tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Hero worth a Million Men

The Hero worth a Million Men


I never liked superheros or anyone that thought of themselves as people who were some sort of god-like figure meant to protect everything they believe in. Where I live we have a hero that 'protects our city', and he annoys the shit out of me.

Just yesterday he was on TV, and the first thing he does is start talking about honest justice, like he's fucking the statue of liberty on the weekends. I bet the guy's wife is so vanilla, you could use her sweat as extract for cake.

"I did what any of the people would've done with my powers. I fought for the abused, I stopped those who deny the true and right. I dream of an eternal light that will keep away all the darkness of humanity. I will be that shine, because I am sunshine."

That was the first thing our local superhero said when the news finally caught up with his crazy ass. It's been about 4 years since the birth of a real superhero, and 3 years since the debut of our illustrious sunshine. Most of us aren't ever directly affected by all the bullshit of those masked-freaks. In all honesty, the largest effect I've had from any of them is last year when over half the city streets were closed for weeks.

All from some kind of fight involving crash-landed aliens and half the world's superheros.People are saying those purple globs from venus will attack again soon, and I honestly hope so. Anything to get out of work

Which brings me to now, the entire reason, as to why I'm thinking about Sunshine, and his group of 'heroes'. Currently I am stuck in traffic on my way home, and I am very willing to bet it is because ole' double 'S' is taking his sweet ass time defending my purported humanity. Maybe I am a little too hard on the fucks. Most of those heroes do seem like they are nice people, just a little brainwashed.

Ah fuck it, there is a parking lot I can see close by, and I'm starting to get hungry. Maybe if i'm lucky Sunshine will stop by the fast food place I'm in, and he can grace us plebeians with his bright dick and teabag us. The amount of people that worship the guy, is concerning.

After another 15 minutes of waiting I finally manage to park. I'm gonna give my friend Ken a call. He lives close by.

"Hey what's up Samson?"

"Not much, I'm just over here getting fucked with this traffic. You're already home right? You seeing this shit? Do you know what's going on?"

"I was seeing that. I'm so happy I took my bike to work today. I'm watching the news right now. Things really aren't looking good for Sunshine. It seems like those red twins managed to gather 3 other supervillains. They are destroying everything they can. It looks horrible, Sunshine is barely able to help people get out. Not only that but those super villains are just ripping into the guy every chance they get. I've never seen him this bloodied. It's amazing he's still able to keep going."

"Oh shit seriously? Hold on, I had to park around the corner near that park. Traffic was way too long. I wanted to look for something to eat too. I was gonna ask if you wanted to come with me, but the news seems way more fun."

I'm amazed at the idea that Sunshine is actually losing a fight. Back when he first came into the city, people thought he was god. The man is almost 7 feet tall I heard, he's got super strength, and the ability of flight. Along with reflexes and speed greater than any normal human could ever reach.

He can manipulate energy he gets from sunlight, and he uses it to blast people through walls like internal bleeding is his middle name. But he can't shape the energy into constructs or objects, and from I've heard the energy he shoots out can get to insanely high temperatures. Until recently, I thought he was invincible.

It's humanizing to hear that he can feel pain. I suppose even the man of light, is simply that. A man, just like the rest of us.

There was a certain excited notion in my step. I hardly even realized how close I was until after about 5 minutes of almost-running. I knocked on the door.

"Samson hey come inside buddy, glad to see ya"

I liked ken. He had a sort of religious-kindness nice feel to him. Like the type of guy, that never really meant harm, and keeps to himself. Maybe his mom is from the south, that would explain some of his nuances.

He's tall, with light skin, short black hair, and very straight teeth. I met him about 8 years ago back when me and him were in high school. He was the same back then as he is now. I like him, he's always been there.

"Awesome, did I miss anything?" I took a seat quickly right in front of the TV. Ken had a nice small little one bedroom apartment. I always thought this place was fun it seemed nice and personal.

"Yeah armored police stepped in, and the news says that military intervention is only a matter of minutes now. It's still not really doing much though. It seems like all the civilians are out of the area. They are focusing all their attention on sunshine, and they're at the mall parking lot right now. I'll put the volume up."

I watched intensely, as Ken raised the volume on the deadly fight between the hero and 5 villains.

