tagErotic HorrorThe Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon


It was murk and midnight hour, my body twisted the moon beams light off their course and scattered them like bits of lace over the soft moss under my toes. The candles outlining a circle around me cast flames with dancing reflections into the shadows. I smile and raise my pale hands, one empty and one grasping the sharpened bone of my long dead lover over my head. I then start to twist in time with dance of the fire surrounding me.

My eyes roll back in my head and my body moves with the flames. I feel the energy in my veins course through me. I move the sharpened down femur so its directly in front of me, I quiver in anticipation, I've waited so long for this moment. I run the sharp edge down my palm, my warm skin pushing back against the cold bone. I moan in pleasure as my crimson blood blossoms in response to my loves touch.

Gabriel died long before me. I'd never embraced him, never had I felt his flesh move against mine or his lips trace my sensitive skin, but tonight I would. Gabriel haunted me since I was young, he was the one who told me I was a witch. He was my guardian, my friend, my lover, and the one who was always there when I needed him. He whispered sweet nothings in my ear late at night when I couldn't resist the mortal pleasure of my own fingers. He walked my dreams, his gray blue eyes bright and his hands strong, loving me in a way no one had dared. I'd told him I needed him in the flesh, and his cool presence had surrounded me, then I heard his voice echo in my head.

"Sweet Samantha, my darling hush those thoughts, you aren't mad, I exist."

I tremble, could this be true?

"Little one its true as what I am to tell you, that you may have me in the flesh at the murk and midnight hour on the harvest moon, let your flesh be taken by mine, and let the mother have it widdershins." Then the voice was silent and all I was left with was a long white bone in my hands.

So there I stood bare under the harvest moon and started to dance, the pads of my feet dancing quietly on the moss, and my blood gently spattering dark onto our mother, as I moved and twisted counter clockwise around the circle of candles.

Once I completed my course around the ring I stopped. and walked to the center. I was surrounded in the ring of flame that guided my path, and a ring of my flesh taken by Gabriel's bone. Had I done the spell correctly, or was I insane and had merely hallucinated his voice in my head?

"My sweet sweet little Samantha" I heard murmured behind me, and I turn around in awe.

"Gabriel" I whisper in amazement.

The strong body of an equally nude man shines in the moonlight. This real flesh stands before me and smiles down at me.

"Hello little one, I've waited what seems like an eternity for this moment".

I'm stunned, part of me hadn't believed this would work, but before I could stutter out another word he takes me into his arms and presses his beautiful mouth to mine. Tangling his fingers in my long red hair and holding me to him. It was like everything i'd always dreamed and imagined, his body cradling my small one to his, claiming mine as his own.

As I lose myself in his kiss I barely notice that I'm now splayed on the soft ground in the center of circle, and that his hands are roaming my body. His lips pull from mine and I whimper, but they move to my throat and my whimper turns to a moan.

Mid moan his teeth cut into the base of my neck, bruising the flesh and letting a dribble of warm blood cascade down into a pool in the hallow of my collar bone, where he eagerly laps it up. The throbbing pain is somehow pleasurable, and his eager licks turn my sex slick.

"Do you enjoy this little one? is it everything you hoped for?" He whispers darkly.

His eyes have a strange glint in them.

"Are you sure you made the right choice in choosing a dead man as a lover?"

I felt as if I should be scared, any sane women should be, but the wetness between my legs and his hands playing with the swollen pink buds of my breasts made me irrational. Made me not care that he was biting my hip, again hard enough to leave the pale skin purple and so that a small rivulet of blood pooled in the crevice of my hip and abdomen where he again licked it up greedily.

His lips were stained a sensual shade of red, and the formed words were heard but no comprehended.

"you know the dead have to feed don't you Samantha? I'll make it as pleasurable as I can but the blood offering you brought to bring me here isn't enough to keep me here, if you want me for the night you'll have to let me have more of you"

"yes" I moan "whatever it takes".

"good girl" he says.

He works his lips up to my breasts, were he gently sucks each taught nipple. I was so aroused, I think I would do anything for him to continue. Though his words were dark, and his teeth any moment could bite into me again I was unafraid. He was surprisingly gentle with me, his hands caressing my body lovingly. His lips moved back down to my hip, were he licked the remains of the already drying blood and continued to the smooth parts of my girlhood.

Being a witch meant that you stayed in the body of a young girl, never growing the unsightly hair of being a woman. I may look mature, with long red hair and wise bright blue eyes, but my body was still the body of my childhood.

