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The Haunted House Club


This is a nasty and graphic story about two barely legal girls and two very urban vampires that I tried to write as cliche-free as possible, not an easy trick, but I hope it's a treat.

Remember when Gary Hart was running for President and got caught out with Donna Rice? He took some bigtime heat from the media, probably more from Mrs. Hart, and had to drop out of the race. Jay Leno had a great spin on what Hart SHOULD have told the press: "Yeah, I fucked her. Vote for me."

In that same (Halloween) spirit I hope everyone enjoys this naughty little black comedy. Vote for me!


Megan Jones was shaving her pussy when her cellphone rang.

She set the Schick on her bed and checked the incoming number. Lisa, her current best friend in the whole world and partner in crime. After they went through the obligatory 'whassup, ghurl' routine Lisa asked what time she wanted to hit the clubs.

"You do mean THE club, I hope?" asked Megan.

Lisa laughed, "You're serious about going there, aren't you?"

"Duh! I've been looking forward to this night since graduating high school." Just thinking about it made her drip, unconsciously she slid a finger down to touch her clitoris peeping out from its hood, her juices already wetting the bedspread under her. She made a mental note to tuck spare panties in her purse, at this rate she'd saturate the first pair before midnight.

"Have you got your trusty fake ID handy?"

"Of course," Megan said cheerfully, "But drinking is not what I had in mind, not booze anyhow. You know what I mean?"

"You are such a slut," replied Lisa, "but then, so am I. Maybe that's why we get along. But I so want to have a few beverages before I ride some studs tonight."

"That's okay with me, you drink and fuck and I'll just fuck, since I have to drive." She'd dumped her limpdicked boyfriend two weeks ago and too much time elapsed since she had had something long and strong.

"What time are you going to pick me up?"

"Is an hour too long for you to wait? My hair isn't dry."

"An hour's good. What are you wearing?"

"My jean miniskirt and that badass scooped shirt I got at the mall a few weeks ago at Abercrombie & Fitch. You?"

"Wait till you get a load of this dress I bought last night," exclaimed Lisa.

"I hope it doesn't have to be dry cleaned because you'll probably get a load on it, if it's as good as you sound."

"Trust me, ghurl. Cut to my navel, black silk so sheer it's almost see-through, shorter in the back than front. It might as well have a sign flashing: ask me about pussy."

Megan said she couldn't wait and they agreed to hook up in an hour.

She closed her phone and finished up what she'd been doing. Megan hadn't depilated herself since last weekend to avoid razor burns, she got them if she shaved daily. She wanted to be perfectly smooth for later on, no red bumps, not a hair on her from the neck down. Earlier in the shower with a brand new razor she gave her pubes a clean shave first before using it on her legs and other areas she deemed vital. Now in the middle of her bed she applied the last few finishing touches with the aid of a hand mirror. Her mound protruded, absolutely bald. It looked inviting but she thought she had an ugly pussy, although no guy had ever complained about its appearance. Her meaty lips resembled a fleshy butterfly, flaps as she called them, darker than her tan. She parted them and they remained apart while she studied her kootch in the mirror.

Scraping off a last errant follicle she'd missed Megan got up to go into the bathroom. Spreading her cheeks wide in front of a full-length mirror she examined between them but didn't have to worry. She never had hair back there but examined the valley between the halves of her ass over her shoulder in the reflection just to make sure. The round muscle nestled in that valley she thought was ugly too, it protruded like her mound, a pronounced rubbery circle with wrinkles radiating outward like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. She didn't object to a guy licking it or even a sexy fingertip rub but she was strictly an 'exit only' girl.

Why couldn't she be built like Lisa? Her pussy bisected her crotch in a ruler straight line, with a smooth unwrinkled anus, more of a dimple than a hole in her ass. Well, at least Megan had Lisa beat in the tits department. She turned to admire them in the bathroom mirror, plump and riding high. They hung out of that A&F shirt her mother hated so much. With her parents out of town till the weekend she wouldn't have to go through the silly charade of wearing a bra out of the house then removing it before she got to wherever. 18 or not, she lived at home under mother's rules.

