tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 09

The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 09


Chapter 9: Tricks And Treats (Part 1)

Cori entered the house and realized she had probably three hours before Ty and Harris would be home. Time to herself was rare and precious and she quickly plotted out a plan. Even though she was exhausted, she would go for a jog. Sex was great exercise, but a good 3-mile run was one of the tenants of her regimen that helped with her stamina and overall lean, hard-bodied tone. Then, she'd come back and take a nice hot bath. That should leave about an hour and a half for a much-needed nap.

She wasted no time removing her clit and nipple rings and changing into her jogging clothes. The rain had cleared and it had turned into a nice afternoon. When she was jogging for an audience, she would typically wear a low-cut tank top and a pair of short shorts with the top rolled down to reveal her thong. But since there was no purpose to this jog other than exercise, she put on a black sports bra and a pair of gray athletic shorts. True to her wardrobe, the shorts were shorter and tighter than most girls would wear and they hugged her round ass nicely, but they were far from slutty or scandalous and they were actually pretty comfortable to run in. She put her hair in a ponytail and did a few quick stretches before setting out at a light pace, jogging through the neighborhood that was still quite new to her.

She liked this area. It was typically suburban, with green lawns even this late in the fall and well-taken care of houses. It was a pretty, quiet neighborhood. She could see herself settling down someplace like this. She wondered if her house was the only one with a strip club in the basement, chuckling at the answer she already knew.

She picked up speed, enjoying the chance to really stretch it out, feeling her body work in other ways, using muscles she didn't necessarily get to use when she was on her knees or back. She worked up a good sweat and felt good all over despite the various small bruises and tend spots that had come from no particular roughness, but were inevitable in a 13-man gang bang, followed by an orgy in a strip club. That was a lot for even Cori's body to take in one day.

As she finished her run, she sprinted hard to the house. As she passed the neighbor's house, she noticed a figure in the garage. She glanced over and saw the old man whom she had flashed earlier in the driveway on her way to work. She waved and smiled, just then noticing that he had a camera pointed directly at her. Unbelievable, she thought. At what age did guys stop getting all hot and bothered? She laughed at herself. Let the old man have his jollies, she thought. She pretended not to notice the camera and finished her run. She always finished a run with a little walking and stretching. This time, she made sure she did it where the old man could get a good shot. She wasn't worried about him uploading any pictures on the internet, and even if they did, they would be far less embarrassing than some of the things already posted. She bent over and touched her toes a couple of times, then smiled over her shoulder, waved and bound into the house, smiling at the thought of having made the old man's day. Next time she'd wear the tube top and short shorts for him.

She quickly washed her hair, getting the cum out of it finally, and then filled the tub with hot water and bubbles, letting her muscles relax. She closed her eyes and for once was motionless. It was so rare for her to have these moments any more. Oh, how she cherished the ones she got. She forced herself not to think about work and the Halloween party and all that she had planned. Instead, she found herself thinking about Ben and John back in Georgia, Tony, the sweet cabbie who had saved her in ass -- literally -- in San Diego, her friend Gerald in St. Thomas. They were all fine men. John was like the father she never had, Ben like a big brother. Gerald was like a little brother and Tony, well, he was simply a knight in shining armor as far as she was concerned. They all meant a lot to her and she missed them all. But she was thankful for Ty, with his big smile, bigger cock and huge heart. She knew they'd always be friends and that he'd always have her back. She always felt safe -- and often horny -- with him, no matter how hard he banged her. There was no one she trusted more.

Harris, well, she trusted him too. There was little attraction there on her end. He was a nice man and she enjoyed making him happy and appreciated all he did for her. She liked that there were no games or hidden agendas with him. He was up front and to the point about everything. It was always clear what he wanted and what he would offer in return. In Cori's world, having someone so consistent was a rare and valuable thing.

Then there was Harold, the gruff security guard who seemed to have a kind soul and sharp mind. He reminded her of John from the body shop, an older man she could trust, she thought. They weren't nearly as close as she was with John, but she liked him and felt like she could confide in him.

