tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Harem Tales Vol. 02 Ch. 16-18

The Harem Tales Vol. 02 Ch. 16-18


Preparing for the Party

The news about the coming party sparked quite a bit of discussion amongst the group. In the end Sumi and Kity turned out to be the ones going. Sindara and Leilah had balked at the idea of an orgy, the twins and D'Sheyn had said they weren't that much into elves, Dimianne had looked very interested but had still said no, probably fearing discovery, and while Della had certainly been interested in going, she had lost in a quick game of dice to the other two and would have to stay back.

And Mirada had already made plans to disappear in the local library for a few days.

The group had travelled to the elven city, found a nice tavern and Sera had led the two winners to buy suitable outfits for the coming event.

Della stopped by Zalen's room.

"I came to say bye."

"Oh? Ready to set up shop then?"

"Yep. During the days I'll be busy making a name for myself here and the nights I'll be busy hunting for a cute elven hunk who wouldn't mind tying the knot with me."

"Heh. Well, it was fun travelling with you. So let's hope you'll be equally successful in both quests!"

"I was kinda tempted to join your harem as well but I guess I have a thing for those elven ears!"

Della had walked up to him and as she looked up towards him she grabbed Zalen's crotch.

"How about one last quick one?"

The 'quick one' turned out to be a little less so as they ended up fucking both against the wall and on the bed, both from the front and behind, both with him and her on top.

By the time she finally left Sera had already returned with the two.


With the night of the party finally at hand the four of them had gathered at Sera's home.

Zalen had changed to the white robe Sera had provided him and a moment later the three women emerged from the other room. They were each wearing sparkly dresses, Sera wearing emerald green, Kity dark blue and Sumi reddish orange.

"Wow," Zalen remarked and was rewarded with three smiles.

Sera clapped her hands together.

"Ok, everyone is ready. So here's how this goes.

At the mansion there will be a large lit candle in each room with a different bottom half. The top half provides normal light. During that time everyone will be mingling, chatting and flirting. And if you find someone that draws your interest then there will usually be some... exploration with your hands."

"Ah. So that's why these dresses part at the front," Sumi noted.

"And also why nobody wears anything but stockings underneath."

She parted her own dress for emphasis, revealing her sexy little cunt.

"The custom is not to go all the way to the peak, though. But after the candles reach the bottom half, the light will turn red. That is when the real orgy begins.

The custom is to ask 'Sed'han?' before sex with someone new. A reply of 'Uni.' means yes. Silence or saying 'Deran.' means no and the other person will move on. Saying no is rather rare though and usually only happens when it's someone you really dislike or have broken up with.

There is special mixture in the wine so the men will last longer but by the time the candles run out there are always just women remaining."

Sera walked to Zalen, slipping her fingers inside Zalen's robe to brush against his cock.

"You are free to have fun but I do hope you will find me and my sister once the lights turn red. I really want you inside me once more and really want to see my sister moan when you take her."

Zalen smiled. "I will."

"One more thing. The hostess of the party, Lady Veryel is only there to watch. She hasn't actually participated in decades. You'll recognize her by the large red flower in her hair."

Elven Pleasures

The location for the party was at Lady Veriel's mansion. The building was a perfect example of the elven building style; whereas the dwarven buildings had a 'built here before the dawn of ages' look, the elven buildings looked equally timeless but like the trees and plants had just one day decided to grow in the shape of buildings.

Sera led their masked group to the main entrance. She pointed to a colorful flower hanging above the door.

"That means we are free to enter, no need to knock."

Inside she gave Zalen a quick peck on the cheek.

"Have fun!"

With that she was gliding away.

Zalen turned his head and noticed that Sumi and Kity had already gone as well.

Oh well, time to meet some elves then.

With their group now dispersed amongst the elves, Zalen had come to the conclusion that either Sera had lied to him or that the elves' opinion about parties was way different than his. With everyone wearing gorgeous dresses and stylish robes and these intricate masks, standing around in pairs and small groups chit-chatting and sipping wine, there was no way this wouldn't qualify as a fancy party. Granted, most parties didn't turn into full-blown orgies near the end but still.

As he didn't exactly know any of the elves beside Sera he was just walking around and observing people. There were multiple rooms with people and Zalen had just entered a new one as a sudden voice by his ear made him jump.

