tagBDSMThe Harem Club's Big Bottomed Girl

The Harem Club's Big Bottomed Girl


I looked at my reflection in the full length mirror in the copy room, and I smiled at my slender waist, full wide hips, and exceptionally big bottom. I straightened my skirt, making my huge backside jiggle a little, and thought how nice it was going to be to get away from this office for an entire summer. An entire summer of pleasure and relaxation! I walked back into the office to finish up a few projects, and to find a way to kill a little time before my vacation began.

I had frequently noticed Charles, the young intern, watching my big bottom shake and jiggle in my skirt as I walked around the office. I liked to tease him by showing him my huge rear end as often as possible during the workday, and watching his reaction. I would bend over his desk to "get something", knowing my giant rump was jiggling right in front of him as I bent over. I would ask him if I had gotten powdered donut on my enormous ass, and ask him if he could wipe it off. He loved to watch the fat on my big, heavy butt jiggle as he touched it. I had been in charge of accounting for 10 years, so Charles had no choice but to do what I told him, and I liked that.

The company had decided to send some of us to a few different resorts for the summer, as a character building exercise or something, and I jumped at the chance. The CEO of our little company had said that he had specifically chosen resorts that he thought would benefit each of us individually. I laughed at the idea, but I wanted to go, and just my luck, I would be going to the same resort as Charles! Just the two of us! It was called the Harem Club and it sounded luxurious and delightful.

The day to depart for the resort finally arrived, and Charles decided he would drive the 6 hours into the mountains to the lovely getaway. He picked me up early in the morning. When he arrived to get me, we loaded my bags, and I told him I had forgotten my purse. As I turned to run back into the house, I stopped, looked back at Charles, and I spanked my own huge butt, saying, "I'm sorry Charles, but sometimes I just need a good spanking. I'm so forgetful!" I loved watching him sweat and stammer when he saw my giant rump shake and jiggle. I enjoyed the drive up into the beautiful mountains, teasing Charles the whole way.

The name of the resort was over the front door. The Harem Club. Charles and I arrived on May 15th, and I was informed that if I signed for the entire summer, I would not be permitted to leave until September 15th. I paused, looking at Charles, nervous about not being allowed to leave, but I really needed to get away and relax for the summer, so I signed.

"Very well then," the man at the reception desk had said. "Charles, you will be free to enjoy all the amenities of the club, and you will have a private suite. You may use the pool, game room, or any of the delightful diversions." He smiled. "Mr. Halliday," he said to a porter standing by, "will you show Charles to his suite, please, while I talk to the young lady here?

"Of course, sir," Mr. Halliday said, and they left.

"Young lady," he said to me, "you will be a slave for the duration of your stay here. You will be kept in a cage, and you will be absolutely obedient or you will be punished. I hope this is understood. Now I need you to take your clothes off."

I paused and stared back at this man, questioningly. I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly. Did he say...?

"Miss, do not make me tell you again. Please take off your clothes, now," the man behind the reception desk said.

I thought perhaps he was joking, so I laughed, but quickly, the man jumped from behind the desk, bent my huge, jiggling bottom over his desk and proceeded to spank me firmly and with force. I shrieked and moaned as his hand smacked my enormous rump over and over again, his other hand holding me down by my hair, until he was satisfied.

He sat back down as I whimpered. "Please, miss, take your clothes off for me," he said again, calmly.

I shivered as he spoke, and paused nervously, but slowly undressed for him.

"Good. Now turn around and show me that enormous butt of yours," he said firmly.

I blushed and felt dizzy at the way he was speaking to me, but I turned around and showed him my huge ass. I could feel it jiggle as I turned.

"Very good," he said as he got up and caressed the fat on my giant rear end. He patted my big rump, making it shake and jiggle as he said, "Very, very good Emily. Your bottom is big and jiggly, the way we like it. I will have a porter dress you in your slave outfit, which will show off your huge, jiggling butt, and I will have him chain you in the drawing room to be enjoyed by our guests on your first day. You will call all the free men in this resort 'Master', from now on."

I was dizzy as the porter attached a collar and a leash to my neck, dressed me in my tiny little slave clothing, pulling a thin piece of material between my huge, jiggling butt cheeks, and shackled me to the wall of the beautiful drawing room.

I stood facing the stone wall of the luxurious room, my wrists shackled over my head to an iron loop as two elderly gentlemen in expensive suits stood behind me. My huge butt was nearly completely exposed by the thin silk thong string that was pulled between my enormous ass cheeks and hooked to the back of the collar on my neck.

"So you can see," the thin, gray haired gentleman said to the heavier one, looking at me from behind, "that she has a very slender waist, and an enormous, shapely bottom that shakes and jiggles, just the way we like it, and of course she is a complete slave. Should you decide to join, you will have full use of this female slave." He smacked me on my huge backside, making it jiggle, and laughed as I squealed.

The heavier, shorter, older man laughed as well, and said, "Yes I am quite happy with the size and bounce of this slave's giant rear end." He patted my big, heavy rump a few times to be sure, watching it jiggle as I squirmed in my chains.

