tagLesbian SexThe Helpful Son Ch. 04

The Helpful Son Ch. 04


This is the fourth chapter of this story. If you haven't read the first three, might I recommend you go to my profile to easily find the link to them and read them for the background story.

I have been with Zack for about six months now. Last month, I went to his house with a dominatrix outfit I got at Frederick's of Hollywood to surprise him. I was the one who was surprised. I found him fooling around with his own mother and her lesbian lover. I wasn't quite sure what to think. Why standing there thinking, I realized that Zack had provided me with something I hadn't had before. He provided me with hope for relationship. I liked him, and didn't want to let him go. I decided to join him, but I was taking charge that night. Heading to the bathroom, I put on the outfit, and surprised him by leading him through his "desert" before laying down my rules.

I didn't forbid him from what he was already part of. He was free to do what he wanted at home. But from then on, we were the only three girls he would ever have fun with. I didn't tell him that I could change my mind. He accepted it. I also demanded that he not question my authority. He needed to understand that in all matters relating to sex, I was the one in charge if I was around. This also did not mean he could break the first rule when I was gone. Any violations and I would not only leave him, I would go to the proper authorities to get him and his family in trouble.

Before I met Zack, not only was I a virgin, but I had planned on waiting till marriage. The thought of sex with other women was not appealing, and even any dreams I had about sex were usually very basic. I hardly even played with myself. Something about standing there that night brought out something I hadn't expected. Since then, Zack has always been around during out sexual escapades. Today, I wanted to try something new.

When I arrived at his house and knocked on the door, Summer answered. We kissed each others cheeks before I came inside. Summer didn't take long to remove the robe when the door closed. I headed upstairs and sat down in one of the chairs.

"So how are you doing Jean?" Summer said as she sat down on the couch. Summer had a beautiful, yet a bit above average body. She was wearing nothing more than a red lace bra and panty set. It wasn't too uncommon to see the family in such little clothing, if they wore any at all, during the day. They weren't bothered much by company, so didn't worry about being seen during the day. It made my t-shirt and shorts combo look overdressed.

"Things are going good. How about you?" I replied

Summer seemed upbeat. "Good. Look, Zack is out of town with his mom until late tonight. They are on their way back from visiting some family. I can let him know you stopped by when he gets back."

"Yeah, I know. I didn't come here to seem him. I wanted to talk to you." I moved over to the couch. "I have been thinking about a few things, and was hoping you might be able to lend me some advice to help better my own skills." I reached over to put my hand on her leg as I scooted closer to her.

With a large grin on her face, Summer responded. "What did you want to learn?"

Kicking off my shoes, I turned and sat on my legs facing her on the couch. "I am still quite inexperienced. Maybe we could play around a bit. How about I leave things up to you?" I said with a grin. She turned and sat facing me the same way.

Summer leaned forward and kissed me, lightly pecking my lips a few times before becoming a little more passionate. As her hands ran smoothly up and down along my body, I rested my hands along her neck. Her mouth moved down to kiss me below the neck a few times before coming back up for some longer tongue action. Her hands still explored my body as she broke the kiss off. She then pulled her arms out of the straps of her bra, letting them rest against her body. "I want you to feel them, caress them, lick them. Treat them like they are all you care about."

I took her words to heart as I scooted my body back slightly and leaned forward. I stuck my tongue out and began to lick her left nipple. She placed her left hand back for support as her right hand played with my hair. I moved to her right nipple, licking and kissing it as I my right hand fondled and pinched her left breast. I even tried nibbling on her nipple. Breaking it off, my hands rubbed them one last time. Looking up, I asked "How was that?"

"Maybe a little bit too aggressive. Let me see if I can help." She leaned forward and kissed my breasts through my shirt as her hands found the bottom of shirt. Lifting up, she helped me out of my shirt. She then reached around and unbuttoned my white bra to help me out of that. "You need to be a little gentler Jean." Leaning forward, she placed her hands under my breasts and began to lick my nipple slowly. Running her tongue around my nipple, she occasionally closed her mouth and gave me light kisses. She repeated this procedure a few more times before moving to my left breast. Her hands smoothly danced over my breasts as she caressed them, paying careful attention to my left nipple with her tongue. After breaking it off, she pulled up and kissed me lightly. "Notice I didn't bite or squeeze. It is less sensual if you start off doing that. Now, I know my breasts are a little larger, so you have a little more freedom of movement, but try to repeat what I did."

I leaned forward once again, starting off with licks and kisses. This time I avoided anything more than that. I enjoyed the feeling as her hands caressed me, so I tried to do the same. I finished off by slowly licking my way from the bottom to the top of each breast, running over the nipples.

"That was much better Jean. For the most part, you will impress a girl more with that kind of treatment no matter where you are on her body, unless she tells you otherwise." Summer began to lean back, sticking her legs out and laying down on against the armrest. "I want you to try the same thing down below."

