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The Hard Body Shop Clerk



Thursday. That meant it was time for Cori Banks' most revealing outfit of the week. And that was saying something, considering what she had worn and would wear the rest of the week. Monday it was a backless red mini-dress that barely covered her thong-divided ass and revealed ample cleavage. Tuesday was a little blue tube top and some matching blue hot pants. Wednesday had been a mini-skirt with a thong underneath and a tiny crop-top sweater (with no bra, of course). She already knew tomorrow would Daisy Duke day. For Saturday, she would be instructed to wear a wildcard outfit, which could be anything the staff chose for her.

At 22 years old, Cori had been dressing like this every day for work for the past two years. Those who didn't know better might have guessed she was a stripper or call girl. Far from it. Cori worked at an auto body and modification shop called "The Hard Body Shop." Two years ago, her hiring — which prompted the name change from Ben's Body Shop — saved the shop, bringing in countless new business. That wasn't easy to do in little Darien, Georgia, and its population of just over 30,000.

But Cori, who would never consider herself a slut or do anything she wasn't comfortable doing, had agreed to come in and help keep the books along with providing customer service and doing some advertising. How could she help draw business? By putting her incredible body on display in tantalizing outfits for any customers to ogle at.

Ben, the 28-year-old shop owner, and his three mechanics, John, Ty and Chad, had developed a weekly wordrobe and dress code for Cori,. This included some general rules such as no bras and mandatory heels every day, and a list of specific attire for each day of the week. Every Thursday was bathing suit thong day, her most revealing outfit of all.

She didn't wear the same outfit every week. On the contrary, she never wore the same outfit from one week to the next, unless specifically requested by someone at the shop. Otherwise, she was required to have a different minidress every Monday, hot pants on Tuesday, etc. from what she wore the week before. For this reason, she had at least a dozen variations of her daily outfits.

Of the bikini thongs, she had three times that many. This was a favorite of all the guys at the shop, as well as the customers, and they were constantly buying her new ones to wear for them. In fact, they bought all her clothes at the shop. Her wardrobe budget was nearly as large as her $25,000 salary. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be much of a living, but Cori had almost no expenses to speak of. Plus, she earned bonuses that supplemented her income nicely. She was far from rich, but making ends meet wasn't a problem.

The shop provided her a small, fully-furnished townhouse next to the shop. It was rent-free and she had only to pay her utilities and cable. The shop also gave her a free lease on a red convertible Corvette, which had the company logo — a sexy profile of Cori herself — on the side, a front license plate that read "Hottie" and a back plate that read "Hard Body." Again, all she had to pay for was gas.

Her benefits included full medical, dental and vision coverage. She even had free use of a gym (which was located in a separate room behind the shop), and a tanning bed. The shop paid for her lunch every day as well.

And, of course, all her clothes were paid for by the shop, except for whatever she chose to wear on her own time, which she had little of since the publicity had really picked up. It seemed like everyone wanted a piece of her time and usually a piece of her. Fortunately, her body was committed only to the four guys at the shop, and even their privileges were restricted to a certain number of times per week. Cori was no slut. She knew it and so did the guys she worked with. She was a key part of the shop and the guys were not only her co-workers, but also her best friends. They respected her, treated her very well and she was happy to please them visually and physically in return.

She hoped they would like today's outfit, and, after putting it on, was sure they would. Cori wasn't conceited about anything, including her looks, but she knew guys found her attractive and why.

She was 5-6, 120 pounds and had an incredible — all natural — 36C-22-34 body. She had natural, golden blonde hair just past her shoulders. Often, she'd wear it in a ponytail. She had blue eyes, a pert nose, full lips, a pretty white smile and small dimples.

As pretty as her face was, however, it was all about that magnificent body. A hard body, as the guys liked to call it. Her breasts were very full, round and firm, sitting high on her chest with no signs of sagging and no need for a bra, except to conceal her long, rubbery nipples which were extremely sensitive and seemed to be erect — or at least partially so — all the time.

She had a firm, round, bubble-butt of an ass and a tight little pussy with juicy thick lips and light blonde hair carefully trimmed into a tiny "landing strip".Her legs were very long, and shapely with athletic thighs and slender calves and ankles.