And there was Wes. Why couldn't she stop thinking about him? Why did she hate seeing him fuck Penny and why did she cum so readily when he fucked her? He was average looking at best, with an average cock. He was quiet, but she sensed he was smart, thoughtful, a young man with much more to offer than perhaps anyone saw. What made her sense that, she didn't know. For all she knew, he was a pipsqueak pervert with no ambition, no personality and no cares in the world. Somehow, though, she didn't think so. Other than Douglas, none of the others at work interested her. Barry seemed two-faced and self-centered, Jason was very cocky, Greg was a bit dim seemed to follow whatever Jason did. Even Douglas didn't interest her in any way but his looks. But Wes, well there was a man she wanted to know more about. And she thought she knew how.

She got out of the tub and checked the clock. Still time for a nap. She dried off and jumped naked into bed, falling asleep in a matter of minutes. She woke up to the phone ringing, groggy at first. She realized it was dark outside and wondered why no one was answering it.

"Hey baby," she heard Harris on the other line. "Whatcha doing?"

"Just taking a nap," Cori said. "I'm in bed. Naked. Where are you?"

"Oh, you know how to hurt a guy," he chuckled, no doubt picturing his plaything naked and waiting for him. "I can't make it tonight. I have to go down to Charlotte for a meeting tomorrow. I'm half way there now. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon though. I expect lots of tricks and lots of treats."

"You got it," Cori giggled. She told him all about her day, Penny, Peaches, the gang bang, leaving out no details. He had agreed to this whole deal, so the only way she got in trouble, she figured, is if she lied. And she didn't want to lie to Ty or Harris about anything. They were her allies, the ones she could trust here. Harris wasn't the least bit upset, she could tell. When they hung up, she called Ty's cell phone.

"Hey," he said. "I was just about to call you. You want Chinese or Italian tonight? Dinner's on me."

"Chinese," Cori said. "Can you just bring it home. I'm not dressed, I just woke up from a nap and I have a lot to do for tomorrow. Maybe we can just stay in tonight?"

"I was thinking the same thing," Ty said. "You say you aren't dressed?"

"Completely nude," Cori giggled.

"Well, don't put on too much," Ty said. "I'll help you with whatever you need, but if I have you to myself all night, well, I have some needs too."

"Oh, I know all about your needs," Cori laughed. "Don't worry, I'm all rested up."

Cori got up and fixed her hair and applied a bit of makeup, using some of it to cover up a couple of the more noticeable bruises left over from the day's many activities. Her body had been pulled and poked and squeezed all day, so she went for comfort in her attire. It was a cool evening, so she put on a purple sweater that was tight like Ty would like, but also was soft on her skin. It had an extra wide neck line that left her shoulders bare and she shoved the top down so that her cleavage was visible. Her nipples dented the fabric, which wrapped around the underside of her breasts, clung to her tummy and ended with a snug fit at the top of her ass crack. She then added a pair of thigh-high white tube socks that had little purple stripes around the top. For once, she wore no heels. She was in comfort mode. Soft socks, soft sweater. But she knew Ty wouldn't be disappointed. This outfit drew extra attention to her legs and ass while the sight of big breasts in snug-fitting sweaters seemed to drive men crazy. And access couldn't be easier -- he could fuck her without her taking anything off if he wanted to.

Still waiting for Ty to arrive with their dinner, Cori curled up on the couch with a pen and paper and started working on her ideas for the Halloween party. Her co-workers had reminded her many times that a good office slut throws a great party and she was well aware that they were expecting her to plan at least some of the activities for the day. Naturally, sex would be involved, but she wanted to make it fun and let the fucking come naturally instead of all day gang bangs and bondage. It had been OK today, but another day would leave her very sore and tired. There would be no rest tomorrow, she knew, but she hoped to regain some of the control by, oddly enough, submitting herself completely to them.

She worked on the instructions first, then mapped out some possible games, noting the accessories she would need. Finally, she started writing down the outfits she wanted to take. Her plan was to give them choices for her costumes and she would change into various ones throughout the day, giving her a chance to play different roles and them a chance to see different fantasies and fetishes brought to life. She found herself wondering what Wes would like the most. Maybe she'd ask him to choose first, just to see what he'd say. She was still working on this when Ty arrived.

"Where's your car?" he asked.

Cori told him the whole story of her day as she helped him unpack the bags of food and poured glasses of wine.

"Wow, sounds like quite a day," Ty said. "I hope you have enough energy left for me."

