tagIncest/TabooThe Helpful Son Ch. 07

The Helpful Son Ch. 07


This is the final chapter of "The Helpful Son" series. I may decide to write offshoots later on, but it isn't planned yet.

It took over a year for my Aunt Janine and cousin Tesha to visit us after our initial meeting. Part of that was a result of the divorce. Apparently my uncle had not only been cheating on Janine with two of his coworkers, but he was even draining money that Janine and Tesha made at their respective jobs for his own use as well. It was a quick divorce. Tyler chose to live with his dad, while Tesha chose to live with her mom. This, combined with work, prevented both of them from getting time off until April. They were able to time it so that they could be at my graduation. They were in for a little more than a simple graduation party

When they arrived, Summer and Jean were treated like equals. They were especially wide-eyed about Summer, for obvious reasons. Everyone went out for dinner that night, and then went home early to be ready for graduation the next day. After graduation, we all went home to celebrate. When we arrived home, Jean took off for the kitchen to prepare dinner while the rest of us sat around in the living room having fun telling stories.

"I'm up for another drink." Tesha said, holding up her empty Budweiser bottle. "Anyone else want one?" After getting a bunch of no's from everyone, Tesha went into the kitchen. "Hey Jean. How's dinner going?"

"It's going good. Here. Try a taste and tell me what you think." Jean motioned for Tesha to come over to the stove. "Try this sauce here." Jean held up a spoon with a small amount of sauce on it.

"MMMM. That is good." Tesha responded after licking the spoon clean.

Jean paused and said, "Almost as good as Zach isn't it?"

Tesha froze up. She didn't know what to say. "I'm not sure what you're talking about."

"Oh come on. I know about your night of fun with Zach last year. He tells me everything. From the sound of it, he was your first too. Go ahead, tell me. Is it as good as he is?"

"I, uh...."

At this point, Jean grabbed Tesha by the arm and pulled her close. "You want something else that tastes good? Try it or I'll tell your mom what you did?" Jean let go of Tesha's arm and pulled up her apron and skirt to reveal her pantyhose enclosed legs and pussy. "Go ahead."

Tesha tentatively reached forward and grabbed the top of Jean's pantyhose. Pulling it down, she realized that Jean wasn't wearing any panties. Reaching forward, she lightly touched Jean, discovering that she was a bit wet. Sliding her index finger inside, she pulled it back out and licked the juices off of her finger. She pulled the pantyhose back up and dropped the skirt and apron, then stood up. "That does taste good."

"I'm glad you like it. Now run along and think of a way to send your mother in here." Jean pulled Tesha in for a quick kiss then turned her around and patted her butt along. A few minutes later, Janine walked in.

"My daughter says you have a sauce in here that might rival my own. I just had to try it." Jean pulled the spoon out as Janine walked up to her. Leaning her head a bit forward, Janine stuck her tongue out to meet the spoon being pushed towards her face. After licking it clean, she responded, "That is pretty good, though I like mine better."

"Well, does it taste as good as Pam?"

"I don't understand."

"Yes you do. I know all about your fun with Pam last year. So does it taste as good as her?" Jean responded, looking at Janine quizzingly.

Janine started to turn. "I don't have to listen to this."

"And I'm sure you don't want Tesha listening to it either." With that Janine stopped and walked back. "Now, was it as good as Pam?"

"No, it wasn't. She had a good mixture between salty and sweet, with an emphasis on the sweet part." Janine reluctantly responded.

"Well now. That's a better answer. Now how about you do another taste test for me?" Jean lifted up her skirt and apron a second time. "Now be honest."

Janine got down on her knees and pulled Jean's pantyhose down to her mid thighs. Leaning forward, Janine took a good lick of Jean's pussy lips, sliding her tongue in between them. She took a second lick, sucking on Jean's lips a bit before pulling her head away and helping put the pantyhose back on. Standing up, she licked her own lips clean and looked at Jean. "Honestly. That was great, but I think Pam's is better."