I scooted back and leaned completely forward. Positioning her legs around me, I rubbed the crotch of her panties around in smooth circles a few times. I even kissed her panties before pulling the crotch aside. Her hand ran through my hair as I began to run my tongue up and down, interlaced with kisses. "Can I take this off? It is in the way."

"Go ahead," Summer responded as she lifted her legs in the air.

I grabbed hold of the panties and pulled them towards me until they were off. I tossed them on the floor next to the couch and leaned forward again. As I rubbed the top of her pussy again, I heard low moan escape her mouth. Having played very little with myself, I tried to remember what Zack has done to me. Kissing the little tuft of hair above her lips, I moved down and flicked my tongue back and forth across her labia's. Every few licks I would kiss her then return to flicking my tongue.

"Don't forget that there are other parts of me," I heard between the occasion moans.

I looked up and saw her smile before getting up and sliding up across her body. Giving her a kiss, she forced my mouth open and inserted her tongue. Wrapping it around mine, she did a weird tongue maneuver before ending the kiss. I moved down and suckled my mouth on her breast again, giving a few kisses and licks for each one as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

"As much fun as it is down there, try to always remember that a woman has other parts to, and taking advantage of them provides a more lasting and sensual experience. Now, how often do you play with yourself?"

"Almost never," I responded as she played with my hair. I rested my chin on her belly and looked up between her breasts to her eyes.

"Really?!? Okay, then maybe I have more to teach you than I thought." Pulling back, Summer pushed my head away and sat up against the armrest. "Sit in the same position I am."

Repositioning myself against the opposite armrest, I stuck my legs out next to hers.

Summer began completely removing her bra as she looked up and said, "You might want to remove the rest of your clothes." Summer then tossed her bra on the floor.

I stood up next the couch and removed first my shorts then my panties. Sitting back down, I made sure I was in the same position Summer was in. "Okay, now what?"

"I want you to pay close attention to the motions my hands are making. Repeat what I do." Summer reached down to her pussy and began spreading her lips apart. "Feel around here until you feel something a little bit hard."

I moved my fingers around, exploring my own pussy. "I found it. That's my clit right?"

Laughing, Summer responded with a yes. "Massage that Jean, but not to aggressively."

I noticed Summer began to play with herself as she spoke. I tried to repeat her movements, and it didn't take long before I felt the same tingling inside that I have felt fooling around with Zack. "I feel it." I kept playing with myself rubbing back and forth against my clit. My eyes were closed and I began to moan when I felt something wet slide against my fingers. I opened my eyes to find Summer's face between my legs. Moving my hands away, I let Summer show me how it was done. She was hardly licking me for a minute when I felt this uncontrollable urge to release something. I screamed out "OH MY GOD!" as I felt myself orgasm into Summer's face. Her mouth clenched around my pussy as I released loads of my own cum into her mouth. I could feel her sucking on me, her tongue moving back and forth as she lapped up every drop. When it finally subsided, she looked up and removed her mouth.

Summer smiled at me. "That is how you pleasure yourself, minus my interruption to speed things up. Now, I want you to try and do that again, only this time, I want you to do it to me. Do you think you can do that?"

I took some deep breaths before responding to Summer. "Yeah, I think I can do that." As we exchanged positions, I could feel myself still tingling from the experience. It felt different than it had when I was with Zack. I couldn't quite place my finger on it, but it was just different.

As we settled into our new positions, I reached forward and felt around for Summer's clit. I had just started to play with it when she stopped me.

Summer lifted my head up to look at me, and with a serious look on her face, she said, "Start with what you were doing to me before. When my hand taps the back of your head, start working on my clit."

I began to kiss and lick up and down her outer pussy. Glancing up as I moved myself into a more comfortable position, I could one of her arms behind her head and the other playing with right breast. Leaning forward again, I clenched my mouth around her pussy like she had done and sucked a few times, even parting her lips with my tongue as it ran up and down. That got a larger moan out of her so I repeated it a few times. As I was about to move around again, I felt a tap on my head. I moved my hands away from her thighs and searched for her clit. I finally found it, buried a bit, but soon exposed by my fingers. I began to run my tongue across her clit, flicking it, rubbing it with my fingers, and even the occasional sucking on it. This was interspaced with loader and loader sighs and moans from Summer. I even heard my name a few times. Soon, I felt her lower body clench in, just like I had felt mine do before my orgasm. With my hand playing with her clit, I did the same thing Summer did and wrapped my mouth over her pussy. Soon, I heard a scream followed my loads of warm, sweet, and slightly salty Summer cum escape from her body. I sucked down every last drop that I could get, playing with her clit the whole time.

As Summer's moaned subsided, she looked down at me. "That was great Jean. I'm not sure you could have done it better. And noticed you barely stuck anything inside of me. Most men have this idea that you need to insert something to make a woman happy. You just proved that you don't." Summer sat in an upright position and encouraged me to do the same. "I especially liked how you ran your tongue barely inside my lips. That was one you should remember." Summer leaned over and gave me a very passionate kiss, with both of our tongues entwined.

