tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Heart of the Flower

The Heart of the Flower


My eyes protested as they opened to the brightness of an early spring morning. Recognition of my surroundings came slowly. It was as if I had been asleep for a long time, and now, I was reaching for the remnants of a dream half-remembered. I felt a gnawing hunger and a painful desire that seemed to emanate from just above my pubis. As I gazed out from my elevated position, I saw the front half of a spacecraft protruding from the lush vegetation. My thoughts coalesced and some memories returned.

Our ship! Phosphor! Apollo! Where are my friends? We were a crew of three. I remembered scanning this planet for mineral content and life forms. The orgone meter indicated an unusually high level of life force, yet as we made three orbital passes we saw no sign of feral or civilized animal life, only the vegetation, and so we nicknamed this planet, Flora. Apollo had calculated one solar year for this planet to be the equivalent of 225 earth years. Atmospheric analysis revealed the oxygen content to be higher than Earth’s atmosphere. It also showed trace gases that could pose a risk of narcosis if exposure was longer than twelve hours. The respirators would extend our time outside of the ship if necessary.

We had been in transit for two years so we were all anxious to get out and explore this little paradise. We chose to land at a spot on the planet that coincided with the vernal equinox. None of us wanted to use the respirators because they eliminated our sense of smell, but to allow a good margin of safety, we would limit our first outing to just one hour.

As we emerged from the ship we were greeted by cool refreshing air that was perfumed with a strong scent reminiscent of cloves. Not far from the ship, we saw large daisy like flowers, each one three meters in diameter with short thick stems that supported them one meter above the ground. The flower petals were a deep pink color, the stems were pale translucent white, and the small leaves totally lacked chlorophyll. The flowers seemed to attract me to them. The beauty of the day brought an inner song that bubbled up into involuntary laughter. I noticed nectar lying in the base of each petal. Cautiously, I brought a drop to my tongue. The taste was like fresh pear juice with just a hint of bitterness at the end. I waited a few minutes to see if a burning sensation or off-flavor developed. There were no adverse reactions so I swallowed a mouthful and relished the fruitiness. A few moments later, a dizzying rush ran through my head, the daylight grew brighter and the colors around me seemed more vivid. Sweat broke out on my brow and suddenly I was much too hot. Desperate to cool down, I unzipped my jump suit and let it fall to the ground. A spinning sensation and sense of fatigue washed over me. I had to lie down, and to avoid the rocky ground, I crawled up onto the flower. The blissful anesthesia drew my eyes shut and a sense of harmony with this garden world filled me.

I looked to the ship again and now noticed the reflection in the window. I could not comprehend what I saw. It appeared to be a large flower with a woman in the center. That flower must be behind me I thought, and as I attempted to turn my head I realized that I could not remember ever having moved my body. I struggled to turn my head slightly and as I did the woman in the reflection also moved. I raised a stiff arm and the reflection followed. I looked down and saw the pink petals radiating out from below my feet but my feet did not quite reach the surface of the flower. I forced my body forward and could not believe what I saw. I was the flower! Or should I say, I was impaled on a thick stem projecting from the center of the flower. My hands ran to my vagina. I felt the stiff, fleshy shaft where it entered my body. stretching my lips almost to the breaking point. I returned to the reflection for more answers. I was very pale and my once short-cropped blonde hair was now waist length. I actually appeared to be ten years younger than I remembered, my breasts were smaller and my waist was thin. I felt no fear, only curiosity and as my mind reached for comprehension, I slowly drifted back into a stupor.

