tagNovels and NovellasThe Harem Ch. 03

The Harem Ch. 03


The next evening, Magdalyn sat on the window seat, gazing out at the second twilight while the servants quietly and efficiently set up the table that she and the High Lord would dine at. Earlier, she had been brought to the fourth floor, and the round tower that was the High Lord's private rooms. She had been told only that he would join her shortly.

Drawing her knees up, Magdalyn rested her chin on them, continuing to stare out at the lush countryside. Her home planet had been barren rock, both inside the dome and out. There were no gardens, except those grown to feed the colonists. She was discovering the joy in such simple beauty as a daisy or morning glory.

"I see that my delay has not caused you either boredom or distress."

Magdalyn slowly turned her face towards the room, her hair whispering over the linen shift she wore. Ice blue in color, it was thin enough that she had protested initially, only to be informed by Cyrenia that the High Lord had specifically requested that she wear the garment. At those words, she knew that no amount of protests would benefit her.

Nictolanus smiled slightly, drawing his gloves off and tossing them lightly on the table. With a wave of his hand, the servants left the room as silently as they had worked. Sitting down, Nictolanus inclined his head in her direction. "Will you join me now, Magdalyn?"

Uncurling her legs, Magdalyn slipped to the floor, the rug thick and plush beneath her bare feet. As she slid into the chair provided for her, she brushed her hair back behind her shoulders. After a moment, Nictolanus said, "Well, shall we?"

The food was simple, but well prepared. Thinly sliced ham and roasted chicken shared space with small potatoes swimming in butter, steamed asparagus, and more dishes than Magdalyn had ever seen on a table at one time. The colony had long since reverted to a no meat diet, and one that was rationed strictly. Magdalyn took a little of everything, and sat her mind to her plate.

Nictolanus watched her as he ate his own meal, enjoying the way she ate heartily but neatly. He knew how the lives of the colonists where, and was sure that now was the first time she trying many of these foods. It was a pleasure introducing her to them, the first of many things tonight he intended to show her.

After they had eaten their fill, Nictolanus stood, stretching his hand out to her. Silently, she rose and took it, allowing him to lead her through a door that led to a set of stairs. When he placed his hand on the small of her back and pushed gently, she began to climb, hearing him follow behind her. Innocent as she was, she had no idea that he had a quite excellent view of her hips and lushly rounded bottom, swaying gently as she climbed.

The stairs opened into a large, open room, dominated by a bed that looked to Magdalyn's eyes like it could sleep a family of four comfortably. Black bed curtains hung from the tall canopy rails, and the bed sheets were equally dark. Candles were lit throughout, a glow as soft as the second twilight that had just ended.

Stopping a few feet from the bed, Magdalyn shifted from one foot to the next, waiting for a sign of what to do. Cyrenia had merely smiled when Magdalyn had told her that the High Lord intended to start her lessons this evening. No one had told her what these lessons entailed.

Nictolanus turned her around to face him, resting his hands lightly on her hips. This time, when he lowered his head to hers, she knew what to expect. Her lips were soft and pliant against his, and he hummed a sound of appreciation low in his throat. She was a quick learner, something he appreciated in a bedmate as highly as beauty.

Magdalyn's hands fluttered uneasily before settling on his shoulders. They were hard as granite beneath her fingers, and she gripped them lightly. When his tongue traced a line along her lips, she opened them slightly, unsure if that was what he wanted or not. When his tongue swept inside, claiming possession over her mouth, she thought vaguely that she must be doing what he wanted after all.

At his gentle nudging, she edged backwards until her knees touched the edge of the mattress. Breaking the kiss, Nictolanus pushed her gently, smiling as she toppled back onto the bed. She was a picture, her hair fanned out and blending against the sheets, her lips swollen from his kisses, her cheeks flushed and eyes bright.

Kneeling at the foot of the bed, he inched the shift up her legs, dangled so charmingly over the edge. He felt her tense slightly and ran his hands reassuringly up and down her bare legs. When he felt her relax, he moved the shift higher up her body, baring her thighs. At his low murmur, she arched her body and he drew the shift up further, maneuvering it from her body so skillfully that she had little to do but lay there.

Laying himself over her body, he captured his mouth with hers again, smiling when her hand rose hesitantly to tangle in his hair. Trailing kisses over her chin and down her neck, he nuzzled the hollow of her throat, murmuring low as she arched her neck, giving him greater access.

Magdalyn was unsure of the feelings that his mouth was causing, knowing only that they were more pleasurable than anything she had experienced before. When his mouth moved further down, cruising lightly over her right breast, she bit her lip to keep from crying out. As he drew her nipple into his mouth, suckling gently, she couldn't restrain the low moan that rose in her throat.

At the sound, Nictolanus shifted his attention to her left breast, humming low in his throat at the sounds she made. It was rare to encounter a virgin who responded so passionately, and he was more than wiling to lead this one down the path of delight. His tongue licked a path down her pale torso, feeling the muscles in her stomach jump at his touch.

Magdalyn's head was spinning, and when she felt the High Lord's wicked mouth inch closer to the opening of her body, she sucked her breath in and held it. At the first lick of his tongue, she cried out, a low sound of discovery and joy. This feeling was a thousand times more better than his mouth at her breast, and she arched her hips against his mouth as his tongue licked lower into her, sparking even more sensation.

Nictolanus was half drunk on the taste of her, sweeter and more intoxicating than even the wine the traders brought from the far reaches of the Pynexlia Galaxies. Gently, he eased one finger inside her silken body. She was small, exquisitely tight, and when he moved his finger experimentally, she cried out again, louder. He could feel her tiny muscles fluttering, and continued to stroke her lightly while his mouth devoured her.

Deep inside, Magdalyn could feel a shifting, a tightening, that was leaving her breathless. Not knowing what was going to happen, only knowing that it must be soon else she'd expire from the desperate need. When the High Lord eased a second finger inside her tight body and sucked hard on the pulsing flesh at the top of the entrance to her body, she arched her body again, sobbing out a breath as the coil in her stomach tightened almost unbearably.

Nictolanus grinned inwardly, and flicked his tongue over her clitoris once, hard. As he had expected, she was truly innocent, not even knowing her body, let alone what pleasure it could bring her. Once again, he flicked his tongue, and he felt her inner muscles contract harshly, and heard her cry out above him. He drank in her juices until the last quivers had faded from her body and her breathing was no longer harsh rasps.

Drawing himself back up her body, he kissed her gently, her breath sighing into his. Rolling her gently, he slid the sheet over her body, her breathing already deep and steady. Standing, he watched her body curl into itself before her breath hitched once and she slid deeply into sleep. Pressing a kiss to her forehead, he murmured, "We shall continue lessons tomorrow evening."

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