tagAnalThe Haunted House Club Ch. 02

The Haunted House Club Ch. 02


The graphic Halloween sexual adventures of a barely legal valley girl continue when she encounters a second masked man. And more! Although this story is complete in itself, reading THE HAUNTED HOUSE CLUB first will doubtless increase your enjoyment of Part Two. Some readers pointed out to me that in Part One the night had just begun, and they were not wrong. Hope you like it and hope you please don't forget to mash that vote button for ol' Five Eight. Peace out.


Tied with her hands and feet fastened together with a pair of pantyhose, Megan Jones heard the door to the private VIP room close but not lock when the dashing Xavier Roman left with three other men. Lisa passed out shortly afterward so Megan needed to cut her own bonds with the carving knife they'd left for that purpose on the coffee table. While she clumsily attempted to get at the blade the door opened.

A man appeared in a domino gel-mask with a black and white diamond pattern. He wore a black suit with a white shirt ruffled in the front and at the cuffs, not unusual clothing for Halloween night. Closing and locking the door behind him the man padded inside, moving with the lean and sensuous economy of a leopard. He paused to look at Lisa unconscious on the couch, then Megan, before he prowled to the glass wall overlooking the Haunted House nightclub. Megan saw he had his thick wavy brown hair pulled back in a ponytail in the dimly lighted soundproof room.

He said nothing and neither did she, but she regarded him intently. Had she not seduced Xavier Roman earlier she would have considered seducing this man in the mask; he was hotter than Xavier, taller and more handsome with a slender muscular build. Megan marveled at his sexy economy of movement. He returned to stand before her with his hands on his hips before kneeling to examine her fetters. Her wrists and ankles had been tied individually, then the two sets of limbs secured together. In such close proximity to her pussy she knew he could smell her. Lisa wore a black silk dress; Megan was naked.

Reaching a hand into the side pocket of his jacket he pulled out a switchblade knife, clicked it open. She gulped, thinking he meant to do her harm, but the masked man sliced through the pantyhose between her hands and feet, which still left her bound. He closed the switchblade and put it back in his jacket. Then he placed her tied hands underneath her secured ankles and lifted Megan by her ankles. As he raised her feet higher and higher her arms slid behind her thighs. He kept lifting her into the air until her arms slipped behind her buttocks and her hands finally rested behind her back. She thought if he hadn't smelled her pussy before he certainly could now because her ass was only inches from his nose. At last he set her back on the couch and gently helped her into a sitting position.

His strength and gentleness turned her on. He combed her curly mop of blonde hair out of her face with the fingers of both hands, placed a fatherly kiss on her forehead. The man stepped back to admire her beautiful face and body.

"Who are you?" Megan asked.

"The rogue."

The way he uttered those two words increased her heart rate. He removed the cork from the bottle in the iced bucket on the table, filled a champagne flute next to it. Touching the glass of bubbly to her lips he gave a single nod, indicating he wanted her to drink. Megan drank gratefully, she hadn't had a thing to drink since the milkshake Xavier bought her downstairs and about half a pint of sperm more recently, also courtesy of Xavier.

After she drank the entire contents of the flute the rogue refilled it and sat down beside her. He took a sip and put the glass to her mouth again. Megan drank the rest of it. All her problems receded in a fuzzy distance due to the quick intake of champagne, it also rinsed the salty taste of Xavier's come from her mouth, not that Megan minded the taste of semen. The mere thought of being made to swallow another load or three had her steamy juices overflowing once again, nipples arched and aching.

The rogue apparently noticed because he leaned his face close to hers. She edged forward to kiss him. He kissed her back till her honey dripped sufficiently to wet the couch. Megan slid her ass upward a little and opened her knees in invitation so he could view the wide splayed lips between her legs if he wanted to. Instead he got up to give Lisa a shake to waken her but she slumbered on, would probably be asleep for hours after all the booze she'd drunk.

Megan pouted in disappointment but he slipped back onto the couch next to her again. She realized the masked man was only checking to make her sure her friend was okay. His economy of words and motion created a mysterious aura around him, larger than the one Xavier had conjured for Megan. The fact he left her tied up had caused more fresh juice to form in that tender crease between her thighs.

"Touch me," she whispered, bold with the fantasies and the champagne whirling through her head.