The rising sun brought me back to consciousness. The warmth increasing my energy but the desire and hunger had increased to the point of desperation. I then noticed the twelve anthers surrounding me. Each anther was head height and about as thick as my wrist. They were glistening and slightly bulbous on the end. A gentle breeze brought a musky scent to my nostrils. I reached for the nearest anther, which was sticky and also felt surprisingly muscular in my hand. My hunger coaxed me to venture a taste. I brought it to my mouth and touched it with the tip of my tongue. The salty flavor was satisfying and only increased my appetite. I licked the sticky fluid from the head of the anther and discovered a pencil-sized hole in the tip. I let my tongue playfully rim the opening and then stretching my mouth to the limit, I engulfed the phallic end and let it rest there. Under my hand where I was grasping the anther, I felt the first of a small rhythmic contraction. A new flavor came to my tongue, like a raw mushroom, but with just a hint of cloves. I began sucking trying to find more of the nectar. My thoughts faded and an instinctual desire commanded me to continue. Jets of the creamy fluid began to fill my mouth. I milked the anther with my hands to keep my newfound feast coming. The contractions increased, stronger and quicker, the liquid manna feed my insatiable desire for more. The pain in my pubis was replaced by a tingle like the beginning of an orgasm. Locked for an hour in this primal passion, I finally felt the anther lose turgor and the ejaculations subside as I licked the last drop from the hole. One by one, I embraced the pollination each anther offered.

My eyes again returned to the reflection, I could see that my stomach was engorged. My breasts had become swollen and were leaking milk in white trails down the front of my body. My long legs were wrapped loosely around the shaft that impaled my vagina and held me up on display for the entire world to see. With one hand I reached for my clitoris and rubbed it lightly. My other hand ran up the front of my body across my erect nipples bringing my own milk to my lips. I clamped my legs around the shaft and rocked my hips, riding the head of the shaft. I trembled as the first wave of orgasm rose from my core, my cries of pleasure filled the evening air, and somewhere in the final shudders, I remembered my own name…Clytie. With the coming night, I again fell into a contented sleep.

I awoke with the dawn, dew lightly clinging to me. The petals had fallen away and I hung suspended on the shaft with bloated stomach and legs hanging uselessly. The rising sun seemed to feed the fist-like shaft and I noticed it expanding. It felt as if a sphere had formed in my vagina, ensuring that I was locked tightly with it. The shaft began to contract lengthwise, pulling me downward toward the sphincter from which it emerged. Slowly and relentlessly, I was pulled into the fleshy, elastic opening. I held my legs tightly against the shaft and pointed my toes to streamline my entrance. Warm and moist, the fleshy walls wrapped my legs tightly as I was dragged by my womb into the vise-like orifice. I held my arms along my sides and placed my hands over my pubis. I was sweating profusely under the mid-day sun as my hips and distended stomach began to stretch the muscular sphincter. Relentlessly, the downward pull continued until the sphincter was torn to permit my passage. Blood- red sap flowed from the wound. Once my stomach had passed the tightest ring, I was pulled in quickly and the sphincter clamped tightly around my chest. I screamed in fear as the air was pushed from my lungs. A clear fluid now leaking from around the opening mixed with the bloody sap and pooled around my neck. The setting sun was my last vision as my head was pulled into the uterus. My lungs cried out for air as the sphincter closed tightly above my head. I had the desperation of a drowning woman and in my final act, I gave up the struggle and deeply inhaled the amniotic fluid that I was submerge in. Without a voice, I coughed and choked until the instinct to breathe was forgotten, and my body learned that the watery fluid now filling my lungs would support my respiration. I was deprived of sight, scent, and sound, only the subtle taste of cloves and the liquid warmth of the enveloping uterus remained. A feeling of deja vu swept over me. I had been born in reverse, and had now returned to the womb to carry the seed. Exhausted, unconsciousness came without notice.

