tagNonHumanThe Harvest Ch. 02

The Harvest Ch. 02


Nicholas had the weirdest sensation that he was floating on his back in the middle of a swimming pool. He had done this before back home - snuck out to his parent's pool in the middle of the night and just floated naked on an air mattress, looking up at the stars and jacking off.

But tonight, he looked up and couldn't see the stars. It was just dark though he swore he could hear crickets in the distance.

He soon realized he wasn't floating on an air mattress in a pool, he was lying nude on what looked like a mass of wet gray worms. A panic started to rise in him, as he tried to sit up, but the mass gently reshaped itself to keep him lying back.

He looked over at the edge of this "pool" and saw a giant black and gray squid-like figure. And it came back to Nicholas that he was on an alien ship.

"Hello?" he shouted, but the squid-like figure just watched him flounder on his back while the wormy mass undulated like waves beneath him.

The mass even sounded like waves on the shore. He felt both calm and anxious - the sound was lulling him to sleep, but his eyes darted at the mass as strands of wet tentacles were unravelling around him.

The strands wetly wound themselves around his fingers and toes, pulling him spreadeagle. He gulped at the air, worried that he'd be pulled under, but then he felt some strands nuzzle around his anus. They rolled together to form a thicker tendril and pushed in. The effect was immediate - Nicholas' face was red with embarrassment as he sprouted an erection.

He watched fascinated as a number of thin tentacles arched up around his erection, mimicking his curve, mimicking his twitching. Some moved to encircle the base of his penis, and even Nicholas was proud of how ruddy and thick his dick was looking.

Other tentacles peeled back to reveal little nostrils - small openings that oozed lubricant. These tentacles twisted around the length of his shaft, massaging his glistening organ while greasing it up with their alien lube. Then these tentacles would flare wider, like a cobra's hood and encase his dickhead in an almost transparent sticky embrace.

At this, Nicholas was gasping. He knew he was going to come soon. He lifted up his head to look at the tentacles working his dick, but soon a coil of tentacles encircled his neck to hold him down. It did not choke him, but like a secure leash, he was held in position while enjoying the odd sensation that all of his extremities - his fingers, toes and dick - were being wetly massaged and suckled on.

Maybe the aliens think my fingers and toes will cum too, Nicholas thought.

But the alien cephalopods stayed primarily focused on his penis. They would wrap and pump him, but then retreat when Nicholas began to pant. It was as if they didn't want him to cum too fast this time.

Meanwhile, the tendrils that went up his anus were still up inside him. They had found his prostate gland and were pushing against it.

Finally the sensations were too much. Nicholas began shaking his head and panting, "I'm going to cum!" All the tentacles began to move faster and with a gasp, Nicholas found himself thrusting his hips against the coils of tentacles. He managed to strain against the collar to look at his dick spurting inside the alien tubule.

It was an energetic orgasm. Nicholas flailed his arms and legs about, straining against the alien's coils. He was quite sure he had delivered quite a load, and even when the tubule slid off his wet dick, he was still dripping onto his belly.

The squid-like creature easily slid over the mass toward him. Then it reached for the tubule that had caught his sperm, plucked it out and returned to the side of the pool.

As all the tentacles began sliding off him, Nicholas sat up and looked at the alien.

Telepathically, the alien placed a phrase in his mind, "Enough."

"Enough? You're not going to jack me off anymore?"

The alien seemed to nod, "Enough. Next, level 2."

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by Anonymous

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by wanker6302/25/18

:) milking

Oh yeah, I wanna be milked like that for sure ! :)

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by JJ12296411/05/17

Great Story line

Love this line...more please.

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by Anonymous09/27/17

Level 2, please :-)

We need more tentacled guys stories

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More Harvesting! =o) Love the tentacles that milk helpless males!

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