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The Healing Touch


(Originally published in 2008, this was my first ever erotic fiction piece. Thanks for reading!)

"Now secure a sinex drop reading."

"A sinex drop reading of less than 2000 degrees with an accompanying loss of greater than 350 degrees since admission may indicate....?"

Luke Skywalker, general of the rebel alliance, floated in the bacta like a lifeless doll. Resting in a tranquil sleep, dreams came to him out of the dark, muddled, and confusing. Hazy images were his only conscious thoughts.

"See if you can get a reading on tactal retention. Try to estimate it without a meter reading."

There was no sense of space, or time, or being. Luke was simply an observer in this dream world. Helpless to the overpowering visions formulating in his mind. This wasn't the first time he had experienced these dreams.

"Be careful now."
"Um, let me see..."
"Hurry up."

Luke had many dreams, like any other being in the galaxy. Some meaningless, and cluttered. Some dreams were distorted memories of his past on Tatooine. Sometimes he had nightmares. Krayt dragons, and womprats attacking him; nemesis' of his childhood. And of course, like any red-blooded male... some dreams were fantasies of sexual nature. And they were more often than not about a certain Alderaani princess... many was the night he woke up with a pool of cum next to him after dreaming of Leia Organa, leader of the Rebel Alliance. ...And then, there were the other dreams.

"Too low."
"Control on."
"No, evidently you reversed the polarity on his lobal travel. Secure another sinex drop."

There was something different about the these dreams. They weren't visions of something imagined, or something that he had experienced in the past, or wanted to experience. Yet, they were becoming more and more clear each time he saw them. But if what he saw wasn't the past, and it wasn't something happening in the present...

"4000 degrees is usually the point of...?"
"No, tetanty."

There it was. Just for a second. Then blackness. Was the dream over? Then another glimpse. Was that Han? Chewie was there... yelling... screaming. Han should do something shouldn't he? ...No. His hands are bound. Leia. Do something! ...She can't. Surrounded by stormtroopers. Blackness takes over again. There is nothing. After a moment Han is there again. He is being lowered into... something evil. Something painful... something cold. Someone do something! Han is almost completely out of sight. Then, like a hammer of death, a ----*CLICK*

FX-7, the MedTech droid extended its electro probe towards the side of the bacta tank. The suction sealed a hold onto the thermo-glass and gave a small, yet harsh electrical jolt to the tank. Bacta of course conducts electricity even better than water, and so it was easy to awaken General Skywalker from his hibernating state. His eyes flashed open, and he became aware of his surroundings. There were people watching him. Leia. Threepio. And Han! He was alive. Safe. There were no stormtroopers, or blasters leveled at anyone. It was only a dream. Yet a very real dream at that.

"He looks more pale than a Twi'lek who hasn't been outside for 20 years," Han quipped.

Leia could only watch. There was Luke, suspended in a pool of slime, breathing out of tubes, totally helpless. She hated to see him like this. When she had first met him, he was such a young, exuberant man, full of energy. He was always there with a fresh attitude, and a willingness to sacrifice what was needed for a good cause. But did she ever guess those sacrifices would go this far? Would he even recover from this?

Still, there was something about him now... something that made a part of Leia more warm towards him. It was almost enjoyable to see an attractive man completely weakened in this state. Not in a sadistic way. No, Leia would never get enjoyment out of the suffering of others. But rather that Luke needed help. Hers, if she decided to give it. And of course she would do anything for him. She cared about him very much. In an almost... sisterly way.

"Hey Princess," Han interrupted her thoughts. "He'll be fine."

Han Solo. Pirate. Smuggler. Law breaker. And the polar opposite of Luke. Besides the fact that they hated the Empire, they had nothing else in common. Han was nothing of a weak man, and even if he was in Luke's shoes, he wouldn't show it. He had pride, and was in no way ready to show any vulnerability. In fact... that was exactly what he and Leia shared in common. For she too was much too prideful to admit her feelings. And her feelings towards Han were...

"I know. "

"The bacta in these tanks are regenerative growth stimuli," Han explained. "Anything that's been damaged, or can be healed is usually fully revived in days, sometimes even improving and expanding normal living tissue—"

"Han, I know," the princess cut him short. "I just want him back on his feet again."

