tagNonHumanThe Haunted House Ch. 12

The Haunted House Ch. 12


Chapter 12 - Eclipse

Jennifer slid from the back of the horse demon the instant it touched down after clearing the fence on its return to the garden. Sobbing, Jennifer raced into the house, the laughter and crude comments of the horse chasing her inside.

"Well that was well worth the wait Jennifer. I really liked having my big cock inside that tight wet pussy of yours. I think you enjoyed it too, and I bet you can't wait to do it again and again and again! It was especially nice because the town folk got to see you getting fucked! My, my, whatever will they think about you now? Will they believe what they saw? Did they really see a busty blonde whore being fucked in public by a centaur? Half man and half horse, but you know first hand now which half was horse like!"

Jennifer practically threw herself into the shower, frantically turning on the taps to try and wash the filth from her body. The cum from the centaur had dried all the way down her legs and she was desperate to wash it from her body. Jennifer only wished she could wash the memory and the shame from her mind as she could the dried semen from her body.

Jennifer felt the first blast of water strike her and she started to scrub herself clean. She could also feel suddenly the presence of Hlar and Hlax as they materialized in the shower with her. For once, Jennifer shrank from their touch having just been degraded by another demon.

"Do not be afraid of us," whispered the soft voice of Hlar. "My brother and I will never hurt you Jennifer. We are not like the others in this house. We are mere water spirits. When the boundary between reality and unreality was broken and the demons poured through to this house, we came along because we were bored. We mean no harm to anyone and we will leave you alone if you ask us to. We only meant to bring you pleasure with our caresses and never pain of any sort."

Jennifer heard Hlox murmuring assent and she felt her body relax. There was a definite difference between the two water spirits and the others in this house. Hlar and Hlox were never crude, only gentle and loving. "No, don't go. Please stay," whispered Jennifer. "I have really enjoyed your company and would miss you if you were not here. It is just...the others are so crude and demeaning in the things they make me do. They are never gentle and loving like you two are."

"We hope you will escape Jennifer, even if it means losing you," whispered Hlox. "Can we help you clean up?"

"Please," replied Jennifer. The bar of soap and washcloth hovered in the air then the soapy washcloth began to run over Jennifer's full breasts and all over the blonde's body. Jennifer felt another pair of hands running over her back and ass and knew that Hlox was at work on the other side. Jennifer closed her eyes in contentment and let the water and the soft hands caress her body and clean the slime from it. Fingers caressed her pussy and brought her to an orgasm.

"I must warn you about something," whispered Hlox into her ear. "The demons know about your escape plan but it amuses them to have you try and collect the thirteen mouthfuls of cum from them. You have one more day to get the last two samples and they intend to let you only have one. The picture demon who contends with the statue for mastery will take you tonight. It is very angry that the statue got you first and about how you taunted it the other day."

Jennifer trembled at these words but then she remembered. "I have eleven samples Hlox, but I did not get one from you as I didn't know about the recipe when we first met. Will you give me a sample now?"

Jennifer felt the water spirit hesitate. "Are you sure you want this Jennifer? Hlar and I both love you deeply and I would not want to take advantage of you."

"I am sure," assured Jennifer and she slid to her knees in the shower and opened her mouth to show her willingness. "Please Hlox, fuck my mouth and give me a sample of cum." There was no verbal response from the water sprit, but Jennifer felt something warm and hard slide into her mouth and she eagerly wrapped her lips around it and began to suck on the invisible cock. Jennifer swirled her tongue around the head of the cock, licking it and sucking it with all the passion she had. This was not a violent oral rape as most or forced coercion as the other blowjobs she had given were. She wanted Hlox to enjoy this and put all her new found expertise in sucking cock into blowing the water spirit. From the moaning she could hear, she was being very successful and as she continued to lick and suck Hlox, she felt Hlar start to lick her pussy from behind. Soon Jennifer was moaning as loudly as Hlox as his sister matched Jennifer lick for lick. With her large full breasts dangling and the warm water of the shower running over her naked body, Jennifer took the full length of the invisible cock down her throat until she felt the water spirit's balls banging on her chin. Moaning with lust, Jennifer bobbed her head up and down on the unseen cock as Hlar's tongue sped her towards her own orgasm. Jennifer and Hlox came at the same time, pleasure flowing through Jennifer's body even as she felt the warm jet of liquid spurt into her mouth. An instant later and dawn broke leaving Jennifer alone in the shower with her mouthful of cum.

