The Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 01


"Whew, I needed that one!" Ben said, stuffing his cock back in his pants. "Thanks, babe. Wow, you really do look hot in that suit. John's in for a good time tonight, especially since he picked that one out."

"I hope he likes it," Cori said, putting her suit back in place. "He was so excited when he picked it out."

"I saw his face when he came in, he likes it," Ben assured her. "Well, get cleaned up. I'll watch the front desk until you get back."

A few minutes later, after a quick but thorough cleanup, Cori came back out to the front, looking as hot and fresh as when she first walked out of her townhouse that morning. Ben and John were both at the front desk while Ty and Chad were in the back, working on a pair of cars.

"So do you like your suit, John?" Cori asked, rubbing up next to him.

"I sure do. Better than I even imagined," he said, putting his arm around her bare shoulders. "But I do have one suggestion."

"Really? What is it?"

"Baby oil," John said. "I think you'd look absolutely amazing all oiled up in that suit."

"It would probably slide right off her," Ben laughed.

"All the more reason to give it a try, huh?" John smiled, and produced a large bottle of baby oil from under the register. "What do you think, Cori?"

"Let's try it!" she smiled. "Want to give me a hand — or two?"

"Of course," John said, wiggling his fingers.

"I better get back to that Chrysler," Ben said, walking toward the garage. "Have fun!"

"All right, why don't you have a seat on that stool and we'll get started," John said.

Of all the guys at the shop, John was probably the sweetest and most protective of Cori. He was sort of like a father-figure to her, though not in a sick incestual way. Of course, the fact that he had dated her mother long before Cori was born had been the cause of a bit of uneasiness at first, but Cori had long ago cured John of any guilt about fucking her. He was by no means a dirty old man. Sure, he liked to fuck Cori and never shied away from his opportunities, but he was also respectful of her and all women. He often gave Cori advice and was her shoulder to lean on. Cori loved him, too, and repaid his kindness by allowing him to have his way with her and live out every older man's fantasy — fucking a hot young babe less than half his age.

Cori always like her evenings with John. She liked all the guys, as a matter of fact, and loved them each in their own way. Ben, of course, had a couple of different sides. Sometimes he wanted to romance a bit, and other times he simply got down to business. Either way, he enjoyed talking dirty and being in control.

Ty, who was probably her best friend and the guy she had the most in common with, liked to role play and take Cori out in public. He had a very active imagination and Cori was always happy to live out his fantasies with him. He also had the biggest cock of all of them at a full, very thick 10 and a half inches, and made a genuine effort to pleasure her as well as himself.

Chad had the smallest cock, though it was still a respectable six inches, the same length as John's. But John's was significantly thicker than Chad's. But Chad was perhaps the horniest of all the men, which was saying something. He also was the kinkiest and talked the dirtiest. He loved porn and sex toys. He was a lot of fun — a party kind of guy — who Cori loved for his playfulness. He was not someone she could take very seriously and, though she knew he would protect her, was the one she felt least close to. He was the only one she didn't think she'd be friends with if they didn't work together.

Though she trusted them all, John was the one she trusted the most, even more than Ben and Ty. She wasn't all that attracted to him physically, of course, but he had a nice body for his age and no trouble getting a hard-on. He was the least adventurous of the guys when it came to sex, but Cori had taught him a lot of new tricks and helped him give in to his natural instincts. So, while he still held back sometimes in fear of hurting her, he was now much more apt to "fuck the shit out of her", make her deep throat him or even fuck her ass. Cori found it fun to tease him and drag the wild beast out of him. She considered it a personal victory to get him to call her a bitch or a slut while he was fucking her. That just wasn't in his nature and it was fun to see it when he let himself go.

She could tell he was feeling particularly frisky today and knew the suit had a lot to do with it. She gladly yielded to him as he poured oil on his hands, then began rubbing her neck and shoulders. She was sitting on a backless stool behind the counter and John was standing next to her with the bottle of oil on the counter.

"Oh, that looks good already," he said, staring at her skin, which now glistened where he had rubbed the oil on it. The oil made her tan appear even darker and her skin feel even smoother and softer. He worked behind her neck and then down her back, gently coating her with oil. He stopped when he reached the spaghetti straps on her hips and came around to the front.

One by one, he rubbed down her arms and shoulders, then he moved to her chest. Instead of pouring the oil in his hands first, he now poured a generous amount over her cleavage, letting it run between her breasts, down her stomach and in between her thighs. It began to seep into the suit, making it darker and vaguely transparent, her dark nipples becoming more noticeable through the fabric.

"Oooh, that's kind of cold," Cori giggled.

"I can see that," John said, noting the rise in her nipples. "Let me warm it up for you."

He lifted the strap off one breast and held it with his left hand while he rubbed the oil all over her breast with his right. He copied the procedure on the other breast, thoroughly coating both breasts in oil before replacing the straps over her nipples.

