The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 04


"Good," Miles said. "Now, pull them up toward her head. That's it. Stop there." Her legs were now spread wide and pulled up so her feet were even with her breasts. She was totally exposed and Miles promptly spread her pussy, using both hands to pull her open. He held her that way, kneeling down to put his eye right up to her pussy, pretending to be examining her. "Hmm, I don't know. Sure looks pink and it feels very hot and moist. We might need a second opinion. Care to take a look?"

Miles had nodded to a man in his mid 30s with dark, slick-backed hair and the look of a young businessman. The guy stepped forward, unable to hide the bulge in his pants as he knelt down and peered inside Cori's pussy, which Miles was still holding open. "Sure looks nice and pink in there to me," the guy said. "Looks like a healthy pussy."

"It feels warm and moist to me," Miles said. "What do you think?" The guy stuck two fingers inside Cori's pussy, rubbing them around the inner rim.

"Very hot, very wet," the guy said. "If you ask me, she's feeling really good right now. I think it's working. If we keep it up, she might just go ahead and ... uh ... be cured right now."

"Yeah, I want to make her get well really hard," Miles laughed. "I know I'm about to cure all over her! Hey, you want to take a look?" He pointed to the other frat guy, who immediately peered into Cori's pussy and put his fingers inside her.

"I concur with your earlier diagnosis," he said. "If this babe felt any better, she'd be squirting all over the room. I think she's just about healed."

"Good," Miles said. "Why don't you to finish the job. I need to do a little self-medicating, if you don't mind."

He stepped back and took off his shorts, letting his thick cock bob into view. He watched the two frat guys and the slick-haired businessman fondle Cori's pussy, teasing her clit, rubbing her lips and fingering her vagina. He watch Dax and Dale caress her tits until he half expected milk to come shooting out of the nipples, they were so erect and overstimulated. The biker and professor were keeping her legs spread, using their free hands to either rub themselves or stroke the insides of her soft thighs. Seven guys rubbing on his babe. It was only a matter of time until Cori blew. He wanted to be inside her when she did.

With most available places around her taken, Miles didn't want to interrupt the scene. So he walked around to her head, stood over her and removed her ball gag, letting it drop around her neck. He was facing her body so he could watch the show as he pointed his cock straight down, drilling it into her waiting mouth. He didn't stop until his cock touched the back of her throat, noting with pride that she controlled her gag reflex, ready to take him all the way if that's what he wanted. The others noticed too as they all watched Miles enjoy what they could only dream about.

Miles pulled back up, letting the head of his cock rest in her mouth while she sucked and licked and did an unspeakably remarkable and pleasurable things with her tongue. He pulled his cock out and let her tongue perform the same acrobatic moves on his balls. All the while, his seven cohorts were stoking her fire to the best of their ability.

For her part, Cori was feeling good, yes, but also still nervous. While it was great to be getting rubbed and massaged by so many guys all at once, there was still the very real possibility that Miles was going to let them gang bang her before this was all over. While she wanted very badly to cum and to perform for him, she didn't want it to go that far. But Miles hadn't invited anyone to do more than touch so far, so maybe that was a good sign. Not that she could do much to stop them if he did give them the go ahead. She resigned herself to focusing on the two tasks at hand -- cumming and making Miles cum. Both tasks were well in hand -- or mouth -- and she knew they would be completed soon.

She came first, the overwhelming sensations in and around her pussy and the maddeningly slow, teasing milking of her breasts finally brought her to the brink and beyond. Miles watched her tight, hard body tremble and listened to the guys describing it:

"She's cumming, dude!"

"You should feel this cunt. It's on fire."

"I think her clit's going to pop!"

That and the incredible suction she was now enforcing on his cock was too much to bear. He pulled out and blasted his load on her face and neck, a large glob landing on her chin, another on her tongue and a third on the pink ball of the ball gag.

"Damn," one of the frat guys said, watching Cori swallow the load that had landed in her mouth. "I can never get my bitch to swallow."

"You need a new bitch," the slick-haired businessman said coldly.

All of the guys had stepped away and were watching now, not hiding the fact that they were stroking their cocks through their shorts and swimsuits. Miles lifted the ball gag from Cori's neck, letting it roll through the wad of cum on her chin, then stuffed the ball back in her mouth. Cori sucked and licked the cum off the ball, swallowing repeatedly until she had thoroughly cleaned the ball.

