tagNonHumanThe Heir Ch. 01

The Heir Ch. 01


A/N: Been toying with this idea a pretty long time now and finally got the courage to post it up on here. Hope someone will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing. First time writing this kind of story so hopefully it's good. Cheers! XD

PS: Until I find out how to add chapters to a story, the title will remain as is XD


When Riley snuck out of home today he was more concerned of running into his father than being caught eloping with his lover Iris. He shivered in the rain while he hung from the windowsill. Woe to him should he be caught, but to have to look through the policy banning all Reptiles from his kingdom was one he didn't want to see again. But Iris, beautiful Iris, was who he wanted to feast his eyes on. The cute feathers poking out from the strands of her hair, her gorgeous green eyes, and the face of someone not of royal descent would calm him yet. He hung there and waited, fur getting dampened by the rain, until he heard her whistle, and then he took to the air and glided silently across the palace grounds.

Father wouldn't forgive him for this, but who cared? The old Griffin would string him by his guts to the rafters whether he finished the paperwork or not. His father was the King, and he the Prince, but in the King's presence he felt like a pauper. No, like a peanut. King Jacob treated his eldest son like dirt, even if he was smarter than his only younger brother and the next to sire the kingdom. Half blinded by the rain Riley snorted water from his muzzle. Curse the Griffins and their long-standing, irrational feud with the smartest beings around. It wasn't as if the Reptiles were apathetic about the war. It was five generations ago, for manticore's sake! Yet fear still ran unbridled amongst the other mammals mulling the city streets.

Iris met him atop the pine tree that stood out above the rest, clutching to the needles with her talons. She nipped him as he landed, burying her nose in his mane. The familiar rush to his gut warmed him despite the rain and he purred while he licked the water from her pelt.

'You know what day it is today,' she whispered in his ear, catching the lobe between her feline teeth. Riley shuddered, letting her voice run down his spine, thick like honey, captivating. But without waiting for an answer she vaulted off the tree and vanished from sight, into the undergrowth below. Riley smiled, baring all his fangs as he lunched down after her. He dropped down softly on his front paws, tail thrashing, eyes darting before they stopped hungrily on Iris' naked frame.

She'd Turned into her human form, but she was still as lithe as ever, the muscle taut under her skin, still keeping her feathery wings and her lion's tail. She smiled, perfect teeth flashing, the ear-feathers trembling from her exhilaration.

Riley growled and tackled her around the waist, still the Beast, pinning his beauty to the ground. his claws, too large to work the dainty buttons, kneaded the mud impatiently while she undid one button, and then the next, slowly, painstakingly slowly. Resisting the urge to tear her favorite dress he waited, but his member didn't, turning hard, throbbing, fire in his groin.

'You are beautiful,' he rumbled, for yet another time uncountable, his deep voice echoing in the forest. Iris left the topmost button on, daring him to make a move. 'Please don't tempt me any longer than you must.'

'You haven't told me what day it is.'

He lowered his muzzle, breathing heavily at the base of her left wing, and she shivered with desire. The dropping of his paw to her skirt went unnoticed as he produced his leathery coarse tongue to rake the length of those erogenous zones. 'The first day I saw you.'

'Where?' She gasped as cold air touched her exposed inner thighs.

Riley Turned then, into the tall, raven-haired boy he knew she fell in love with, his black feathers a match to her brown ones mottled with midnight spots. He pressed onto her with his chest, her breasts throbbing below him, as he sucked on the skin at the base of her neck. His fingers trailed down her belly, ignoring the tunic still strung around her shoulders.

'Come on, Ry. Tell me where we met.'

He growled, taking skin between his teeth. 'At the dinner table.'

Iris laughed, pushing against his cheek to reach for the laces that held his tunic to his shoulders. 'You fell in love with a servant.'

'For my benefit only,' he grinned as she pulled the tunic aside. He helped her with the belt around his waist. 'I got a pass straight to the kitchen for food.'

She clasped his belt to hurl him towards her, slipping off his underwear in one smooth, coordinated motion. 'You have bad taste.'

'That means you're a bad choice, you know.'

She snarled then, flipping him over, catching him by surprise. The gritty soil bit into his skin as she ground against him, fastening teeth around his left nipple. Riley gasped out loud, uninhibited, as she stroked her thighs against his rigid member, the pain from his chest and the sensations from his groin turning his brain into mush.

'You are beautiful, Iris.'

She slipped down in her trance, the words like magic, as she traced kisses down his rock-hard stomach, and he heaved air into his lungs, bucked to meet her lips. 'Iris,' he purred, the name meaning nothing and everything to him at once, the source of his joy and passion. He lost himself as the most beautiful Griffin in the kingdom took his shaft in her mouth, the warmth intensified by his need.

'Now why would you fall in love with me?' she detached herself to ask. Riley only just stopped himself from keening with his frustration by driving his eyes closed. 'You're the King's son, and I'm a homeless vagabond.'

'Because... because I order it,' he forced out between pants, 'As the prince I order it.'


Riley dropped his head to the ground and smiled. 'Because you give a good fuck.'

Seemingly satisfied, she closed her lips around his dick, to mumble, 'Happy fifth anniversary, you bastard.' And for a moment when she licked the tip of his head, he was at the entrance of paradise, with everything he wanted right there with him - the silence of the forest, his troubles far behind him, where he could be alone in the woods miles from any hint of civilisation or the royal life he led, an ordinary Griffin with his lover, who gave the best fuck in the world.

Then it all went to hell.

The only thing to alert him that something was wrong was the disappearance of the warmth from his dick. Iris screamed as he jerked upright, only to choke against a noose around his neck. Stars and haze obscured his vision but not enough to see a dozen leering smiles and smooth, polished skin. He Turned, into his Griffin, anger fangs and claws, midnight black, but another rope snaked around his hind paws, tumbling him to the ground, and then another around his muzzle. He struggled, pain breaking afresh over his body as he fought for air, to get to his lover's side.