Careful not to swallow, Jennifer wrapped a towel around herself and found the jar in the kitchen. The jar was almost bursting with the amount of cum inside it and Jennifer realized that the stuff was alive in a sense because it was growing in volume. Jennifer transferred the slimy mess to a larger jar and added Hlox's mouthful to it. Twelve samples down and one to go. She was sure that Hlox was right and that the painting demon would take her tonight. Even if the demon knew she had gotten the sample from Hlox, she doubted it could resist coming for her tonight. Jennifer shuddered but knew that she would have to endure one more degradation in order to escape. It could not be any worse that being fucked by the centaur / statue in public she thought bitterly. Jennifer also checked the small box she had put the three petals of the Black Daisy in. Both were safe. Jennifer knew that Samantha had said only one was needed, but something had made her pick the extra petals. Somehow she felt that it was important though how she didn't know at the moment. Finally to exhausted to stay awake any longer, Jennifer stumbled up the stairs to her bed and was soon fast asleep.

Jennifer was woken around noon by the sound of the phone ringing. "Hello?" she muttered blearily into the receiver when she finally got it on the sixth or seventh ring.

"Miss Marlowe?" asked the voice at the other end of the line. It sounded familiar, but Jennifer was not awake enough to concentrate and identify it.

"Yes, who is this?"

"This is Reverend Andrew Southerby. We met once before if you recall?"

Jennifer woke up in a hurry at the name. She remembered the blackmailing preacher all too well. He had forced her into sucking his cock in order to keep him quiet about her Lady Godiva rides and she doubted that he was phoning her to ask about her health. "What do you want Reverend?" she asked him warily.

"Why my dear Jennifer, I would love to have your tight wet pussy wrapped around my cock and fuck your little brains out," responded the Reverend. "However, that is not why I am calling. Some of the people in the town have become concerned about you and your slutty actions. There are rumors going around about a party you had with some of their children. One girl even claims that she was raped by some demons in your house. A ridiculous story of course, but there are a number of people who are sure it was you riding naked through the town on a horse. In fact I heard a few people this morning claiming that they saw you being fucked some kind of half human, half horse last night in the town square. You should have told me about that...I would love to have seen that."

"I see," broke in Jennifer with a catch in her voice. "But how do these stories relate to this phone call?"

"Well, some of the concerned citizens have come to me as the spiritual leader of the community. I have assured them that the stories are total fabrications from the overactive imaginations of hormone driven teenagers. And as for the centaur, I mean who would believe in a story about a woman having public sex with some type of mythical creature? Sill, they are not convinced. They would like to have a meeting with you to discuss things and I said I would arrange it."

Jennifer did her best not to laugh when the good reverend made his "spiritual leader" comment and asked the preacher what he expected to get out of this.

"Well my dear, I am sure I can convince the parents that they are mistaken and in return, I expect to fuck that nice cunt of yours and your big tits whenever I want. I think it will become necessary for me to make pastoral visits to you on a weekly basis. When I come, I expect you to strip naked for me and get on your knees and suck me like the cheap little whore that you are."

Jennifer was about to tell the good reverend to go fuck himself when the air suddenly became thick as if it had turned to liquid. Everything seemed to slow down as if time halted for a few seconds. A voice that sounded like that of the picture demon whispered in Jennifer's ear. "Tell him you would be glad to meet with him and the ladies at three this afternoon."

Time returned to normal and Jennifer found herself telling the reverend that she would be happy to meet him and delegation of parents at three and that she was looking forward to the preacher's first pastoral visit.

After hanging up, Jennifer got out of bed and padded into the front room to look at the painting. "What exactly are you up to?" she asked it, but the painting remained silent like the inanimate object it was supposed to be.

