tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 09.2

The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 09.2



The next morning, Cori awoke first and squirmed out from underneath Ty to get in the shower. When she came out, she wasn't surprised to see Jordan on all fours, Ty kneeling behind her, slamming her ass with vicious thrusts of his cock.

By the time Cori got dressed, Ty and Jordan were showering together. Cori had asked them to take her to work and help her set up for the day. She planned to get in about an hour early, hoping that would be enough time to set up for the Halloween party.

Cori started the day wearing what she was going to call her "Submissive Barbie" costume, but she planned to wear several costumes before the day was over. As Submissive Barbie, Cori – in the spirit of Halloween -- wore a neon orange halter top that squeezed her tits together, a black wraparound skirt, orange g-string and clear stilettos. Across her tube top, "Trick Me" was spelled out in black letters. She put her hair in a pony tail, added red lipstick and pulled her skirt up to show off the bottom of her ass and make her legs look impossibly long.

They got to the office a few minutes before seven and, after a quick explanation that Ty and Jordan were there to help set up for a party, Harold let them in. The next 45 minutes was a flurry of activity as the three of them laid out Cori's other outfits in the break room, set up the games and activities for the day and, finally, put together the makeshift box that Cori would be inside when her co-workers arrived. Ty and Jordan put the box in the middle of the large work area near Cori's desk. On the outside of the box, they taped printed signs that said "Submissive Barbie" and "Open with Care" and "See inside for instructions for use" and "No batteries required." The largest sign read, "Do NOT open until ALL employees have arrived."

They laid the box on its side with Cori laying inside it. Through a couple of small air holes, she gave them the OK and Ty and Jordan left. Not more than five minutes later, the guys started coming in. Douglas, as usual was first and chuckled when he saw the box. He knew Cori was inside, of course, and said loudly, "Mmm, I sure love to play with dolls." He heard Cori giggle and went to put on a pot of coffee.

As the others arrived, they read the signs on the box, laughing and joking about things they liked to do with dolls, how Barbie was a hot little slut with a great body and how jealous Ken was going to be when she came home with cum all over her. Cori laughed along, but when the last of the guys arrived and they opened the box, she got immediately into her "doll" character and put on a straight face with just a hint of a smile and her best blank stare. She kept her body limp as the guys pulled her from the box and lay her in the middle of the floor. Barry pulled off the piece of paper that was taped to her belly and said "IMPORTANT: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST." They all pulled their conference table chairs around her in a semicircle as Barry read the note. Cori stared straight up at the ceiling, doing her best to maintain her expression and give the impression of being a real doll.

Barry read the instructions aloud: "Congratulations! You are now the proud and lucky owner of the very first 'Submissive Barbie Doll." Submissive Barbie looks like the Barbie you knew growing up, but she acts like the one you always wanted her to be. She is a nymphomaniac, cock-sucking sex freak who will wantonly obey your every command. She is flexible, obedient and literally yours to do with as you please. Tie her up, share her with your friends, put her on a leash and take her for a walk, play dress up or tear her clothes to shreds – it's all up to you. Submissive Barbie comes with an assortment of clothes which have been provided in the break room. Whatever your fantasy, Submissive Barbie has the outfit, body and attitude to bring it to life.

"Submissive Barbie is self-cleaning and is made to be used over and over and over again," Barry continued. "Special voice-activation technology allows her to respond to any commands so long as she is addressed as Barbie, Slut, Cunt, Whore, Bitch or Babe. As in, 'Slut, suck my cock and lick my ass.' No batteries required! Just say the words and watch her go.

"As you explore your new toy, look for the three secret buttons that, when pressed, pulled, twisted, rubbed, licked, etc., will draw pleasure responses from your doll such as groans, moans and giggles. Get good enough at it and you might even unlock the key to your doll's orgasm mode! It's hours of entertainment and your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed. Just remember, there is only one Submissive Barbie, so please take good care of her. Slapping, beating or otherwise abusing her will drastically reduce the amount of time you will be able to enjoy this one-of-a-kind toy. And please don't be selfish – this toy can be played with by any number of you and your friends. Have fun!"