Let her go, he vaguely heard himself roar, but the screaming continued, and it was only after she softened to sobs did he realise that they were surrounded.

By Reptiles.

Something trickled into his eye, thicker than the rain. When was he hit? Too fast. Too many people, he couldn't even hear his attackers sneaking up on him, let alone fight back. They were still in their hunched, muscular, beast forms, slitted pupils eyeing Iris' unguarded crotch more than his.

Someone stepped into his field of vision. Two scaly feet, ankle-guard polished black, and he could see his reflection, matted bloodied fur, a bloodshot eye, rope around his jaws. He snarled as best as he could, then howled as tension ripped through his body, each limb torn separate ways.

'Manners, Prince,' chirped the Reptile, in human form, golden slitted pupils smiling kindly at him. He gestured, the ropes slacked, and Riley could once again breathe, greedily gulping down air. The Reptile tutted at him, smoothed the mane at the top of his head. 'My, what a find you are.'

'Who are you?' sobbed Iris, and Riley growled, straining against his bonds as the Reptile sauntered to her, feasting on her exposed body. He couldn't see it yet but for Iris to look so afraid, so fearful... How badly was she hurt? The nerve of that creature... but he coud do nothing as the scaly bastard dropped his hand lower, lower, lower...

Riley roared, and though it was muffled he was satisfied by its volume.

The Reptile didn't move, nor did his captors tighten the noose. All he did was stroke the soft ochre hair around her crotch. 'Riley, Riley... Prince Riley Jacob Lionel, to think you would be here in the midst of Reptile territory.'

Reptile territory? Sure... they were only twelve miles from the city, and Reptile territory was hundreds of miles away.

'Riley, Riley, you still know nothing about us, do you?' laughed the Reptile. Riley growled as it stepped nearer, grinning, sadism all but seeping through his skin. He didn't give it the satisfaction of a wince as it pierced the tender skin around his groin, drawing blood. 'We are everywhere. You just don't see us.'

'Let us go,' trembled Iris. She was favoring a bad leg.

'Oh no,' the Reptile reached into his satchel and drew out a metal collar. Iris, who's dark bruises were beginning to show, was too afraid to move as it clicked around her neck. 'I have far greater plans for you two.'

A ransom? Father would have his head, but not before paying the entire sum... blood ran thicker than water, and whether a peanut or a prince family was still family. They might take everything he had.

'Once I put this around your neck you will be mine,' hissed the Reptile cheerfully. It waved the ring in the air. 'And I will have the pleasure of hearing it come from your mouth, dear Riley, you crying, begging... "Take me, Azoth my Master, your lowly slave begs you to fuck him, please let him cum," and then I will have the pleasure of you: wholly under my control.'

A chill ran up Riley's spine. A sex slave?

'Monster,' was all he could force between the ropes before it tightened again and he couldn't breathe, this time the rope was cruelly tight. He thrashed, Iris' screaming in the background, blood rushing to his head, lightheaded, spots, blurs.

Air. Riley heaved, suddenly realising he was back, human form, tears streaming down his face from lack of air, and a cold heavy weight around his neck. Then it hit him: the collar didn't let him Turn.

'Clever boy,' smiled Azoth. His lips parted to reveal pointed fangs as guards hauled Riley to his feet. 'But you mispronounced "Master", we should work on your enunciation.'

The ropes that once bound his muscular lion body now hung loosely around his ankles. Riley forced his mouth to work. It was sore from the punches he didn't know he received. 'What if I... what if I surrender myself? W-would you let her go?'

Iris opened her mouth in a silent scream, eyes pleading. Riley, with a heavy heart, ignored her. At least there might be a chance she might make it... and then maybe save him. First of all was getting her to safety, out of the claws of these lunatics.

There must have been an unseen signal because the guards wrenched Riley's arms behind his back, cinching them at the elbows and at the wrists, and they smiled like Azoth, cruel and cold, when he growled his pain. Shoulder blades screaming from the discomfort he hurled every word of abuse he could come up with, ancient tongue or not, but they might as well have been deaf. He struggled but with each noose he faltered every second.

They fought his thrashing legs together, tying his ankles together and then to the back of his collar in a reverse hogtie. His wings they folded, roped them together and pressed them to his back. Riley nearly blacked out from the unwise kick that choked himself hard from the jerk of his collar. He screamed himself hoarse, desperately wondering how far sound travelled in a thick forest, while they tied a silent Iris in the same manner. And then they stepped aside, leaving the two Griffins naked, defenseless, trussed up and degraded, in the middle of their circle, as Azoth came up to them.

'You are such a find,' he murmured, producing another length of rope, and a metal ring.

'Don't you dare,' whispered Riley, realising what was going to happen.

'Try and stop me, then.'

With practiced ease Azoth drew the rope around Iris' waist. Fearfully she watched the Reptile thread the rope between her legs and pull it tight. Riley could imagine the rough fibres biting into her exposed parts as it was pulled tighter, and tighter, and he could see her try to ease the unforgiving pressure but fail.

When it was Riley's turn Azoth brandished the metal rings, and listened gleefully to the Griffin's futile roars as the metal clasped around the base of his dick and around his scrotum, forcing his member away from his body. Unable to struggle for fear of suffocation Riley shivered as the cold metal sent an involuntary shiver up his skin, which was still sore from lack of release. His balls were exposed even more so now, and while he hated himself for it he was sure the Reptile's sudden gentleness had made it twitch.

'A mighty lion has a mighty penis,' smiled Azoth. Riley's traitorous member hadn't gone unnoticed. 'Maybe we'll even get to be friends.'

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