Jean gave Janine a quick kiss. "Thank you. Now run along and return to the party. Dinner's almost ready." Janine, a bit taken back, turns and leaves the room. Jean pulled the pot of spaghetti sauce off of the burner and turned the stove off. Grabbing her beer, she finished off the bottle and took her apron off. Grabbing a plate, she put the pot onto it and then grabbed a few ladles. Walking out of the kitchen, she turned a corner and carefully carried the plate into the family room. Looking at everyone sitting on the floor around the coffee table, she said, "Dinner is served." Placing the plate onto the coffee table, Jean set the ladles next to the plate and sat down next to Zach. Leaning over, Jean gave him a kiss before snuggling up next to him.

Tesha was the first to lean forward. Removing the lid from the pot, she had a slight look of confusion on her face as she looked up and said, "Uh, I don't understand what we're eating." Tesha sat back down, placing the lid back onto the pot.

Jean leaned over and whispered into Zach's ear. He stood up and left the room. "Give me just a second and I'll explain." About a minute later, Zach walked back into the room completely naked, moving as quiet as a mouse. Standing behind Tesha and Janine, Jean spoke up. "Well, we are having a special dinner to celebrate Zach's graduation." Zach leaned forward a bit and let his somewhat limp member bump into the back of Tesha's head.

As Tesha turned around in response to Zach's bumping, her mom noticed the movement and turned around with her. Summer and Pam had smiles on their faces as it dawned on them what was going on. Without any regard to the people around her, Tesha spoke up. "OH MY GOD!" Tesha giggled as she wrapped first her right, then her left hand around Zach's penis. "I was wondering when you'd let me play with this again." Moving her hands closer to the base, Tesha opened her mouth and quickly slid Zach's penis in.

Janine just stared for a few seconds, dumbfounded at what was going on before she collected her thoughts. "WHAT THE HELL!?!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN AGAIN!?!?" Janine quickly reached out to remove Tesha from Zach's body when her hand was slapped down. She looked up to see Jean staring at her with a small frown and raised eyebrows. Taking a second to think, Janine suddenly realized who was in charge. She was about to say something when her head was smoothly pulled to the side by a pair of hands. As her eyes followed her head through the gesture, she found herself looking into her sister Pam's eyes.

"It's okay." Pam whispered before leaning her face forward and planting a soft romantic kiss on her sister's lips. It took a little bit of force from her lips, and a tongue pushing between them to lighten her sister up and get the response she wanted. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Summer repositioning herself for better access to Janine. Ending the kiss, she looked at Janine. Janine had her eyes closed and lips pursed, seemingly enjoying the moment. Pam nodded at Summer, who then turned Janine's head towards her own and gave her the same soft romantic kiss that Pam did. When Summer ended the kiss, Pam noticed Janine's hands inching their way down between her own legs. The hands stopped as her eyes opened. Pam sat back.

Janine's hands tentively lifted up and reached out to touch Summer's breasts. She first poked at them before Summer reached up and grabbed hold of her hands. Worried that she had done something wrong, she pulled her hands back. She watched Summer stand up, then reached her hand down towards Janine. Realizing that Summer was helping her stand up, she accepted the help and grabbed her hand. Once on her feet, Summer helped her over to the couch and sat her down. She then watched as Summer climbed up onto the couch. Standing over Janine, she then began to get down onto her knees, straddling Janine's legs. She leaned back until she was sitting lightly on Janine's legs, her knees on either side of Janine's hips. Janine felt Summer's hands run up the sides of her body. She closed her eyes as Summer unbuttoned the blouse she was wearing. She felt Summer's hands slide across her breasts, gripping the top edge of her bra's fabric and pulling it down below her breasts. She sighed as fingers played with her nipples. Hands gripped her breasts. She let out a soft moan as she felt Summer's lips and tongue now playing with her breasts. She let out a small yelp as she felt her nipples being nibbled on. Suddenly it all stopped. She opened her eyes. Pam was removing Summer's sweater. Janine gasped as she realized that Summer had not been wearing a bra all evening. Since first seeing them the previous day, she had wondered what they looked like, what they felt like, what they even tasted like, and now they were fully exposed in front of her. They were beautiful. Every thought in her head was focused on the prize in front of her. Her hands slowly lifted up from the couch towards them. She reached out and ran her index fingers alongside and across them. As they explored, she watched in amazement as Summer's nipples began to harden. She had never seen nipples stick out that much before. She heard a whisper.

"Do you like what you see sis?"

Janine nodded her head in agreement.