"Well guys," Barry said, tossing the paper aside, "I say we see how this new toy works. But before we all start yelling at once, how about we go around the circle and each give her a command? I'll start. 'Bitch, sit up on your knees with your hands behind your back, back straight and tits out.'"

Cori, stone-faced, rose slowly but obediently to her knees, clasping her hands behind her back, fixing her gaze on the bulletin board on the wall behind them, making sure not to look at any of them directly. She straightened her back and arched it slightly, displaying her tits in that orange halter top.

To this point, Cori had only heard her co-workers and caught glimpses of them out of the corner of her eye. She knew they had all dressed up for Halloween, but she wasn't sure what their costumes were. Now, still looking straight ahead at the bulletin board, she could see that Douglas was dressed as a vampire and Barry was a werewolf. Good costumes, she thought. She couldn't see the others yet, though she caught herself wishing she could see Wes, trying to guess how he was dressed – and thinking naughtily about undressing him.

"Slut, get on all fours like a dog," Douglas ordered next. "Make sure your legs are spread and wag that tail high in the air."

Cori leaned forward and rested her weight on her hands, then spread her knees apart and lowered her upper torso until her tits were just touching the floor and her ass was a few inches higher than the rest of her body. Her ass and pussy – barely covered by the orange g-string – were no longer covered at all by the tiny skirt, which rode up high on her hips. Her breasts felt heavy in the tiny halter top and she thought they might pop the one button holding them in or simply burst out the top.

They enjoyed this view for a few minutes, each guy circling around her, taking it in from all angles. Still staring straight ahead, Cori saw Greg, Jason and Wes pass in front of her gaze. Greg was dressed as a football player, Jason was a doctor and Wes was in what looked to be a superhero outfit. Oh, my hero, what secret powers do you possess, she thought, ready to be a very grateful damsel in distress or harshly punished criminal brought to justice by a manhood of steel.

Her brief fantasy ended when Greg said, "Whore, stand up and bend over at the waist, legs straight, shoulder-width apart, hands flat on the floor." Cori, ever flexible, assumed the position with ease and had no problem holding it.

"New rule, guys," Wes said. "Any documents signed by Cori must be signed with the paper flat on the floor and her bent over just like this."

"Yeah, and every document that passes through this office should have her signature on it," Jason added.

Oh, my naughty boy, Cori grinned, proud of him for speaking up and for coming up with such a fun idea.

"Cunt, pull your tits out of the top of your halter top and do 20 jumping jacks," Jason ordered next. Cori stood up straight, left the halter top fastened and used her fingers to pull her tits out through the opening in the top. By leaving the top fastened, she forced her tits to sit even higher on her chest and the sides of the top squeezed them together. They bounced up and down and slapped together as she completed the task, her gaze never wavering even as she felt her nipples grow harder in the cool room.

When she was done, she stopped with her hands to her side, her breasts heaving as she caught her breath. "Babe," Wes said. "Do the splits." Cori wasn't surprised that he had used the most polite of the words they were to use to address her. Her shy boy was polite and kind at heart, she knew, and she felt both proud and a bit dirty for bringing out both the best and worst in him. She could sense he was growing more confident, which was good. But was it really so good that he was now coming up with ideas like making her bend over to sign papers? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, he wanted her to do the splits and she obliged, spreading her legs until her barely covered pussy pressed against the floor, her toes pointed up, her ass cheeks touching the floor as well.

The guys were now randomly touching themselves, their cocks stirring. Cori had plans for the afternoon, but she had left the morning wide open to let them do what they wanted with her – she knew they would be so jacked up for today that she wanted to allow them a chance for that initial release.

Barry stepped forward and squeezed her tits. When his hand brushed over her nipples, Cori moaned, though she maintained her doll-eyed expression. "Found two of the secret buttons," Barry chuckled.

"I got a pretty good idea where the third one is too," Jason added. He knelt in front of her and fished his fingers inside her g-string, rubbing them over her clit. She moaned right on cue.

"Hey guys, check out these clothes," Wes called out. He was in the break room, admiring the array of fantasy outfits Cori had brought with her. There was a naughty nurse uniform, a cheerleader uniform, a catsuit, a schoolgirl outfit, a ballerina costume and various pieces of lingerie and fetish gear, including a leash, a ball gag, handcuffs and an assortment of dildos and vibrators.

