tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 03

The Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 03



Normally, John liked to stay in with Cori. She would cook for him and they would have sex once or twice before bed, then once more in the morning before work. John tended to be fairly routine in terms of his sexual activities, but Cori was slowly bringing him out of it. She had only recently persuaded him to fuck her ass, which he loved, of course. Perhaps it was a bit of that newfound wild-side combined with the sheer excitement created by Cori's outfit that led John to want to take her out and show her off. He wanted to make sure everyone saw her with him and knew that he was going to fuck her.

He suggested they go to Marlins', which was one of only two "up-scale" restaurants in Darien. Marlins' was best known for its seafood, but also had fine steak, salad and pasta dishes. It was also a favorite of the guys at the shop because the Marlins' staff was very accommodating when it came to Cori. They never questioned her attire and accommodated almost any special requests, including dark, outñof-the way tables. This time, however, John decided he wante d to be out in the open, where everyone could see Cori.

"Sounds great to me," Cori said. "Do you want me to go home and shower and change, or go like this?"

"I want you to stay just the way you are," John said. "You always look great, Cori, but I've got to tell you, you've never looked better than you do right now."

"Thank you!" Cori was genuinely touched and leaned in to kiss John on the cheek. "You're so sweet. We're going to have so much fun tonight. I'm completely yours. We can do any thing and every thing you want."

"I'm not sure I'm young enough or have enough energy to do every thing I want," John said, "but we're going to have fun trying! Now, I don't know about you, but I'm hungry."

John opened his car door for Cori and put a large beach towel over the seat to keep the oil off it. The drive to the restaurant, which sat out of town about 3 miles, right off the interstate, took only about 10 minutes.

Even though it was still early in the evening, John was glad to see the parking lot was full and a large crowd of people was standing just inside the door, waiting for a table. John let Cori off at the door, then went to park the car. Normally, Cori was not at all shy about her wearing her skimpy attire in public, particularly at this restaurant, which she had been to many times. But the oil, the slipping of her bathing suit and its truly miniscule size made her only slightly apprehensive about the spectacle she knew she was. Overall, though, she was completely calm, poised and gorgeous as she walked toward the door.

Naturally, her arrival had already prompted a stir inside the restaurant and a couple of men waiting for tables rushed to open the door for her. She smiled, thanked them and walked in, acting is if she didn't notice the ogling eyes and the murmurs from the crowd. This wasn't the shop, and not everyone here had seen her before. Some came from out of town or off the interstate. And not everyone approved of her attire. Still, most of the people were local, had seen her before and were not surprised.

There was very little open area to stand, and Cori found herself in the middle of the crowd, barely able to move without bumping into someone. Naturally, several of the men seemed to be bumping into her on purpose, and she felt a few small gropes and touches on her ass.

A few moments later, John came in and was given a warm greeting of approval from many of the men standing near the front. He nodded a greeting, then took Cori by the arm and made his way to the front desk. There, he found Drake, one of the head waiters. Drake had taken care of Cori and her dates many times and was pleased to see them approach.

"John, good to see you," he said, extending his hand. John quickly slipped a $20 bill into the hand shake. "And Ms. Cori, may I say you look even more sensational than usual. Can I get you your usual table in the back, John?"

"No thanks, Drake," John said. "I agree that Cori looks especially nice this evening and I think the rest of the restaurant might enjoy the opportunity to see her while they dine. Is there a more visible table that might be free?"

"I think we can accommodate you, sir. Give me just a moment, please, and I'll arrange it," Drake walked away, tucking the bill into his pocket. In addition to the nice tips, the Hard Body Shop helped the restaurant by allowing Cori to appear in their advertising from time to time. In return, the restaurant always accommodated Cori and the guys and handled any complaints about Cori's attire quickly and discreetly. So, if John and Cori wanted a front and center table, Drake was going to provide it. And he was also going to provide the service himself. He wanted to make sure they were taken care of, not disturbed and he hoped to get an eyeful of Cori and another fat tip while he was at it.