Threepio, who had been listening the whole time, waiting for his chance to chime in, took a step closer to the couple. "Mistress Leia, if I may say so, Master Luke's chances of full recovery are very good. Approximately two point four nine three—"

"...To one. We know, golden rod," Han finished. "But it takes a whole lot more than numbers to win. In my experience there's no such thing as odds. You're lucky, or you ain't. You've got skill, or you don't. And Luke here's got luck, skill, and the force. Something I'm betting your compu-processor can't even begin to estimate."

Threepio tilted his head, almost saying something, but thought better of it, and walked away, muttering something about Captain Solo's odds not being so good.

"Shouldn't he be recharging?" Leia remarked in a sarcastic way.

Han smirked. "If I had my way, he should be at the bottom of a sink hole on Utapau."

"Well," Leia poked him in the chest, "It's a good thing that Threepio is Luke's droid to take care of, and not yours." And grinning to herself, she turned away towards the exit.

"Hey, you know how that walking piece of metal and gears is still Luke's? That's thanks to me!" She made no reply.

"And you're welcome!"


As Luke was drawn out of the tank, the breathing apparatus was removed by the Rebel medical examiners. He was weak, barely able to stand up. Apparently the top of the bacta tank was at the top of the second level, because he was standing on it now. The walls of course were all ice, and gave off a chilling draft that made Luke shiver uncontrollably. But the examiners rushed him over to a hydro-spray that cleaned him of all the sticky bacta, and afterward he was immediately dried off with warm towels.

The dry warmth was welcome, but in his post-traumatic state, he started to lose his orientation. The room seemed to dance all around him. The lights were a blur of motion.

"Stress category."
"Triple three! Triple three! Easy..."

It was nausea. He was losing it. His body had endured so much; it could only stay conscious long enough before it again needed to rest.

"What happened?"
"See if you can get a reading on tactal retention. Try to estimate it without a meter reading."

Mental and physical shutdown. This was it. Blackness overcame him once more.

"It's very rare to see a nurl bond dissolve like that."


His next conscious thoughts were whiteness. Whiteness all around him. It was better than the blackness of his dreams, he thought. Because he couldn't see any particular thing with his eyes, he concentrated on his other sensory aids.

Smell... bacta still lingering on his skin, oxygen purifiers, fresh bedding... wherever he was, it was a new place; just built. Of course, because virtually all of the Rebel base on Hoth was brand new. After fleeing the planet moon of Yavin, the Rebels had chosen the icy planet because of its obscurity, and ability to almost completely shadow heat traces to scanners. They had hoped that the frigid temperatures would cloak their most vulnerable asset: The shield generators. Time would tell.

Touch... he knew he was lying down on a cot or a bed of some type. He wore something soft, something warm. It felt like a medical robe. He gave himself a quick examination for injuries... No, nothing broken, no bleeding anywhere... though something felt different. He felt he had grown somehow... he couldn't place it. But before he could, he noticed something on his face. What was it? He touched it. It was some kind of skin-like covering that rested on the injured half of his face. It was soothing, numbing the pain of his scars.


Sound... 2-1B's (Referred to by the "Rebels as Too-Onebee") servomotors came to life and its medical claw brushed away his hands from his face. Then it grabbed a corner of the bacta mask and slowly pealed it away. Luke could hear the soft crackling as the adhesive tore away. He expected it to be painful, but it was no more so than a patch-aid. He could hear 2-1B again as it disposed of the mask. The atmosphere of the room surrounded him. Information readouts hummed. Medical equipment pulsed. Then, he heard a *WHOOSH*which he immediately identified as the doorway to the room opening. The next thing he heard was the slamming of his heart into his chest. Because...

The force... his greatest sense, his most powerful ally; It told him all what his other senses had, and volumes more. "Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them." How right old Ben was. And right now, the force had told him that someone had just entered the room. No, not just someone...


Her force-signature was unmistakable. It was so close in similarity to his after all. He felt her stand at the doorway for a moment, taking in the scene. Then she slowly paced over to his bedside. Though his eyesight was only just returning, he turned his head to watch her. He couldn't see her smile, but he could feel it in the force. He couldn't see her eyes, full of sympathy and love, but he felt them shining at him. He couldn't see the soft rise and fall of her breasts, but...

