tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 07

The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 07


Chapter 7: All In A Day's Work

Despite the lack of sleep, Cori awoke feeling rested and excited about her second day of work. She was anxious to wear her new business suit and hopefully start fresh with her new co-workers. She wore one of her new bras and some regular cotton panties. She had a cream-colored button-down blouse that was actually the right size and had all the buttons. Her black skirt came almost to her knees and her black blazer was sharp and fit just right. She wore dark nylons and simple 2-inch black heels. Everything was the right size, nothing was skimpy or revealing. She even wore light pink lipstick instead of her frequent candy red look and let her hair down instead of the usual perky pony tail. She looked in the mirror, feeling grown up, mature -- like the real woman she knew she was.

Cori liked what she saw, but she found it odd that these clothes didn't feel more comfortable. They felt loose and baggy, though she knew they weren't. Her bra felt constricting, even though she knew it was a perfect fit. Her panties didn't even feel right -- something was missing. What was it? Oh, she realized, laughing at herself. She had grown so accustomed to thongs and g-strings that the absence of anything splitting her ass cheeks actually made her feel nude -- like when she wore skirts with no panties -- even though she knew she hadn't been so fully dressed in years. Her shoes felt utterly flat and she caught herself taking odd strides until she got accustomed to the sensible foot wear.

She didn't realize how accustomed to dressing in revealing and sexy attire she had become. She wasn't comfortable in these new clothes, but she knew that she should be and would be over time. This, she told herself, was her new look -- at least from 8 to 5. And after a few semesters of school, it would be her permanent look. This was just the beginning of the transformation.

"What do you think?" Cori asked Ty, spinning around for him as she walked into the kitchen to grab a banana and some juice.

"Wow," Ty said, nodding. "You look very nice. Very sharp. Professional. My oh my, Cori the executive. I can actually see it happening. You look the part."

"Thanks," Cori beamed. She had feared Ty would tease her for her conservative look, but he was being so supportive. He was a great guy. Wild and crazy and demanding in bed, yes, but also as kind and gentle and honest and loyal as anyone she had ever met. She knew she'd never marry him, but he'd be a lifelong friend.

Ty drove her to work and promised to pick up the rest of her new clothes at noon. Harris was supposed to pick her up from work that afternoon.

Cori walked into the building, proudly presenting her badge as she scanned in and said hi to the security guard, who nodded a greeting. She got on the elevator with two other businesswomen and two men in suits. For once, she felt like she belonged. She looked like them. No one did a double-take at some inappropriate clothing or questioned her right to be there. No wonder they called these power suits, she thought. She felt powerful and confident.

That feeling didn't change a bit when Greg met her at the elevator and asked the question by simply raising his eyebrows. "You were right," she laughed. "You win."

"Told ya," Greg smirked. "Well, don't worry, even when Mrs. Benson is gone, Ted's usually here. I don't think you'll have to pay up any time soon."

"I hope not," Cori laughed.

The day started with a staff meeting conducted by Ted and Barry, who received updates from everyone on their projects and assigned some new tasks for the staff. Just before the meeting ended, Ted said, "Oh, and I should let you know, Mrs. Benson and I will be at a convention all next week. Barry will be in charge while we're gone."

Warning bells went off in Cori's head and when she saw Greg's eyes light up, she knew there might be trouble. Well, surely after she showed them how serious she was the rest of this week, they'd drop it. Plus, Barry would still be there. He probably wouldn't go for it, either. And, if worse came to worse, she could certainly go without a bra and still be relatively concealed by her right-size blouses and blazers. She pushed the worry out of her head.

And the rest of the week went by that way. She began to fall into a routine, getting up, going to work, coming home, fucking Harris as soon as they got home and then again when they went to bed. Poor Ty got nothing the rest of the week and Cori knew he was growing antsy. She was getting along well with everyone at work and there had been no more run-ins, no embarrassments, no mention of the bet. She assumed they had decided to drop it and that nothing would happen next week. Yep, these guys were professionals. They liked to goof around a little, but they wouldn't take a risk of sexual harassment. Plus, she could tell they respected her work, which was quick, efficient and creative.

Cori was growing comfortable with the routine, the job, even her business clothes. Harris kept things interesting at home with different outfits, the occasional bondage play, etc., but true to his commitment to discretion, he never did anything publicly. The couple of times they ate out, she wore her business clothes and they looked like colleagues having a dinner meeting.