Miles removed the gag and helped Cori sit up. "How are you feeling now?"

"Great," Cori smiled.

"Can you walk?"

"I think so." She stood up and walked around with no limp at all.

"Good," Miles said. "Get dressed. We've got a golf game to get to."

Cori quickly pulled on her thong and shorts and tennis shoes, but realized that her top had been ripped off and used to tie the handle on the door. "Um, what about a top?" she asked.

"Here it is," one of the frat boys said, tossing it to her. Cori took it and put her arms through the arm holes, but it had been ripped right down the middle between her breasts. There was no way to keep it in place.

"Here," Miles said. He quickly ripped the bottom of the tank top in about one-inch strips on each side of her chest. Then he took the two strips and tied them together in knot between her breasts. It wasn't nearly enough to pull the top together, but it secured the two sides just enough to cover the outside half of both breasts, just barely covering her nipples. Her breasts were squeezed together in an impressive display of all-natural cleavage, blonde breastmeat squeezing through the top.

"Thank you all for your help," Miles said, putting his hand on Cori's hip and guiding her to the door. "You were all great. Go back to your suites and give your girlfriends a good pounding or pick up a babe on the beach. Have fun. I know I will."

With that, they left, leaving seven guys holding their cocks, aching for release. Cori knew that one way or another, they would all get off soon, either jerking off or finding a fuck buddy. She wasn't worried about that. She was just glad that they had gotten out without a gang bang or any rough stuff. They had treated her well, made her cum and all she had to do in return provide a quality blowjob to Miles. Not a bad start to the day at all.

They returned to her room and quickly changed clothes. Miles put on some khaki shorts and a short-sleeved polo shirt that he had in his bag, looking very much like the stereotypical golfer when he was done. Cori, on the other hand, looked very much like the stereotypical slut for hire when she was done. Per Miles' instructions, she put on a scandalously small black and white plaid mini-skirt, pleated schoolgirl-style. He made her pull it up so that the bottom quarter of her ass was uncovered. Anyone with any sort of low-angle view would be able to see that she wore nothing underneath the skirt. On top, she donned a short-sleeved, white lycra jacket which zipped up the front. It was incredibly tight and molded to her body. It was short, stopping at her midriff, and had two strategically placed, short zippers over each breast which, when unzipped, would expose her nipples.

Miles had given Cori a gold chain which linked to two small gold rings he had placed in her nipples. While her nipples were concealed by the jacket, the chain running between them was not, as Miles allowed Cori only to zip it up to just below her breasts.

He had her keep her hair in a ponytail, adding a candy-red bow and a fresh application of candy-red lipstick. She wore bright red stiletto heels with white leg warmers covering her ankles and shins.

Her outfit was fit for anything but a day at the golf course, but that's precisely where he was taking her. By the gleam in his eye and the care with which he had prepared this outfit -- having the items delivered to her room, ready and waiting for them when they returned from the tennis outing -- she knew he had put as much thought or more into this as he had the tennis encounter. Knowing how creative these guys had been so far -- and willing to help her have an orgasm along the way -- she found herself nervously excited and looking forward to whatever he had in store for her.

Still, always in the back of her mind was how rude they had been to Gerald, how arrogant they were and how powerful. These men were creative and fun, but also unpredictable and, at times, quite crude. She couldn't afford to let her guard down the way she had with the guys at the Shop. These men hadn't earned her trust yet, so it was with a mixture of trepidation, excitement, nervousness and curiosity that she walked with Miles toward the main lobby of the resort.

Her attire drew many looks -- some curious, some amused, some disgusted and some lusty -- but they walked on. Miles had dark sunglasses on, so she couldn't tell where exactly he was looking, but guessed his eyes were either on her or those watching her at all times -- soaking in the feeling of power that surely came with displaying her like this. Of course, guys like Miles weren't satisfied with a little parade across a resort in a skimpy outfit or a slutty show on a tennis court. There was always more with them. This morning it had been an intense massage and blowjob in a room full of men. This afternoon, who knew?

