tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 04

The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 04



Cori prepared for her day with Miles with a smile on her face. She was doing all this for Gerald, but she found she had truly enjoyed herself yesterday. It had been a little embarrassing at times and they had really messed with her head, sort of tricking her into things she didn't think she wanted to do. But it had been fun and creative and a great experience sexually. She hoped Miles would be every bit as fun and creative as Sam. She had resigned herself to the fact that public sex, group sex and anal sex were no longer things she could say were off limits. The only thing she could cling to was no rough stuff -- though she had been tied up and fucked twice yesterday, but neither time had been what she would consider rough. It was light, creative bondage, but not rough.

She remembered how Miles had collided with Gerald and had been so angry, so mean at the time. Of course, he had also been drunk. Still, it put a damper on her excitement for the day as she wondered just how far he might try to push things. But, he had been just fine yesterday, so Cori pushed any thoughts of trouble from her mind and decided that the positive approach that had made yesterday so fun was the way to approach today as well.

Miles had asked Cori to put on a pair of small athletic shorts with a thong underneath, a white tank top with nothing underneath and white tennis shoes. Her hair was to be in a pony tail and she was to wear bright red lipstick. Cori followed his orders to the letter, putting on a pair of blue cotton athletic shorts that were very short and very tight. She rolled down the top so the top of her hot pink thong was visible and a full third of her ass cheeks stuck out of the bottom. Her tank top was tight, of course, made of a thin cotton material that molded nicely to her erect nipples.

She walked across the resort, happy to not be wearing heels for a change and glad that, unlike most of the day yesterday, her nipples were actually covered for the moment. She knocked on Miles' door and the white-haired man answered the door immediately. The stocky man was wearing only a pair of gray athletic shorts. His broad chest was hairy and muscled. He was athletic and wrinkle free, the body of a fit 45-year old with the hair of a man 15 years older. She guessed he was closer to 45 and had just turned white-haired at an early age.

He greeted her with a leering smile and stood aside for her to come in. Cori started to, then, remembering Sam's rule, stopped and asked. "Is this a topless suite like Sam's?" she asked.

"No," the bank CEO said, "but I like the way you think. Let's do this." He pulled down on the top of her tank top, stretching the snug material until her tits popped out the top. He let the shirt snap tight around her ribcage under her breasts and led her into his suite, his hand on her ass.

His suite was just as large as Sam's and, like Sam's, very luxurious. It was obvious he was a sports fan with autographed jerseys framed and hanging on the walls. She enjoyed sports herself and was impressed by his collection which included autographed jerseys of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, John Elway, Joe Montana and Nolan Ryan, among others. He had a huge flat screen TV in the living room which he no doubt enjoyed watching games on.

"Big sports fan, huh?" Cori asked.

"Oh yes," Miles said, studying her tight ass in those tight shorts. "How about you?"

"I love sports," Cori said honestly. "I'm sure I'm not as knowledgeable as you, but I love to watch sports and really like playing. I was a gymnast and played tennis in high school. And I was a cheerleader, too."

"Very nice," Miles said. What man wasn't happy to hear that his fuck toy was a former cheerleader and gymnast -- oh, flexibility was such a wonderful quality in a woman. "Well, that's great, because I thought we might play some tennis and some golf today. What do you think?"

"Sounds great," Cori said. "I've only played golf once and I'm not very good, but I'm game if you are."

"I think you'll do just fine," Miles said. "Well, I thought we'd start with tennis. I'm just going to put my shirt on and we'll be ready to go."

Miles walked into his bedroom while Cori waited patiently. She was liking the sound of this. Golf and tennis would be fun and there probably wouldn't be much sex involved in that. Sure, she'd probably wear these skimpy clothes, but that was no big deal. She figured he'd probably fuck her in the evening, after the golf game and then maybe once in bed. While she would love to have another two orgasm day, a day of a little sports and light fucking wasn't a bad alternative -- especially with the man she considered to be the most dangerous of the three.

Miles emerged from the bedroom with a shirt on and carrying a duffel bag, which Cori assumed held a tennis racket and some balls. As they left the suite, Miles pulled Cori's top back up, squeezing her breasts first, tweaking the nipples to keep them good and hard. As they walked toward the tennis courts, he outlined a few unique guidelines he expected Cori to adhere to on the court.