She had a naturally golden brown complexion enhanced by frequent tanning. She had only subtle, very small tan lines as she generally sunbathed nude. When she didn't she wore only the skimpiest of string bikinis. She had a small red heart tattooed on her left ass cheek and a pierced navel with a small gold ring in it.

A cheerleader, tennis player and gymnast in high school, Cori was in even better shape now. She worked out most every day and concentrated her workouts on enhancing the most desirable parts of her body.

Today's thong swimsuit did a pretty good job of bringing out her highlights as well. It was a gold one-piece, but oh, how little that piece covered. Two thin gold bands — about the width of a ribbon on a package — connected behind her neck and dropped down over her breasts. The strips were barely wide enough to cover her nipples, let alone the rest of her healthy breasts. More than three-fourths of her breasts were left exposed by the tiny suit.

The thin bands of gold cloth connected to a thin gold string at her hips. This string — about the width of a shoelace — went high up on her hips, ,then plunged toward her crotch. There, it came together at a little triangle of fabric that managed to cover all of her pubic hair. The string re-emerged on her backside in the form of a thong separating her perfect ass cheeks and then separating into the two pieces that rode over her hips. Her back was completely bare, except for the thin loop of string wrapped around her neck connecting to the thin strips of fabric covering her nipples.

Cori looked at herself in the full-length mirror, carefully adjusting the suit. She noticed that the crotch was barely wide enough to cover both pussy lips. It would be hard to keep her pussy completely covered by the thin strip of fabric. Of course, she didn't think anyone would complain if she was unsuccessful.

The suit was so tight that the straps touching her nipples didn't touch her skin again until they connected to the hip string. Every movement threatened to pop her tits right out of the tight material.

In addition to the amazing small, form-fitting suit, Cori wore a pair gorgeous pumps with tiny straps around her ankles. The gold color of the suit and shoes played perfectly off her golden brown skin.

When she first started at the shop, Cori had been a bit apprehensive about these outfits. But since the whole attractive girl strategy had been her idea, she could hardly balk at it. She was surprised that after only a couple of days, her anxiety was completely gone. She didn't feel uncomfortable in these revealing outfits at all. While she didn't get off on showing off, she did appreciate the attention everyone paid to her and took pleasure in providing her co-workers and customers with a pleasing view. She felt it was her duty and her way of contributing to her workplace.

She took great pride in her work and believed in the growth and value of the shop. Everything she did was with the intention of helping the shop, its workers and its customers. If they benefited, her rewards would come, too. She had always been a team player, and that was her attitude here. It just so happened her role was sweet and sexy clerk girl. It was a role she found she could play well and made her feel valuable to the shop. She knew she was needed, wanted, liked, respected and appreciated here, and that made her feel good.

So, it was with no apprehension or ego, but with plenty of pride that Cori made final adjustments on her suit, checked her hair and makeup and headed off to work. Since her townhouse was literally in the lot next to the shop, Cori enjoyed the luxury of walking to work every morning. Her hours were from 9 to 4 Monday through Friday and from 8 to noon on Saturday. The guys split their shifts, two working each day from 7 to 3 and the other two working from 10 to 6. Three of the four worked from 7 to noon on Saturday, each taking every fourth Saturday off.

This week, Ben and Chad had the early shift and were, of course, both already hard at work when she arrived. Chad was working on a car in the garage while Ben was talking to a customer — Cori recognized the man in his 50s, but couldn't remember his name — near the front desk. Their conversation stopped and heads turned as Cori walked in.

She was used to this sort of reaction when she entered a room dressed like this, but smiled and glanced down shyly, letting them know she was flattered at their speechless reaction.

"Wow! Good morning, Cori," Ben said. "Great outfit today. Turn around and give us a good look."

"Good morning," Cori responded, spinning around slowly at Ben's request. "Thanks. I like it. This is the one John ordered out of that catalog a couple weeks ago. It just came in the mail yesterday."

"Yeah, he's got good taste," Ben said, staring at the way the ribbon-like suit wrapped around her curvy body like she was some sort of package waiting to be opened. "What do you think, Mr. Bell?"

Bell — Jeff Bell — that was his name, Cori remembered. He had been in a few times before, but was not one of the regulars. She remembered the man's daughter, Sue or Sally, something like that, had been a couple years ahead of her in school.