Drake was in his late 30s, very tall and lean with dark hair and handsome face. He wore a dark suit and light blue tie. He took his job seriously and was very professional. He knew he could probably make more money in a large city like Atlanta, but he liked this small town and had lived her for almost five years now. He liked his little house and the small community. And, of course, he liked Cori and her friends from the garage.

He noticed a couple leaving from one of the tables in the center of the main dining room and immediately swooped in. He motioned for a one of the busboys to clean it, then went back to show Cori and John to their table. They would be right in the middle of the main dining room, visible to almost everyone in the room. People on the second floor would be able to see through the clear railing and look right down on Cori while they ate.

"Come right this way," Drake said, extending his arm to Cori, who looped her elbow around his. Guests like Cori and John did not have to worry about waiting lists like the rest of the crowd.

After seating Cori, much to the delight of all of the men in the restaurant, Drake pulled John aside and mentioned that he could provide a bit of spot lighting on the table, if John so desired. John agreed that might be nice and joined Cori at the table.

In the dim dining room, Cori was still the center of attention, but her skin didn't glisten in the lack of light and it was hard for most people to get a really good look. That changed when Drake flipped a couple of switches and bathed Cori in soft, direct light. It wasn't exactly a spotlight — the whole table and even John were caught in the glare — but it was a nice, attractive light, not too harsh for Cori's eyes. She was now clearly illuminated in the otherwise dark dining area, her skin glistening in the light, her nearly nude body on display for all to see an enjoy while they dined.

Cori was surprised that John had asked for all of this, but certainly did not mind it. On the contrary, she was glad to see John taking charge and doing with her what he wanted. If that meant putting her on display for all to see, that was fine with her. Whatever made him happy. She decided to play along with it even more than usual, and to really put on a show, letting John know she was completely comfortable with this whole thing. She also understood that part of this fantasy for him was the need to make it clear to everyone that he was fucking this hot piece of ass and that after dinner he intended to use her body to pleasure himself any way he pleased. John was a on a rare power trip, and Cori was ready to help him live out his fantasy completely.

She began by arching her back and squirming in her towel-covered seat, contorting her body and giving the paying customers as well as John a nice little show.

John gave Drake the thumbs up as the tall waiter returned with water and a bottle of wine. He also brought them a complementary appetizer of shrimp cocktail.

"What would you like to eat this evening?" Drake asked Cori.

"I'm really in the mood for something salty and creamy!" she beamed, looking at John with her best slutty face. "And I intend to get it after dinner. For now, I'll take the Cobb salad, please."

"Excellent choice," Drake said, turning to John. "And for you, sir?"

"Well, I'm in the mood for something hot and juicy," he said, playing along with Cori's game. "But I'll have her later. For now, I'll have grilled chicken pasta and a side salad."

After Drake left, John looked around and noticed all the people looking at them as they talked in hushed tones over their dinners. He was sure some were complaining about her inappropriate attire or about her "sugar daddy," but he was also sure every man in the place wanted to trade spots with him and every woman secretly wanted to look as hot as Cori.

As people came in to be seated at their tables, the waiters made sure they walked by John and Cori and were given every opportunity to appreciate the view only a gorgeous, scantily-clad woman can provide.

Cori put on a show the entire time, striking vaious attractive poses and flirting openly with John. She rubbed his hands with hers and slipped her shoes off and rubbed her feet up his legs and into his crotch, where she found a welcome bulge.

She got up once to use the restroom, turning heads with every step, particularly when, on her way back, she bent over at the waist to pick up her napkin before sitting back down. Half of the restaurant got a good look at her ass and pussy while the other half saw an incredible display of perfectly formed cleavage. John noticed a smattering of applause as Cori took her seat again.

She even ate in a sexy way. Her mouth did things to her cherry tomatoes that nearly brought grown men to their knees. John, who had seen it and felt it all before, still nearly came in his pants just watching her tease and taste that tomatoe with her lips and tongue before finally biting into and then making a show of swallowing it. He suddenly knew he couldn't wait until they got home to fuck her. He had to have her now.

John signalled for Drake, who came over quickly. "Drake," John said, slipping the man another $20, "we could use a bit of privacy for a few minutes. We'll return to the table to finish our meals after that. Is there somewhere we can go for a few minutes alone?"