My reawakening came slowly. I existed as a solitary point of conscientiousness without any events as a time reference. The silence embraced me and I embraced the silence. My personal history had been forgotten. My awareness became focused as a large rootlet, without mercy, painfully snaked its way into the depths of my bowels seeking out the nutrients found there. A second rootlet forced its way into my urethra and lock itself into my bladder to absorb the nitrates that would be created. The walls of the uterus snugly grasped my waist and hips as the shaft in my vagina now began to stir. Slowly, the head of the shaft was almost withdrawn and then pistoned back into my vagina. Again and again, the shaft relentlessly ravaged my cunt. As the first ripple of orgasm ran through my body, I saw the faintest color of blue light before my eyes. The intensity of the rhythmic fisting seemed to melt the center of my body and I had only one thought, “Yes, Fuck Me!” My toes curled as a strong orgasmic contraction started in the soles of my feet. My cunt contracted tightly around the shaft and my entire body tensed as a massive orgasm quickly ran though me. I arched my back and pulled my lips wide, trying to take the swollen phallus to my core. Wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through me in cadence with the pounding of my cunt. The uterine walls supporting me began contracting in unison with my waves of pleasure. We writhed together in a circular orgasm. When perfect oscillation was achieved, I felt a rush of cold energy gathering above me, pouring through my head, down through my body into the shaft. The shaft became my pathway, my umbilical cord to the consciousness of the universe. My liquid chrysalis was now bathed in the glow of psychic blue light. As my consciousness expanded, I felt myself soaring through the universe, incorporeal. I floated on an orgasmic wave as the song of the universe filled my ears, love flowing though my body. Time had no beginning or end; I was everywhere; I understood all; and I now understood Her, my lover and my source of life energy.

Her name is Orobanchaceae Eternalis. She was conceived with the beginning of the universe. She needed me, as I now needed her. Through my sentient mind, Her cosmic consciousness could manifest a reproductive energy stream into the present. I had been incorporated into her fabric to form a perfect sexual symbiotic union. She is the body that maintains my existence and I am her ovary, the germ of life, and the miracle in the heart of every seed. Now our seed was ripe.

The feeling of motion from my head to my vagina slowed and then stopped. I felt a wave of nausea pass over me. For an eerie moment, I felt as if I was falling through the eye of a hurricane, surrounded by a high voltage field. The energy flow reversed and now the shaft shuddered and heated my core as the pending storm brewed. I felt the static electricity quickly saturate every cell of my being. My body was frozen, catatonic, as the center of my mind was electrified. The orgasmic lightening bolt blasted upward through the core of my being, streaming white-hot from my forehead. Eternalis’s mycelium-like body strained in a birth contraction as most of her body mass converted to pure orgone energy. I screamed without sound as my own body shrank, giving up mass, our genomes blending into one stream of pure orgasmic life force.

Simultaneously, on a distant primordial planet in the midst of a thunderstorm, a white-hot lightening strike pierced the clouds and dissipated its energy into the soil. For a split-second, a ball of plasma hovered over the burnt soil. In that timeless moment of nuclear heat, a magnetic hand molded a void in the fabric of space and the liquid electricity of the plasma condensed into the void. The heat instantly dissipated as the space / matter equilibrium reestablished. An oval-shaped seed was lying on the ground, Orobanchaceae Humanus. Their precious offspring had been conceived, a new hybrid, ready to colonize this young planet. The thunderclap reverberated loudly and celebrated the arrival of this new species.

The brilliant blue glow of Clytie’s world faded quickly to a black, cold, quiet, sarcophagus. Spent and exhausted to the core, she fell into a coma-like dormancy.

As Clytie hibernated within Eternalis through the long winter nights, the uterine wall grew thin as her body fed upon the last remaining nutrients in the amniotic fluid. The rootlet in her anus and urethra withered, as they too were consumed. The uterine wall now slowly segmented itself and the shaft, in time with an ancient cycle, began to push upward. In the darkest hours just before dawn, a flower emerged, pink petals folded gently around the pistol waiting for the morning sun.

My eyes protested as they opened to the brightness of an early spring morning. Recognition of my surroundings came slowly. It was as if I had been asleep for a long time, and now, I was reaching for the remnants of a dream-half remembered. I felt a gnawing hunger and a painful desire that seemed to emanate from just above my pubis. As I gazed out from my elevated position, I saw a spacecraft fully engulfed in lush vegetation. The eternal cycle had come full circle and a new season had begun.

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