"Ah, looks like the rumours were correct after all!"

Zalen whirled around, coming to face with a rather striking elven lady.

She was clearly older than the elves he had seen so far, but her face seemed to going more towards ageless than wrinkled. She had on a simple mask lined with tiny gems, her light blue dress was cut low and wide, revealing the sides of her breasts, and her dress had a translucent section that revealed most of her thigh and leg.

"Wow..." Zalen mumbled.

"Looks like my dress choice was successful then."

Zalen pulled his eyes back up, finally noting the red flower above her ear.

"Ah, my apologies Lady Veryel. You're just too beautiful not to look."

"Oh, no need to apologize. I'm quite proud of my thighs."

"They're gorgeous. I bet they'd feel amazing against my cheeks, too."

"My my, aren't you something. So, how did you meet Sera and end up here?"

Zalen began telling her about the encounter in the forest.

By the time he was getting to the end the gift had told him something: Lady Veryel was definitely very horny. Did she really just want to watch?

"Ah, it's not much of a secret that Sera and Yvanna get on each other's nerves," the lady commented as he reached the end of his story.

"Actually... could you come here for a moment?"

Lady Veriel raised an eyebrow but followed Zalen nevertheless. As they moved behind the corner he turned and pushed the elven woman into a small alcove against a wall.

Then he stepped closer, pushing his hand inside her parted dress.

Lady Veryel's eyes had gone wide but now they suddenly squeezed shut and she breathed out in a ragged fashion.

As his fingers confirmed that the mature beauty was, indeed, quite wet he pushed three of them inside her, beginning to pleasure the lady hidden from everyone's eyes.

"Oh... By the moon, yes..."

Lady Veriel had entwined her arms around Zalen's neck, leaning her head against his shoulder as her breathing was turning more and more ragged. He was wiggling his fingers in a rapid 'come here' motion and by her reactions it certainly seemed to be working. As she seemed to be getting quite close he slowed down, starting to withdraw his hand.

Lady Veryel grabbed his wrist.

"Is it not a custom to stop before the peak?"

"Damn the custom," Lady Veryel gasped. "I really need it. Please."

"In that case..."

Zalen resumed the earlier movement and just as fast the older beauty was again gasping quietly in his ear. On a whim he leaned closer to lick her ear. This proved more than she could take and her body went into a series of sharp jolts as she buried her mouth against his shoulder to silence her moan.

As her orgasm subsided he finally felt her release her hold on his arm, allowing him to retrieve his fingers.

Lady Veriel opened her eyes again. "Ooh... I think I need to sit down."

As she slipped past Zalen he could hear her whisper 'Thank you' in his ear.

Hmm, looks like Sera's long orgasm hadn't been a shared elven trait after all.

With the hostess gone Zalen stepped back into the room he had just left from.

One of the younger elves wearing a red and blue dress had noticed his arrival, flashed him a quick smile and made a little inviting gesture.

He walked closer to the group which consisted of three elven women and two men, all on the younger side. And all of their masks were painted to give them a cat-like appearance.

The red and blue elf grabbed his hand as he arrived.

"You are Sera's partner here, right?"

The elf on his other side also turned towards him. She was wearing a white dress and had small, colorful threads woven into her hair. "Is it true that you seduced the dryad she's been seeing?"

The third woman who had a green and yellow dress also perked up at the question. She turned back towards the two guys, grabbing both of their crotches for a moment.

"I'll find you two later!"

Then she also turned toward Zalen, leaving the two men standing outside the new little circle. The men shrugged and moved on.

"Or did they catch you peeking and drag you to join them?"

Zalen chuckled. "Well, I did end up giving pleasure to both of them. And the encounter did involve... az'ummayal."

The three elves all went 'ooo' at his words.

Before he had time to say much more the trio had closed in and he felt nimble fingers pulling his half erect cock out of his robes. A moment later all three had their fingers caressing his thick staff.

"No wonder Sera brought you here," the green and yellow elf said, staring unabashedly at his rod. "I'm Eyah, by the way."

"I'm Xara," the blue and red one purred.

"And I'm Suy," the third one added. "And we'll definitely seek you out during red time!"