"Of course, sir," Drake said, smoothly accepting the money and once again extending his arm to Cori. "I'll have them keep your food warm. Right this way, please."

Drake led them out of the dining area, causing quite a stir among the other guests, who discussed Cori's attire and fantastic body, as well as the fact that the couple wasn't done eating yet. Where could they be going?

Drake led them through the crowd of people by the front door — several of whom took advantage of the chance to grope Cori's ass — and down a short hallway to Mr. Cornett's office — Mr. Marlin Cornett, the owner of Marlins and a very important man in Darien. One of the richest men in the town, he was a member of the city council and served on the board of education. He carried a lot of power.

Drake knocked on his door, waited until Mr. Cornett told him to come in, then poked his head in. He was not surprised to see Missy, one of the hostesses, buttoning up her white blouse. It was well known that Mr. Cornett liked to fool around with the hostesses and hired only very pretty ones. Missy was 18 with long, dark hair, average size tits but a cute face and great ass. Given that her skirt, hose and heels all seemed in place, Drake guessed Mr. Cornett had been feeling up her tits while she gave him a blowjob. He noticed Missy wiping at something at the corner of her mouth and then reaching for her lipstick and was pretty sure he was right.

"Mr. Cornett," Drake said. "One of our guests has a special request and I thought you might be willing to surrender the use of your office for a few minutes."

"What guest?" Mr. Cornett asked.

"Miss Cori and her date, sir," Drake answered.

"Oh, well, please, show them in," Mr. Cornett said, standing up and walking around the edge of his large desk to greet his guests. "Missy, thanks for your help. Now, you best be getting back to work. Come see me again after we close to give me a full report on the evening's business. Oh, and if Holly or Staci are working tonight, bring them too."

"Of course, Mr. Cornett," Missy said. She smiled at John and Cori as she walked out, still adjusting her blouse and fixing her makeup.

Drake showed John and Cori into the office and Mr. Cornett greeted them warmly, shaking their hands and openly admiring Cori's body. "Sure I can't convince you to come work for me?" Mr. Cornett said, half-jokingly. He always joked with her about switching jobs, but it was clear he would hire her in a second.

"No, thank you, Mr. Cornett," Cori smiled. "I love my job."

"Well, I wouldn't want to be the one to break that up, then," Mr. Cornett said. "So, Drake says you two need to use my office?"

"That would be great," John said. "Just for a few minutes. We just have a few matters to discuss in private."

"Oh, yes, I understand those private conversations," Mr. Cornett said, eyeing Cori's tits. "Well, you two take as long as you need and feel free to hold your discussions wherever you like. Feel free to use the couch, chair, desk or conference table if you like. Drake, are we taking care of their food?"

"Yes, sir."

"All right, then. Let's leave them alone."

"Thank you, Mr. Cornett," John said and closed the door behind them.

Mr. Cornett walked briskly down the hall and down a narrow stairwell, Drake close behind him. They came to a small room which contained a bank of six monitors connected to the security cameras stationed around the restaurant. There was one for the parking lot, one for the front waiting area, one for the kitchen, two for the dining area and one for Mr. Cornett's office. This one, of course, was the one they were interested in. There was no volume, but they could see everything they wanted to see.

They saw that John had wasted no time. Cori was on kneeling in front of him, balanced on her heels. The straps covering her tits were now pushed to the side, revealing her naked breasts and erect nipples. John was leaning against the desk, his hard cock pointed at Cori's face while he played with her tits.

Drake and Cornett were just in time to see Cori take his thick cock into her mouth and groaned in appreciation as she took his entire length on the first stroke. Her hands were on his thighs, using him to help her keep her balance. His hands were on the back of her head, pushing and pulling her mouth back-and-forth on his cock. A very experienced cock-sucker, Cori was relaxed, her head and neck moving easily whichever way John wanted, her lips and tongue constantly working their magic on his cock.

For Cori, giving John blowjobs was always a fun challenge. Even though his cock was only about average in length at just over six inches, it was much thicker than most cocks. Only Ty, whose long cock was also very thick, was more difficult to suck than John. His cock stretched her mouth and throat wide and she had to concentrate on keeping her teeth off his shaft.