"I know you're probably a good tennis player and I encourage you to compete as hard as you want," Miles began. "But don't forget why you're here. Every time you bend over to pick up a ball, you keep your legs straight and bend at the waist. And turn so that you're either showing your ass to me or someone else."

"OK," Cori said, not surprised by this request. She couldn't remember the last time she had bent her knees to bend over in a man's presence. Regardless of the outfit they had her wearing, her tits, her ass, her legs -- something was going to get showed off every time she bent this way. It was all part of being the cock-tease she was meant to be.

"Also, you know how Maria Sharapova grunts when she hits the ball?"

"Sure," Cori said. "So loud."

"Yep," Miles said. "I bet she sounds the same way when she's getting fucked really good. You had a couple of pretty good grunts yourself yesterday. I want you to do that -- the louder and more orgasmic you can make it sound, the better."

"All right," Cori said, realizing that he meant to draw a crowd for their match. Between her outfit, her posing and the grunting, people would notice. Still, it wasn't anything too extreme so far.

"Third, every time we stop for a break, you'll pour water on your chest."

"OK," Cori said. Wet t-shirt displays weren't out of the ordinary for her. She understood that she would need to squeeze her breasts and tweak her nipples, putting on a show for Miles and whatever onlookers their were.

"Fourth, every once in a while before you serve, I want you to stick your finger in your mouth -- not a quick lick, mind you, but a deep, long suck -- then stick in the air as if you're checking the wind."

"Make it look like I'm sucking cock," Cori nodded. "I understand."

"Just giving you a little warmup before the real thing," Miles said.

"Thanks, I appreciate that," Cori grinned. "Anything else I should know about our tennis match?"

"Yes," Miles continued. "When you're waiting for me to serve, I want you to bounce up and down. I'm not talking a little shuffling of the feet, I'm talking, make those tits bounce until they're ready to bop you in the face."

"I understand," Cori said.

"From time to time, I want you to stretch a little too -- you know the types I'm talking about, lunges, leg lifts, splits, arching your back. You know how to show it off, so just do it. And smile a lot, giggle, be real perky and happy."


"Finally, at some point I'm going to signal you and that's when I want you to fake an injury. Act like you've pulled a muscle in your thigh. Fall to the ground, whimper, but don't cry or scream. Just follow my lead after that."

"All right," Cori said, impressed by the thought Miles had put into this. Of course, she probably shouldn't be surprised. You didn't become a successful businessman without knowing what you wanted, how to get it and paying attention to every detail. He had a plan and Cori, his faithful "employee" would execute it to the best of her ability.

When they got to the courts, there was one other couple playing tennis on one of the four courts, which were laid out side by side. They were young, probably in their 20s or early 30s, likely honeymooners. They were both attractive, the woman boasting silky red hair and a trim, athletic body nicely displayed in a little white tennis skirt.

They waved politely as Miles and Cori walked past and took the court at the far end of the four courts, leaving two courts between them. Miles knew the guy would look at Cori -- who wouldn't -- but since he had a quality piece of pussy himself, he probably wouldn't ogle her the way Miles wanted. No need to press the issue or look too obvious by taking the court right next to them. Plus, this court was right next to the walking trail running through the resort, a green mesh screen providing separation between the courts and trail. As people got out and about, he had little doubt that there would be some interested spectators walking by who would have a greater appreciation for the kind of show Cori was going to put on.

Still, he couldn't resist dropping a ball and letting roll in front of Cori. It rolled past her and stopped at the fence at the end of the court just behind the young man. Cori knew just what to do. She trotted after it, her tits jiggling nicely, then stopped and turned so her back was to the man and bent over at the waist, keeping her legs straight as she picked up the ball and slowly rose back up. She never looked to see if the guy saw or not, but it was obvious from Miles' smile that she had indeed caught the man's eye. She pranced happily back over to Miles, presenting the ball to him, giggling as she said loudly enough for the other guy to hear, "I swear, it's a good thing I'm around to take care of your balls for you."