"Leia." She held his hand, "I'm right here." He smiled at this, and felt his face with his free hand.
"How do I look?"
"The scars should be gone in a day or so. Does it still hurt?"

He shrugged, "I'm fine," (though not very convincingly.) At this she sighed. It would probably be a few more days before he was fully recovered. In a high quality med-lab in a large populous like Coruscant with the best physicians in the galaxy at his side, it would be different. But this was Hoth. This was the best the Rebel Alliance had to offer. And everyone who signed up knew it. Everyone was willing to make sacrifices, even their own lives for the cause. Luke was no different. And Leia smiled to herself because she was so familiar with Luke's selflessness, that if he knew, he probably would object to the fact that she requested he be put in the best Med-center in the base.

This made her all the more grateful for him. And so it caused her to be in even more pain to see him in this condition. If only she could make it better, to speed up the healing process somehow... she had to try.

As she winced at the sight of the scars on his face, she reached out to touch them. Leia ran her fingers along each crevice and line with loving care.

"Really. Leia... I'm fine..." he feigned protest. Inside, of course, he didn't mind at all. But at this objection, Leia decided humor was the best medicine, and she continued to tease him by planting kisses all over his scars.

"Momma will make it better Luke, don't you fret," she giggled softly. Luke on the other hand was enjoying her goofing around, but not in the way she expected. (Though perhaps she would have, if she had only taken a glance down at his trousers at this moment.) "Leia, I... really... Well you sure can make it better, you've made your point." This made her laugh all the more, and she attacked his face all over with kisses. On his cheeks. On his forehead. On his chin. On his nose...

Luke was growing irritated and impatient with these games. Did she know what she was doing to him? And he began to wonder what her true motivations were here. Then, a devilish thought came into his mind... If she wants to play around with me, maybe I'll play around with her... and get what I want at the same time...

Suddenly Leia found herself not kissing Luke on his face, but right on his mouth! He quickly took advantage of their close proximity and cupped her face in his hands and guided her lips to his. The kiss held, then lasted, then deepened. And just as Luke was about to introduce her to a little Corellian-style kissing with his tongue, she pulled away, with doubt in her eyes. "Luke... what..."

Luke rolled his eyes at this. First she teases him with kisses, and then complains when he goes for the real thing? Banthashit. She wanted it. He could tell when he kissed her. For a moment, she had completely given herself up. Now he just needed to bring that moment back. "Come on Leia... What do you think you were doing to me a moment earlier?" She had a look of sympathy in her face, "Luke, I was just fooling around. I thought you might enjoy it."

"Yeah?" Luke said matter-of-factly, "Well guess what?" He took her hand and guided it down to his growing hard-on, "I sure did." Leia gasped at this, and almost pulled away, but kept her hand there because the feeling was so good to her. She was desperately struggling not to look like a whore to Luke. Somehow she felt like he was such an innocent kid, and not used to a fully sensual woman. But here she was, holding and even slightly caressing his half-hard cock through his pants. The thought of sexual things with Luke wasn't even something she had considered until now, when it was staring her right in the face. Could she do it? Leia smiled as she considered the options...

"The question is," he grabbed her attention again, "Do you enjoy it too?" And at that moment, there was nothing to stop Leia. It was all or nothing.

She chose "all."

Luke and Leia's faces seemed to move as one as they practically smashed into each other, smothering the other's mouths with deep, longing kisses. They hardly stopped for air. She moaned, licked her lips, and opened her mouth to him to invite his kiss again. He lifted her head toward his face, meeting her mouth with the hard urgency of desire. Her arms encircled his neck, and Leia crawled onto the bed and straddled his lags, taking note of the rock-hard pole between them. She pressed harder and deeper into his kiss, their tongues searching and their breath quickening.

As the kiss slowed and deepened, Luke found himself emboldened by the situation and groped Leia's body through her white jumpsuit in all the places he always wanted to. Her legs, strong and feminine. Her perfectly shaped ass, plump, and well-formed. Her back, curving to his touch. And those delectable two breasts, large and supple. "These clothes are getting in the way," Luke complained.

