tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Hell Club Ch. 04

The Hell Club Ch. 04


"I want her." Damian looked over at the raven-haired beauty on the other side of the bar. His cock swelled in his pants.

"She's barely eighteen. I thought you liked them older and more experienced." Jezebel licked her lips and looked at her husband. She was only three months older than the woman her husband was drooling over. Damian was celebrating his forty-second birthday and had mentioned many times that although fucking a teenager was hot; the drama queen immature blowouts drove him crazy.

"I just want to fuck her."

Damian looked at his wife and she nodded. His cock was throbbing so badly.

"Fine. Do you forgive me for what I did?" Jezebel had made a huge mistake with a woman she invited to the club. It had been all over the papers and they had had to lay low for a few months. It was bad for business, but more importantly it was bad for their sex life. Neither one of them cheated on a regular basis, but every once in a while Damian would have an urge and Jezebel would let him fulfill his need.

"Of course I forgive you. I can still hate you for it though." Damian's eyes glowed red. Jezebel's eyes burned the same color and she licked his nose.

"Go fuck her. Just don't let her take any pills beforehand."

Damian slapped Jezebel on the butt hard. He hated what had happened to him a few months ago. He had been forced to go along with a girl's initiation, but unfortunately she had taken some drug before coming to the club. The mixture of her drug plus the aggressive red pill she took was almost deadly and they had had to remove her comatose body from the club. The news hit and both Jezebel and Damian were questioned. The club sat empty for two months until Dina recovered. She made a full recovery and thankfully, remembered nothing of her three visits to The Hell Club.

He made his way over to the black haired woman. He smiled nicely. "Hi I'm Damian."

"Hi Damian. I'm Victoria."

"You look very stunning tonight. May I buy you a drink?"

Victoria blushed. She had been invited to this club by a friend of hers and had been overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Drinks were free for women and the number of older businessmen was many. Victoria had a little fetish for older men and since she was tall and thin and young, she knew she was every man's wet dream.

"I'd rather go back to your place if that's alright."

Damian blinked. Had he heard right? She was skipping the necessary flirting and seduction and had cut to the chase.

"Of course."

Damian led Victoria out of the club and down the steps. He had a small home on the edge of the club. He didn't want to bring any random people to his real home. He entered the small home and led Victoria to the couch. It was set up like a bachelor apartment. In the middle was a king size bed with black sheets and a black comforter. A black leather couch lined one wall that was facing a big flat screen television on the other. Damian sat on the couch and was surprised when Victoria climbed into his lap.

"You own the club right?"

Damian nodded. He ran his large hands down her back and cupped her cute butt. He massaged her butt cheeks and then smacked them hard.

"Ouch." Victoria wiggled a bit. "That hurt. Not so rough."

Damian growled as she said those three words. Damian leaned over and bit her neck hard. He moved his hands to his pants and unzipped them, releasing his cock. It sprung out and continued to throb.

"Fuck you move fast." Victoria's heart was racing. She was in over her head. She wanted to tease and kiss him, but wasn't ready for sex.

"You have a beautiful pussy. I can't wait for my cock to split you apart." Damian tugged down her panties and put them in his pocket. He fingered her pussy and felt her hairless pussy, dripping with her juices. She squirmed a bit. She hated how aroused she was.

"No. Please. I was just teasing."

Damian growled again and thrust his cock inside Victoria's tiny pussy. She cried out. It felt so good, but it was so wrong.

"I don't want it. Stop."

Damian kept going. She was dripping wet. He knew she loved this. He didn't care if she wanted it or not. It was his birthday and he was allowed this. He gripped her hips and thrusted hard. Victoria was slapping him, but he didn't stop.

"You're such a slut. You think I'd just say no when you said you didn't want to fuck? Did you really think that I'd just want to make out? I'm not in fucking middle school! I'm going to fuck you until you cum!"

Damian grunted and picked her up. He walked to the bed and dropped her down on it. He spread her legs and thrust back in. Her legs were so creamy white and her hair was flared around her head. He grunted and fucked her even harder. He gasped when his cock hit her cervix. It felt so good he did it again.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Victoria was trying to sit up, but he was holding her down. Her hips were bruised from his grip and her pussy was stretched and sore.

"It's my birthday. My wife let's me fuck a slut on my birthday. You're this year's slut."

Victoria closed her eyes. She sobbed quietly as the older man assaulted her pussy. She was wet and hated how it felt. She hated that this turned her on even though it hurt. She lost track of time as she imagined herself somewhere else. She didn't even realize that Damian had cum except he had pulled out and had shot his load all over her dress.

Damian fixed his pants and left her there alone.


"So have we created another evil in the city?" Jezebel was sprawled out on her back sun tanning. She had on the tiniest of bikini bottoms. Damian was on another lounger in a black Speedo.

"Oh yeah. Most of the college girls have dropped out of school. The businessmen are doing poorly in their careers since all they can think about are the hot girls at the club. The police are freaked out because at least four high school and college girls have been drugged up and left for dead. I think we've done our job. We'll sell the club and move on."

"You're pure evil. You know that right?"

"Of course."

"I think I'm in heat. Want to fuck?"

Jezebel grinned. She knew she was in for a rough violent fuck.

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