"One of your mechanics picked this out?" Mr. Bell asked, obviously approving of Cori's attire. "I think I owe that man a beer. Make that a case."

"Old John doesn't drink, but I'm sure he'll be glad to hear you approve. We aim to please here. Isn't that right, Cori?

"Sure is!" Cori said. "Good morning, Mr. Bell. How's your car?"

"Not too bad," he said. "Just a couple of dings in the side from some kids hitting it with a baseball. Shoulda brought it in a long time ago, but I kept putting it off. Looks like I picked a good day to finally do it."

"You're right, Mr. Bell, but I'd say every day's a good day around here," Ben said. "Chad should have your car done in about an hour. You're welcome to wait here or come back and pick it up later."

Mr. Bell, his eyes still fixed on Cori, didn't hesitate, "I think I'll wait here."

Ben laughed and Cori smiled. Most customers made the same choice. "I thought you might say that," Ben said. "Cori, make sure Mr. Bell is comfortable, will you please?"

"Of course," Cori said. Ben went back to the garage to check on Chad and, more importantly, to give Mr. Bell some one-on-one time with Cori. "Mr. Bell, why don't you come have a seat?" She took him by the arm, purposely letting his hand brush against her thigh, and led him to the lounge area.

Without a doubt, The Hard Body Shop had the nicest waiting area of any garage in the state, possibly the country. It was a huge room, open and connected to the front desk area, but it was set off and decorated to look like a man's fantasy den. Foremost among the amenities were two leather sofas, four leather recliners and a 52-inch wide screen TV mounted on the wall. A large area rug rested in the middle of the furniture and there was a one of those fake-flame fireplaces under the TV. Just off to the side of the TV/seating area was a pool table, a dart board and a small kitchenette which featured cold beverages and snacks, including chips and pretzels.

On the wood-paneled walls were three large framed prints of male fantasy. One was a picture of a Pamela Anderson in high heels, shredded cutoffs and a white tank top tied tightly at her clearly fake breasts bent over the hood of a sports car. On another wall was a print of Tyra Banks, wearing nothing but a LA Lakers jersey, which was just long enough — or too long, depending on how you looked at it — and a pair of black stillettos. She was standing at center court, with her hand on her hips, the arena dark except for a spotlight on her and her bulging cleavage and amazing legs. The third framed poster was of Anna Kournikova in a pair of short, skin tight white shorts, white tennis shoes and a tight yellow halter top. Her hair was in a pony tail and her dark tan skin glistened with sweat.

Surrounding these large prints were literally hundreds of smaller frames, some 8x10 and some 5x7, with images of other babes. All of the images were "R" rated -- skimpy and revealing clothing, but no actual nudity. Publicity images of porn stars such as Racquel Darrian, Jenna Jameson, Kobe Tai, Anna Malle, Tori Welles, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Teri Weigel and several others adorned one section. Another section included famous models, such as Kathy Ireland, Claudia Schiffer, Elle MacPherson, Heidi Klum, Gieselle Bundchen, Yamila Diaz, Shaune Bagwell, Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley, Tyra Banks, Rachel Hunter, Bo Derek, Katie Price, Brooke Richards, Stacy Williams, Rebecca Romijn, Brooke Burke, Paris Hilton, Ali Landry, etc.

Another section was devoted to TV and movie stars, such as Jennifer Aniston, Alyssa Milano, Charlize Theron, Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd, Catherine Bach, Pamela Anderson, Shannon Elizabeth, Heather Locklear, Heather Thomas, Halle Berry, Vanessa Angel, Phoebe Cates, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Leah Remini, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Berkeley, Deborah Shelton, Nikki Cox, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Denise Richards, Carmen Electra, etc.

Still another section included musical stars such as Britney Spears, Shania Twain, Christina Aguilera, Faith Hill, Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Simpson, etc.

Another section consisted of Playboy centerfolds. The names weren't all famous, but the faces, bodies and images certainly were. There was a sports and fitness section, including images Summer Sanders, Anna Kournikova, Suzy Favor, Jenny Finch, Stacey Kiebler, Trish Stratus, Cori Nadine, Dena Doster, Kiana Tom, Tylene Buck and dozens of pro and college cheerleaders. More anonymous babes were depicted in various outfits, including bathing suits, lingerie, mini-dresses, short skirts and cutoff shorts.

