tagNonHumanThe Harvest

The Harvest


The wind howled as thunder rolled in the distance. Lighting flashed across the dark night sky. The storm was rolling in as she walked down the sidewalk. The wind blew around her young body as she listened to her headphones.

She turned a corner and walked down they empty lots where the new houses were planned to be built. She didn't notice it in the sky as it flew towards the lot. Then it hit and she was thrown off her feet and into the road. Kandy laid dazed for a moment and realized she was laying in the street. She stood up and wiped off her skin tight jeans and tight pink top that clung to her eighteen year old breasts. She walked over to the side walk and into the lot. Her eyes widened at the sight of it.

It was a good meteorite and had a good size crater it created. She looked as it glowed a strange green and smoke slowly entered the air around it. Kandy pulled out her cell phone and began snapping pictures of it. She went to use it, but she had no service bars. She watched it and saw it move a little. Kandy slid the cell back into her pocket as she got a little closer and looked with squinting eyes.

Then it made a loud crack and opened a little. Kandy stood watching as it split and the green glow faded to black. She wasn't aware of the danger that had landed at her feet. It scanned her young body for her entrance and found it between her legs. It was about to take her down.

Then two small tentacles shot out and up her pant legs. She felt them wrap around her nice legs and the felt them prod her white panties. She let out a startled scream as the thin white fabric gave way and they were able to get into her. Her eyes widened as they began to have their way with her. Kandy fell to her knees as they raped her tight young pussy. She felt herself turn on as they rammed deeper into her and she began to squeal and moan.

More tentacles shot out and tore her top and bra off. Her nice tits fell out as they enwrapped her firm tits and squeezed them and teased her hard nipples. With the new sensations she felt her orgasm hit and he felt her sticky, warm cum flow. It began to suck her cum dry as she kept it flowing with the aliens rape. Kandy was his new girl for the moment and he was taking complete advantage of her.

The alien used the cum for food and they needed it to survive. Kandy was just the first victim, he planned on more. He needed it for the others on his planet. They had stopped taking women up to their ship and decided to come and steal it from the ones on Earth.

As the rape continued, her body weakened as he drank her cum. He kept going and going as she kept flowing heavy. He tore her tight jeans and panties off showing her nice body. She fainted as he gave her another large orgasm. She fell to the side unconscious. He pulled her down to the meteorite and finished sucking her cum.

He retracted his tentacles and stood up over the sexy nude body. He smiled and turned invisible. He walked out of the crater and into the suburban area. He headed towards a house on the corner and saw her by the pool. He eyed her nice body and watched her jump in and swim for a few. He decided to join her and she never noticed the water moving behind her. She swam to the side and turned as he pinned her to it and held her against it.

Stacy struggled as he enwrapped her legs and forced them open. She looked down and felt him rubbing his tentacle against her bikini bottoms. She was twenty two, blonde and sexy as hell. He used a tentacle and removed her top and then they wrapped her nice tits and squeezed them as she fought. Then the tentacle tore her thong off and shoved up into her tight, blonde haired pussy. Stacey's eyes widened as he began fucking her!

She was getting it rougher than normal as her body betrayed her mind and she felt her orgasm hit. She looked up as he sucked her cum and kept up on his thrusts. Stacey was now his as her body took the rape. He decided it was time to get her harder. He forced another tentacle deep into her pussy as she let out a squeal. They worked together and pounded her tight pussy as he drank her cum.

Stacey was getting off over and over as he squeezed her firm tits. He was loving her blonde pussy. She then felt one slip up her ass as she let out a scream and struggled against the tentacle. She was getting fucked and humiliated by the invisible alien. Stacey fainted and he finished her sexy body. He tossed her into a lounge chair and left her unconscious and nude. He left for more victims.

Back at the crater, a few black government trucks flew up and secured the area. The two main agents got out and walked to the crater and saw Kandy's nude body. They had her taken to their lab for examining. Agents Misty and Cassie was the two sexiest agents around and the toughest when it came to aliens.

"We got cum suckers." Cassie said taking a sample from the meteorite.

"Great, fucking great. Just what we need, a horny ass alien in search of cum, in a town full of women. You two load it up and take it to the lab. Get the cleaning crew in here fast and fill this hole. Cassie, lets go to the police station." Misty said as they walked away and left the crew to finish the work.

As they cleaned up the site, the alien headed down to another house and scanned it. He didn't find any woman worth harvesting for a block then found one all alone and from his scan, she was hot. He went inside for her.

He walked around and found her in her bedroom. She was in a tight, low cut, backless, strapless, leather dress that showed every inch of her sexy thirty two year old body. Julie was a divorced woman with blonde hair and a killer body. She zipped up her hooker boots and it added that touch she wanted. She looked in her mirror and smiled as he eyed her nice ass.

He wanted her cum and had to have it. Julie walked to the dresser and put some lipstick on and smiled. He was behind her as she bent over to slip some cash inside her boot. Her dress slid up over her ass cheeks showing her pink leather thong. He reached out and grabbed her hips and prodded her thong. Julie looked back startled.

Julie was lacking sex and the sensation of the prodding cock moistened her thong fast. He felt her thong drip with cum and he grinned as he made a fast thrust. The leather gave out and he was deep inside her. She closed her eyes and held her dresser as he pounded her hard and deep. He pulled her dress down and revealed her nice tits. He quickly enwrapped them and even smaller tentacles got her nipples and pulled and teased them as she moaned.