The first surprise came when they got to the resort lobby and Miles led her to the front where several people were standing around, waiting for the next cab to come by. Miles surely could afford private transportation instead of taking one of the island cabs, which were basically pickup trucks with bench seats lining both sides of the back. Hundreds of them were driving all over the island all the time, each carrying up to eight passengers in the back. Cori had seen them all over, but she had yet to ride in one.

She stood with Miles, his hand wrapped tightly around her waist as they ignored the stares of their fellow travelers and waited their turn for a ride. They didn't have to wait long as the cabs came in and out quickly, one after another. There was room on one that held two mothers and their four kids, but Miles politely allowed the couple behind them to go ahead. Cori found out why a moment later, when a cab that appeared to be full whipped around the curved roadway, the cabbie yelling, "Room for one more!" The cab held seven people -- all adults, just two women and four men, all typical tourists with their walking shorts, sandals, baggy flowered shirts, sunglasses and floppy hats.

"If she rides on my lap, can you take two to the Island Spring Gold Club?" Miles asked the cabbie. The cab driver looked Cori up and down, smiled and nodded.

Miles led Cori to the back of the truck where a small step hung below the open end of the truck. He was happy to see that the only spot available was next to the truck cab, which meant they would have to pass through the rows of people on both sides to get to the seat. He held Cori's hand as she stepped up into the truck, first watching her ass, then watching the people on the truck look at her. The men were practically drooling, the women seething. Ah, the extreme reactions a beautiful young woman always elicited. There was no gray area with a babe like Cori, especially dressed as she was. Either you wanted to fuck her or you were jealous of her. Either you thought her outfit was the hottest thing you'd ever seen or a disgraceful display of skin. Miles was pretty sure the vote on this truck would have been six in favor, two against and one (Cori) abstaining.

With everyone's legs sticking out into the middle of the small truck, the only way to get to the seat was to turn sideways and shuffle step between the rows. As Cori did this, Miles wondered who was luckier, those fortunate enough to get a look up her skirt to see that -- surprise! -- there was nothing but a tiny patch of hair and a soft, wet pussy up there or those on the other side who were close enough to suck her erect nipples and could surely tell that she was wearing no bra under that tight jacket. He supposed it depended on whether you were a tit man or a leg and ass man, but really, this was a win-win for everyone involved.

Miles slid in behind her, dropping into the seat next to a dark-haired gentlemen who looked to be in his 40s with dark Italian features, shiny white smile and slicked-back hair that Cori thought made him look sleazy. Miles pulled Cori into his lap, giving a thumbs up to the driver who was watching out the back window, enjoying the show while he waited to make sure everyone was seated.

Cori tried to sit sideways on Miles lap and cross her legs, but there was no room to turn sideways. So, she sat with her back to him, her legs squeezed together between his. She looked around and smiled at everyone, trying to act as normal as possible even though she knew she had just flashed everyone on the bus with her tits on one side and her ass and pussy on the other. Most were wearing sunglasses, but their heads were all turned in her direction and there was little doubt they had seen. The men were smiling, the women frowning. Yep, just the reaction she usually got.

She had barely gotten comfortable when she felt Miles' hands around her waist, lifting her up slightly as he situated himself underneath her. She wondered if he was pulling his cock out -- surely not even he would try that here, would he?

He sat her back down and there was something between her legs all right -- his leg. He had shifted so that she was now straddling his leg. No more keeping her legs squeezed together. Still, she squeezed them tightly around his leg, doing her best to keep her pussy concealed by the tiny skirt. Miles grunted, lifted her again and when she sat down, she felt both his legs between hers, his knees pushing out, spreading her legs, forcing her to straddle him and display herself.

"Sir, do you mind?" Miles asked, lifting Cori's left leg and offering it to him. "There's not much room here for her long legs. It would really help if she could rest it on your lap."

"Of course not," the sleazy guy smiled, grabbing Cori's foot and pulling it up on his lap. Now, she had her left leg out straight to the side and Miles was using his legs to force her right leg as far as possible in the other direction, pressing it against the back of the truck cab. Cori felt the warm breeze on her pussy and knew by watching the man across from her that she was on display.