"Yes they are," Leia agreed. "Help me out here." And Luke was never happier to carry out her command. He started unzipping whatever he could find, while she pulled off her gloves and vest. Luckily it was just a one-piece item from there, and Leia pushed Luke's probing hands away while she sat up and slowly parted the "V" shaped top. He felt his lungs take in a sharp gulp of air as her magnificent tits were displayed in front of him. Even the very best plasti-cone breasts on the finest whore in the galaxy could not compare.

They stood proudly, high up on her chest: two mounds of flesh, satisfying his desires; Perfect in Luke's tastes. The flawless jugs hung on her in two geometrically globe-like shapes, large and yielding. Yet not perfectly round, as they were just the way Luke liked them: with a very slight, perky tear-drop shape, curving invitingly up to a peak, where rested upon them two pinkish-brown nipples. Every movement she made caused them to gently sway erotically on her chest. Not too much, they weren't flabby. Not too little, they weren't fake... by the force, am I still dreaming? Luke thought.

Luke couldn't stop his hands as they practically dove on top of each breast, mashing them, and rolling them in his palms. "Uhhhhngh, YES," Leia moaned. He wasn't gentle, or taking his time. No, this was rough, unbridled sexuality, pouring out of Luke. She certainly had inspired something inside him, she thought. His fingers and thumbs cupped the sides of her tits and grabbed them with an intensity that Leia savored and delighted in. She so loved her boobs being fondled she took up her own hands, and placed them over Luke's, accentuating the movement: encouraging him to be even rougher, and more playful with her.

"Oh Luke, yes..." she groaned, feeling hot waves of sexual arousal flow through her body. Her tits grew even larger with excitement with their nipples hardening, and her pussy quivered with a new wetness that soaked through her jumpsuit. Luke placed his hands on her back with a little pressure, and getting the hint, Leia bent her torso towards his face. "Give me those things," he begged. She cupped her hands under her two succulent tits, and fed them to him, urging him on. "Fuck yes... Ooooh, suck on them, kiss them... bite my nipples," she encouraged. And Luke did just that.

He did everything he possibly could do to those tits with his mouth. Every inch of each tender breast was licked, and chewed, and kissed. They were both covered with his saliva before long, glistening in their magnificence. And if his mouth wasn't working on one tit, Leia was sure to help herself by squeezing the other with her own hand. But this wasn't all Leia was up to. She knew that Luke wanted to enjoy her tits for a little while, and that was fine with her, but her pussy needed attention too. So she positioned her still-clothed cunt over his hardened cock, and with a grin of satisfaction she grinded herself up and down on it.

"FUUUUUCK," they both moaned thickly at the new sensation. "God-damn, you have no idea how good that hard prick feels against my pussy," Leia whispered into his ear.

"You think it feels good?" Luke replied between licks on her nipples, "My cock is feeling the biggest force disturbance of its life." And with that he forced his hips up against hers, grinding intensely against her wet sex. She responded equally, bringing her whole weight down upon that unbelievably delicious man-pole of his. The pressure between her pussy and his cock was incredible.

"Oh Luke..." She gazed wantonly into his eyes.

"Leia." And they met each other's lips again, and tasted the sweetness of their passion in a wet and feverous kiss. Leia opened her mouth and introduced him to her moist tongue, and he responded eagerly with his.

And there, the two enjoyed each other, hips thrusting against the other, hands caressing soft flesh, tongues dancing in unison inside their mouths, and eyes ablaze with lust.


"Fucking hyperdrive," Han kicked a servomotor inside his ship, the Millennium Falcon. His grievance was the same as every Rebel mechanic's on Hoth: It was just too damn cold for the machinery to adjust. Repulsor lifts barely worked, laser cannons sometimes shorted out, air flows for sub-light engines got frost in between their grills and blocked much needed cooling which ironically, made the turbo boosters overheat. It seemed to Han that the only thing that did work on this ice-block was Threepio. Damn protocol droid, he thought, I'd shake the hand of the guy who built him, just so he could work on my ship.

After adjusting the ion flow a little and resetting the start-up power, Han tried the status switch, which would tell him in how good a condition the hyperdrive would be to start.Orange. "Severe Threat Condition." The threat probably being too little panametric ion flow to the flux capacitors. But of course he couldn't increase that anymore because needed it for the sub-light engines! "FUCKING HYPERDRIVE!" He threw the hydrospanner he was holding against the control console.

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