tagNonHumanThe Haunted House Ch. 13

The Haunted House Ch. 13


Part 13 - All Hallows Eve

When the picture demon manifested itself as a ten foot earth worm and proceeded to crawl on top of Jennifer and rape her, she came the closest she had yet to losing her sanity. She felt its slimy belly rubbing on her big soft breasts, while the thing grew cocks and plunged them into every hole she had. Who wouldn't lose it just a bit if they looked up to see this obscenity on top of them, a huge cock pistoning into their mouth while equally large members stabbed into your ass and pussy?

For it's part, the picture demon had waited a long time for this night and it was not going to just cum and let her crawl away. The great thing about being a demon thought the picture demon as it fucked Jennifer relentlessly was that you could cum as many times as you wanted and still be hard. The demon felt Jennifer's body thrashing around underneath it and sensed the woman's horror and revulsion and being a demon it liked what it felt. With a cry, the worm shot blasted a huge load into the human's mouth. Cum bubbled out of the woman's lips and ran down her chin. This puny human had taunted it, and that was something demons tended not to like very much. With a little concentration, the demon made the cock in her mouth rock hard again and once more began to rape her mouth. My oh my this was fun thought the demon as it sent another load into the human whore's pussy. The demon was actually a bit surprised and even impressed that the slut was still conscious. Most humans went into hysterics and often fainted dead away before it could rape them. Sometimes, they just plain died of horror. That fainting and dying thing often put a damper on things thought the demon. On the whole, it is so much more fun to rape someone who is alive and / or awake and struggling than someone who is unconscious and / or dead. It is hard to stay motivated when your victim is not whimpering and moaning. The last time it had gotten a human woman, the demon had only managed to cum fourteen times before having to slither off to the netherhell it spent the day in. With any luck, if this human slut stayed awake and relatively sane, the demon figures she should be good for at least twice that number of climaxes, maybe more. Pleased with the sensations it was receiving, the demon found itself humming a tune it had heard on that thing humans called a radio under its breath as it drove its cocks in and out of Jennifer.

If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me.
If I swore you liked an angel, would you treat me like a devil tonight....

When dawn finally came, the demon had just finished pumping its thirty seventh load into Jennifer's mouth. A new world record thought the demon as it faded away back into the picture .... maybe I should send it in to those Guinness people or maybe that Dean Cain fellow would be willing to come tape a show at the house....I wonder if he could bring Terry Hatcher with him?

Jennifer staggered to her feet and dripping cum all the way, got to the kitchen with her precious thirteenth mouthful of demon cum. The loathsome mixture started to swell up when she spit the picture demon's seed into it and she quickly had to find a bigger container to put it in. The only thing big enough was a big stock pot. Yuck thought Jennifer as she put the lid on the roiling mixture of demon cum and headed for the shower.

"Hlar, Hlox? Are you here?" I sure could use some help cleaning up, moaned Jennifer as she stepped under the warm water.

"We are here Jennifer," whispered Hlar and Jennifer felt the female water sprite's soft hands running over her breasts.

I sure hope this escape plan works, said Jennifer as she sagged back against the shower wall. She felt something hard poking against her leg and reached down to give Hlox a hand job as the water rushed over her body and cleaned the cum away. "Mmmmmmm, not that I am complaining or anything, bu t how is that you two can manifest yourselves like this during the day when the others can't?"

" That is because we are not true demons, but water sprites, explained Hlox who continued to clean Jennifer off while enjoying her hand wrapped around his cock.

"Hmmm, is that going to affect the recipe?" worried Jennifer as she thought that over.

"No, mon cheri," whispered Hlar. "Demon cum is a rather loose translation of the recipe. It only has to be cum from thirteen magical creatures so you have nothing to worry about. As that fat female cook on television might say, water sprite cum is a very acceptable substitute when real demon cum is hard to find."

"Mmmmm that is good," sighed Jennifer and she relaxed and let Hlar and Hlox bring her to a nice climax before slipping off to her bed.

