The Health Club


‘How big is it?’ Barbara asked.

‘How big does it need to be to get the free membership’, Dave asked.

‘9 inches’, she said. ‘Okay it’s a deal then’, Dave started.

‘Wait no. I can’t do this. I’m not authorized. Wait here for a second. Don’t move!’, Barbara said as she left the room.

Dave was nervous now. Would this work? Was she calling security right now? No way, she’s into it he thought. What is she doing? The next couple of minutes were torture until finally the door opened.

‘Hello Dave,’ Barbara said coming back in. ‘This is Ms. Anderson’.

Dave was floored. This lady was hot. She had on this business suit/skirt get up with a low cut blouse under the sport coat. It was hot! She was tall brunette slender but had HUGE breasts. Even under the suit she could not hide them.

Shaking hands Ms. Anderson said, ‘Hello Dave. Barbara has told me the details about you wanting a free membership. Normally I would kick your sorry ass to the curb. But I’m in a good mood today, and well you have peaked my interest lets say. But, before I make any offers to you about a ‘free’ membership I need to know exactly what it is I’m getting. Take your shirt off.’

‘What’s the magic word’, Dave teased. Bad move he learned.

‘The magic word is do as I FUCKING say or get the hell out here,’. Arms folded fuming she stared Dave down.

‘Okay okay, sorry, I was just kidding’, what a ball breaker he thought to himself. Ohh well, a man has to do what a man has to do.

‘Nice, now the pants’ Ms. Anderson commanded, ’Nice, Now Barbara. This whole thing is a secret. Do you understand!’

‘Yes’ Barbara said meekly.

Eyeing the impressive bulge in Dave’s boxers, Ms. Anderson continued, ‘Barbara would you please remove Dave’s boxers’

Barbara looked at Dave and gave him a shrug as if to say, we better not argue. She started to pull the front of his boxers down.

‘SLOWLY!’, ordered Ms. Anderson.

Barbara did as she was told and all eyes fastened on first a nice batch of pubic hair. followed by a think shaft. Down the boxers went. Exposing an impossibly big prick. Even Ms. Anderson who had seen it all in her time was amazed. Down the boxers went until the mushroom head popped out. Even limp it was bigger then most men’s erections. five and a half inches of thick cock with fold after fold of skin in reserve. And the balls were like tennis balls. It was almost a freak show.

‘Is it real?’ stuttered Barbara.

‘Yes, you can feel it if you don’t believe me.’

Barbara did just that. Amazed at its colossal weight she moved it around and felt his balls. In the process the cock became bigger. Maybe seven inches but it was still limp and almost as thick as Barbara’s wrist.

Trying to remain unimpressed, at least on the outside Ms. Anderson said.’ Barbara bring him to a full erection and measure his penis for me.’ She took a ruler out of her desk and placed it flush with the end of the desk, then sat back in her chair. As she did so, she clasped her hands behind her head, and her breasts lifted up and strained against her suit.

Barbara led Dave by his penis to the ruler. She proceeded to lay it down by the ruler’s side. Although she wanted to touch it and hold it, and suck it she also wanted to watch it grow. How big would it get? She started talking dirty to him. ‘Ooh god look at that cock 7 and a half inches. Ooh no it’s growing still.’

Any apprehension Dave had felt before about this whole thing, was now gone. Even though he was naked with two clothed women staring at his cock he felt great. This must be his calling in life. Why else would he have been giving such a donkey dick. He should be on display for women.

For Mike it was a vivid moment of realization and self-actualization.

For the ladies it was simply Earthly lust. All eyes were fastened on Dave’s cock. It grew and grew, with each inch Barbara would call out the number 8, 9 ooh my god 10, geese 10 and a half.

Even Ms. Anderson was sitting forward in her chair now. Intent she said,’ Barbara stroke his cock, make sure it is good and hard!’

Barbara grabbed that big piece of meat. She was in heaven. It was like a hot iron rod wrapped in smooth velvet skin. She loved stroking it and fondling his huge ball sack. And that is what she did. 1 minute turned to 2 and 2 to 5 and 5 to 10 minutes of her hands kneading and massaging his most private flesh which was on display for both of these fully clothed ladies. It must have been a sight. A sight no one would have expected in the club. This was a respectable club. Yes it was a naturalist club, but nothing like this ever happened. At least not officially. The people walking by the closed office door would have no idea of what was transpiring on the other side. It was just a guy interested in joining the club ‘talking’ with management.