Miles pulled her next to him, putting his hand on her ass and looking back over his shoulder, giving the young man a nod as he led Cori away, discreetly pulling her shorts even further up between her ass cheeks. As Miles expected, the guy only glanced quickly, trying not to stare, but Miles' had achieved his objective -- if there had been any doubt whether Cori was his daughter or his playmate, it was gone now.

When they reached their court, Cori immediately began a stretching routine while Miles sat on the bench, getting the rackets and balls out of the bag. He watched Cori do lunges and twists and bends and leg kicks and splits, noting how she turned her body in the perfect way to show off her ass or her pussy or her legs or her tits -- knowing just how to maximize the effect every time, making the most of each movement. This, he knew, wasn't the first time she had performed for men like this.

"Have you ever been a dancer or stripper?" he asked her as she sat on the court, her legs spread wide, her forehead pressed to her knee.

"Nope," Cori smiled. "Why?"

"Just wondering," Miles said. "You're an exceptional cock-tease. I just thought maybe you'd had some practice."

"Some," Cori said. "But mostly I just like doing it. It's fun, I think. I mean, comedians do what they do to make people laugh, right? Well, I do this to make people happy too. It seems to work most of the time."

"It sure does," Miles said. "Now bounce that hot little ass of yours over there and let's play some tennis."

He watched Cori run, admiring her long, graceful strides. It was easy to see that she was very athletic, her lean, perfectly toned body built for performance, be it in the bedroom, on the dance floor or on a tennis court. They volleyed for a few minutes, warming up, then started playing.

"Ladies with great legs first," Miles said, approaching the net and dropping a ball just over the side. He wanted to watch her come get it. Cori bounded over and, without a second thought, turned her back to him, bending over to pick up the ball. He reached out and yanked on her shorts, pulling them up hard into her ass so that it was pinched between her ass cheeks and a full half of the bottoms of her cheeks were exposed. "Roll the top down more," he said, yanking her thong up even higher above the top of her shorts and wedging it deeper into her pussy. Cori stood up and rolled the top of her shorts down another inch. Her tight athletic shorts had now been altered so much that they provided little more coverage than a pair of high-cut panties. She knew better than to pick the wedgie out of her ass, instead letting the shorts outline her curves as she trotted back to the baseline.

Looking around, she saw a few people walking around, but no one particularly close by. The couple at the other end of the court was packing up to leave and Cori noticed the guy glancing over at her over his shoulder as he walked off the court. They were alone on the court, but not for long.

As instructed, Cori stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it, tilting her head up so Miles had a good profile view. Then she stuck her finger in the air, tossed the ball and struck it with a loud grunt, "Oooh!" The tennis player in her came out and she struck the ball hard, sending a low, fast serve toward Miles, who deftly side-stepped it and returned it with a nice, athletic forehand. Cori lunged for it, flicking back a wrist shot with another "Oooh, yeah!" grunt.

The skin-baring outfit and orgasmic grunts served their purpose within a few minutes. Some folks strolled by, laughing at her bedroom noises while stealing glances at her body -- either in appreciation or disgust, depending on their viewpoint. But a few men had now gathered around Cori's end of the court, many of them carrying bagels and cups of coffee or juice as they enjoyed a light breakfast with their morning stroll. Some were single, some married, some older, some in college. It was a mixed group of about dozen men who watched, fascinated, as Cori took a break and did a masterful job of pretending to spill her bottle of water on her chest.

Her think tank top soaked up the water, becoming nearly transparent in a matter of seconds. Her erect nipples were dark and rubbery and easily visible. She bounded back onto the court and bounced up and down, waiting for Miles serve. She missed it on purpose, chasing the ball back to the fence in front of the men and bending over at the waist to pick it up.

She had heard a few low murmurs and chuckles until now, but now that she was so close to them and so obviously teasing them, they spoke loud enough for her to hear.

"I never liked tennis until now," one man sighed.

"Forget Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova," another guy said. "She's got them both beat."

"Hey, don't you need some more water?" one guy suggested. Cori stood up and faced him with an innocent smile.

"You're right," she said, "it's important to stay hydrated." She exaggerated the bounce in her step -- and chest -- as she went to the side of the court and picked up another water bottle. This time, she made no pretense of drinking it, instead pouring it slowly onto her chest, using her other hand to rub it into the saturated top, rubbing her fingers over her nipples as the water spilled over them. "Mmm, much better," she nodded to the man who had suggested she take a drink. "Thank you!"