When Jennifer woke up, she was immediately beset by anxiety. She had the ingredients for the recipe including the petals from the black daisy but how exactly was she to use the recipe to escape? In her rush to get back to the house, she had not gotten that critical information from Samantha who certainly possessed it. Would Samantha's diary have the answer? Jennifer hurried down to the front room and keeping a wary eye on the picture demon she quickly scanned Samantha's last entry.

My darling Jennifer, this will be the last entry in my diary. Since my visions of the future show only you in the house, I will either escape tonight or perish for I doubt I can last another year in this house without losing my soul to the demons and becoming one of them.

Jennifer paused after reading the last sentence. What if Samantha had not escaped the house but had indeed remained trapped in the house and lost her soul to the demons. If that was true then everything Samantha had told her was suspect and this might be nothing than an elaborate trap on the part of the demons to capture her also forever. With this doubt eating at her, Jennifer turned back to the diary and felt her doubts mount as she continued to read the hundred year old words.

I must now tell you how the recipe works and I hope your courage does not falter at the horridness of it. You must add the petal from the black daisy to the mixture of cum from thirteen demons and then drink it as the clock tolls midnight. This will give you a sexual energy and stamina far beyond anything a mortal could possess. You must then have sex with every demon in the house who has previously taken you until they are exhausted. At the first light o f dawn, the front door will open and you will then be able to walk through it and be free of the house forever. Good fortune to you my sweet Jennifer and freedom.

Jennifer read and reread the entry in the diary trying to decide what to do. Part of what Samantha said matched with the rhyme on the scrap of paper she had found in the library though there were still some missing pieces. Jennifer felt revulsion in the pit of her stomach at the thought of having to drink the vile mixture of demon cum which roiled around in the huge stock pot in the kitchen. It looked even worse than some of those diet milkshakes that she had tried. And even worse, she would have to fuck all the demons again for the entire night until she exhausted them! How many times would she have to fuck the horse statue or the picture demon / worm to exhaust them? Was it even possible? Was the whole thing a setup by the demons to degrade her once more. She could imagine the statue laughing as she got down on her knees in front of it and begged it to fuck her. it was the kind of sadistic little joke they would enjoy and then after she debased herself totally, she would still be a prisoner in the house and their fuck toy for another year.

Was Samantha a part of some elaborate joke by the demons or was she sincere in her love and desire to help me escape? In a previous entry, Samantha had claimed that Jennifer would have to go to town to learn how to use the recipe from the librarian who had turned out to be Samantha. Samantha had then contrived to make Jennifer late in returning so that she had had to endure the fucking by the centaur in the town square. Was that the act of a friend? Why could Samantha all of a sudden tell Jennifer the secret of the recipe when earlier she had claimed she could not write it down? Head spinning, Jennifer decided that more than anything she needed to talk to Samantha and get some straight answers. She picked up the phone and dialed the number of the library.

"The number you have dialed is no longer in service," came the computer voice. Jennifer redialed the number, sure she must have dialed it wrong for why would the library phone no longer be in service? When she got the same nasal voice, she hung up and sat back puzzled. It must be some type of glitch with the phone company, but that didn't help her now. Jennifer had to find and talk to Samantha before midnight tonight and the only way she could do that it looked like, was by driving into town which meant a visit to the statue in the garden. Sighing, Jennifer got up and headed for the back door. When she reached the statue it was smirking at her as if expecting her.

"He he, I see my rival got you last night," snickered the statue. "Did you prefer getting fucked by a centaur or a worm? Hmmmm? Did you come back for another taste of my warm cum so you could compare the two while he is still fresh in your mouth...er mind? And why do you want to go to town my little slut? Do you need to buy some candy for the kids when they cum trick or treating? You don't need candy....you could be the treat and turn tricks to make all your visitors happy. Mmm, I can just picture you giving blow jobs instead of candy apples!"

"Why don't you just go fuck yourself?" asked Jennifer as she began to undo the buttons on her blouse. "Let me get this over with so I can go to town."

"Ahhh, you want to talk to Samantha do you?" jeered the statue. "You place too much faith in her. She is using you. The recipe will not do what she says it will. Instead it will transfer all your youth to her and she will both be free and have her youth back. Give up this foolish plan. If you stay with us, you will have your youth for eternity and we will spend that eternity fucking. There are rooms in the house you have never even seen yet and a million delights awaiting you."

