tagNonHumanThe Harvest Ch. 02

The Harvest Ch. 02


He walked and found a woman getting to her car. He walked up behind her as she unlocked the door. Darcy was a hot thirty three year old with some big double d cups. He liked her tight tank top and skin tight jeans. He decided he wanted to drive and liked her Jaguar. He sent his tentacles out and they got her ankles and wrists. She struggled as a large tentacle went around her little waist and it lifted her up. He had one around her neck as he used it to bend her over. She felt her top and jeans get torn off showing her black bra and thong.

She looked around as her bra fell and her thong was ripped off as her nice pussy was exposed. She wiggled as he sank his cock deep into her as she closed her eyes. He enwrapped her big tits and hardened nipples. Darcy was his now as he pounded her nice body hard and deep. She began to get turned on as the tentacles had there way with her. Her cum began to flow and he sucked her dry. He laughed as her orgasm hit and she moaned.

He finished as she was knocked out and tossed into the bushes. He had her keys and got in. He fired it up and sped away. He drove to a store and got out. He looked, a Wal-mart. There was always women there, he parked and went inside to investigate.

He walked in as he scanned and found a woman walking into the bathroom. He smiled at the petite woman and her nice body. He followed her into the bathroom and saw her washing her hands. She had long blonde hair, small but perky tits, and a great little ass. Amanda was the night cashier and was taking her break. He stood there aiming at her tight jeans and top.

She turned as they got her legs and pulled. She fell to her back as they pinned her down and stripped her top and bra. He smiled and began to wrap her tits up tight. He used a milking motion as she struggled. Her jeans were peeled off and her panties removed showing her nice little pussy. He then proceeded to ram her with the large tentacle as she cried for help.

She was alone and getting fucked hard by the alien as he began to turn her on. Her pussy began to moisten as her body began to betray her mind. Amanda never had such good sex and was starting to enjoy it as her cum began to seep out around the cock. He began to steal her cum as she closed her eyes and moaned. He drained her dry as she felt the suction on her lips and liked it.

Amanda fainted and was fucked good. He finished sucking her dry and retracted his tentacles. He walked out of the bathroom and left her on the floor naked. He walked around the store and didn't find any other woman he wanted to drain. He went out and drove off in the car. He saw some apartment buildings and pulled in.

Cassie and Misty helped Darcy onto the stretcher as they talked to her. Cassie ran over to her truck and put out an a.p.b. on the stolen Jaguar. She pulled up the low jack number and it was searching. Misty stood looking around as Cassie walked up smiling.

"We got the car." Cassie said.

""Where?" Misty asked looking at the tablet.

"Riverview Apartments. He is there more than likely searching for more victims. There will be more victims, it's like a low income apartment complex. So single mothers and single women. We gotta move." Cassie said as they got into there truck and drove away as they had back up on the way.

He walked into the first building and began scanning the apartments. He scanned it and smiled. He had found a sexy Spanish woman in her place, alone. He went inside too get a better look at her nice ass.

Mellissa stood in her black and white bra and thong set showing her nice thirty four year old body. She was a mother of five and you couldn't tell by her flat belly or perky c cups. The kids were either at their friends or their grandmother's place for the night. He eyed her up and down, happy with the new found victim.

Mellissa had long black hair, a great body, and long legs. He was watching her tan body as she sat on the bed. She popped some pills and laid backwards on the silk sheets. She smiled as she felt the drugs entering her blood stream. She had her legs open wide and he was standing between them. He found the perfect spot of entry to her body and let out a tiny tentacle. It slipped her thong to the side showing her pink pussy, Mellissa never felt it.

She laid on her bed stoned as he had his cock aimed at her nice pussy. He had the tiny tentacles go up and remove her bra. She looked down as her nice tits were out in the open. She laughed as he wrapped them with the tentacles and then the tiny ones pulled her hard nipples as she moaned. She closed her eyes as the teasing turned her on. He slowly sank his cock into her warm body as she arched her back. He began to fuck her as she moaned and squealed.

He had the woman under his control, the drugs helped him out. He pounded her deep and hard as she took it. He laughed and kept fucking her hard then harder as she squealed louder. He squeezed her tits as she let loose of the orgasm she was holding back. She screamed as it hit. Her long legs wrapped around him as she got in the rhythm and he felt himself going even deeper into her.

He harvested her for at least an hour. She finally fainted and fell limp. He retracted the tentacles and stood there. He smiled as he shoved in again and fucked her for his own fun. After a while, he was running low on energy, he needed more cum. He went out to the hall and scanned some more apartments. He found another one and went inside to check her out.

She was sitting on the couch watching television. She had on some flannel pajama pants and a tight white tank top showing her nice rack. No bra, just two pink nipples showing through the top. She got up and went into the kitchen and bent over into the fridge. Her pants tightened around her nice ass and he licked his lips waiting to get in her. She stood up and opened her soda as her nipples had hardened and popped out. He smiled at them.

