tagNonHumanThe Haunted House Ch. 01

The Haunted House Ch. 01


The house had been too good of a deal to pass up. It was only after the deal had gone through and the day before she was to move in that Jennifer found out why the price had been so low. "People claim it's haunted," the real estate agent told her with a wink to show he didn't believe it, but that the local yokels did. Jennifer had laughed at the time. The house did have that classic Adam's family look about it, secluded, two story gothic, high on a hill with no neighbors around and a rickety picket fence surrounding it. Sure it needed some paint and the wiring would have to be redone, but haunted? Jennifer didn't believe in that kind of nonsense.

That was then. Now, Jennifer was not so sure. The moving men had worked fast all that day as if they didn't want to be in the house any longer than they had to. In record time she was moved in for her first night in the house. Everything had seemed fine until she woke up a few minutes ago. A glance at the alarm on nightstand said it was just past midnight and she wondered what had woken her up. Somewhere in the house there was a creaking noise. Just a shutter or a door somewhere she told herself and decided to get up to look around. Jennifer could not help but think of the horror movies where poking around in a dark haunted house was the last thing people did...literally.

Determined not to let her nerves get the better of her, Jennifer stood up and reached for her robe. Just as her fingers touched it, a bright flash of lightning lit up the sky outside the window followed almost instantly by a loud crack of thunder. When her heart started to beat again, Jennifer wondered where the hell that storm had come from. The forecast had been for clear skies for the next week and not a cloud had been visible when she had gone to bed two hours before. She stood watching the lightning for a minute as intense flashes lit up the sky. If there had been someone in the room with her, they would have gotten an eyeful as each flash displayed her buxom form for an instant. Dressed in a gauzy nightie, the flashes made it seem totally transparent as if she was standing there nude and that was an awe inspiring sight. Jennifer had very blonde shoulder length hair, pure blue eyes, full sensuous lips, a 44DD set of melons that men lusted after at first sight and a pair of hips that could launch an entire navy with one wiggle.

After a minute of watching the storm, Jennifer put on her robe, but didn't bother to tie it and it gaped open in front as she left the bedroom on slippered feet. The creaking noise seemed to be on this floor and she paused to try and pinpoint it further. It seemed to be coming from down the hall, from what the real estate agent said used to be the children's bedroom for the original owners. Jennifer padded down to the room and reached for the doorknob. She touched it and then pulled back her hand in surprise, it was icy cold to the touch! Hesitantly she reached again for the knob and found it to be at a normal temperature. Don't let your imagination run away with you she admonished herself and opened the door and stepped into the room. The cause of the creaking was immediately apparent. There was a large wooden wardrobe in the room. Too big to bother moving, it had been locked when she toured the house and had thought no more of it. Now, however, the doors to the wardrobe swung open and shut making the creaking sound. How the doors had gotten unlocked and what was making them open and shut was a total mystery and even as she watched the doors stopped moving and hung open for her to see inside.

The wardrobe was about six feet high, with legs that raised the bottom of the doors about a foot off the floor. It was about four feet wide and about three feet deep with a bar running across the top for hangers though there were none left. In the back corner of the wardrobe, Jennifer could see something sitting on the floor and in a flash of lightning, she saw it was a stuffed teddy bear. It was brown, about three feet in height and looked a little worse for the wear, probably forgotten by some child in the hurry of moving. There was another flash of lightning and for just a second Jennifer thought she saw the eyes in the bear flash a bright red, but surely that was just some type of optical trick. Curious Jennifer went over to the wardrobe and started to reach for the bear. It was just out of her reach as she bent down to pick it up so she started to crawl partway into the wardrobe. At that point her robe caught on something, a nail perhaps, and since it was not tied it fell off her leaving Jennifer in just her flimsy nightie kneeling on the floor of the wardrobe.

The thing was deeper than she first thought as she could still not quite reach the bear and she crawled forward a bit. Suddenly the doors to the wardrobe creaked shut and smacked her on the ass sending her sprawling inside the wardrobe. Jennifer gave a little squeal and suddenly found herself in total dark as the doors had closed. When she got to her knees, she found that they had locked themselves again trapping her inside. She was trying hard not to panic when she heard something moving in the darkness of the wardrobe. Panicked, she felt around the wardrobe and her fingers brushed against the fur of the bear. Suddenly in the total dark of the wardrobe, she saw the two glowing red eyes again and the bear moved under her touch. Recoiling in fear, Jennifer backed against the far wall of the wardrobe and watched in horror as the two eyes began to move towards her. There was the odd shuffling sound, like the sound a fluffy teddy bear would make if it could walk,

Jennifer watched in horror as the eyes got closer to her then she felt the furry body pressing against her chest as she knelt there petrified. Soft furry paws felt at her breasts through the nightie and she shook off her fear enough to reach down and try to push the thing away from her. To her surprise, she found she could not budge the furry thing that was clinging to her and then she gasped as her hands brushed against something hard and throbbing. This is impossible...it can't be happening she though as her hands closed over what was obviously a hard cock poking out of the fur. How could a teddy bear have a eight inch cock she thought? Then again, how could a teddy bear have those glowing red eyes. She tried to pull her hands back from the hard shaft but they didn't seem to want to let go. Suddenly a soft voice spoke to her.