"Do you want to continue as part of this family?"

Janine nodded her head in agreement once more.

"Then you need to prove yourself. Look at your daughter."

Janine glanced over at Tesha. She watched as her daughter bobbed her head back and forth with pure enjoyment, licking every inch of her cousin's rock hard member. Summer got off of Janine's lap.

"My lovely sister, if you want to be part of this family, then you're going to stand up, take all your clothes off, and strap this on." Pam dropped a pair of crotchless leather panties with a rather large dildo attached to the front onto Janine's lap. "Then I want you to go over to your daughter, pull her off of Zach, and show her just how much you love her."

Janine hesitated a bit, watching her daughter give Zach a blowjob with pure enjoyment on her face. Then she began to wonder. She did love her daughter, her beautiful and sexy daughter. She stood up and began removing all of her clothes. She then slid on the pair of panties and tightened the strap. She walked over to Zach and Tesha. Putting her hands on Tesha's shoulders, she slowly pulled her daughter back. Putting her hands under Tesha's arms, she pulled her up to her feet.

"I wasn't done yet!" yelled Tesha as she turned around to face whomever pulled her off. As she saw who was standing before her, her head dropped. "I...I...I forgot you were here. I'm sorry." That's when she noticed what her mom was wearing. Her jaw dropped as her hand reached out to feel the full eight inches her mom now sported. As she stroked it, her eyes began to travel further up, stopping to admire the beautiful breasts in front of her. As her eyes traveled up further, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked and saw that it was her mom's.

"Have I ever told you just how beautiful you look honey?"

"Mom, I..." was all that Tesha got out. Her mom pulled her close and hugged her. She felt the weight of her mom's full breasts resting on top of hers. She felt the dildo pushing against her thighs, as if it was looking for the right spot and kept missing. Her mom suddenly pulled slightly away, then leaned in for a kiss. It was more romantic than one would expect a mother to give her daughter. Long and sensual, with her mom's hands holding her head in place, Tesha wrapped her hands around her mom's neck. She opened her mouth a bit, inviting her mom to insert her tongue inside for exploration. As she forgot the entire outside world, she slowly realized that she only had to look towards her mom to find all the love and enjoyment she had ever looked for in a man. As the kiss ended, she leaned in for a few quick pecks before they both broke apart.

"Take your clothes off honey."

Tesha needed no further instruction. She began to rapidly remove every inch of clothing on her body. With a quick unzip, she slid the shin length black skirt off of her ass and stepped out. She pulled the sweater and the thin shirt underneath up and over her head in one quick motion. Before they were even on the ground her hands were reaching down for her pink garters. She began to pull both them and her panties to the floor. Suddenly, mom's hand reached for her garters.

"That's okay, just remove the panties." Janine backed up to a wall as her daughter pulled her panties down and repositioned her garters. Janine admired her daughter's body as Tesha reattached the garters. She could not help but realize that her daughter had grown up faster than she had expected, and grown up to be a wonderfully sexy young woman. Tesha stood up straight and took a few steps toward her. "Put your arms around my neck and hold tight." Suddenly, Janine lifted her shorter daughter up and instructed her to wrap her legs tightly around her. Leaning against the wall, she reached underneath and guided the dildo strapped to her crotch slowly into her daughters moistening mound. Janine showed just how much she worked out as she helped support her daughter while all eight inches slowly slid inside her daughter. Her daughter let out a gasp as Janine whispered "You'll need to do some of the work."

Tesha nodded as she began to slide up and down, feeling the dildo slide against the walls inside her pussy. It hurt while it felt good, though the pain diminished as she continued. She leaned her head forward and gave her mom a quick kiss. "I love you mom." She said as she sped her motions up, bouncing faster and faster. The feeling inside was making her warm. The last time she felt this good was when Zach came to visit. It was during that thought that she felt something else. She felt a wet finger running across her asshole. She looked back to see Zach standing behind her. She felt him rubbing something around her hole, even sticking his finger inside. As she realized that he was lubbing her up, she prepared for the entry. She knew it was going to sting, especially if he was fully erect. Then it began. She felt his head slide inside as she let out a cry in pain. She felt two more hands holding onto her, providing some more lift as she slowed down her movements. As Zach tried to take it slow, she got frustrated and pushed against him more, forcing him to insert himself farther. She cried out again, lifted herself up and slid back down again. The pain was intense, but she figured it couldn't get worse. She went up and back down, up and down. Each time the pain diminished, and the pleasure came back. The cries turned to moans. Soon, she was back to her faster motions, as she was fucked in both holes by her mom and her cousin. She screamed out, "Harder" as she leaned back against Zach, forcing the dildo to lean against the front of her vagina. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she leaned her head on his shoulder. The pleasure as it went in and out was too much. She leaned forward again, sitting up this time as she began to feel the orgasm form. Just before she climaxed, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around her mom's neck. "I'm cumming mom," she said, before leaning in for a kiss. They got a quick kiss in before she let out a gasp of pure joy, throwing her head back and screaming in ecstasy.