"Now what can we do Summer?" I asked after she broke the kiss off.

Summer stood up off the couch. "Sit on your knees and face the other direction," she said as she pointed towards curtained window.

I heard some noise behind me, as if she was moving some objects around. The next thing I saw was Summer sitting down in front of me. She then lifted up a clear dildo into my view.

"Would you like to lick this for me? Make sure it's nice and wet. Let's see how far you can take it too." As my mouth opened, Summer slid the dildo into my mouth. She smiled as she easily slid the whole thing into my mouth, with only the very hilt sticking out. Sliding it in and out of my mouth a few times, it got thoroughly wet. She then took it out and got off the couch. "Bend over onto the armrest," she directed me as she moved behind me.

Not wanting to disobey, I bent over as I felt the couch move from Summer sitting down. I felt her hands spreading apart my pussy lips before I felt the wet dildo begin to push inside. Slowly at first, I felt it push in and pull out about an inch. As it began to push in further, it stopped. All of a sudden, I felt it begin to vibrate. That got a reaction as I moaned, "HOLY SHIT!" quite loudly. I felt it vibrating in and out in sync with my moans.

A few minutes later, the vibrator stopped halfway inside of me, still rumbling. Grabbed by my hair and pulled up and back, I carefully avoided sitting down in the wrong position and shoving it completely inside. Summer began to kiss the back of my neck, then turned my head to the side and maneuvered around to kiss me, her breasts mashed against my upper arm. Our tongues darted back and forth against each other before Summer shoved my head back down. All I could feel at first was the vibrator buzzing inside of me, and the movement of the couch as Summer moved about. The next thing I knew, the vibrator was pulled completely out. Hearing a snap, I felt Summer's hands grab my ass and a slowly guided vibrator entering my now quite lubricated pussy. As I closed my eyes and rested my head against the armrest, I felt the vibrator shoved all the way inside and Summer's body slap against my ass. Opening my eyes, I glanced backwards to find straps around Summer's waist. It took a second for me to realize that the vibrator was actually part of a strap-on set. I again closed my eyes and rested my head as Summer proceeded to pound me like Zack often does. The big difference was that Zack's manhood doesn't vibrate inside of me.

It was funny I should have thought of that at that moment, as Summer leaned down and rested her large breasts against my back. Gripping my hair, she pulled my head up to her mouth and whispered, "I bet Zack can't provide this kind of stimulation."

Between moans I responded, "Not at all. Not at all." Within a few minutes of Summer letting my hair go again, I yelled out again. "I'm CUUUMMMING!" Summer continued to slide the vibrator in and out of me as I orgasmed around it. I could fell my own pussy tightening around it, yet it continued to slide in and out with ease.

When I finished, I quickly pulled myself off of the strap-on and turned to face Summer. Giving her a quick kiss, I then brought myself down to the cushions and began to lick the vibrator clean. I think I even surprised her with that, let alone surprised myself at how tasty it was. Before meeting Zack and this house, merely performing oral sex was disgusting to me. As I finished cleaning it off, I looked up at Summer and said, "Take it off."

"Now Jean, you asked for my help and I'm trying..."

Cutting Summer off, I sharply repeated myself. "I said take it off Summer. Do I have to say it again?"

Without question, I watched Summer reached to her left side and unstrapped the buckle. I decided to reach to her right side and unbuckled that strap. Pulling the whole thing out from between her legs, I stood up and proceeded to attach it to myself. I then sat down on the couch. "Your turn Summer." I motioned for her to sit down on my lap. Summer turned away from me and began to straddle my legs. I flipped the on switch before guiding her onto the vibrator. Grabbing onto her hips, I helped guide her slowly up and down, up and down, gradually increasing the depth of my pumps into her womanhood. As I got used to the rhythm of the act, I increased my speed. I also tried to explore a little bit, as my hands found their way up to her breasts. As Summer did the work down below, I spent some time playing with her nipples, sometimes a little more aggressively than I tried earlier.

Soon, I grabbed Summer's hips and pulled her completely off. She seemed a little upset until I helped turn her around to face me and pointed to the vibrator again. She quickly got up on the couch, straddled me again and took no time getting the vibrator back inside of her. As she again began to do the work for me, I began to get a little more sensual with her breasts, using both my hands and my mouth. I tried to give her the same treatment as before, though with her bouncing, it wasn't as easy. At one point, she pushed her body against mine while I was sucking on her nipple and mashed her breasts against my face.

Within a few minutes, the multi-stimulated body of hers couldn't take it any more and she screamed out, "JEEEEEAAAANNNN!" Her release must have been powerful as her entire body shuddered and collapsed against mine. We just hugged each other, sliding down until we were lying on the couch instead of sitting. We stayed that way for several minutes, the vibrator still buzzing its way around inside of her. We then began to exchange a few kisses as we continued to lay there. Somewhat exhausted, we actually fell asleep in each others arms, with the strap-on still inside of her and still on.

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