"I don't want to see them," replied Jennifer trying to qualm her doubts as she finished removing her clothes. "It is a well known fact that demons lie, so why should I believe you? With that, Jennifer crawled under the statue and began to lick its huge erect cock. The statue demon gave up its' attempts at speech and contented itself with moans of pleasure as Jennifer's tongue licked up and down its throbbing cock. Jennifer licked the drop of precum from the hole at the end and wrapped her lips tightly around the cock head to suck out more precum before beginning to slide more and more of the big meat into her mouth. She drooled as much saliva on the demon cock as she could and began to pump it with her hands as she continued to bob her head up and down on the slippery boner. The mixture of precum and saliva made a great lubricant and Jennifer soon was taking every inch down her throat. For its part, the statue bucked its hips and thrust its cock into her face. Finally, it could hold back no longer and keeping its cock buried down her throat with its huge balls resting on Jennifer's chin, it shot its hot scalding load of cum into Jennifer.

Jennifer, stood up, wiped the cum from her lips and put some on her panties which she hung on the horse cock and began to walk away.

"Don't trust Samantha," called out the statue. "Stay with us and you can taste my sweet cum every day for the rest of eternity. You know you want to do that. You know you want to be our slut forever! Jennifer's steps faltered slightly, but she stiffened her resolve and ran back into the house to dress for town.

It was only when Jennifer reached her room that she remembered the second parcel that Samantha had sent her and the instructions not to open it until today. Curious, Jennifer took out the parcel and with trembling hands opened it. What she found inside was apparently meant to be a Halloween costume. It was a witches costume, but a la Elvira. There was a long black dress, slit up to the thigh on both sides and cut so low in the front that little was left to the imagination of any viewer about the bust size of the wearer. There was a tall black pointed hat, a black lacy pair of panties and a pair of six inch high spiked heels. Hmm, no bra thought Jennifer as she inspected the costume, but with that low cut dress a bra would not be much good. At the bottom of the package were a pair of silver earrings in the shape of bats and a plain silver chain that went around her neck.

what the hell, thought Jennifer. I might as well wear this for the trip to town and put it on. On the way out the door, she caught a glimpse of herself in her mirror and decided she looked very much the slut in this outfit.

Anxious, Jennifer drove into town and stopped in front of the library and gaped. She was gaping because there was no library. The lot where the library had stood was overgrown with weeds and here and there a few tumbled rocks lay tracing what might have once been a wall. Jennifer got out of the car and stood staring at the "library" unable to know what to do next. A woman Jennifer didn't know walked by and Jennifer grabbed her arm and demanded to know that had happened to the library.

"Library?" echoed the woman in surprise. "We don't have a library or at least we haven't had one for a 100 years when it burnt down. They tried rebuilding it a few times, but there were always accidents and strange things happening on the construction site and they finally just gave up. We drive over to Hooterville and use their library." The woman snatched her arm back from Jennifer, gave a slight sniff of disapproval at Jennifer's revealing dress and walked away.

Jennifer returned to the car and sat in it shaking. What was the truth and who was telling it? Finally, Jennifer put her car into gear and roared off. There was only one other place that she could think of to look for Samantha. As Jennifer sped out of town, in search of Samantha, her search was cut short by the sound of a police siren. I don't believe this, thought Jennifer, on the day that might decide the fate of my eternal soul, I get stopped for speeding! Jennifer pulled over to the side of the road and waited in her car for the cop to get out and walk up to her. She was mildly surprised that their were two cops, a man and a woman. The male cop was middle aged with a bit of a pot belly and a swagger in his walk. The woman was young and strikingly good looking with long dark hair, big blue eyes, tanned skin and a bust that threatened to explode out of her uniform.

Jennifer rolled down her window and the male cop leaned in, which gave him a good look down her dress. " You was going a might over the speed limit there missy," drawled the Sheriff. "Can I see your drivers license please?

"i am real sorry Sheriff," replied Jennifer. "I am in a real hurry and I wasn't paying too much attention to how fast I was going. I don't suppose you could see your way clear to letting me go? I promise not to speed again," replied Jennifer as she handed over her license.