"Of course," continued the thin older man, "you will be given a key to the chains and cage of our big bottomed slave and may use her as you see fit." SMACK! He slapped my huge butt again. "She will serve you, naturally, and as you can see, we prefer her to be dressed in this thin silk slave outfit. Her huge ass is hidden only by the tiny thin string pulled between her enormous jiggling butt cheeks and attached to her collar. That way we can watch her big, heavy bottom shake and bounce as she moves, performing her duties." He caressed the fat on my giant butt as I moaned, and patted the fullest part of my plump curvy rump for the heavier man to enjoy.

The heavier man laughed again. "Yes, she will do nicely," he said. "Is she prepared to be entered and enjoyed in her enormous behind, this slave?," he asked.

"Of course," the thin man said. He turned to the on duty porter standing by the sofa and said, "Mr. Halliday, would you mind taking this slave to the cages in room 6 and chaining her in one of them, with her wrists over head? Please insert a steel rod into her big behind with the harness belt locked in place. You may leave her like that for two hours and then take her to suite 24A and chain her by the collar to the bed there."

"Yes sir," the porter said, and the two men walked away, talking and laughing.

Mr. Halliday came over to me and attached a leash to my collar, and unlocked my wrists so he could lead me to the cages in room 6.

"Come slave," the porter said as he started walking me on my leash, my huge butt jiggling with every step. We walked down the stone steps to the lower level, the porter pulling on my leash the whole way. He slapped my enormous ass a few times to keep me moving and laughed at the way the fat shook with each smack.

We entered room 6 and the porter immediately walked me into a cage and chained my wrists over my head to the iron loop at the roof of the cage. With a quick, practiced motion, he stripped me of my slave outfit, so I stood there naked, my huge rump jiggling nervously. He grabbed a butt harness from the wall, with a long, thick steel rod attached and stepped behind me. I felt the cold tip of the steel rod enter my big, jiggling butt, and I gasped out loud. I could feel the steel sliding deep into my enormous ass. I arched my back and cried loudly as the porter slid the rod in as deep as it would go, then pulled on the leather straps in front of me and behind me to make sure it was secure. The leather strap in front of me was pulled over my belly and attached to the front of my collar, while the strap behind me was pulled through my huge, butt cheeks and locked onto the back of my steel neck collar. I moaned and wriggled in my wrists shackles.

The porter spanked my huge butt, making it jiggle and making the fat on my enormous rump swallow the steel rod even further as I gasped and shrieked. He locked the harness in place on my hips. "Have a nice stay here for a couple of hours, slave," he said laughing, as he closed and locked the cage door and walked out, leaving me alone in the room and locked in my cage. My huge butt was rebelling at being penetrated so deeply, and I continued to moan and gasp and wiggle, but the steel rod was quite secure.

As I stood there chained in my cage, I thought about how the mysterious owners and members of this club, mostly older men it seemed, had collared me and chained me in shackles. They seemed to take pleasure in my enormous bottom that jiggled for them, as well, and they insisted on turning me into a slave to be collared and caged. I could feel the fat on my huge ass shake, with the steel rod plunged deep, every time I moved. I moaned as I thought about how my big bottom was being prepared. These older men liked their slaves with huge asses to be penetrated and spanked, I assumed. I struggled with my chains, but I was helpless.

The porter came into the room after two hours and looked at me chained in my cage. I was still moaning softly at the feeling of having my enormous ass filled so deeply, and the porter laughed. "Enjoying your stay?, "he said, smiling. I gasped.

He attached my leash and smacked my huge butt, as he unlocked my wrists and led me out of the cage. I was still wearing the harness with the long steel rod deep inside my big, jiggling bottom, and I gasped as I felt it move inside me as I walked. The porter laughed again.

He walked me on my leash until we reached the private suites. He led me into an especially luxurious room, and he chained my leash to the head of the large, soft bed, and I stood next to the bed, naked. My big butt jiggled as I stood waiting.

The porter removed my harness, and I shrieked as I felt the long, thick rod being pulled from my huge rump, while the porter giggled. I arched my back and moaned as the rod was finally pulled completely from my shaking bottom, and my knees became weak as I tried to remain standing, chained to the bed. "Stay put, slave," the porter said, "and you will be used by a prospective member of the club in a few minutes. You had best use that huge, jiggling butt of yours to please him, or you will be punished. If you do well, and he enjoys your giant, shaking rump, you may be let out of your cage for a few hours later, and chained in the garden. We shall see."

"Yes, Master," I answered.

"You will enjoy being shackled in the garden," he said, " your wrists over your head and attached to the large wooden stake in the middle of the lovely garden. The men will enjoy a drink and take pleasure in the sight of your big, heavy bottom jiggling as you squirm in your chains."

The door of the suite swung open and there stood the short, heavier man who had been assessing me earlier. He was bald, and wearing round, thin glasses. He stood at the door a moment, observing my huge, wide hips, and grinning maliciously. He noticed my chain leash attached to the loop at the head of the bed and he nodded approvingly. The porter departed.

"Turn around and show me your huge butt, girl," the bald man said, firmly. "Face the wall and make your enormous ass shake and jiggle for me," he continued.