Shawn Etta was a sexy, twenty seven year old with a great gym kept body. She had brown hair, had a great tan, and pretty lips. Her body was well known around town and the apartments. She was a stripper and well known for the lap dances. She even required extra as she would move it to the side for them to get in. She was well kept, loved money and sex. She was about to meet her match.

He grabbed her throat and lifted her up off the floor. She kicked as her pants fell off showing her nice ass and bare pussy. He got her ankles and pulled them apart as he sank it into her well used pussy. Shawn Etta went to scream but he tightened his grasp on her as he fucked her hard.

Her top was torn off and the tits was enwrapped and milked as she held her eyes closed and fought her mind. It was telling her to like it but she knew she was being raped. Then the alien shoved deeper making her moan. He kept shoving it that way and finally he had her.

Her mouth open and eyebrows went up as he felt the warmth running. He began to harvest her as he gained energy. He fucked her for a while as she bounced on the big cock. The stripper pussy had enough and she passed out. He finished fucking her and dropped her to the kitchen floor. He left the building and saw a woman by her car.

She was fighting with her car door as he walked up looking at her young, skinny little ass. He watched her tight shirt bouncing with two firm tits under it. He looked at her ass and the sweatpants were so tight that there was no sign of panties. She kicked the door and turned as he attacked her.

The tall, skinny twenty year old was tied around her wrists, ankles and throat. She tried to fight as he tightened his grip. She felt her top rip off showing her tits as they wrapped them up and squeezed. She felt a large tentacle shove between her lips and down her throat as she sucked it. He laughed and ripped her sweats off showing a nice shaved pussy.

He sank it deep inside her and fucked her violently as she took the enormous cock. She closed her eyes as her cum flowed fast. He harvested her and finished draining her. He dropped her and stood over her naked body.

He turned and scanned the other building and smiled as he found a new victim. She went into her apartment and checked her out. She looked like she just got off work. Chasey stood in her tight black pants and tight uniform top. She had the best set of tits at her job. She was kind of short, blonde hair, and a set of double do's. She went to the bathroom and began to take off her clothes.

She got down to her purple lace bra and panty set as he got ready to attack. He watched her bend over and turn the knobs on. He eyed her ass and smiled as she dropped the thin panties to her ankles. He couldn't wait, he wanted her!

Chasey screamed as he sent the tentacles out and they took her arms and legs over. She wiggled as a large one went around her waist and one around her throat. She struggled as they bent her over and he was in her in no time. She was crying as the large cock tore into her body greedily. He had grown lustful and was about to fuck any sexy female he could find!

Her bra fell as he took her tits over and teased them until she got off. She moaned as her cum flowed for the invader. She was getting boned hard and fast as the cum dripped. He harvested her for as long as he could. Finally, the short blonde fell limp. He kept fucking her for awhile and filled her pussy with his green slime. He laughed as his sperm flowed inside her body. He dropped her and went for more cum.

While he was fucking the sexy Chasey, outside Cassie and Misty helped the skinny girl into the van. She was taken to the lab for research. The two agents saw the Jaguar and looked around. The two agents used there goggles to search for him.

Misty walked down Chasey's hallway and looked in as he finished with the blonde. She ran to the door and kicked in the door. He walked out as he saw her holding the gun, she saw him with the goggles. She gasped as he stopped and checked her out. She was sexy in her tight black pants and button up white blouse. Misty was a red headed hot agent. She also was one of the best alien hunters the government had.

"Got you now!" She said aiming at him.

She began walking towards him slowly as he eyed her cleavage. Misty was close enough for him to reach out and touch. He waited, he was going to let her savor the moment.

"Cum sucker huh?" She asked checking on Chasey in the bathroom.

She looked in as he smiled and grabbed her ass. She went to look as he punched her face, her goggles flew across the room. She tried to aim but a tentacle got her wrist and bent it back. She went to cry in pain as one flew down her mouth, silencing her. She dropped the gun as other tentacles took her other wrist and ankles. The sexy agent was now defenseless.

He smiled as he tore her blouse off and opened her little, white bra. Her tits fell out as tentacles wrapped them up fast and teased them. She wiggled around in his grasp as he sent tentacles up her pants legs and ripped them off showing her white thong. She felt them prodding her pussy and whimpered as they turned her on.

He smiled and shoved the large cock up into her body. He bent her over the couch and began fucking her violently as she tried to scream. Misty's pussy was his. He was claiming the tight agent as her cum was now his. She was getting off as he drained her body. The couch shook with the movements of the two.

After a short while, Misty gave in and fainted as he scanned the wall and waited. He kept fucking her as he switched modes. He smiled and had her still getting off as he decided to fill her up with his green slime. He felt her pussy tighten around his cock and then he moaned and filled her up. He pumped her over full of cum. It poured out and onto the carpet as he sent the sperm looking for eggs. He pulled out and dropped her to the floor. He then sprayed her face and chest with the green sperm. He heard the others and ran out into the hall. He scanned and found one.