Megan raked her fingers through her thick pale blonde hair. For years she wore it hair long but just before her 18th birthday last July she'd had it cut above her shoulders. What had been wavy hair when long had transformed when cut into a springy mass of natural curls. Her friends said it looked great, so did her mom, but the guys' testosterone level seemed to be off the chain nowadays. Megan was totally used to horndogs sniffing around her but that morning in the styling salon paid for itself a hundred times over with the male attention she got now. She knew she'd made the right decision, had to agree with everybody, she was smokin' hot. And not just the mirror told her so.

The mirror showed a pierced belly button and her only tattoo low on her flat tummy: a dolphin that appeared to be diving into the waistband of her panties. With the damp bath towel she'd used from her shower Megan gave her wet pussy a good wipe before putting it in the hamper.

Tonight she wanted to be perfect and the tiny white thong she'd chosen for this evening hugged her pubes obscenely with only a little string running between the cheeks of her bubble butt. When she danced or sat down it would be visible to anyone who cared to peek. After getting into her top and skirt she slipped her feet into clog sandals that laced up her legs. She wore rings on her fingers and her toes and a spritz of Estee Lauder behind each ear and knee.

Don't forget the extra thong for your purse, she told herself, and you're good to go. Megan's dad kindly left the Escalade with a full tank for transportation, plus a hundred dollars mad money. Fifty nine minutes after she'd hung up with Lisa they barreled downtown together in style.

"Halloween 2007 is going to be the best ever!" Megan said with a slap on the steering wheel.

"But why Bound and Determined? That's an S&M vampire hangout," said Lisa.

"The radio says they've changed the name for tonight to the Haunted House Club. What better place for Halloween partying than with vampires who dress in costumes all year round?"

"I think vampires are as sexy as the next girl but S&M creeps me out."

"We drive by Bound and Determined all the time and you gush at the bloodsucking hunks hanging around the entrance. I keep asking myself if they're experts at sucking blood what else are they experts at sucking."

Lisa reached over to change the station on the radio. "But what if they want to tie you up and spank you?"

"You're just leery because of Roger. But didn't you like him tying you up and warming your butt before the big finale fuck?"

"Oh, it was fun, until the night he tried to put a buttplug the size of Christmas tree in me while he had me handcuffed. I'm an 'exit only' girl like you."

"You never told me about that. What did you do?"

"Told him I'd bite his dick off the next time he shoved it in my mouth and he took his handcuffs and his toys home. He's dating Allison now. She's started walking funny since then. Have you noticed?"

"Isn't she the girl who let five frat guys jerk off on her face during rush week last month?"

"That's her! I hear they videoed it."

"I heard they videoed her with three black dudes all at once."

"Roger told me she wants to drop out of college and move to Van Nuys, she's considering being a pornstar."

"Three guys at once sounds pretty hot, but I'm not that wild."

"But you are pretty wild though."

"Look who's talking, Ms. Buttplug."


Megan checked out her friend's dress from the corner of her eye. It rocked, now she wished she'd worn a different skirt. "But you have to admit there's something very sensuous and romantic about vampires."

"You've been reading too many Anita Blake Vampire Hunter books, ghurl."

"Fuckin' A. And tonight me and you are going to be hunting some vampires of our own."

"They're going to be hunting you, that skirt doesn't cover your thong and that thong doesn't cover your kootchie."

"Why do you think I'm wearing this outfit? Tonight's the night and the Haunted House stays open till dawn. Freaky deaky."

"You're going to be fucked out by sun up."

"I hope so. And I repeat, look who's talking."

"Do you really believe in vampires?"

"Hell no! But it's fun to fantasize. What good is fantasizing about real stuff when you can dream about Lestat boning you?"

"That's better than Roger," Lisa mused and changed the radio station again.

The cover charge was high and they knew valet parking would cost $20 but Megan knew a private car park that charged $5 two blocks away and the girls walked the short distance. Half a block from the club the sidewalk bustled with foot traffic. About twenty pale males propped themselves nonchalantly against the faces of buildings close to the Haunted House Club.

Megan mentioned under her breath to Lisa as they passed a group of them, "Don't any of them wear boxers? Every one of their packages is on display through their trousers."

"I'm not goth, but a bunch of them are cute, in a Euro trashy kinda way. The one ahead of us, with spiky hair and the cape, I'd suck him off in front of everybody in the men's room without even asking his name."

"Now you're getting in the Halloween spirit, Lisa. This will be a night to remember."

Megan noticed a guy in his late twenties checking her out with obvious approval. She had to stop herself from pointing at him to Lisa. She murmured in her ear, "I just creamed my panties. Holy shit, what a studmuffin!"