Harris even agreed to let her go out with her co-workers for happy hour Friday night. Greg, Barry, Wes, Jason and Douglas were all there. Greg, Douglas and Jason were all joined by their girlfriends. Cori learned that Barry's fiancée was studying abroad for a semester and that Wes had no current girlfriend. Cori felt a little sorry for him. He was quieter than the others, seemed to have less confidence. But he was sweet and always smiling. He had the best sense of humor -- a dry wit said in a low voice that made his jokes easy to miss if you weren't paying attention. Cori had grown quite fond of him and all her co-workers very quickly. She liked the girlfriends and was pleased they liked her too. Usually, other girls felt threatened by her, but these women, who were all quite attractive themselves, didn't treat Cori that way at all. She realized it was probably a combination of factors: 1) they were comfortable with their own appearance, 2) they trusted their mature boyfriends and 3) Cori's appearance hinted at nothing other than her being a professional colleague. It was nice to be accepted as an equal, not looked at as a threat or a sex object.

Wes gave her a lift home and Harris greeted her at the door with a naughty nurse's outfit she was to wear the rest of the night while she gave him a very thorough physical. By the next morning, she had given him a clean bill of health and two blowjobs. She noticed that Ty had stayed away most of the night, keeping to himself in the basement, and worried that he was getting frustrated by the lack of attention from her lately. She felt bad, but they had all agreed on this deal. Harris had first dibs all the time and Ty had to wait for his opportunities. Harris had more than held up his end of the deal for both of them so far, so the least Cori and Ty could do was follow suit.

She was surprised, then, when she saw Ty Saturday afternoon. He was beaming, happy. She felt a pang of disappointment, wanting him to be depressed about not having her. How vain can you be, she chastised herself. You're not that special. Be happy that he's happy and let it be.

"How's it going?" Harris asked Ty.

"Good, almost done," Ty said.

"What's almost done?" Cori asked.

"Club Cori," Ty said. "It was Harris' idea. And a good one. The basement is now our own personal strip club and you're our own personal stripper. Tonight's the grand opening."

"Really," Cori nodded, grinning. They had fooled her, but it sounded fun. "All right. Guess I better work on my tap dance, huh?"

"Nothing but pole dancing," Ty laughed at her joke. "And I'm pretty sure you don't need any practice."

"Can I see it?" Cori asked.

"Sure," Harris said. "Let's take a look."

They went downstairs and saw that Ty had totally transformed the basement. Sound buffering boards were in place on the walls. A large platform with a pole and plenty of room to move around were in one corner of the room, two couches and small round tables sitting next to the stage. The room was dark with neon lights. Speakers hung from the wall and, with a couple of flips of the switches, disco lights flashed, music thumped and a "Club Cori" lit up above the bar. It looked and felt like a mini strip club, all right.

"You've done a great job," Harris said, shaking Ty's hand. "Perfect."

"Wow," Cori agreed. "This is amazing. I can't believe you did all this without me knowing."

"Well, you haven't gotten off your back or your knees for the past 24 hours, so it wasn't exactly tough to keep you distracted," Ty laughed.

"So, is this one of those clubs that you can only go topless in," Cori said dryly, knowing that wouldn't be the case.

"This is more of a full-service club," Harris said. "Topless, bottomless. Oil shows. Lotion shows. Toys. It's all fair game. And yes, you can fuck the customers."

"Can and will," Ty said, subconsciously licking his lips. Almost a week had gone by. Cori knew she was in for a major reaming by Ty. And, from the sound of things, it would be coming her way tonight.

They all went their separate ways during the afternoon. Harris had to go to the office to catch up on some work, Ty wanted to put some finishing touches on Club Cori and Cori wanted to get in a good workout at health club where Harris had given her a membership. Fucking so frequently certainly helped keep her in shape, but Cori also tried to get in workout whenever she could. It helped her maintain her endurance and flexibility and gave her the hard-bodied tone and firmness that she knew attracted guys, but more importantly was an indicator of her good health.

The evening was hardly wholesome family fare, but it was relatively low key and cozy and comfortable. Cori performed for them in a variety of outfits and in between dances would come over and sit between Ty and Harris, sipping drinks while they fondled her or she stroked their cocks. She danced on and off for over two hours, both men gaining and losing erections at various times. But she noticed that Ty's now had remained firm for over 20 minutes. He was beyond ready. She was just finished climbing all the way up the pole and sliding slowly down when he approached the stage, grabbed her wrist and half-pulled, half-dragged her to one of the couches. He lay back on the couch and motioned toward his cock.