"I had a good nap," Cori smiled, pecking him on the cheek, "so I have plenty for you. Oh, by the way, I'll need a ride to work tomorrow. I want to get there early anyway, so can you drop me off on your way to work?"

"I don't know," Ty grinned. "You'll have to pay me back somehow."

"Gee, I wonder how little ol' me could ever repay you?" she teased. She shrugged her shoulders, making her tits bounce. "Whatever will we do?"

"Oh, I guess I'll have to settle for you sleeping with me tonight," Ty said in a ho-hum tone. "Although I wouldn't count on much sleep."

"Like I said, I had a good nap," Cori grinned. "I can go as long as you can, old man."

Ty wasn't old, of course, but Cori liked to remind him that he had a couple of years on her. She liked her rapport with Ty. She could joke with him any time and trust him implicitly. The man was a beast in bed, a ferocious protector and as kind-hearted and gentle as he could be -- at least when he wasn't stretching her holes with his prodigious cock. She had asked him once why he liked fucking her in the ass so much, and he had replied, "Because when I've got you on my dick like that and it's all tight and snug, it feels like you're part of my body, like I could just pick you up and wave you around and bounce you up and down. No hands. Just my cock. Crazy, I know, but that's how it feels. And I like it."

It had taken Cori a couple of times to get used to the big man in her ass. She was used to relaxing her body, suspending her gag reflex, putting mind over matter when it came to sex and pleasing her men. But Ty's 10-inch cock -- seemingly as thick as it was long -- had felt like it was splitting her in two. She had nearly panicked the first time he skewered her ass with it, his relentless, violent pounding making her wonder what kind of damage he might inflict. But it soon became clear to her that this would be a frequent demand by Ty and she had gradually learned how to will her body through the initial insertion, to relax, and, ultimately to enjoy it. Now, whether it was in her mouth, ass or pussy, Ty's cock brought her immense pleasure. She realized it was because of the animal intensity with which he wielded his member. It was often on the edge of being too violent, too savage, but he never crossed over. He'd pound her day and night and call her every dirty name he could think of, but he'd never hit her or cause her serious pain or injury. Ty's tightroping of that thin line used to make her nervous, now it excited her, feeling good knowing she could elicit such strong desires and actions from such a mature, powerful man. Be taken by his engorged cock, mauled by his strong hands, made her feel desired, beautiful and ultimately, powerful. They had the ability to take each other to extremes know one else could on a consistent basis. That's what she loved about fucking Ty -- it never seemed routine or old or passive. The intensity, passion and excitement were always there and she had no doubt that he had brought her to more orgasms than any one man.

While they ate, Cori went over the ideas she had for the Halloween party and asked for suggestions from Ty. After they ate, he helped her pick out her outfits, then ran to the store to pick up a few items she would need while she stayed home and finished prepping for the party. She also made a call and was happy to find Peaches was home.

When Ty got back, Cori met him at the door and kissed him on the mouth. "Ready to pay me back, huh?" Ty grinned.

"In a big way," Cori smiled. "You've been a big help tonight and you've been so great the whole time we've been here, being cool with Harris and my job, watching my back, driving me to work, creating Club Cori. You're the best. So, I put together a little treat to say thank you."

She turned and led him into the house. "Follow me," she said seductively over her shoulder. It would have taken an army to keep Ty from doing exactly that. She led him down the steps to the basement and they could hear the music pumping in Club Cori. The lights were flashing and Cori stopped at the bottom of the stairs, took his arm and led him into the giant room. Peaches was on stage, dancing to the thumping beat, welcoming them with a big smile and a playful slap on her ass.

"You like?" Cori asked.

"I like," Ty nodded. "You're enough, but there's no such thing as too many hot babes. What's the story?"

"Story is, you get whatever you want tonight. Peaches is very cool. She's one of the girls I told you about today. She's game for whatever you want. She'll dance while we fuck, fuck you while I dance or we'll fuck you together. And she can spend the night if you want."

Ty looked back at Peaches, licking his lips. She was dancing in a white g-string with a white mesh tube top. Her nipples poked through the holes. She wore white stilettos and silky white sleeves that went from her wrist to her elbow with a loop around her middle finger. The girl took a back seat to no one, not even his precious Cori. Oh, sure, he still preferred Cori, but the legs on this girl were amazing and her balloon-like tits were every bit as inviting as they were fake. He imagined bopping them softly like speed bags. Then he looked back at Cori's impressive, all-natural rack packed so tightly in that sweater and he knew he had to see those four big tits pressed together. Other fantastic images flashed in his head as he thought of the possibilities. His cock was aching to get out and he went ahead and pulled off his pants and shirt, standing before them in only his white boxers.