As the orgasm subsided, Tesha stood in her mother's arms and felt the looseness in her ass. She could feel the wetness creeping down her thighs, a combination of Zach's and her own juices as they met. Her head was leaned forward against her mom's neck, her chin resting on firm breasts. Nipples poked into her neck as her mom held onto her. The pleasure her body experienced was something that she would never forget. She wanted more, but quickly became more aware of what was going on around her as she heard some sniffling. Looking up, she thought her mom might be crying. "What's wrong mom?"

"Nothing dear. Don't worry about it." Janine looked down with a smile as she stood there against the wall. She didn't know what to think at the moment. Every thought told her that what she just did was wrong, while every feeling pushed and screamed at her to continue. Her daughter just looked at her while her mind raced through various thoughts, before she was brought back into awareness by a tugging on her arm. Tesha was pulling her into the kitchen.

Tesha helped her mother into a seat at the table. She then climbed onto her mom's lap and leaned against her like a child. She looked up, "Mom, don't try to lie to me. I know you well enough. What's wrong?" Tesha ran her right hand up her mom's stomach towards her breasts.

"I don't know honey," Janine said as she felt a finger caress her left breast. "I..." A finger ran around her nipple. "This..." She felt her nipple being gently pinched. "I'm....oooohhhhhh..." She could feel her pussy warming up again as her daughter played with her breasts.

"Does that not feel good mom?" Tesha asked before gently kissing her mom's neck. Her fingers played with her mom's breasts with the experience of many nights of self gratification.

"Yes it does." Was all that came out before she gave another moan. She felt her daughter's hand leave her breast and slide up to her face. A finger, then two, moved against her lips. She opened her mouth and allowed them to slide in. Running her tongue against them, she licked every inch of them before applying a sucking motion. She felt another hand unbuckling the strap-on she was still wearing. Her eyes closed as she played with the fingers in her mouth, and the strap-on being removed. The fingers were swiftly removed and as she opened her eyes again, she felt her daughter shifting her legs before feeling moist fingers touch her already warm pussy. As kisses continued to be planted on and around her neck, her lips were spread slightly as two fingers pushed their way inside. A thumb pressed firmly against her clit, moving in a gentle circular motion. Her hands clamped onto the chair's armrests as her legs spread ever so slightly under the weight of her daughter sitting in her lap. Her back pressed firm against the back of the chair as she leaned her head back and let her daughter kiss her neck. The feeling of hands playing with such a sensitive, and until tonight, such rarely used of her body caused her already warm pussy to change into a warm and wet pussy. The mere thought of her daughter causing such a taboo kind of pleasure enhanced it ever further. She wanted to experience the same kind of pleasure her daughter just had. She wanted to enjoy her sister again. She wanted to play with Summer and Jean, and get fucked with wild abandon by her nephew. It was all taboo, and she wanted it still. She leaned her head forward and whispered to her daughter, "Fuck me now. Let's show them how much we love this family."

Ten minutes later, Janine opened her eyes and saw everyone sitting around her and Tesha. Tesha pulled herself out of Janine's dripping pussy, stood up, and backed away from her mother. Janine stood up and moved to stand in front of Zach. "I think it's time you showed me just what that thing can do," Janine said as she straddled her nephew. Grabbing his hard cock, she slid herself down onto it, feeling a tightness she hadn't felt in years.

Nobody left the house for two days. If you walked up to the door and listened carefully, you could hear the laughing and screaming and moaning of one of the best family orgies they ever had.

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