tagRomanceThe Head of the Bed

The Head of the Bed


This is a story between consenting lovers of age (18 years of age or over), and is not true; any resemblance to any real people is a coincidence. And kinda hot.


I had her hands in cuffs, caught behind the bars of the bed. Squirming in delight, she hummed to herself, biting her lip, her eyes closed behind the blindfold.

She was wearing cheap clothing; a top that was too tight for her, making her ample breasts swell under the light pressure, pushing her chest up and hugging her waist; jeans that were far too tight, and had been a comical struggle to try and get on in the first place, but, as a result, that clung to her hips beautifully, shaping her cheeks and following her soft legs down to her bare, twitching feet.

I stroked her, pulling lightly on her dark hair. She rewarded me with a gasp, smiling. Her body moved upwards and downwards, humping thin air, letting her feel the denim move between the slick lips of her pussy and the cloth of the t-shirt tug at her nipples; she couldn't help but writhe under me.

I watched her for a while, enjoying seeing her give in to the pleasure of her own clothes. Soon enough, however, I felt like she deserved to feel me, so I kissed the curve of her neck, biting ever so lightly. With her arms forced above her head, she laughed and moved to give me more room to suckle her flesh, granting me a soft moan from her.

'I love you,' she whispered.

'I love you too,' I smiled, making her bite her lip.

I moved downwards, touching her through her clothes, making her hips rise and fall with each breath she took. She moaned as I kissed her hip, and giggled as I tickled the inside of her thigh. A gasp left her lips as I kissed her crotch through the denim, and a glorious silence as I moved away.

She was ready.

I retrieved the scissors from the bedside table and took them to her ear, snapping them together. She jumped and smiled in anticipation, waiting for me.

First, I snipped the top of her t-shirt, giving her breasts more room to spill out. And spill out they did, growing up and out over the pressure, eventually ripping the fabric on their own and they escaped, bouncing to freedom. She let out a sigh of relief, moaning at the feel of my breath on her nipple.

While I had control of her, I knew exactly how to make her rise. She needed to be teased into it, and then destroyed.

My fingers grazed the flesh of her chest, tracing the shape of her torso. I kissed every inch of her exposed body, getting a slight moan from each touch, each kiss, each motion.

Next was the denim.

I began by unzipping the jeans, giving her room to wiggle that fabulous butt, moving the jeans down slightly. I then snipped from the waist down, revealing her skin (without underwear in between) to the open air.

Tearing them off, I began to kiss her feet. Left to right and back again, each kiss slowly moving upwards.

Her breath rose with each inclination. My probing fingers grasped her skin as my lips brushed her.

I came to her waist, and looked to her face. There was a look of desperation and wanting in her mouth, as it came to a full 'O'. I licked, ever so softly, the spot above her clit, on the skin of her crotch, making her groan.

She moved her hips upwards to meet me, but I retreated. This was my party.

I licked the flesh of her opening, feeling the glaze of her cm already there - the sweetness overwhelming. She groaned again, possibly orgasming. I had more to offer.

As I continued licking, a finger found it's way inside, slipping into her. She started grinding against my hand, howling as I entered another finger, all the while attacking her clit with the brushes of my tongue.

'Put it in me,' she pleaded. 'Oh God put it in me!'

My fingers left her dripping space, and I slid up her body, my bare chest connecting with hers with a gasp. She smiled.

My hands relived my cock from it's prison, and touched it to her. She sighed with wanting.

The head pushed against her, slipping in without any resistance, so I pushed myself up to the hilt, hitting her spot expertly. She bit my neck as I started to thrust, feeling her hips arch to let me in deeper.

Her hands gripped the bar to which they were attached, holding herself up to meet me as I crashed into her sweet pussy, forcing noises from her I will never tire of.

She orgasmed several times, each other with a howl and a jerk at the hips. I slammed into her over and over, holding myself back, until she pleaded; 'Cum in me, please.'

I smiled, looking at her blindfolded face, and kissed her. She moaned into my lips as my cock ground into her for a final time, spurting everything I had deep inside her.

She refused to let me end the kiss for several minutes, and I could feel her own orgasm pumping my cock for everything it was worth, squeezing me.

She fell asleep, still tied to the bed.

I unleashed her and held her until morning, when she awoke with the brightest of smiles and the most golden eyes.

I sometimes wondered why I covered them.

But she loves it so much...

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