She was his now and he took full advantage of her nice body. She moaned and got off as he began to suck her cum. She squealed as it felt so good to her. He kept up the pace of the teasing of her tits and the fucking of her pussy. After a while she began to grow weaken as he sucked her dry.

Julie fainted as he finished sucking her dry. He smiled as he dropped her to the floor and looked at her tits. He slid his tentacle between them and into her pretty mouth and she sucked it as she swallowed his green cum.

He left Julie's house and went out to her porch. It was pouring down rain outside. He looked around the other houses and saw a car pull up a few houses away. A woman got out and ran onto her porch. He followed behind her fast and liked looking at her ass. She stood in a soaked white tee shirt and tight little short shorts. She had no bra on and like the bare tits under the tee shirt. She walked in as he followed her. She locked and closed the door.

Jessica was a sexy, short haired, blonde and all by herself at home. She stood dripping with water and lifted her top and revealed the nice tits. She dropped her shorts showing her purple, lace panties. She took them to the basement and put them in the washer. He locked the upstairs door and followed her down, she was trapped.

He watched her take the panties off and there it was a nice trimmed beaver. He walked up and stood waiting to get her as she reached into the dryer and pulled out some clothes. She bent over to get a thong she dropped as he made his move.

He used the tentacles to get her wrists and he pulled her arms behind her and wrapped them together. Small tentacles enwrapped her nice young tits and squeezed them. She struggled and wiggled as they got her ankles and pulled her legs open wide. Jessica cried for help and felt him slide the big cock into her and he began to fuck her. She screamed as he rammed her hard and deep as her skinny body jerked with the hard thrusts.

She felt it coming on and looked up and screamed as the best orgasm she ever had hit. Her pussy tightened around the cock as he pounded it into her. He smiled as her cum began to flow and he started the harvest of her nineteen year old pussy. He held her hips as she grew tired fast. She fell to her knees as he pounded her even deeper.

He shoved her face to the floor and had her little ass up in the air as he drained her cum and her cum. He was enjoying his job as Jessica's body twitched under him. An hour later, she fainted and he released her nice body. She was left on the floor nude and screwed as he left her house in search for more cum.

Outside the rain had stopped and he looked around her neighborhood. He walked on down the road and found a bar. He decided to go check it out. The black trucks were close and investigating the recent rapes of his victims that woke up. He on the other hand was in a bar and found the bar tender alone in the office.

Cricket was a twenty five year old woman with a great body. She had light brown hair and loved to get high. She walked out and into the bathroom holding a joint as he followed. She wore skin tight jeans, a tight little tank top and was about to light the joint when her pill bottle fell. He picked it up and opened it, he shoved five pills down her throat as she gagged on the unexpected entrance. It was ecstasy, and fast acting as she looked around.

Her nipples hardened and popped out as he watched her get turned on. She smoked the joint and had the other hand on her crotch, rubbing it hard as he watched her jeans darken with her cum. He smiled as she moaned and took them off showing her bare pussy. She began fingering herself as the drugs sent her into a sexual bliss like she never had experienced before. Her cum began dripping from her hand as she moaned and tossed the joint down so she could feel up her firm tit. She was getting off as he watched her now nude body get violated by her own hands. He decided to take over and sent out the tentacles and got her wrists and waist. She was lifted up and he began fucking her as she moaned and squealed and he sucked her cum.

She was bouncing up and down on the large cock as he watched her big tits bounce with the movements. He was loving the sight of the high woman on his cock and was draining her body dry of cum. Cricket was all about sex now and was shaking as her body got off over and over. She fainted as he kept bouncing her up and down on the large cock. He dropped the sexy bartender to the floor and left her. He walked out and found a woman in the bar looking around.

She was a short, thirty five year old blonde. Brandy was looking for her friend, the bar tender he just fucked senseless in the bathroom. She went behind the bar and poured herself a few shots as he checked her out. Skin tight mini skirt, high heels and a tight strapless tube top over her big tits. She was a sexy bitch and knew it. He cornered her behind the bar as she bent over showing her nice ass and white thong. He stood behind her smiling at the sight.

The he attacked her! Tentacles flew all around her and got her wrists, legs and little waist. Brandy struggled as her top was torn off showing her big tits. He wrapped a tentacle around her throat and tightened as he ripped her thong off showing her pussy. He rammed up into fast and deep making her moan. He ravaged the short girl and was making her wet as he fucked her. She closed her eyes as her pussy dripped with her cum. He began the harvest and began draining her nice body.

Brandy shook as her body got off with the best orgasm she ever had. He felt her pussy lips tighten around the cock and he went deeper. She felt it enter her so far it kind of hurt, but the tentacle made her cum flow faster. She never had so much cock inside her short body. She fainted and he dropped her to the floor. He heard trucks speed up and slide to a stop. He ran to the rear exit as the agents rushed inside the bar. He smiled at the two sexy agents and ran down the alley. He escaped them, just barely.

Misty and Cassie had the two women taken to the lab and the place searched and cleaned up. They knew they just missed him. Misty got her cell and called in for back up. He ran down the alley as fast as he could as he saw more trucks and a helicopter heading to the bar. He smiled and ran into a wooded area. They searched the area for hours and waited for another rape call. He had disappeared into the night for now.

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