After lunch, Jennifer returned to the front room to look at the day's entry in Samantha's diary.

Good morning my darling Jennifer. Our love making yesterday (though a hundred years in the future for me) was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I am sorry I had to trick you, but I could not let the demons know about our escape plans. I am so sorry about what you went through last night. It was the one degradation I avoided through my cowardice. I picked the petal too soon and though I made it back to the house on time and escaped the price, I paid a greater price upon leaving the house. I could not let that happen to you, so I hope you will forgive me for delaying you in the woods until it was too late.

Your deliverance is close at hand, however. The recipe will set you free. As for today, expect two midnights. Until we meet again Jennifer, be of stout heart for our deliverance is near at hand if we have the courage to seize it.

Two midnights pondered Jennifer, what does that mean? More importantly, Jennifer realized that she didn't know how to use the recipe or what exactly it would do. Jennifer recalled the large number of books in the library on the occult and witchcraft. Perhaps she might find an answer to her questions there as the books had belonged to Samantha. As for the meeting with the reverend and the parents, Jennifer shrugged her shoulders. Obviously the house wanted the meeting to take place and Jennifer was certain she would not like the reason or the outcome, but it was not like she had any choice in the matter.

Jennifer spent a couple of hours in the library poring over the dusty old books. She was close to giving up her search when she finally found something. She had found countless potions with bizarre ingredients but no mention of demon cum or black daisy petals until she found a hand written note on the back cover of a book on magical potions. It looked more like a poem than a recipe and Jennifer had a tough time making out the writing let alone understanding what it meant.

Black Daisy picked in full bloom
Though horror apon horror doest loom
One shall set thee free
Two for the ones who loves thee
To the demon numbered concoction you must add
Then once more to have all the demons you have had
Until exhausted they shall be
And one final kiss shall set thee free

Jennifer sighed. Did everyone have to speak in riddles? Glancing at her watch she saw it was a quarter to three, so she had to leave the pondering of the riddle until later and get ready for her meeting. When she got to her room, Jennifer had a surprise waiting for her. The house had apparently decided on her outfit for the meeting and it was laid out neatly on the bed. Jennifer was rather surprised at the nature of the outfit. She had half expected something whorish in an attempt to humiliate her, but instead it was a very prim and proper outfit. There was a white cotton blouse and a black knee length skirt. The bra and panties were a bit frilly but not overly so and the shoes were a sensible pair of low healed black loafers. When Jennifer dressed and looked at herself in the mirror, she appeared to be the very model of a prim and prude schoolteacher or maybe a librarian. There was even a pair of glasses on her dresser and a tie to put her hair up in a proper school marm fashion. The lenses in the glasses were apparently of plain glass as they did nothing to affect her vision when she put them on. Still suspicious of the ulterior motives of the house and the demons, Jennifer went downstairs to await her meeting.

Promptly at three, the doorbell rang and of course the damn thing opened just fine to let in the delegation. Besides the "good" Reverend Southerby, there were four couples. Once seated in the front room, the preacher performed introductions.

Jennifer was a bit surprised at the relative youth of the couples as none of them looked over 40. Palmerville she reflected, however, was the sort of small town where the girls married young and raised kids. Married at 18 or 19 they had kids who were that age now and they were still in their 30s.

One of the couples was black, Harold's and Heather's parents Jennifer found out as the reverend introduced Sam and Barbara Williams to her. Idly, Jennifer wondered if Harold had got his big cock from his dad and hurriedly tried to banish such lewd thoughts from her mind. Sally's parent, Sara and Jim were there as well. Sally had obviously got her red hair and her bust from her mother who had a set of knockers that almost rivaled Jennifer's pair. Tom's parents were there as well, Tom Sr. and Mary, a petite dark haired woman. The final couple were introduced as Boris and Natasha. Jennifer stifled a giggle wondering if they had named their kids Rocky and Bullwinkle and how in the heck the two ended up in Palmerville with names like that! Natasha was a very nice looking woman whose long raven colored hair reached well down her back. Jennifer found herself starting to undress the woman in her mind before catching herself and tuned back in to what Reverend Southerby was saying.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I know you are all concerned about your children and ensuring that they are being given a proper moral upbringing, but I can personally assure you that Miss Marlowe here is a fine upstanding woman..."