With a few quick movements his hard cock was now tucked back under the waistband of his robe.

"Make sure to drink the wine," reminded Xara with a wink as the elves moved on.

Well, this was certainly turning into an interesting party.

His eyes still following the retreating trio he nearly bumped into a tray full of intricate goblets. The person carrying the tray looked frightened for a moment but managed to stabilize the tray and the smile returned to her face as she proffered the tray towards Zalen.

"A drink?"

The waitress was short. Really short. A halfling? She wasn't wearing a mask but did have quite a revealing dress showing off a rather remarkable chest.

"Look good, don't they?"

Zalen jumped a little, having been caught staring. Still, her voice hadn't sounded displeased...

He reached towards the tray, touching the edge of the goblet nearest to the halfling with his fingertips.

"They look quite... delicious."

"Of course they do! They're full of nature's bounty."

"Well, in that case I definitely want to get my lips on one!"

"Which one then? Or is it a... hard choice?"

"Oh, definitely! And getting harder the more I stare at them."

"Well, I can help with that part anytime you want!"

The halfling giggled as Zalen finally picked up a goblet and tasted the wine. It tasted surprisingly light.

"I'm Zalen, by the way. Mind if I ask you your name?"

"Not at all! I'm Nuni! And I'm really happy to finally talk with someone, most people here just treat me like I'm invisible!"

The halfling looked behind Zalen, then grimaced just slightly. "Speaking of which..."

Zalen turned to see an elf wearing a bird mask and a thin and glittery red dress approaching. This had to be the sister Sera had been talking about as there was a clear resemblance between them even if the mask hid a part of her face.

The elven beauty practically glided across the floor, picking another goblet from the tray and then doing a small, dismissive gesture with her fingers, her eyes never leaving Zalen's face.

He heard a small sigh from the halfling who left, heading towards the next room with her tray.

The elf brought the goblet to her lips, her fingers brushing against his on the way. She smelled the wine, then brought the goblet back down right below her breasts.

"So you must be the mage my little sister mentioned meeting! What an absolute delight to finally meet you! I'm Yvanna."

"Glad to to meet you too. I'm Zalen, known here as the Mage of the North."

"Oh? That sounds fascinating! What do you think of our beautiful city?"

Yvanna had grabbed his left arm and was smoothly leading him towards the nearby balcony. She was lightly squeezing his arm against her breast as she walked, a fact that definitely didn't escape his notice.

Neither did the the quick brush of her butt against him when she released his arm at the balcony and slipped between him and the balcony railing before settling on his right side.

"I'm sure you're going to fully enjoy everything this... city has to offer."

Zalen smiled and lowered his hand on the beautiful elven butt beside him.

"Oh, I'm sure I will." He had grabbed the thin fabric of her dress and was now slowly pulling it higher and higher. "I think I will thoroughly explore... all the beauty... and all the wonders... I can uncover."

By now the hem of the dress was high enough to reveal her whole silky behind for anyone who would happen to step into the balcony. Vivariel's gift told him that his little idea had been a good one, as did her lusty expression.

Pinching the dress in place with his left hand he began sliding his right hand down, slipping his fingers inside the elven beauty. Her lips parted a little, as if mimicking the ones around his fingers.

"I have to admit I have found your city far more alluring and inviting than I'd have expected," Zalen continued, moving his fingers inside her in a circular motion. "Like it was just waiting for me to thrust into a wild... adventure."

"Ooohh... it is... it is definitely waiting..."

The moonlight was making Yvanna's dress sparkle and it made for a beautiful contrast against the fair skin of her exposed behind.

There was a faint background chatter coming from the inside but other than that the city was quiet, just Yvanna's little moans filling his ears.

The elven beauty was rolling her hips against his fingers, clearly enjoying both his touch and the exposed situation.

"You know, with us here like this, there's really no way of knowing whether someone down there might be watching this way."

"You think someone might see us?"

"Could be," Zalen replied.

Yvanna shivered visibly, her moans intensifying.

"Someone might well be looking this way and see you getting pleasured by a human man."

Yvanna moaned even harder, now practically grinding her hips against his hand.

She was clearly getting close already.

He leaned closer to her.

"Until the red..."