"No, thank you!" the guy said, shaking his head in appreciation. Cori half expected them to start shoving dollar bills through the fence.

"Damn," one guy said. "I've got a daughter about her age. I can't be looking at this."

"It's OK," another guy laughed. "I've seen your daughter and she doesn't look anything like this babe."

Cori was set to serve and started to put her finger in her mouth again, but, encouraged by her willingness to play along so far, the crowd was getting bolder by the second. "Having trouble gauging the wind?" a young man yelled at her. She noticed he was with three other guys his age and figured them for frat boys on vacation.

"Yeah," Cori said, slumping her shoulder and putting her lips in an exaggerated pout. "Can you help me?"

"Sure," one of the other frat boys said. "Pussy juice is a lot better test material."

"Really?" Cori said, putting her finger in her mouth like a sexy little schoolgirl. She was playing every fantasy role she could think of for these guys -- knowing that Miles was standing at the other end of the court, enjoying every second of this show he had directed and produced. She was just the star talent accepting all the accolades and adoration while he was really the brains behind it. This was his vision turned into reality.

"Yeah, we learned it in physics," the frat boy said. "Get a big glob of it on your finger..."

"Actually, two fingers works better!" his buddy said.

"Yeah, get a big glob on two fingers and hold them up. Test the wind that way, then lick them off and test it again. I guarantee it will work."

"Oh, you college guys are sooo smart," Cori giggled. "OK. So I just bend over like this," she bent over at the waist, pointing her ass at them and spreading her legs a little to give them a nice view of her crotch. "And I take my fingers and put them in my pussy like this?" She pushed aside the crotch band of her shorts and pulled the thong out of her cunt, pushing it to the side as well. Now, they could all see the puffy pink folds of her pussy as she gently spread them with her middle and index fingers, then slid both inside. Her pussy lips were already moist with sweat and she was getting wetter inside the more she got into her cock-teasing character.

"Yeah, just like that," they directed her. "Now you want to get a lot on there, so you should put them in really deep and really work them in and out until they're covered really good."

"You mean like this?" Cori started finger-banging herself, thinking how stupid she had been to think the guys would let her get away with no public sex and, in some ways, glad they hadn't. She had to admit, it was pretty exciting having a crowd of probably 20 men now watch her play with herself, knowing that she was the sole cause of 20 or more hard-ons. There was a real feeling of power that came with being objectified in this way.

Miles had come around the net and stood next to Cori, watching her up close, proudly signaling his ownership by putting his hand on her ass. "Good morning gentlemen," he said, addressing them warmly. "I see you've succeeded in distracting my tennis partner. Well, we might as well make the most of it. Anybody got strawberries? I've got the cream right here!" He slapped his hand lightly on her ass for effect.

"I'll eat that without the strawberries," somebody said.

"I don't know, might be sour," someone else said. "We better see how she likes it."

Taking the cue, Cori took her fingers out of her snatch and stood up. Playing to the crowd, she held up her fingers, the moisture from her pussy glistening in the early morning sun. She arched her back, leaned back and put both fingers all the way in her mouth, simulating a deep-throat action before slowly pulling them out, keeping her lips puckered and cheeks hollowed as she sucked them hard. She pushed them back in against the inside of her cheek, pushing her cheek out, simulating the thrusting of a hard cock.

"Yummy!" she announced, pulling her fingers out with a smack of her lips. The guys clapped their approval and Miles jogged back to his end of the court. Cori tossed the ball and served, exaggerating her high-pitched grunt more than ever, "Uh, yes! Yeahhhh!"

"I think she just came!" someone joked.

"I think I just did, too!" someone else said.

Cori grunted and sprinted and bounced around the court for about five more minutes, her body now drenched with water and sweat with a little pussy juice on her thighs for good measure. She loved playing tennis and she liked showing off. This was the best of both worlds. For the second day in a row, to her surprise, she was having a blast. She was watching Miles intently, knowing he would probably signal her soon. Sure enough, his eyes locked on hers and he gave a faint nod, tapping his thigh lightly but pointedly with his racket.

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