I turned obediently to the wall, and began shifting the weight of my big, heavy bottom side to side, and rising and falling on my heels. This made the fat on my giant rump shake and jiggle with each move. These older men loved to watch a girl's big ass bounce for them, I thought. I could hear him opening some wine for himself as I jiggled my giant rear end for his pleasure. I heard him pouring a glass, and sitting down to enjoy what he was seeing. I continued jiggling.

He enjoyed this for some time, and then he said, "My God you have a big ass, slave!" he stepped behind me and began smacking my huge, heavy bottom, making it jiggle, as I moaned loudly and leaned my body against the wall. I squirmed with each smack. He spanked me until he was satisfied. He then took the shackles on the dresser, and chained my wrists to an iron bar on the wall, with me facing the wall and my huge butt sticking out at him, jiggling.

"How would you like me to take you slave?," he asked, waiting for an answer. I didn't understand what he meant, so I paused.

"I will ask you one more time," he said, "and then you will be punished if you do not answer. How would you like me to take you, slave?"

I flushed with embarrassment and humiliation as I gasped and said, "In my bottom, Master."

He laughed. "You would like me to enter your huge, jiggling butt then, girl?"

"Yes Master," I said weakly.

He lowered his pants and, as I requested, he entered my big bottom as I shrieked loudly and arched my back. I lowered my head and accepted his penetration submissively, pushing my giant, jiggling ass back and forth until he had finished.

He finished, pulled his pants up, gave my huge rump a good smack, and walked out without a word.

I stood chained to the wall for a period of time, drained and exhausted, until I heard the door to the suite open, and the night porter came in. He was shorter and skinnier than the day porter. He walked up behind me and began caressing the fat on my huge butt, as I squirmed. "Wiggle your big butt, girl," he said, his hand resting on the biggest, plumpest part of my curvy rump.

I moaned and began to wiggle my large backside side to side, as he left his hand on my bottom to feel the movement and jiggling.

"Very nice, slave," he said, laughing. I heard him drop his pants, grab my big hips and enter my enormous rump, as I gasped at having my huge rear end penetrated again. My giant, jiggling butt had been entered so often that the night porter slid in and out easily. I moved my big hips back and forth once again, this time for the pleasure of this short, skinny employee. He spanked me the entire time he was enjoying me.

He finished and attached my leash to my collar, unlocking my wrists, and led me to my cage in the large kennel in the basement. We arrived at my small cage, with its stone walls and iron door with bars, and he led me inside, attaching my leash to an iron loop on the floor. He dressed me in my tiny, revealing silk outfit. He shackled my wrists close to my collar, and placed shackles on my ankles. He filled my bowl with water and said, "We will come get you if we need you, or if a guest wants you chained to his bed." He smacked my big bottom as I moaned, and he left, locking the door to my cage behind him.

It was many hours later when Charles arrived, late at night I thought, to see me in my cage, observing my shackles and leash. "Charles," I said, through the bars in my cage "they are keeping me as a slave! I will be spending the entire summer chained, spanked, and used for the pleasure of these men! You've got to help me get out of this place!"

Without a word, Charles unlocked the door of my cage, reached into my cell, and placed a ball gag in my mouth, locking it in place to my collar. I tried to shout in protest, but my words were muffled completely by the gag. He forced my head down until it was next to the iron loop in the floor, and chained my collar close to the floor of my cage, my huge butt stuck up into the air, shaking and jiggling, and my wrists chained close to my collar. I moaned into my gag. He climbed into my cage and positioned himself behind me. With a quick motion, and without speaking, he thrust himself deeply into my huge, exposed bottom as I gasped loudly and choked a little on my gag. He began to penetrate me slowly and deliberately as I shouted muffled cries, his hands holding my big hips firmly. My God, he was enjoying this! I had teased him too much, I thought, as I arched my back and he thrust himself fully inside my giant rump again and again. Despite my situation, I began to unconsciously move my huge ass back and forth to swallow all of him, feeling it shake and jiggle as I moved.

Still without speaking, Charles began spanking my big, heavy butt as he penetrated me. I bit down on my gag as I felt the force of each firm smack, and I cried out from the sting, feeling the fat on my enormous ass jiggle. I was breathing hard and pushing my huge, wide hips back as far as I could, despite my humiliation. Charles was enjoying one of the benefits of being a free man at this club, and he was forcing me to submit to him without mercy.

He finished with a final deep thrust and a grunt of joy, giving my big, exhausted butt a good, hard slap, and leaving me chained as I was as he stepped out of my little cage and locked the door. He paused for a moment to look back at me, and I looked up at him, my gag keeping my mouth filled. He smiled at me and said, "Oh, by the way, I was informed that it would be my option to extend your stay here for as long as I wish." He walked out of the kennel and I was left alone with that thought.

I was the head of accounting for ten years, and now here I was. A chained and shackled slave, gagged, collared, and being forced to use my enormous, jiggling butt for the pleasure of my Masters. I closed my eyes to try and get some sleep. It might be a long day tomorrow, I thought, as I drifted off peacefully.

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