He delved a long forefinger inside her and kissed each one of her straining nipples. Then he began seriously fingerfucking her with a confident steady rhythm that awakened and betrayed her inner slut. She panted in ragged little gasps, raised her hips and shoved against his hand, her sweet breasts jumping and bouncing with her efforts.

"Oh, oh, oh god," Megan whimpered as his finger goaded two orgasms from her with ease.

The rogue held the fragrant digit to her mouth; she sucked it greedily. When he reclaimed his finger he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the ottoman where Xavier had buggered her an hour ago. He seated her on it and stood directly in front of her, hands on his hips again. Megan kissed the zipper of his trousers and nibbled at the lump behind it.

She rolled her eyes up to meet his. "I want to suck you off."

The rogue smiled and Megan knew he was going to grant her her wish. Down came his zipper and out came a penis as hard as a railroad spike and about the same size. She sucked on it as eagerly as she'd sucked his finger. Megan could taste the fact she wasn't the first girl to get lucky with the masked man tonight. She quickly disposed of the guilty coating of evidence and almost as quickly he took the Halloween candy right out of her mouth. She frowned at the unseemly deprivation of such a mouthwatering treat.

"Give that back," she commanded.

But he was busy rearranging her facedown with her knees under her belly propping her ass up in the air. Better yet, she thought looking back at him, he's going to do me. The rogue reached inside his jacket pocket again, this time producing a large buttplug. He wedged the blunt rubber nose into her pussy a minute to get it lubricated. When he removed it the black tip was positively glistening. She squirmed when he applied it where it belonged, pushing firmly to widen her sphincter. The teenager grunted as more and more of the thing sunk into her stretched anus. When the base defeated the expandable round muscle resisting it and sunk out of sight only the handle remained visible between the cheeks of Megan's ass. The rogue twisted the handle this way and that turning the plug inside her rectum while wordless drawn out noises issued from her mouth. She'd never had much anal experience in her 18 years prior to this Halloween night, but after two different men had introduced fingers, a dick and now a big toy to her tight rear the more she'd begun to like it. Megan felt the sudden intrusion of his sizeable prick in that drenched declivity underneath her asshole. The rogue fucked her till the smell of pussy permeated the air of the whole room.

She shuddered with more powerful orgasms while on her belly on the ottoman, rapidly becoming her favorite piece of furniture.

He freed his long cock to her long sigh. Then he repositioned Megan again to be sitting on her cute little bubble butt with the plug still firmly embedded in place. He presented the tip of his shiny wet member an inch from her lips. She inclined herself forward eagerly and engulfed him into the back of her throat, squirming her fully packed ass on the leather upholstery of the ottoman. Her head bobbed up and down on his prick, mouth tightly encasing him from the plumhead and swallowing to the balls on every suck. The rogue remained still, hands at his sides, while Megan did all the work. She could taste her cunt on him for the first minute as she slurped with genuine enthusiasm. She'd thought the night was over after the departure of Xavier, but in walked Fantasy Fuck #2 from the Haunted House Club.

Megan couldn't see many details of his face because of the gel-mask and half-light, had only heard him speak two syllables, but he sure looked hot to her standing there with his impressive equipment jutting upright from his fly. Since the stranger wasn't facefucking her like Xavier had it took her nearly fifteen or twenty minutes to coax what she wanted out of him. Finally he stepped back and his prick began to spit and spurt thick white torrents in her face. Megan caught as much of it in her mouth as possible, she loved drinking come from the source, but had to settle for lapping up the rest as it dribbled down. When his strong warm squirts ceased unfortunately more than half of his come dangled in sticky strings from her chin or had dripped onto her tits or ran between them, streaking down her flat tummy. Several oatmeal-like globs congealed on the tops her thighs.

It was not uncommon for her have an orgasm sucking a dick and her juice smeared the handle of the buttplug and left a stain on the ottoman by the time the rogue got his not inconsiderable rocks off. He breathed as heavily as she did at the conclusion of their unexpected unprecedented naughty encounter.

A digital camera came out of his pocket next and he snapped several photos, set the camera on ottoman, adjusted her on her knees. After nudging her shoulders forward a bit he turned her head so both her come covered face and the handle of the plug were in the shot. He stowed the camera after more pictures and got her seated again on the ottoman.