"You don't get it do you Shine? We've won. There aren't very many of you dumb fucks left. The aliens wiped out a lot, and now we can take out the rest" said one of the twin women dressed in all red.

"You'll never win. It doesn't matter how many of you there are, or even if I lose. Because there will be another to raise up in my place, there always will be. The sun shines on all." Directly after that the five people standing around Sunshine decided to lung at him.

He was quick, and he managed to keep them all off him for a second. His swings didn't look graceful anymore. He was swinging recklessly, and none of them were landing. Not even when he started shooting out beams of energy.

It looked like they were trying to grab him, because none of them were even throwing heavy hits. Let alone using their powers, that could've easily dealt with the weakened lone superhero.

"I got him reds! I got him!" said a large man that managed to wrap his arms around his body and lift him in the air.

"Let go of me! You can't win! You'll feel the heat of my light!" It was with that last phrase that the man began to squeeze tightly.

Sunshine started to scream loudly in pain, and the other four villains started to close in on him. He started releasing large beams from his hands wildly blasting the ground. Tearing up the asphalt till the beams died out.

"Look big sis! We got him!" said one of the twins

"Oh yay! You know what means right little sis?" said the other twin going in for a hug

"The dagger!" they both said in unison

At this point I doubt sunshine was conscious. His head was hanging, and his body looked limp and bloody. As they spoke one of the other villains, she wore an all black tight bodysuit and had long purple hair.

She wore a small masquerade mask, and I think her name was nuclear princess. She pulled out a long thin strange looking blade right out of thin air. I think she had the ability to make portals.

The red twins were still twirling around with each other, as nuclear princess handed the twins the blade.

"You do it sis! You do it!" the twins said that to each other till the older sister grabbed the blade.

"Ok since you said so little sis! I'll be careful big guy, just make sure ya hold mr.no-fun still."

"Ken are you seeing this? Do you think they're actually going to do it?" I didn't take my eyes off the TV for a second. The helicopters whirling in on the scene were giving a gruesome live image, that I think will be remembered for a long time.

Ken didn't respond. I think he is just as shocked as I am.

"Here goes! After this, all us get to do whatever we want all over!" then the red twin pressed the knife against sunshine's chest, and started to slowly push it into his heart. Once the knife was all the way in his chest, the big guy let his hold go and held him only by the shoulders to keep his body up.

Then the other red twin skipped up to it and pushed all her weight into the blade, and it went through his chest as it now stuck out through his back.

"We did it! You guys! I love you! Now come on princess let's get out of here and celebrate! We have to kill a bunch of other people!" With that line from both twins in unison, the nuclear princess waved her hand and a medium sized swirling black distortion opened up a few feet behind the body of sunshine.

"Samson, I can't believe what I just saw. This is the first death of a superhero since the venusian war. They won...The bad guys actually won." Ken sounded hurt as he spoke. It sounded like maybe he really did believe in Sunshine.

"Yeah, I mean holy shit. You ok? It sounds like you were a bigger fan of him than I thought?"

"About three years ago Sunshine saved my mother from a burning car. He also checked up on her in the hospital a couple times, and even flew her home. He shook my hand then he said that he sees light in me. He saved her life."

"Oh fuck, Sunshine personally flew your mom home?" Maybe I was a little too hard on the guy.

"Yeah, Samson I think so... I just... I don't know what we are going to do without the guy. He was more than just a hero. I didn't even think he could die until now."

Ken adopted a heavy frown on his face. I feel bad for the guy. I definitely did not hear about him meeting a superhero. I wonder why he never brought that up before, because I sure as fuck would be telling every woman within a 50 mile radius that story.

"Ken, here turn off that TV. They cut the feed on the battle aftermath, and this reporter is depressing as shit. Hey you still got those pizzas in the freezer?" Ken nodded his head turning off the TV, then burying his face in his hands for a moment.

Shit, even I feel bad now. Ken shouldn't have gotten so attached to the guy. Anyone who lives that type of lifestyle, and has the strength to do what he does, isn't going to have a long life-expectancy.

I hate to even think this, but there needs to be more guys like Sunshine. I've never really bought into the entire superhero thing, but maybe there are some reasons as to why they are needed.