The tip of his tongue traced delicious patterns into my inner thigh, mixed with his ice cold breath it sent strong shivers down my spine making me clench my fingers into the soft moss I was pressed too. The candle flames and moon shine danced over our bodies, his silky brown hair shining from between my legs in the dim light.

"my darling you're soaked." Gabriel murmurs in surprise, "why you've damped the moss beneath you."

I blush, the candlelight complementing the warm hue of my cheeks and body obviously.

" you blush beautifully little one, it pleases me to see your warm blood rising to greet me."

Making me blush even brighter.

I feel his lips return to my soft milky thigh, then his beautiful sharp teeth cut through the thin flesh as if it were butter. he suckles the cut, and it's so close to my entrance my juices drip down to the corner of his lip. he grins and alternates licking up to the edge of my entrance, teasing me, and back to the bite on my thigh.

"Gabriel please, I beg you I need it." I moan.

"then have it you shall."

With those words parted from his lips he licks up from the wound, lapping the syrup from my entrance and pressing his tongue into me. I moan and raise my hips for more, my needy clit throbbing as his tongue explores my inner walls of my temple. He removes his tongue and replaces it with a long elegant finger, sliding it knuckle deep into me. His tongue takes one more lap at my bloody thigh then finally relishes on the throbbing center of my pleasure making me scream out his name.

"Gabriel" I cry.

His teasing had brought me close, and his free hand reached up to continue to play with my erect nipples nearly sending me over the edge.

"Oh please may I cum for you?" I gasp.

"Not yet darling, not yet"

Making me cry out in frustration, as his finger was joined by another, stretching me, preparing me for what was to come. His teeth gently graze the edge of my little clit as he suckles me. I gasp in shock, fearful he'd bite down on my most sensitive part, but instead he swirled his skilled tongue in quick circles around my aching nub. The fear of his teeth was only heightening my arousal making me beg harder for Gabriel to let me cum.

"Please" I cry out. " I can't hold back any longer!"

He looks up at me and chuckles against my clit. I hear his voice in my head as his lips continue to pleasure me.

"then cum little one".

I let myself fall into the waves off pure unbridled bliss, my cunt clenching his fingers, and my hips bucking against his face, the taught skin reopening the tender bite on my hip letting the blood come forth again. I moan in excasty as he laps up the warm blood from my hip.

Before I can recover I'm suddenly flipped over onto my stomach, the mossy ground scratching at my swollen tits. Gabriel bends over me and licks the edge of my ear sending quivers through me, "now for what you've been waiting for darling". Suddenly I feel his hard cock skimming up and down my moist slit, teasing me, I beg him to satisfy me again, and he complies and slips his entire hot pulsing member into my hungry entrance.


I hiss as he fucks me against the dirt at the full moons peak. I feel myself grow wetter at each stroke of his throbbing cock. He grew bolder with each thrust my wetness allowing him to push harder into me, slamming into the very back of me with his impressive length.

"Gabriel I'm growing close again."

He only responds with a animalistic groan and to bite into my fleshy shoulder letting the blood drip down my spine. He pounds me, the fresh blood giving him renewed vigor.

"My sweet Samantha cum with me " he growls in my ear, and I throw my head back at his word and comply.

My body quakes and I scream at the glowing moon, my orgasm sending my lover into oblivion with me. I feel him finish and his cock squirt its hot milk into me, filling me to the brim with his pleasure.

He sits up, and pulls me from my stomach into his lap, nuzzling my throat and kissing the rest of the blood gently from my shoulder.

I sigh and nuzzle into his chest "Cant this be forever my dear?" I whisper against his throat.

"Once you crossover yes little one, but until then I'll still watch over you, be with you when you need me most, and guard your dreams from nightmares, but until then my sweet you will have to wait until the next harvest moon."

A tear slides down my cheek and I cling to his chest, sore from my rough fucking.

"Gabriel ill miss you" "and I you little one" he responds.

He kisses my lips softly, leaving the salty taste of blood on my lips. His hands roam my body brushing off the bits of debris clinging to my skin.

"let's get you home, I'll be with you in your dreams my sweet Samantha".

I cuddle to his chest and let myself be lulled into an exhausted sleep in his arms. When I awoke I was in my bed covered in bite shaped bruises, with a sharpened femur and a dark red rose sitting on my bedside table with a note saying:

"until next harvest moon"

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