"Ohmigod," she gasped, breasts juddering. "I hate to see all this protein going to waste, there should be a plastic spoon on that coffee table. If you're interested. I'm not in any position to feed myself."

The rogue found the utensil in a flash and spoonfed her every bite of the leftovers. Megan smacked her lips, requested another flute of champagne. The stranger may have been a rogue but he was a gentleman too. Thirty seconds later Megan was getting her drink on. The rogue tipped the bottom of the flute increasingly upward so she could guzzle down another entire glass since her hands remained tied behind her.

"Whew!" she said with a ladylike belch.

He set the empty glass on the table, reached inside his black jacket instead of one of the side pockets. After a switchblade, a buttplug and a digital camera Megan wondered what was going to be next. But in the dim light she saw him writing with a Sharpie on a scrap of paper. A love note? She doubted it very much, but her curiosity was as aroused as her tightly packed booty.

Didn't this guy know how to talk? Who cared, she thought, the tremendously exciting rogue knew how to do other things. He put the pen away and held the paper up for her to read.

He'd written: Back in 5 mins. Leave it in your ass.

His eyes stared into hers to see if she understood. "I'll leave it in all night waiting for you to get back, studley."

He went over to Lisa sprawled on the couch napping. She had rolled onto her side with her back to the room. Her dress had ridden up over her ass and since the doorman had collected the two girls' panties at the door Lisa's naked pussy was all pooched out, her asshole reddened and enlarged from playing host to six silver orbs as big as ping pong balls, and God knows what else. The rogue shook his head and exited.

The door shut behind him. Megan sat nervously twitching her fat young ass on the ottoman awaiting his return. Then the door opened again almost immediately but it wasn't the rogue standing in the doorway. Two big black dudes with shaven heads wearing baggy shorts five sizes too large and white gel-masks crept into the room. Despite the masks Megan recognized them as the men from the stage downstairs who had stuffed all the buttbeads into and drawn them out of Lisa's anus an hour ago during an off the lease floorshow.

"That white boy'll be back in no time. Hurry up, Antwan."

"Hurry's my middle name, Darrell, but it's gonna take him a while to find what he axed the guy in the hall for," snickered the other man as he approached Megan undoing his fly.

Megan realized the futility of crying out in a soundproof room. The two studied her briefly: from her shock widened eyes to the lovely pair of outstanding breasts and hairless kootch down to the pantyhose wound around her slim ankles.

Antwan smiled at Megan, "It smell like pussy bigtime up in heah, girlfriend. You musta been doing the nasty for a quite a while with them white boys, but it's time to try some chocolate sticks for Halloween."

"How about a dee pee, honey? And I don't mean Dr. Pepper."

Antwan laid down on his back, his ebony erection sticking up, and twisted poor Megan over on top of him and spread her knees wide enough to accommodate himself. His tumescence buried itself to the hilt in one clean stroke inside her juicy pussy and she groaned loudly, her hands still tied behind her. Antwan sucked Megan's pink upthrust nipples and rapidly jammed himself in and out of her squishing cunt.

Darrell grinned at the sight of the buttplug handle nestled in between Megan's asscheeks. "Ah, man, this is tight! Slow down, son, this bitch got junk in her trunk. There's a little obstruction back here." When he withdrew the plug it sounded like a cork popping from an old wine bottle followed by a demure brrpt, the obligatory fart Megan had come to expect her anus to expel when a man uncorked her. "I was wrong, this a big obstruction."

He placed the buttplug on the ottoman and poked his massive equipment almost all the way inside her gaping asshole. A few strokes later Darrell sheathed himself all the way thanks to the helpful toy that enabled him to start moving more quickly, like a human jackhammer. Antwan and he got a terrific tandem rhythm going, out of her pussy and up her ass, and vice versa. Megan

figured this probably wasn't the first time they double penetrated a writhing little young white girl, perhaps Lisa had experienced the same thing onstage and Megan missed it, preoccupied with the spurious vampire Xavier and his magic wand.

Megan was incredulous at the two men's masterful dual power and she purred in ecstasy. What a night of firsts, she thought, the end of my 'exit only' era and a vigorous threesome with two black guys sandwiching me. She'd never let a brother test drive her pussy before and now she had a double shot of men of color. They pummeled her unmercifully and she screamed as wave upon wave of gut wrenching orgasms washed over her entire body.