Giving the base of ear a lick he pulled his fingers back, releasing her dress at the same time. Yvanna shivered, then turned to look at Zalen, her eyes still smoldering behind the mask. Her fingers brushed against the slight bulge formed by Zalen's thick cock.

She took a quick look around and as there was nobody else there she quickly squatted down, releasing his cock and capturing its tip in her mouth in one fluid move. Zalen could only watch mesmerized as the elven beauty's lips glided along his cock. He groaned from pleasure.

Just as suddenly she hopped back up, slipping his rod back inside his robe just in time before an elven couple passed the balcony entrance.

"I can't wait to feel that inside me," she whispered before walking away.

Well, he was definitely beginning to see the point of this two part system. By the time the candles turned red everyone would certainly be horny as hell!

As Zalen stepped out from the balcony he almost bumped into another elven lady. As he stepped aside to let her pass her fingers grabbed his bulge for a moment.

"Had to check if the contents delivered what the exterior promised," she murmured.

The woman was also on the mature side of the participants and was wearing a silvery dress which had the lower part made of long, vertical strips. Her mask was lined with feathers.

"Are you sure such a short check was enough? You are welcome to investigate further if you wish," Zalen replied.

"Oh, in that case..."

Her fingers slipped inside his robe, rubbing his cock against him with her palm.

"Ooh... Now I wonder if I have anything suitable for a gift of this quality."

Zalen smiled, slipping his hand within her dress.

"Oh, I think you do. I'm sure it will take some... hard negotiations though!"

"Oh, I'm always - Ooohh, those fingers..."

Zalen had begun pumping the elven lady's eager cunt with two fingers.

"Might I enquire your name? Or shall I just think of you as the exquisite beauty in the silver dress?"

"Aah... Your skill with words certainly matches your skill with your hands! Aaahhh... I'm Bhynn."

"I'm Zalen."

While his right hand was still busy within her dress he raised his left one to caress the side of her neck and then the base of her pointy ear.

Bhynn's response was to squeeze his cock, then pull him closer with it.

"Oohh... you'd better stop soon or I'll end up breaking the rules and slipping this inside me already!"

"Mm, sounds very tempting... But maybe we can wait until later." Zalen slipped his fingers back out and after a while the mature beauty released his cock, her expression slightly wistful.

"Oh, I'll be waiting... And wet."

Giving him one last steamy look she turned to walk away.

With a smile on his lips he walked towards the next room, pausing at the entrance.

Ah, there was Kity actually. And by the looks of it she was teasing some elven lady with her hands, with a slightly older male elf watching the foreplay with interest.

Good, Zalen had been wondering whether Kity's darker skin and very curvy butt would turn out to be too different for the fair-skinned and thin elves, but at least some of them didn't seem to mind.

As he was about to step inside the main hall he noticed the light suddenly flickering a little. Looking at the nearest candle he saw it was just about to change to red. The two halfling waitresses had also noticed the same thing and walked past him, apparently heading towards an exit.

The one who Zalen had flirted with earlier noticed him, stopped by the doorway and hiked up her skirt for a moment, wiggling her cute butt at him.

Although he had been going another way he suddenly changed his mind, instead walking after the sexy halfling. She looked surprised, then her face lit up as she waited for Zalen's approach.

The short woman grabbed his hand as he reached her, pulling him past the door and then through another one leading to a small storage room.

"I'm so thrilled you came!"

The halfling cutie pushed Zalen to sit on a storage chest before hopping on his lap. "We'd better be quick so you can return before they notice you're gone!"

She grabbed a vial of some liquid from a nearby shelf, pouring some of it on top of Zalen's dick that she had pulled free from his robes. "You're so huge I'll definitely need this!"

With that she tilted his cock upright again and lowered her hips, his hard cock beginning to enter inside the petite beauty.

She was tight. She was really tight. This didn't seem to faze her in any way though and she kept wiggling up and down, working his cock deeper and deeper inside her.

He had raised his hands on her neck, caressing first that, then moving onto her perky globes.


The horny little waitress had finally gotten him all the way in, which in her case meant two thirds of his cock, and had begun moving her hips up and down. She was still very tight but the added lubrication combined with her own juices helped enough that she could keep going.

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