"Go ahead and stand up," John told her. She did, and oil began streaming down her thighs to her calves, dripping onto the floor. He knelt down in front of her and rubbed the oil all over her flat stomach, then poured more on, thoroughly drenching the tiny thong covering her pussy. He worked this in, too, lifting the material first to one side of her pussy, then the other, while he rubbed oil all over, including into her pussy lips. Her pussy glistened with moisture, looking more inviting than ever. He replaced the cloth over her pussy and admired the way her cameltoe was defined by the soaked, elastic fabric.

He poured another generous amount of oil on her ass, then lovingly rubbed it all over and in between her ass cheeks, pulling the thong out of the way in order to reach every square inch. By now, the bottle was three-fourths empty and there was more than enough of it running down her legs that he didn't have to pour any more. He rubbed all over both legs, making sure she was covered completely. He even had her remove her shoes and rubbed oil on her feet before she put the sexy heels back on. He finished by dabbing a bit of oil on her forehead and cheeks.

She was officially covered from head to toe in baby oil and very little else. She looked sleek and sexy, her body glistening, tan and moist. "That's perfect," John whispered, in awe of his own handiwork. "Walk around and let me take a good look, please."

Of course Cori was happy to oblige. She walked out from behind the desk and back and forth across the entrance area, spinning around to give him a good view of all sides. They had done a lot of things to her body over the years, but she could never recall being thoroughly covered in oil like this — at least not when she wasn't tanning by the pool or on the beach. She was surprised at how slippery her shoes now were, her feet sliding around in them. And, even though it had seemed like a joke at the time, she found that her suit, despite being tight enough to snap at any moment, really did slide around on her body now and felt like it could slip right off.

"Amazing," John said again. Cori was flattered by his genuine appreciation of her beauty. "I think the guys need to see this. There's nothing going on up here. Let's go show 'em."

Cori followed him through the swinging double doors into the garage, where Ben, Chad and Ty were all hard at work. "Hey guys," John yelled over the sounds of equipment and loud rock music, "check this out."

All three men looked up from their work, then put down their tools and came over for a closer look. They had never seen Cori quite like this before.

"Damn, that's hot, John!" Chad said, slapping John on the back and looking at Cori admiringly.

"I didn't think you could top the suit, but you sure did," Ben added, laughing. "Has it slipped off yet?"

"Not quite, but there's still hope," John laughed.

"Shit, Cori, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't know if you've ever looked better," Ty said, wide-eyed. "And that's saying something."

"Thanks," Cori said, spinning around again to give everyone a good look. They all touched her oily skin, laughing at how slick she was.

"Damn, Cori, you're going to make a mess wherever you sit," Ben laughed, clearly not caring if she stained every piece of furniture in the store so long as she looked this good. "And John, you might need to order another of those suits. I think this one might fall apart from all that oil. Or at least be stained."

"Don't worry," John said. "I'm going to order about 50 more of these. I'm going to get every color you can think of, and I'm going to get a couple that are a size smaller, just to see what happens."

"Go right ahead," Ben said. "Place the order today, if you like. That way a new one will probably be here by next week."

John went off to place the order, using the company credit card, of course, and Cori went back to her post at the front desk. She cleaned up the oil on the floor, then placed a towel over her chair and sat down.

It was now almost 11 a.m. and it would soon be lunch time. Usually, Cori walked down to the diner three blocks down to get the guys their lunch and bring it back. Sometimes, they had her go to a fast-food place or order pizza. She thought about walking to the diner today and wondered how in the world she'd be able to keep the suit from slipping off her breasts and/or pussy. She didn't mind being scantily clad in public, and had many times had to be conscious of short skirts with no underwear or drastically low-cut tops that cut down to her nipples. But she'd never really worn something quite so revealing as this in public, and certainly not with the very real possibility of it falling off entirely.

Harry, the 58-year-old mailman who weighed nearly 300 pounds, came through the door bringing the day's mail. As always, this was the highlight of his day. He loved to deliver to the shop every day and see what the beautiful Cori was wearing. She automatically stood up to greet him, letting take a good look from head to toe. She noticed his eyes bulge a bit when he noticed that her body was covered by oil.

"Good morning, Cori," he said. "Great outfit today. Mind if I...?"

Before he could get the words out, Cori was already leaning across the counter top, poking her tits out at him. His question was the same every day, and so was her response. He wanted to squeeze her tits, and, of course, she let him. He never put his hands inside her clothes, but today it was hard not to. When he squeezed her right tit, the cloth slid right across her nipple and over her round breast, snapping against her side.

"Sorry," he said, nonetheless groping her bare breast and nipple for several seconds before replacing the strap. "Well, thanks. Have a nice day!" Harry said, turning to leave. He took one last glance, then walked away, his day made by one minute of pure joy. Of all the routes in town, he was sure he had the best. Hell, there was a waiting list to fill in for him on his days off. It was all because of Cori at the Hard Body Shop.

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