‘Ah eh hem,’ Ms. Anderson cleared her throat. ’Barbara I think that is sufficient. He seems to be at a full erection.’

Yes he was hard, it was obscene, it was throbbing. It almost looking like a really big dildo. Perfectly formed but of mammoth proportions. But it wasn’t a dildo, it was real. And it was attached to a good-looking nice young man who was amazingly polite and humble for someone with a cock like that.

‘Ohh yeh, sorry got carried away’, Barbara said as she picked up the ruler. Carefully measuring his cock she said.' Wow! 11 and a half inches.’

‘Well David’, Ms. Anderson said standing up from her desk. She took off her jacket. Her low cut blouse revealed massive cleavage. Moving closer Dave could smell her perfume. She put her hand on Dave’s shoulder. ‘I am impressed with your ‘proposition’. I think you might be a good draw for this club.

‘Here is the deal take it or leave it. You get a 1 month membership starting today. This will be subject to termination each month. We will review your ‘contract’ at the end of each month. You will answer to myself and Barbara. You WILL do what we say. AND you tell no one about this. You are a paying member. Just an average guy at the club. But you will be pleasant to the females. Be a gentleman, but flirt with them. Do you agree?


‘Well prove it then’


‘Prove it. Lay down on the floor and masturbate for us.’


‘Look! I need to make sure that I can trust you to keep this hush, hush. Our reputation would be ruined if this ever became public. What better way to prove your devotion then to humiliate yourself in front of two clothed women as you shamelessly stoke your cock naked before our gaze’

‘Okay, you’re the boss‘, conceded Dave.

Dave lay down on the floor in front of them. They both pulled up to chairs to sit along side of him. They both watched intently as his hands masterfully worked his organ. Sometimes he would double fist, other times he would one hand while the other would hold his balls. He really put on a show for them. He was enjoying this immensely because they seemed so interested in what he was doing. The whole time this was going on Barbara and Mrs. Anderson had a running conversation. Sometimes they would be almost like commentators calling the game (ooh he’s going to the two-fist now, look at him work it, ah oh, he’s switched it up again, look at how he works his balls with the other hand, etc), other comments were even dirtier as you can imagine. (look at that big cock! I love how his balls bounce! Now, that is a cock and a half! He looks so silly doesn’t he? How much do you think he will shoot?)

‘Barbara get the camera’

‘Camera?’ Dave said shocked.

‘Yes, I need to make sure you will be a faithful employee. Now shut up and smile’



Ohh well Dave thought. Who cares who sees the pictures. This was his calling. He was loving this. He started masturbating again with renewed vigor.


He was about to cum so he stopped and grabbed the base of his cock, and waved it around for their enjoyment.


‘Ohh ya‘, cooed Ms. Anderson. ’Nice pose. Not that's it stroke it! Shoot your cum for us’ WOW!!’

It was like a fire hose gone berserk. Aiming straight up it was like Buckingham fountain. Unending geysers. The women were amazed but delighted with each jet. Each time they thought. Wow. That has to be the last one. But they kept coming. 6 or 7 in all plus the remaining less spectacular dripples.

‘Barbara would you clean him up please’. This was no easy task the cum was everywhere. As she did, Ms. Anderson continued, ’Dave, welcome to the club. I look forward to seeing you around’.

And with that she left. Dave got dressed and Barbara got Dave a membership card. That night all three of them fantasized about what transpired that day. The next day Dave thought he would go to the club to work out and go for a swim.

Little did he know what he was in for. Eventually he turned into kind of a celebrity at the club. He had a steamy encounter with a lady in the sauna.. Long story short the female enrollment at the club began to massively expand. This gave Dave some leverage with Ms. Anderson. He swore he would make her get naked someday and masturbate for him. Ahh and the bay watch lifeguard by the pool. Not to mention the rest of the crew not mentioned in this story yet.

Not only that, this place was full of surprises. There were rumors about weird stuff. Like some of the training courses all of the lifeguards had to go through and some of the contests the club held, and not to mention the hot masseuse who worked at the club.....

to be continued

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even better

we used to have a clothing optional spa in santa cruz, in early 21st century. the receptionist was young and always dressed elegant, all the boys were buck naked. showers were common, i did/do love thatmore...

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