He wore a fashionable gel domino mask. Available in hundreds of colors and patterns, gel-masks came rolled up in small plastic tubes like those for designer cigars. A basic domino style could be had for two bucks. More expensive elaborate ones shaped like bat's wings or covering the entire face cost more, but never more than ten dollars. Open the tube and unroll the mask, they affixed and stuck to the face without the aid of strings so they didn't mess up anyone's hair or damage a girl's make-up when removed. They peeled off and were disposable. This Halloween they were THE accessory to have.

The guy giving Megan hot pants wore a sky blue and yellow parallelogram pattern gel-mask that matched his suit and shirt. He had long unruly dark hair that he unsuccessfully tried to keep pushed straight back on his head but it hung in his face anyway, unkempt but sexy as hell to Meagan.

He smiled at her with a subtle show of fangs. "Good evening, little girl, what are you dressed up as on this All Hallow's Eve?" he asked in an enticing European accent.

Megan stopped and said with a deliberate jiggle of her tits: "This is my slut costume, in the daytime I'm a good Catholic schoolgirl."

"You aren't wearing a silver cross, are you?" he wanted to know, mesmerized by her bobbing breasts, completely visible except the nipples.

"No, I left it at home with my bra."

His friends on either side of him chuckled, Lisa too. The man in the gel-mask smiled with his lips together, fangs out of sight. He gave her a small bow, reached for her hand and kissed the back of it gently.

"My name is Xavier Roman. What is yours?"

Megan told him.

"I like that name, and I like you. May I escort you inside?"

Megan made a feeble stab at playing hard to get. "My friend might feel left out, but find me inside the club. Maybe we can dance, or something," she said to him with a 'fuck me' gleam in her eyes. She'd have to change into that other thong the first time she went to the girl's room.

He mixed cavalier and debonair well with his accent. "I do not think I can bear to be parted from you after becoming so enchanted. Surely we can find an escort worthy of your lovely friend. See? She's already making friends with Drake."

Drake was the stud in the cape Lisa wanted to give a blowjob to not caring if she knew his name. Shirtless, he wore a cream colored satin tuxedo only a shade darker than his skin with a matching gel-mask, the bulge behind his zipper very apparent. Lisa and he chatted not paying attention to anything, or anyone, around them. Xavier spoke to him in a romance language Megan couldn't identify. Drake took both of Lisa's hands in his while replying to Xavier in the same tongue. After a brief exchange between the two men Drake released her hands, extended his arm gallantly for Lisa to take. She made certain she accidentally rubbed her tits against it when accepting.

Xavier had Megan's arm around his now and commented as he guided her toward the entrance: "It would appear the two of you are now properly escorted. You're much too comely to enter a haunted house all alone."

The blonde teenager took several steps before nudging her right breast into Xavier's arm. "What language were you talking in?"

"Romanian, of course," he said.

"Say something to me in Romanian," Megan said eagerly.

He whispered in her ear and his words caused her to come in her panties again. Good grief, she thought, he'll be able to smell my pussy before we get in the door.

"What did you say to me?" she asked, attempting to keep her thighs squeezed together and walk simultaneously.

"That I'm going to be unable to resist kissing you in the next five minutes, allow me to apologize in advance, I'm overcome by your charms," Xavier said, in English.

Drip. He was overcome? Megan already had and she hadn't even fucked him yet. "It's going to take you five whole minutes to work up the nerve?"

He glanced up from ogling her left tit which had almost nosed free of her shirt. Another smile formed on his face: "Excuse me, you're breasttaking, oops, I meant breathtaking. Freudian slip, sorry. Damn, you've got me apologizing all over the place."

"If I let you have the kiss, are you going to bite me?"

His smile revealed his fangs again. When he saw her looking askance at him he asked, "Does that mean no kiss?"

Megan released his arm and popped both her breasts out and shook them before quickly getting them under wraps again. She placed her hands on his hard butt and dragged him close. "What do you think? Kiss, or no kiss?"

"Kiss?" he asked shyly, careful to conceal his canine teeth.

"Your five minutes are almost up, Lestat. Don't disappoint me."

He embraced her, they kissed tentatively at first and then more deeply at the base of the steps leading up to the club. She hoped he could hump as good as he could kiss. Megan ground her protruding mound against his protruding cock. Drip drip.