"How do you want me?" she asked.

"You choose," Ty grinned.

Cori straddled him, taking his monstrous cock into her steaming pussy. Her clothes -- a naughty cowgirl outfit with ass-less chaps -- lay on the stage and she wore only shiny cowboy boots and a fine layer of baby oil that made her body glisten in the flashing lights. "Cowgirls like to ride their studs bareback," she grinned.

Harris watched his prized coed riding up and down, performing the same incredible moves that he himself had experienced in the past week. He knew what Ty was feeling -- that velvety tight pussy, all wet and hot, squeezing around the shaft of his cock, that moist cunt wetly kissing the head of his cock, her pussy lips grinding against his balls. His cock twitched, fully erect. He had thought he'd wait for them to finish, but the idea of seeing her take two cocks was intriguing.

"Ty, mind if I join you?" he stood at the end of the couch, holding his cock. Ty took the cue and positioned himself behind Cori, taking her doggy style, Cori's mouth now just inches from Harris' cock.

"Be my guest," Ty grinned. "I'm going to be working this for a while, so no need to wait when there's a perfectly good mouth ready to be used."

Harris plunged his cock into her mouth, not moving, letting Ty's thrusts provide all the motion needed as Cori rocked back and forth, letting his cock slide in and out of her mouth, her tongue never losing contact.

Ty pulled out and spread her ass cheeks. "Fucked her ass yet?" he asked Harris.

"Oh yeah," Harris said. "Fantastic. Try not to stretch her out too much."

"No worries there," Ty said. "I've tapped this ass so many times I lost count and it's tight now as it ever was. She's a freak of nature, I tell you. Hard, tight and wet 24/7."

Ty sunk his cock, wet with pussy juice, into her ass and soon resumed his firm, steady rhythm. Cori noticed that he was being a little less aggressive and verbal than usual. Odd. Maybe he didn't want to overdue it Harris there. His actions could scare the guy, make him not trust Ty with her. Interesting, Cori had always assumed Ty had no control when it got to this point, but if tonight was any indication, that wasn't necessarily true.

Harris, too, seemed to be taking his time, both men showing remarkable control and patience. They seemed to be focused more on enjoying the ride this time than reaching the end and Cori's firm body was certainly ready, willing and able to accommodate whatever they wanted from her.

"Damn, I almost forgot to tip her," Ty said. Fucking her hands-free, he picked up a dollar bill from the table and held it up. "Now, where am I going to put this?" Smiling, he rolled the bill tightly and pulled out of her long enough to kneel down and spread her pussy lips. He put the end of the bill inside her pussy and gently pushed until the whole roll was inside her.

"Me too," Harris laughed, handing Ty another bill. "Give her this one for me."

Ty rolled the other bill and placed it inside her alongside the other bill.

"Nice little pursey -- I mean purse -- you've got there," Ty laughed. "A little pussy purse. I like that."

Cori would have laughed too, but her mouth was full and a second later her ass was again too. But the thought of a pussy purse stayed with her. She didn't know why, but the little money-making marketer in her had a lewd idea. Then, she felt Harris' cum hitting the back of her throat and she lost her train of thought. She swallowed his load, then took Ty's as he pulled his cock straight out of her ass and pushed it down her throat. Her belly filled with two loads of cum, which, she mused, was probably the main staple in her diet. There had been a time when taking a cock straight from her ass into her mouth had revolted her, but much like giving rim jobs or having lesbian sex or anal sex, bondage or sex in public, Cori had overcome her reservations through time and practice. She excused herself for a brief break to run upstairs and clean up and get another outfit. Before she peed, she took the dollar bills out of her snatch. They were wet and she laid them on the dresser to dry.

They spent the rest of the night and most of the day Sunday in Club Cori, sleeping off and on, the music never stopping, the sex never ending, just taking occasional breaks for rest and food. They watched pornos on the big wall-mounted flat screen TV to while they re-charged. She lost track of how many times they fucked her. They double-teamed her two more times and took individual turns several others.