"Stroke it," said the voice. "Your hands feel so nice on my cock and I know you want to stroke it.. . . "

No, Jennifer wanted to deny the words, but her hands acted like they had a will of their own and began to slide up and down the hard cock. A soft moan escaped from the teddy bear thing and she felt a drop of sticky liquid on her fingers that helped to make the cock slippery and slide easier through her hands. After a minute of two of the hand job, Jennifer felt tiny furry hands push on her chest and Jennifer felt herself being pushed down into a lying position. Surely there was not enough room in the wardrobe, but she found herself lying flat anyway and the bear was on top of her. Suddenly there was a tearing sound as fluffy hands shredded her nightie and left her naked. Jennifer felt a furry body crawling over her and felt something start to lick at her tits.

"Spread your legs dear," said the voice this time. "I want to fuck you and you want it too don't you?"

Again, Jennifer wanted to scream a denial, but found her legs parting and felt something hard poking at her pussy lips. With another push, the teddy bear slid it's surprisingly large cock into Jennifer and began to fuck her. Jennifer began to moan louder and louder as the bear slid its cock in and out of her while its tongue licked at her tits, making the nipples hard.

"Ahhhhhhhh," moaned the blonde woman as she was fucked harder and harder by the teddy bear thing. This can't be happening was the thought that kept running through her mind as she felt her pussy pounded by the thing. The fucking seemed to go on for an hour as Jennifer was relentlessly fucked. All the time she was on the brink of climaxing but not quite as if the bear was toying with her.

"Almost done my dear," said the voice. "But I want to finish in your mouth. You would like that wouldn't you?"

In the dark, Jennifer shocked herself when her own voice whispered "Yes".

"What was that my dear?" asked the voice. "Speak up. Tell me what you want."

"Ahhhhhhh," moaned Jennifer louder as the cock continued to slide in and out of her very wet pussy. "I, ahhhhhhh, want you to put your cock in my mouth and fuck my face until you cum. Ahhhhhhhhh.


"Mmmm what a good little slut you are," said the voice. Then Jennifer felt the cock slip out of her pussy and felt a furry shape crawling up her body until something hard brushed on her lips. Instinctively she opened her mouth and the cock slid inside. Her brain was screaming that she should not be doing this, but her traitor body was eagerly slurping the hard cock that was thrust into her mouth. Her tongue ran all over the cockhead and up and down the shaft. The thing on her face kept slamming its cock in deeper and faster and harder, fucking her face like it was a pussy. Jennifer was now making wet gagging sounds around the meat stuffed down her throat.

Again time seemed to stretch on forever as her face was fucked. Jennifer could feel the soft fur of the teddy bear tickling her lips as it drove its cock all the way down her throat.

"I am going to cum now my dear," said the voice. For her part, Jennifer was running her hands over her breasts, caressing them and then slipping down to rub her clit as the cock rammed down her throat all the way. Suddenly there was a spurt of warm liquid striking the back of Jennifer's mouth and then another and another. The bear continued to shoot warm sticky cum into her mouth and Jennifer began to swallow it. There was so much of it, it dribbled out the corners of her mouth and she felt it drip onto her tits. Finally the bear pulled its cock from her warm wet mouth and Jennifer felt a splatter of cum strike her face. The teddy bear continued to shoot cum on her face and rub its hard cock over her face. The feeling of the cum on her face and her hands on her body finally brought Jennifer to a climax and she lay there in the wardrobe limp.

After a minute or so, the door to the wardrobe swung open and Jennifer stumbled out into the room, naked and covered in cum. She looked back and saw the bear lying in the corner just as she had first seen it. A red glow was fading from the eyes and if it were not for the cum on her naked body, Jennifer would have thought the whole thing had been some type of hallucination. Then just before the light in the eyes died totally, the voice spoke again.

"That was a nice fuck you big boobed slut. Come back anytime you want some more of my hard cock. I will be waiting for you. There are also a lot of my friends in this house who also want a piece of you. We haven't had a cock sucking whore like you entertain us in a long time. "

Jennifer gaped in shock and horror as the doors to the wardrobe closed with a snick and she turned and staggered back towards her bedroom. All over the house now though she could hear sounds. There were soft voices whispering, moans and creaks. The residents of the house knew they had a fuck toy to play with and were looking forward to it.

End Of Chapter One

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