She was an eighteen year old, who never had sex, yes, a virgin. She was hot and topless as she got high in the living room. Her thong was halfway down showing her ass nicely. She bent over and it fell to the floor showing her pussy. He smiled and grabbed her hips. She looked back and then he had her.

Tentacles tied her up and she wiggled as her tits got pulled and pinched. She giggled as a tiny tentacle teased her virgin pussy, then got her clit and wrapped around it. She moaned as it began to pull and milk it until she was turned on. Kristy was now losing her mind as the sensation from her clit got her wet. He smiled as he saw it drip from her pussy. Then, he entered her as she moaned and smiled.

He began fucking her hard and fast as Cassie found her partner. She had the others get her out and to the lab. She put her goggles on and began searching the apartment for him. He wasn't there, he was sucking Kristy's virgin pussy dry.

He finished as he heard footsteps by the door. Kristy's body was dropped to the floor as he walked to the door and smiled at the sight. Cassie knocked hard as he laughed at her. She had two men standing behind her as he scanned her sexy body up and down. He decided there was no room for the other men.

She went to kick as two tentacles shot through the door and into the men's chest. They screamed in pain as he pulled there hearts out. He squeezed them and the blood sprayed Cassie. She screamed and fell to her ass as he dropped the hearts in her lap. She scooted away and opened fire on the door. She stopped and waited as her goggles adjusted. Then her goggles cut off and shut down. She pulled them off and looked at them. They had been broke where the battery was.

Now he smiled as he eyed her tight blouse and gorgeous cleavage. She stood up as he worked his eyes down from her tits, to her firm, flat belly and to her tight pants showing her crotch. He grinned at the area he wanted inside of. She walked into the apartment and found the eighteen year old on the floor. He stood behind her as she bent over to check her pulse. He sent them out to get Cassie.

She stood up as they got her wrists and ankles. She struggled as one got her waist and tightened. Then a big one around her neck, it tightened as she fought. He laughed as he tore her top off showing her black bra. Her bra lasted ten seconds and they was revealed. The tit's the whole agency wanted to see. Her rookie tits bounce around with hard nipples. He quickly subdued her nice tits and had them in his grip. She felt her pants rip off showing her black thong and nice ass cheeks.

She looked as the thong was ripped off and her nice pussy was out in the open. She was now stripped and in trouble. He op0ened her legs and slammed up into her tight body. She closed her eyes and cried as it hurt. The cock was so big and fast that it was making her orgasm kick in. She fought it as her body got ravaged. Not even her partner, a seasoned agent, could stand his cock and got off. She was fighting it as he thrust the cock hard and deep. Her body lifted up and down with it.

After ten minutes of fighting, she lost it and the orgasm hit her. Cassie's pussy lips tightened as her juices began to flow. He smiled and began harvesting her as she became his newest victim. He was loving his enemy and she showed it as she rode the cock for a while. She grew weak as her body kept getting off, over and over.

Cassie finally gave in and hung limp. He finished and dropped her to the floor. He looked at her nice ass and smiled. He smacked her ass cheek till it was a bright red. He decided to have a little more fun with the agent. He separated her ass cheeks and sank the cock deep into her ass. He anal rapped her for fun. She didn't move as he had his way with her tight ass hole. After a while, he filled it up and pulled out. He went to the hallway laughing.

Misty stepped out in front of him wearing her goggles. She aimed the gun at him as she stood nude.

"You cum sucking mother fucker!" She said firing at him.

The blasts from her gun hit him. He screamed as he blew into pieces. Misty watched cum flew at her and soaked her naked body. She slipped and fell to her ass in the slick cum. One of the tentacles flew up and into her pussy. She slid backwards and screamed from the quick pussy invasion. She reached down and pulled it out as it wiggled around in her hand. It swung and hit her jaw. She tossed it up and fired at it. It was blown to pieces. She stood as cum dripped from her tits and the rest of her naked body. She took off the goggles and went to check on Cassie.

She helped her partner up and they went to the bathroom and cleaned up. Misty took some Kristy's clothes and they got dressed. They walked out into the hall in the tight outfits showing their nice bodies off. The backup arrived and rushed up as Misty pointed to the rooms. The two agents left and drove to the lab to check on the other victims. The alien had been defeated, even though he enjoyed both agents. He was gone and dead, but there was still other aliens up there. Just like him, seeking the cum of women to satisfy there hunger. Needless to say, he was the first of them.

After the alien had been dealt with, Misty was put in charge of the first group of alien fighters. Cassie was her next in charge. They had a group of tough women and was training them to fight aliens. Now, since the public knew, the government had to get a grip on the situation. Captain Misty was the best fighter and she taught Cassie everything she knew. They were now armed and ready to fight the alien scum. Could they keep defeating the evil aliens that tried to take over the planet or rape women?

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