She kept dancing for them, recycling sexy outfits, dumping baby oil and bright white lotion on herself, fucking herself on stage with dildos and vibrators until she came. It was 24 hours of pure ecstasy and naughty adult fun. Oddly, it ended with Cori getting a rare night of sleeping by herself. Harris went home to rest before an early morning meeting and Ty was totally spent, collapsing on one of the couches in the basement.

That's where Cori found him the next morning, waking him up just in time for him to take her to work. She was already dressed and ready to go. Ty took her to work, then went off to his first day on the job. Either Harris or Ty would pick her up later.

Cori remembered that Mrs. Benson and Ted were both going to be out of the office all week. She really didn't think there would be any problems, though. After spending time with the guys last week and even meeting some of their girlfriends, she felt she could trust them and things would be like normal today.

The morning went fine, but Cori sensed something was up. The guys were friendly to her as usual, but there were a few more whispers and awkward grins than she was used to. She found it funny. They probably wanted her to pay up on the no bra bet and were afraid to ask for fear of getting slapped with some sexual harassment suit. While she didn't want to pay up, if it would help them relax and stop being so goofy, she would be happy to do it. Give them a little cleavage and nipple show, then get back to work. No harm, no foul. She decided to address it during lunch.

They were sitting around the lunch table when she noticed Jason and Greg snickering again. Time to get it out on the table.

"What's so funny?" Cori asked. "You guys have been acting goofy all day. Is this about the bet?"

"Sorta," Greg laughed. "Barry's got a problem and we told him you could help. We told him about the bet, but don't worry, he's cool. He just needs your help and he's afraid to ask. We've been making fun of him all morning."

"What does he need?" Cori asked.

Just then, Barry came into the room carrying a bag from a fast food restaurant.

"I hear you need me to do something," Cori said. "Whatever it is, I'll be happy to help if I can."

"Well," Barry said, looking around the room and realizing he had been told upon. "As you know, I'm getting married in January when my fiancée gets back from studying abroad. I'm getting her a nice gift, of course, but I also wanted to have some fun and was looking at some lingerie. She's an attractive girl like you and I, well, I was hoping you might model a couple pieces for me so I could decide what would look best. I know it's totally unprofessional and inappropriate, but when I was telling the guys about my dilemma of what to buy, they told me about the bet and that you might be willing to model for us as a way to pay off the bet."

"I see," Cori said. "Well, I thank you for not just assuming that I would be OK with this. That means a lot. I hope you realize I'm serious about this job."

"I do," Barry said.

"I also think it's funny and sweet that you want to get your fiancée lingerie for your honeymoon. I would be happy to help. What is it? You don't know what you like?"

"That, and I'm not sure what will look best on her and I want it to be something she'll be OK with, you know? Sexy, but not too uncomfortable or slutty. I really need a woman's perspective."

"Do you want me to go to a store with you tonight?"

"Actually, a friend works at a store here in town and let me bring some samples in. I hear you're a 38D and my fiancée is only a 34B, so I'm sure nothing will fit you right. But if you'd be willing to help me pick something out, I'd appreciate it. Normally, we could just do it privately, but since you apparently owe these guys something, they said they'd settle for a lingerie fashion show as payment."

"Hmm," Cori grinned, "I bet they would. OK. Can we lock that front door or something so no one comes in unannounced? I'll do it, but I don't want the whole world seeing or anyone taking pictures or anything."

"Fair enough," Barry spoke for everyone. "The clothes are in my office. You can change in there and we'll be waiting for you. I'd like to get your thoughts on each garment. I think there are five in all."

Cori didn't feel the list bit nervous about this. She was in control. She had made her own decision, no one had forced her. They had given her every reason to trust them and she felt this was a good way to show she was a good sport and a good friend. Being uptight about it wouldn't help and they had given her no reason to be.

The first outfit was classic: black thigh-highs with garters, black silk panties and a black bustier. Since the bustier was made for a less-busty woman, Cori had a hard time keeping her tits inside and had to settle for concealing her nipples while allowing ample amounts of cleavage to spill into view. She walked out into the big open room to find the guys had formed a mini runway with their chairs. Playing along, she went into fashion model mode, complete with the blank stare, hands on the hips and exaggerated walk, stepping high, one foot directly in front of the other. She walked past them, looked over her shoulder to see them all looking at her ass, then turned and walked back, laughing at herself and how ridiculous she felt. She didn't know how fashion models could be so serious when they looked so silly.

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