Finally, one section was devoted to pictures of Cori in her many different outfits. Some of these were from her calendars, but some were never reproduced anywhere else . They were photos of her with some of the customers, sometimes with their arms around her, sometimes with her sitting on their laps, etc. These and the other photos were the subject of much conversation among both the staff and the customers.

A large coffee table sat in the middle of the seating area and was filled with men's-interest magazines and catalogs. There were car and sports magazines, the daily newspaper, Playboy and Playboy special issues, Maxim, Stuff, FHM, Victoria's Secret catalog, Frederick's of Hollywood catalog, etc.

Along with the TV was an impressive collection of tapes, including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit diaries, Victoria's Secret fashion shows, cheerleader calendar diaries, Playboy Playmate videos, etc Cori made sure one of these was playing at all times, unless there was a game or other shows people wanted to watch instead. On the rare occasion children or women were in the shop, Cori would switch to regular TV.

Cori sat Mr. Bell down in one of the leather recliners and handed him the latest Playboy "Girls of Summer" special issue and offered him a drink. He asked for some coffee and a danish and watched with great interest as Cori turned and walked away. The Playboy in his lap and the Victoria's Secret special on TV couldn't distract him from the site of Cori's delectable ass and perfect legs in motion.

Mr. Bell was happily married and would never dream of cheating on his wife, which was probably one of the reasons he wasn't a regular here. But he sure didn't mind taking a look at a hottie like Cori and was damned if he wasn't going to get an eyeful before he left.

He certainly got that as Cori bent over at the waist — she did this without even thinking about it any more — to pick up the danish off the table. With her legs ever so slightly apart, Mr. Bell got a great view of the thin material struggling to conceal her tender pussy lips. What he felt wasn't lust or temptation to cheat on his wife, but merely genuine appreciation for the near-perfection of her body. There was no harm in that.

Staying bent over, Cori twisted to pour out a cup of coffee. In all, Mr. Bell was treated to a good 30 seconds of Cori bent over in front of him. Finally, she picked up the danish and the coffee and turned to bring them to him. Her breast jiggled slightly as she gave him broad, genuine smile and walked briskly back toward him.

"Thank you," he said, accepting the breakfast from her and returning her smile.

"Of course," she said. "Is there anything else I can do for you?" It was an innocent question, but Cori knew most men didn't think of it that way. Mr. Bell was no different, as a variety of images of exactly what Cori could do for him flashed through his head.

"No thanks, I think I'm fine," Mr. Bell said.

"Good. Mind if I join you?" Cori asked.

"Of course not," Mr. Bell said.

Cori grabbed a bottled water and sat down on an ottoman, which she wheeled over by Mr. Bell's chair. As always, she was conscious of the way she displayed her body. She sat with her legs spread, providing ample view of her thinly covered pussy. Her long legs were on display, and her golden fuck-me heels sparkled from the sun coming through the windows. She leaned forward slightly, pushing her breasts together and amplifying her already impressive cleavage. Her hands were at her sides, resting on the edge of the ottoman.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Bell," Cori said, sipping her water and fidgeting with the straps of her bathing suit, "but I forget where you work."

"I'm a chiropractor. My office isn't here in town -- it's over in Taylor, about 30 miles from here. That's why you don't see me around much."

"Oh yeah," Cori said. "I knew that. So I bet you get asked all the time about people with sore backs and stuff, huh?"

"Sure, but I don't mind, really," Mr. Bell said, hoping that this was leading to Cori asking for some chiropractic work. He would love to get his hands on her, even if only to crack her back.

"Well, I've been having this little bit of stiffness in my lower back lately," Cori said. "Ben says he thinks it's from working out too hard. Could that be it?"

"Sure, it could be," Mr. Bell said Yeah, right, he thought to himself. Like there's any chance her back hurts from anything other than trying to stand up straight with those big knockers. "It could just be the way you're sleeping on it or even just a little strain from lifting something, especially since I notice you like to bend at the waist instead of the knees."

"Hmm, well, is there anything you'd suggest for the next time it flares up? Should I come see you?"

"You're welcome to come in any time," Mr. Bell said, adding to himself, by all means, come in and I'll check you out very thoroughly. "Or, if you'd like, I could take a look at it now and maybe show you some stretching exercises you can try."

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