"Ohhh, ohhh, ohmigod!" she wailed.

"This hole's a screamer," noted Darrell.

"And a comer, too, she done got my nuts AND my shorts wet," exclaimed Antwan.

But Megan's body quaking pleasure ended too soon, she knew the two guys hurried fearing the imminent return of her roguish lover. What would he say if he caught her like this? Hopefully if he did he'd respond by adding an awesome facefuck to the fray. She lay on the ottoman quivering after they'd filled both of her orifices with an abundance of sticky goo. Another strident fart sounded when Darrell unsheathed his happy prick from her ass.

Antwan picked her up, angled her genitals down at the carpet so the excess of come would drain and maybe her white friend wouldn't notice they'd kept things warm for him in his absence. Darrell aided the outflow by stirring a finger in her behind. No help was required for her wide-open cunt, come leaked out in buckets of its own accord. Antwan turned Megan over his knee, spreading the moons of her buttocks while Darrell reinserted the buttplug. She sighed as it popped right back into place. Even in the dimness she saw a pool of semen the size of Sacramento on the carpet before Antwan sat her back down on the ottoman. The men worked with haste and efficiency.

One said to the other: "Mr. Drake sure was right when he told us there was some trick or treat candy going to waste upstairs."

"Let's jet, that white boy looks like the type to carry a gun."

"He definitely carries a buttplug."

Darrell stuck his scummy finger in Megan's mouth for her to suck clean. "Damn, I wish I had some time to get to know you better, sweet thang. It's been real."

They hopped to the door still pulling up their shorts. It had no sooner closed when it opened again. In strolled the rogue, he returned carrying several towels, relocked the door behind him. Apparently he'd run water on the towels and wiped at her face and neck. She thanked him when he rubbed her back and upper body down. Tossing the used towel on the carpet (which just happened to hide most of the big come stain) he pushed Megan down on her back on the ottoman. With the switchblade he cut her tied ankles apart, spent a minute or two massaging her feet. He spread her legs next and bathed the insides of them before spending a long time on her pussy. The rogue gave it a couple of lingering kisses when finished, Megan glad he'd washed it first.

What a sweetheart, she thought, he wants me nice and fresh so he can get me hot and bothered again.

Then he indicated he wanted her to draw her tied wrists under her ass and bend her legs enough so her arms could around them to be in front of her again. He found it necessary to employ a lot of hand signals and tug at her arms and legs for a minute until she got the idea. Megan stood up forgetting the buttplug and grinned at her uncomfortable mistake, her hands hanging in front of her bald protruding mound.

She pecked him on the mouth and said, "Thank you, I feel so much better but what about my wrists and the, uh, other thing up my ass? It's gotten all squshy."

The rogue grinned as he sat on the ottoman and patted his lap. Again she wasn't sure what he meant and he hauled Megan onto her stomach over his legs. He stroked her fleshy cuntlips for a few minutes, idling away the time, in no particular hurry. Every now and then he'd pretend to unstopper her anus but would stop, give the plug a few gentle twists and resume fingerfucking her. Megan groaned, amazed her pussy still lubricated after such an eventful night.

She'd had the best Halloween of her life with more come to come.

The moment of truth arrived at last when the man grasped the handle between her cheeks firmly. Megan grunted feeling it come out of her body. When he disengaged the buttplug from her anus an uncontrollable fart escaped her just like when she'd squeezed Xavier's cock out of her ass much earlier in the evening and mere minutes ago with Darrell.

She continued to lie across his lap when he picked up a clean wet towel. He gave the big black toy a good scrub and back into his side coat pocket it went. The rogue then used the towel on the crack of her ass. Megan felt his eyes on her asshole and the state it was in as he gave a final tender pass of the towel.

"Oh, that felt nice," she said dreamily, "I could go to sleep right here."

She yawned and closed her eyes.

But she opened them wide as the palm of his hand fell on her buttcheeks with a crack like a pistol shot. For the next several minutes a call and response of hard smacks followed by her cries sang out as he spanked her bare ass like she hadn't had spanked since she was a little girl. And Lisa slept through it all.

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