Peaches nodded at Cori, as if to say "you were right." Cori shut off the music so she could give Ty a proper introduction to her new friend before things got hot and heavy.

"You're beautiful," Ty said, shaking her hand and taking a good look at her up close.

"You're not bad yourself," Peaches grinned. "Oh, and my real name isn't Peaches, it's Jordan. I just don't the customers to know, but I trust you two."

"So, I'm not a customer?" Ty asked, wondering exactly what the deal was. Surely Jordan hadn't come over here for nothing. Friend or no friend, girls like this got paid for their services. A lot. And if they were just horny, well, they didn't have to resort to meeting strangers for threesomes. They just called any guy they knew.

"Nope," Jordan said. "You're a friend ... with lots of benefits."

"And you know how to fix things," Cori added, laughing.

"Oh yeah," Jordan puffed her lips in a mock pout. "Cori said you might be willing to do me a couple favors if I did a few for you."

"What do you need?" Ty asked.

"Right now?" Jordan teased, brushing her hand against his firm chest and looking at his impressive cock. "Or later?"

"Both," Ty said.

"Well, sometime I need help fixing my back door..."

"I specialize in back doors," Ty grinned at his joke.

Cori bursted out laughing, "that's true!" She slapped her ass for effect.

"Well, I'll be the judge of that," Jordan giggled. "I also need someone to hang a ceiling fan for me..."

"Oh, everything about Ty is well-hung," Cori giggled, getting giddy now. She was having so much fun with her two friends.

"I can see that," Jordan laughed, touching his cock for the first time, feeling it briefly through his cotton boxers. "And I have a problem with my car. It's running, but it's making a funny noise."

"That sounds like a lot of work," Ty said. "Are you sure you can make it worth my while?"

"If you're not satisfied after tonight," Jordan grinned, "you don't have to do a thing. But I'll guarantee you'll be happy. Weird, I asked for three jobs and I have three holes. Hmm, funny how things work out, isn't it?"

"It sure is," Ty beamed. This was turning out to be a great night indeed. "But you know, Cori takes pretty good care of me so it's not like I'm, you know, desperate. My expectations are pretty high, especially in exchange for so much work." Ty was teasing, of course, and Jordan and Cori played right along.

"Well, we'll just have to put our heads together and see what we can think of," Cori frowned, like she was thinking hard.

"Gee, what could we do?" Jordan sighed. "I mean, we only have two mouths, two tongues, four tits, two asses and two pussies to work with? How can we ever find a way to please such a stud with such limited tools?"

"Shut up and dance," Ty laughed, turning the music back on and helping the girls onto the stage with a friendly push on the rear. Cori took off her sweater and threw it aside. Jordan took off her white thong and tube top. Cori now wore only her white, thigh-high tube socks and Jordan was in only her heels and white silk gloves.

Ty shucked his boxers and sat naked on the leather couch nearest the stage. He watched the girls intently, studying their round breasts, toned thighs, tight asses and flat stomachs as they bumped and grinded on the stage, freely touching one another or taking turns mounting the pole. He knew they would do the same with his pole and felt his cock reach full erection, pointing right at his two prizes. They looked over at him frequently, posing and writhing for him, occasionally brushing their breasts or lips together or playfully slapping each other's asses. He wanted them so badly. He wished there was a way he could just fuck them all night, no breaks, his erection never failing despite orgasm after orgasm. He imagined his hard cock just taking one tight, warm, inviting hole after another, stretching it, making it his own and marking his territory with load after load of thick white jism.

He was so hard, he wanted to touch his cock, stroke it, but he knew he'd cum and he wanted to make sure the girls were there to do the work, feel his power and accept his creamy gift. He resisted his urges, waiting, being patient. They were so tempting, so perfect at teasing him, bumping and gyrating their bodies, teasing him to the beat. He reciprocated, flexing his cock to the same beat, making it dance for them as he showcased the size and strength of his impressive member. It was long and thick and hard as iron.

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