"Hey, look at that monkey!" Miles suddenly yelled, catching her and everyone else on the cab by surprise. Instinctively, they all looked out the back of the truck to where he was pointing and, in that split second, he grabbed the zipper on her jacket and pulled it down to where only the catch at the very bottom of the zipper was still connected. Her mighty breasts took advantage of the extra space, pushing the sides of the jacket out and revealing several more inches of tan, round cleavage and the chain running between her nipples.

"Where, I missed it?" one woman said, looking back toward Miles.

"It's gone now," Miles said. "Maybe we'll see another one. Keep looking." He knew that at least the guy across from him was looking all right, his head again pointed toward Cori, but now, instead of looking down at her crotch, he was clearly staring at her tits. "Keep looking," Miles repeated again, lowering his glasses and looking directly at the man so he could see his eyes. The man nodded.

"Look, babe," Miles said, directing his comment to Cori but saying it loud enough for all to hear, "there's a really great view of the resort." Indeed, they had traveled up a hill and the view back down over the resort was breathtaking. Miles noted that several of the heads turned that direction, taking his cue, but his buddy across the way and the guy holding Cori's leg were looking right at Cori. Miles grabbed the zippers over both breasts and quickly yanked them down, using his fingers to spread the openings apart and pull her dark nipples out into the open. He put his hands on Cori's upper arms and whispered in her ear, "squeeze," as he pushed them in. Cori understood, squeezing her breasts with her upper arms, pushing them together, forcing more cleavage to pop out and her nipples to jut even further out through the zippered opening.

In the span of about two minutes, Miles had managed to put Cori on display for all to see. Cori realized this and understood that he had planned her outfit for a scene just like this. It was humiliating and exhilarating at the same time. The truck stopped at a restaurant and the man and woman sitting to the left of the man holding Cori's leg got off

"Ah, room to spread out," Miles said. He lifted Cori off his lap and sat her between the sleazy man and himself, intending to have her put her other leg up and do the splits for the viewing pleasure of those across from her. But just before they started up again, two men jumped into the back, taking the two open seats as Cori stood up, expecting to sit on Miles' lap again. However, Miles saw another opportunity. He slid next to the truck cab and quickly grabbed the sleazy guy's elbow behind Cori's back, motioning for him to slide over. He did, smiling broadly as Miles pulled Cori gently back down onto the dark-featured man's lap.

Cori looked at Miles as she sat down, only then realizing what he was doing. "Hey baby, I'm Vincent," he whispered in her ear as he put his hands around her bare waist. "Don't be afraid to move around a little, know what I'm saying? Just enjoy the ride."

Cori didn't respond verbally, but slowly ground her hips against him as she re-adjusted herself. To the watcher, it appeared like she was trying to get comfortable. To Vincent, it felt like she was doing her damndest to hop a ride on his cock. He felt his cock lurch, instantly hardening and straining against his khaki shorts, drawn to the moist heat of her pussy like a flower to the sun's warming rays.

Cori felt his hardness and shifted again as Miles grabbed her right leg and stretched it across his lap, again spreading her enough to give the man across from her a peek at her pussy. "With that injury this morning, we should keep this leg stretched out," Miles said, referring back to the fake tennis injury. "She hurt her leg this morning playing tennis," he said louder so that the everyone could hear and as an explanation for why his hand was now high up on her inner thigh, rubbing and caressing just inches from her pussy.

"Hope she didn't tear anything," the man across from them said.

"Looks like whatever she did, she tore her panties right off," the lone woman left on the truck sniped disgustedly.

"It was a thong," Miles corrected matter-of-factly, "and yes, it ripped unfortunately. I apologize if it offends anyone here, but pulled and strained muscles are nothing to mess around with. If you're too immature to handle the site of adult woman receiving medical care, I feel sorry for you."

Miles' speech was condescending and arrogant, delivered in a mocking tone that he found funny. The other men seemed to appreciate it to. It shut the woman up as she just looked away, forcing her husband to look away too, even though he clearly didn't want to. It bothered Cori a little bit, reminding her of how cold and mean-spirited these guys could be. They hadn't been that way with her yet, but she had maintained the right attitude, not giving them reason to be. And, she thought, even though they had shown no respect for the boundaries she set on Day One, maybe she had earned just enough respect so far to keep them from becoming mean or violent with her. She hoped that was the case.

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