"Damn, I want to dress her in this," Greg said, holding up the slutty chearleader outfit.

"No, let's try this," Jason said, showing the naughty nurse costume.

"I got an idea," Wes said, again surprising Cori by speaking up. "How about we each pick out a different outfit to dress her in. You get to dress her yourself and then get 30 minutes in Mrs. Benson's office to act out your fantasy."

"I like it," Barry said, holding up the schoolgirl outfit. It was clear he meant both the idea and the clothes.

"Who goes first?" Douglas asked. He was sifting through the lingerie, apparently already piecing together an outfit in his mind.

"Ever hear of musical chairs?" Barry asked. "How about musical cocks?"

"What's that?"

"We play a song and Cori – er, Barbie – sits in the middle of us as we go around in a circle. You put your cock in her mouth for two seconds, then take it out and the next guy goes. To keep track, we all count out loud. Whoever's cock is in her mouth when the music stops gets to go first and so on. If the music stops in between cocks, whoever's cock was next in line gets the spot."

"Sounds good," Greg said. "But who's going to do the music?"

"Thought about that," Barry said. "Hugh should be here soon, right?"

"The courier?" Douglas asked. "Yeah, he always brings the paychecks by 8:30. Should be here any minute."

"So, I bet he'd play the music for us," Barry said.

"What's in it for him?" Wes asked.

"The paper said this toy was to be shared," Barry grinned. "I say he plays the music, he gets sixth turn. Agreed?"

They all nodded. Cori, during all of this, sat motionless on the floor, still doing her splits and staring glassy-eyed at the bulletin board. She was finding it hard not to smile, though, because this was exactly what she had hoped would happen – well, she didn't know about Hugh – but about the guys acting out different fantasies with her one at a time. The different outfits and the doll idea were designed to lead them in that direction and it had worked – it was her idea, but they thought it was their own. 30 minutes each times six meant three hours. That would take them right up until lunch. After lunch was the party. She felt confident that she was going to be able to keep them entertained and happy all day long without – hopefully – having to make another naked trip through the parking lot or being gang-banged in the stairwell. Not that those events had been all bad, but they were risky, embarrassing and dragged her closer to losing her job, her scholarship and her opportunity. The way to avoid all that was a well-thought out, sufficiently wild and kinky party, nicely confined to the office. So far, the plan was working. She heard their musical cocks idea and hoped Wes' would be first and that Hugh wouldn't turn out to be some jerk. She figured she hadn't seen him before if all he was doing was dropping off checks because he'd just stop at Douglas' desk and be gone without ever entering the main part of the office.

They put Cori's outfit back together, covering her tits and pussy once again. Douglas met Hugh out by the elevator a few minutes later and quickly explained the situation and just what they were offering him. As soon as Hugh heard the deal and saw Cori through the glass wall, he agreed and the game was on.

Cori got her first look at Hugh when he approached her – at Douglas' invitation – and tentatively touched her nipples. Cori groaned appropriately and Hugh smiled, nodding his approval to the rest of the guys. Hugh was 50 years old, balding with thick glasses and a genuine, broad smile and a beer belly that suggested he liked to have a good time. The guys all seemed to like him and Cori could see why – he came across as that crazy uncle everyone has who lives life to the fullest every minute, always ready for something new and fun and making everyone laugh. He was cracking jokes now as the guys took off their pants and started forming a circle around her. They were all in such good moods – laughing at his jokes and looking forward to a day full of play and fucking. Cori had to admit, for a guy, it was probably tough to beat a day like this.

They kept her in her splits as they circled around her. Hugh sat at one of the desks with his back turned to avoid any hint of favoritism. His finger was poised on the mouse on the computer, ready to click play on the mp3 file and then pause at some random time later. Before they started, Barry blindfolded Cori to "add to the fun". Hugh started playing "Girls, Girls, Girls" by Mötley Crüe and the first cock pressed against Cori's willing lips, which parted and gave a sweet kiss. After a silent three second count, Hugh jingled his keys and one cock was pulled out and another inserted.