"Chill, you two," Lisa scolded. "At least wait until you get inside."

Megan shot her a friendly finger. Lisa had her arm around Drake hugging him to her while one of his hands familiarized itself with one of her buttocks.

"Shall we make our entrance?" Xavier suggested in his princely European accent.

As the two couples started up the steps Lisa remarked about the façade of the nightclub. "I thought Bound and Determined was a two-story brick building. This has four stories and is like all rotting wood and cobwebs and creepy crawly."

Now Megan saw it too, an old-timey gothic house rose before them. "Are those real bats perched up there?"

Drake explained, "The owner fixed the club up especially for Halloween. He did a great job too, used to work in Hollywood."

Lisa glanced nervously up and down the street, it appeared the same as she always remembered it, a Starbucks at one end and Ben & Jerry's on the other, an In-N-Out Burger place down the block.

She asked Megan, "Are you sure this Bound and Determined?"

"It's not Bound and Determined tonight, it's supposed to be a haunted house tonight."

Lisa seemed unsure.

Megan said to her, "I can hear a Nickleback song blasting inside, Lisa. C'mon, let's go in. Our new friends won't let any zombies eat us."

"Yeah, but they might eat us," she said suspiciously.

Drake squeezed a cheek under Lisa's skirt. "If you want to get eaten . . ." he said playfully. He put a forefinger under her chin and turned her face to his, gazed longingly at her. "It's okay, baby, you're with me."

Lisa sighed, "So long as you're the one doing the eating."

"You have my promise."

"What about you?" Megan asked Xavier. "Am I safe from being eaten?"

"Not at all," he said as they reached the tall doors.

They creaked open with a classic rusted hinge sound, very Halloween, when Xavier and Drake pulled at each of the door handles to let the girls in. The song 'Figured You Out' rolled over them as they stood in a candlelit alcove. A musclebound pretty boy in nothing but a blue gel-mask and tight gym shorts greeted them. Like every other pale male around his equipment was well advertised, Lisa grinned over at Megan after they'd perused it.

"Drake, Xavier, welcome," he boomed when he saw them. "Are you going to be sitting in your VIP booth upstairs tonight?"

"Is it a clusterfuck downstairs, Tommy?" asked Drake.

"Around the dance floor it is, especially tonight, over 3000 people inside already."

"Excellent! We'll mingle a little while before going up."

"I'll have one of the managers prepare it for you," Tommy winked before turning his attention to the girls. Both had their purses open to present ID, but Tommy waved a casual hand in the air. "That won't be necessary, ladies, if you're with these guys. They're good friends with Mr. Goethe."

Megan arched her eyebrows at Xavier who informed her Mr. Goethe owned Bound and Determined, nee the Haunted House Club. Tommy gave Drake a questioning glance while gesturing at the girls.

Drake told them, "He's not going to ask either of you to pay the cover charge but he wouldn't mind a little glimpse of titty."

"To get in free he can see my ass too," Lisa said, parting the front of her silk dress so Tommy could examine her pear-shaped breasts with big pink nipples. She swirled around with a flutter of hemline, bent over and lifted the back of her dress. Not just Tommy scoped Lisa out, the other two guys admired her petite ass when she wagged it.

"I do love black panties," Drake quipped.

When he said that Lisa brought up her other hand and tugged aside the narrow black strip sunk between her asscheeks and pulled it to one side. In that position the mouth of her pussy yawned open and her anal dimple spread slightly. When Drake tried to insert a teasing finger in her cunt Lisa let the strip snap back into place and stood back up.

Megan flashed her tits again then turned, leaned forward and, not wanting the men to dwell on the wet spot on the crotch of her white thong, lowered the panties to about mid-thigh briefly before standing upright and wiggling back into them. She got a whiff of her own exposed snatch and wondered if the guys could detect it. Drip.

"One more thing, girls," said Tommy, "You are entering a no underwear zone. Isn't that right, Drake?"

He nodded, "You're going to have to check them at the door."

Acting like the policy might be a deal breaker Lisa demanded, "None of the girls inside are wearing underwear?"

Tommy indicated a large red clothes hamper in back of the doorman's counter. The girls went over to inspect it. When they lifted the lid the smell of pussy wafted upward from hundreds of pairs of every style of panties imaginable: bikinis, traditional, thongs, T-backs, even bloomers and a pair of white grannies.

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