"Fine upstanding women don't go riding around town stark naked on a horse after dark and seducing our children," sniffed Barbara Williams. "My only interest in coming here is to get this tramp run out of town." She turned to sneer at Jennifer. "You can either agree to go voluntarily dear or we will have you charged with public nudity and anything else we can think of. I think a judge would agree that your actions even constituted rape."

"I don't know what you are talking about," Jennifer protested. "A horse? I don't own a horse so how could I be seen riding one let alone naked?"

"Listen you blonde bimbo," broke in Sara. "I saw you standing naked at the window the other day. You have no shame. You smiled and waved at us while you stood there with no clothes on for the world to see."

Jennifer blushed, but tried to rally. "I'm real sorry about that. I had just gotten up and I forgot for a second that I hadn't dressed when I went to look out the window."

"It was well after noon and you were just getting up," snorted Mary derisively. "We all know what kind of woman gets up that late and what they were doing the night before so that they slept so late."

"Yes, two bit whores," chimed in Natasha with a nasty edge in her voice. "And women who fuck animals in the town square if the reports from last night are to be believed!"

"Look, I don't have to sit here in my own house and take this," snapped Jennifer. "Unless you have some proof to back up these silly allegations, I suggest you leave! The good reverend told me about the things reported in the town square last night. Surely, you don't believe in centaurs and other mythical creatures?"

"This is pointless," said Barbara Williams and started to stand up. Just then a shudder ran through the house and the sky outside began to dim. Startled, Jennifer looked out the window and saw the sun starting to disappear. It was an eclipse, the second midnight in Samantha's diary. Jennifer felt her heart stop. The demons lost their power in daylight, but if the sun was lost in an eclipse then that might free the demons during the day! There was a startled shriek from behind Jennifer and Jennifer spun around to see her worst fears materializing. Barbara Williams had sat down in a big armchair and when she tried to get up, the armchair had literally grabbed her and held her in place. In fact, it looked like the arms on the chair had a set of hands that were busy groping the woman's large black jugs. The other women were being similarly fondled by arms that had materialized out of the other chairs and the sofa. The men looked on in shock as they saw their wives being fondled by the furniture.

"Ooops," said Jennifer. "I think the house has plans for you ladies. I suggest you relax and try and enjoy yourselves."

There was a wicked laugh coming from the painting and suddenly in a flash of light, the four women disappeared leaving Jennifer in the front room with the Reverend and the four husbands.

Barbara Williams suddenly found herself in another room of the house. It looked like it had been the children's room at one time as it was filled with stuffed animals of all types. There were cute cuddly teddy bears, dogs, monkeys, lions, tigers and other animals all over the place. Barbara looked around and found the door, but when she tried the knob, it wouldn't budge. As she fought with the door, her back to the room, she failed to notice the animals starting to stir and move. It was only when a crude voice spoke to her that she spun around to all the stuffed animals moving towards her with purpose.

"That is a nice looking ass you got there baby," said the teddy bear. "I can hardly wait to rape it!" Barbara gazed down at the cute little bear in shock, and saw the huge cock between its' furry legs. In fact, all the animals were similarly endowed. There were toothy grins on their faces as they advanced on the shocked woman who turned and started to bang frantically on the door and screaming for help. She was still banging on the door when she felt furry hands seize her and drag her onto the floor where they began to tear at her clothes.

Sara found herself standing on the basement steps when the flash of light subsided. This can't be happening was all she could think. How could the sofa have come alive like that and start fondling her tits? How could she suddenly find herself on the basement stairs with no recollection of how she had got there? Sara turned to march up the stairs and quite failed to see the hands reaching for her. When the clawed hands seized her ankles and tugged it was far too late to do anything as she found herself under the stairs with a pack of evil looking creatures gathered around her.

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