The Sheriff took her license and glanced at it before taking another long glance at her cleavage. "Miss Jennifer Marlowe huh? Well I have heard a thing or two about you from my buddy Sam in town."

Jennifer jumped a bit at the mention of Sam's name. Sam had been one of the husbands that Jennifer had entertained during the eclipse the previous day. "I don't know what you have heard Sheriff, but if you are going to give me a ticket then can we hurry up please? I really have to get someplace soon."

"Well now, drawled the Sheriff", I think I am going to have to take you back to town. Some people have claimed to have seen your riding naked through the town on a horse and maybe even doing other things. Public lewdness would be a good charge."

Jennifer's heart hammered in her chest. She glanced at the sky and saw the sun heading across the sky and she knew she didn't have much time left. She didn't much care about the price the statue demon might exact anymore, but she suspected that looking for Samantha at the sun god temple after sunset would be futile and that she needed to get there while the sun was still high in the sky. "Surely you don't believe all the silly stores people are spreading about do you Sheriff?" pleaded Jennifer.

"It is not a matter of whether I believe them or not, replied the Sheriff with a smile. "I have a sworn duty to uphold the law and investigate any charges made, but...." and he paused to look at Jennifer pointedly.

"But?" asked Jennifer.

"While you could pay he fine for speeding right here and as for the rest of the charges, I would be willing to wait until you came down to the station tomorrow to discuss them."

Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief and reached for her purse. "How much is the speeding ticket Sheriff?"

"Oh you don't need money to pay for the ticket," smiled the Sheriff. "You can just get out of that car and use that sweet little mouth of yours to pay off the ticket."

Jennifer gaped at the Sheriff. "You mean, you want me to....to..." sputtered Jennifer unable to believe what she was hearing.

"I sure do," replied the Sheriff. He rubbed his crotch and leered at Jennifer. "Suck me off and I forget the ticket! From everything I have heard, it is not like you haven't done it before. You have a reputation around town as being a regular whore." The sheriff gave a funny little laugh that sounded more like a woman's giggle and which made Jennifer's skin crawl. She looked over at the female deputy who was just standing beside the Sheriff and saying nothing.

"Hey honey," drawled the deputy. "You can either do what Sheriff Rosco here says or we can drag your ass back into town and throw you in jail. I hope you decide to do the former because I want to watch him fucking your face."

The Sheriff giggled again. "You tell her Daisy. Now missy, what will it be? Are you going to go down on me or do we take you in?"

Jennifer sighed. What did it really matter she thought. A blowjob here and there was nothing compared to what she had gone through in the last week and what was going to happen tonight. "Ok," Jennifer agreed. "Where do you want to do this?"

The Sheriff gave another giggle and pointed to the road in front of the car. "No need to go anywhere missy. You can get on your knees and blow me on the side of the road there."

"What? Are you crazy? On a pubic highway? What if people drive by?" protested Jennifer.

"Shoot, they will just see a whore doing what she does best," laughed the Sheriff. "Now either get out and start sucking or I run you in."

Jennifer knew she didn't have any choice in the matter and she got out of the car and walked to the front of the car where she sank slowly to her knees on the side of the road. Sheriff Rosco came up to her and she unbuckled his belt and pulled his cock out with trembling hands and slid it into her mouth. She had felt humiliation at the hands of the demons, but somehow this was almost worse. Forced to kneel and suck on this hard cock on a public road raised her shame to new levels. For his part, Sheriff Rosco was enjoying it immensely as he slid his cock in and out of Jennifer's lips. It was just when Jennifer had taken his entire cock into her mouth and felt his balls banging against her chin that she felt another set of hands on her. Panicked, Jennifer tried to get away, but the Sheriff held her head in place on his cock and the other pair of hands undid the zipper on Jennifer's dress so it fell and exposed her breasts to the warm afternoon air. Out of the corner of her eyes, Jennifer could see Deputy Daisy standing behind her and the dark hair woman reached around Jennifer to cup a breast in each hand. Unable to utter a word of protest around the big hunk of meat fucking her face, Jennifer could do nothing but kneel there as the female deputy began to play with her nipples and caress her breasts.

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