"You don't have to be in any hurry, Hugh!" Greg yelled and they all laughed. Cori tried to guess whose cock was whose, but lost track as the guys fell silent, the only sounds in the room now were the music, the quick jingle of the keys and her sucking lips. The guys obeyed the time limit and switched quickly, until one of them – obviously giving in to his growing lust – grabbed the back of her head and thrust his cock violently down her throat. Cori wouldn't have minded if she had been prepared for it, but she wasn't expecting it and gagged impulsively. She sputtered as the music stopped and the other guys chirped at the culprit for his overdue time. Cori lifted her blindfold and saw that Wes was next in line.

"Sorry, Barry, but your time was up," Cori said. "Whoever was next in line should get the first spot."

She wanted to give Wes a wink or grin or something to let him know she wanted it that way, but she stayed in character, virtually expressionless but very happy to hear the others joining in and offering their agreement.

Wes would be first. Cori put the blindfold back on and the suck-fest continued, with Greg second, Barry third, then Douglas, Jason and, finally, Hugh. Six guys, 30 minutes each. And, Cori suppressed a smile, Wes got to go first.

"I say we dress her out here where we can all watch, then you can take her into the office and do whatever," Barry suggested. "The time starts when you get in the office."

Cori's blank expression told them she had no objections and Wes promptly stepped forward with a sheer white catsuit. He had Cori stand up and, with everyone standing around her in a semicircle, randomly tugging on their wet cocks, he approached her with a pair of scissors. Grinning from ear to ear, he positioned the scissors carefully between her breasts at the bottom of the halter top. He swiftly made a one-inch cut, then made a similar cut at the top of her breasts. Finally, he sliced both of the straps that connected behind her neck so that the tattered top now clung tightly, connected by only a small strip of fabric between her breasts. Playfully flexing his muscles in his superhero costume and cape, Wes gripped both sides of the top and ripped it apart, flinging it dramatically across the room as her bare breasts sprang into full view.

Not even taking time to enjoy the view, Wes dropped to his knees behind her and sliced through the mini skirt and flung it aside. Now only the orange g-string remained. Opening the scissors, he lifted the back of g-string away from her ass-cheeks and slid the spread scissors underneath it, gently resting the narrow string across one of the blades. The handle of the scissors balanced on her ass cheeks. "Barbie," Wes ordered, "pull your g-string up and down." Cori understood immediately what he intended. She would be cutting her own thong off. Fun!

Wes knelt behind her, holding the scissors steady while Cori gripped the front of her g-string and pulled up on it, yanking it between her pussy lips. Then she let go, letting the skin-tight garment snap back against her sensitive flesh. Then she pulled up again, continuing to saw the thin strap against the dull blade of the scissors and the very sensitive bud of her clit. She moaned appropriately as one of her pleasure buttons was being continually stimulated now and she made no effort to hide the genuine pleasure she was feeling. She knew the guys were all horny as hell and wanted nothing more than to tear into her right now, but she was confident she matched their level of lust and excitement for the moment. She couldn't wait for Wes to take her back and have his way with her.

It only took about a minute to saw through the little strap and Wes tossed the little pieces of fabric to Hugh to let the man catch a whiff of Cori's sweet pussy. Playing the superhero role, Wes scooped Cori up in his arms and carried her over to the conference table, gently laying her down. Cori tried to make her body as limp and limber as possible, acting like a doll while Wes pulled off her stilettos and began dressing her.

The catsuit he had selected was a sleek, skin-tight garment made of a stretchy, thin nylon similar to stockings. It was tight, white and clingy and very easy to pull or tear. This was the sort of item that got worn one time. Hell, if Wes didn't rip it off her, her nipples alone were sure to stretch and tear the top.

It opened at the waist with a zipper up the back, so Wes started by sliding it up her long legs, gently tugging and pulling it tight so her toes pointed and stretched against the material. The others all gathered around, watching Wes dress his doll. They took note, no doubt of her moist pussy lips and engorged clit and erect nipples – Cori couldn't have hidden her desire if she wanted to. They were all respectful of Wes' time, however, even though it hadn't officially begun yet. They all kept their hands to themselves – and their cocks – and gave Wes room to work and play as he liked.

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