not shy about showing off for them.

"Also, we will have lollipops by the wait station at all times. Consider using them frequently -- guys love to watch you suck on those things. Plus, since you're never wearing bras, you should remember your nipples. Tweak them or rub a little ice on them -- get them hard and let them poke out. Your tips will double if you do. Last but not least, bring lipstick with you every night. Before you give them the check, kiss it and leave a big lip print on there. Again, this is not optional."

Cori had each of the girls practice taking orders from each other and walked around, monitoring their progress. Most of them were good and two -- Brandy and Hailey, a cute blonde girl with an impressive rack -- were fantastic. They had a knack for the sexy banter and were practically pros at the sexy walks and poses. Cori decided to make them team leaders and broke the rest of the girls into two teams. "Brandy and Hailey are your leaders," Cori said. "One of them and I will be here every night. If you have questions, see them or me. If you have security issues, signal security first, then tell us. Understood?"

The girls all nodded. "OK, we'll meet here tomorrow at noon," Cori said. "We're going to be buying lots of clothes, but everything must be approved and purchased by either me, Brandy or Hailey." She dismissed the girls except for Brandy and Hailey, who she asked to stay.

"OK, you two were terrific," Cori said. "Everyone else is going to get the same pay, but I want to give you an extra weekly bonus of $500 to take on the added responsibility. In order to earn that money, though, I'm counting on you to be not only good servers, but also good trainers. We can't settle for lackluster girls. They need to be on all the time. If they're not, I expect you to be able to kick them in the tail and, if they're still not responding, tell me. I think you both see how much money this could be for all of us and I assure you that, if you do your jobs well, you'll take home more than your share."

The next day, they all met back at the truck stop and Cori was glad to see all 14 girls return. A fleet of five taxis from Tony's company carried them all to the mall. Cori rode in Tony's cab, sitting up front while Hailey and Brandy rode in back.

Cori wore a white tank top, no bra, and tight gray running shorts with white socks and tennis shoes. Tony eyed her hungrily, but knew not to press his luck. He also stole more than a few glances at the hotties in the back seat, trying to steer his mind away from the idea of four-way with these three babes before he got too distracted and wrecked the car.

When the got to the mall, Cori instructed Hailey and Brandy to get the girls started. "I'll find you in about 30 minutes," Cori said. "I need to take care of something real quick and then I'll be there." Cori didn't care if they guessed what she was taking care of or not, hardly waiting for them to get out of the car before she ducked down and began pulling Tony's cock out of his pants.

"Well, well, what happened to Miss Selfish?" he asked, smiling and carefully pulling away from entrance. He found a spot far away from the other cars and stopped the car. By then, Cori had his cock out and was stroking it.

"Hey, if you don't want it..." Cori teased. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and started sucking earnestly.

"Whew, that's good," Tony said. "You did a great job picking your girls. Very pretty group. Think the rest of my drivers can get this same kind of thank you?"

"Nope," Cori said, lifting her head momentarily. "Not from me or them. This is a special deal for you only. But if you want to bring them to the restaurant for our opening, we'll give them a free meal and I'll wait on them personally."

"Sounds like a deal to me," Tony said, pushing her back down on his cock. "Figured out where you're going on vacation yet?" He didn't take his hand off her head, so she didn't try to raise up and answer. "I would recommend something tropical and not too touristy. Maybe the Caribbean." Cori nodded gently as she sucked, trying to tell him that she had been thinking the same thing.

"You know," he continued, "one of the options after your vacation is to come back and stay with me. You can do whatever you want. Go to school. Start your own business. Work at mine or get a job somewhere else. Or just walk around all day in a thong and heels. Damn, I'd like that. Forget what I said about being selfish. Just serve me for the rest of my life."

Cori wanted to tell him that his offer was much better than he probably thought, but no, it was time for her to move on. Maybe someday she'd come back to him. But not now. She wanted to say all that, but her thoughts were interrupted by a series of hot, thick blasts of cum into her mouth, which she happily swallowed.

"Give me a lift back to the entrance?" she asked.

"Nope," Tony grinned. "I want to watch you walk."

Cori just shook her head, "Never get enough, can you?" She got out of the car and pulled her gray athletic shorts up and rolled down the top. Now, her bottom spilled out the bottom end of the legs and the soft cotton fit snugly around her ass cheeks and conformed to the outline of her pussy lips. She walked slowly, making her ass sway nicely for him. After she was about 100 feet away, she heard the car start and she thought he had his fill and was coming to pick her up. Nope, he puttered forward but stayed 20 feet or so behind her, close enough to have a nice view. Understanding his game, Cori opened her purse and fumbled for her lipstick, purposely dumping several items all over the parking lot in front of her. She went to each item one-by-one, bending over at the waist and picking it up, knowing that Tony's eyes were transfixed on her ass the whole time.

When she finally retrieved everything, she stood up and made a show of putting on fresh red lipstick and blowing him a kiss before proceeding to the entrance. Tony finally drove on, planning to watch a ball game at a nearby sports bar with his other drivers before coming back to pick up the girls at the appointed time.

Having flashbacks of her horrific mall trip with Norm, Cori quickly ducked into a restroom and adjusted her clothing. She was still sexy with her bra-free nipples stabbing against her tight tank top -- there was nothing she could do about that -- but no longer were her shorts threatening to squeeze between her ass cheeks and she also washed off a bit of cum that had somehow escaped her suction and dribbled down her chin.

Satisfied that her appearance wasn't likely to be gang-rape inducing, she went off in search of her prize pupils, many of whom she quickly found in one of the dozens of women's clothing stores all over the mall.

She noted that Brandy seemed to be taking charge, suggesting outfit combinations and ways to accentuate that particular girl's physical assets. Cori liked the way Brandy was handling things and let her go, only jumping in occasionally to offer a suggestion on a size -- "Go a size smaller with that" -- or way to wear it -- "pull it down a little more -- cleavage is good."

Deciding that Brandy's group was on the right track, she tracked down Hailey and her girls, who were trying on shoes. Hailey herself had picked out a great pair of stilettos and was helping Amber, a perky redhead with small, firm tits and unbelievable legs, with a pair of heels with a wrap-around strap on the ankle.

"I love 'em!" Amber exclaimed, "but they're so expensive."

"Price isn't an option today, ladies," Cori interjected. "If we want to present our restaurant as a first-class place with first-class atmosphere, you need to dress first-class. We want to look hot and sexy and a little slutty, but not cheap. Those shoes are amazing on you with your legs. Get at least two pair -- and if they have multi colors, get all you can."

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