John fucked her face hard, stabbing his cock down her throat repeatedly, making her lips touch his balls before pulling back out and thrusting again. John had, of course, received hundreds of blowjobs from Cori over the last two years, but he never tired of the feeling of her soft lips, warm tongue and willing throat. Normally, he came in her mouth and watched her swallow every drop, but tonight, he had a better, naughtier idea.

He didn't know why he was feeling this way, but there was nothing that he wanted to see more than Cori, her face covered in cum, sitting in the middle of the restaurant eating her dinner. He knew the other guys had all done this with her at one time or another and really enjoyed the experience, but he had always been hesitant, not wanting to degrade or embarrass her. But for whatever reason, whether he didn't think she'd be embarrassed or he just didn't care, he was determined to send her back out there with a face full of cum.

He looked down at her and she was looking up at him, eyes smiling, telling him there was no place she'd rather be.

"Will you do something for me?" he asked, grunting between words as he pumped in and out of her mouth. She blinked at him, letting him know the answer was, of course, yes. "Good. I want you to wear my cum on your face back out into the dining room. Got it? So close your mouth and your eyes when I cum. For once, I don't want you to swallow."

John thrust as deep as he could into her mouth and ground her face in his crotch, rubbing her chin with his balls. He felt he was about to cum and pulled out. Cori closed her eyes and mouth as he started stroking his cock over her face.

"Pucker up," he ordered. She pursed her lips and he smacked his steel-hard rod against them. With a loud groan, he finally unleashed his wad. The first surge caught the underside of her nose, quickly filling her nostrils and spilling out over her upper lip like a milk mustache.

John hadn't had an orgasm since Monday night — his last date night with Cori — and his three-day supply of cum was potent and overflowing. Ty and Ben were renowned for their massive loads, but John was holding his own with this one. He aimed the next shot right between her eyes and scored a direct hit, splattering it against her face and watching it ooze over her eyelids and stick in her eyebrows and eyelashes.

His last two major shots creamed both cheeks, some of the cum even dripping into her ears and dribbling down the sides of her neck. He finished by coaxing the last of the cum out on her lips and chin, coating them in gooey, sticky cream.

Instead of having her lick him clean like he normally wood, he gripped the bands of her swimsuit and used them to wipe off his cock before putting them back in place over her tits.

Cori finally opened her eyes and mouth, smiling as she tried to keep the cum from dripping into her eyes. A large glob of it was strung between her left eyebrow and left eyelash. She breathed through her mouth as her nostrils were still plugged with cum. She did her best to keep all of the cum on her face, twisting and tilting her head to keep it from dripping off. The white cum was very visible against her darkly tanned skin and shone brightly in the lights of the office. John hoped the spotlights would have a similar effect in the dining room.

While John pulled his pants back up, Cori looked at herself in the mirror, amazed at the amount of coverage John had managed. He had great control at aiming his cum.

"Wow, John," she said. "You've been storing up. That's a lot of cum."

"Yeah, that was great," John said, suddenly wondering if he was right to do this. "But if you don't want to go out there like that, you can wash it off. It's OK."

"No way," Cori said. "I'm proud to wear your cum. I'm your cum slut tonight, I'm proud of it and I want everyone out there to know it. Come on, let's go while it's still fresh and shiny. It's so white and thick. No way people will be able to miss this."

Cori made sure she was back inside her suit, as well as she could be, and they started out of the office. Drake and Mr. Cornett, who sprinted back upstairs after watching John wipe his cock on Cori's suit, met them in the hallway that led back to the waiting area.

"Ahh, perfect timing," Mr. Cornett said. "I trust your meeting went well?"

"Couldn't have been better," John beamed, letting Cori pass in front of him and stand face-to-face with Mr. Cornett. He could actually smell John's cum on her face. He had never dared try anything this bold with any of his employees, but he was sure tempted now. He made no effort to hide his interest in Cori's cum facial, looking closely at how the cum was sticking to her eyebrows and eyelids and had formed the telltale cum mustache.

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