If only there was some way to cheer up Ken. Maybe once this pizza is done it'll help. This dude fucking loves pizza. Speaking of love, this guy has been there for me more times than I could count. Sure we weren't attached at the hip or anything, but we always told each other everything sooner or later. He was like the brother I never had.

"Hey I got an idea. I know something that will cheer you up. Let's go somewhere after dinner, as long as the city isn't being torn apart by freaks in bas costumes." As I say this, Ken takes a seat on the small table in the dining room right next to the kitchen.

"Don't worry, the military showed up. But are you sure? There is a 10pm curfew now for everyone. Maybe we should just eat then try to relax. Don't you have work in the morning?"

"I'm sure. Fuck city ordinance. Don't worry about it, let's put on a movie while we eat then get going. We'll be back way before 10. I'd like you to meet someone. Someone that'll help you feel a lot better and look at things so differently"

Ken didn't say anything in response, just smiled weakly. He just walked up to the fridge and got a can of soda out of the fridge. I haven't seen him this sad since that time he got laid off from his last job. Ken is an accountant, and he use to work for this construction company his uncle owned.

But after the war where a bunch of superheros died, some construction companies really started to get a ton of work. His uncle started a company, and all the money he was making really changed him. The guy fired his Ken, and then hired some way cheaper new guy.

As soon as I finished my last slice of pizza, I looked up at Ken resting his forehead on his hands staring down at the table. "OK, come on let's get out of here. I know something that is gonna take your mind off things."

I tried to make some small talk on the way to my car next to the park. It was working a bit, because at least the guy was talking to me. The drive there won't be too long. Thankfully we're not going too far from his house.

"When we get there Ken, I would like for you to please not jump to any conclusions. I will explain it all when we get there. Just think of it as like a late birthday present."

He doesn't know about this place, because I was always a little worried about what he would do if he found out. We are going to a fortune teller, but not just any scamming cunt. This is a legitimate fortune teller.

This guy somehow got superpowers around the time Sunshine and all the other heroes did. As far as I know, he can see the future and he will tell the future to pretty much anyone. As long as they can pay, but his powers aren't as accurate as they could be.

When I first met him, I thought he was some sort of all-knowing fourth dimensional being. I'd trust his relationship advice and stock tips, but he has limits, as I've come to notice. I bet he's still trying to get the hang of his powers himself, or he likes fucking with people, or maybe he's just one lucky fucking guesser.

Anyway the most concerning part about the guy, is that he will tell the fortune to anyone who can pay. Once I saw nuclear princess on her way out of that place. She's a lot taller in person, and the cameras never do her body justice. She puts porn-stars to shame with that ass.

"A bistro? Samson if you wanted to get some deli-cuts or ham we could've just gone downtown. This place doesn't even look that good, and honestly it looks a little gross."

"Yes this a bistro, but we did not come here for any meat." I said calmly as I parked the car.

"Oh gosh, Samson is this a brothel? First of all I could not think of a worse place to have sex with a random woma-"

"No, this isn't a brothel. Also come on dude you said you wouldn't judge the place until I explained everything. I wanted the guy to tell you everything, but if you must know before we get in there." I took a deep breathe to calm myself, he might not be OK with this.

"In the back of this shit-hole is a door that leads to the basement. In this basement is a man that can see the future, and he doesn't fuck around with it. The man has crazy power.

This whole thing is very hush hush, the owner of the bistro told me about it a couple months ago. I think we should go in there, and he can tell you everything will be alright."

Ken looks confused, his face was always visibly expressing all his emotions. His eyebrows and eyes made a sort of focused face, but I could still see some hints of sorrow in his look. Concern! That's the best word to describe how I bet he is feeling at the moment.

"Wow a man that can see the future, I almost don't believe you buddy. Come on, I have to get in there and see him after that endorsement." Just like that Ken's look of concern turned to a look of excitement. That means, so far this is a success.

I felt nervous,excited, a little happy. I use to feel the same way back when I was kid, and I would start a new grade in school. That sort of feeling I would get, like I'm happy to see tomorrow, yet somehow scared of the present.

Even now as we exit the car, I can't feel the weight of life I felt only moments ago. I don't think Ken can feel it either.

As we entered the small bistro, we were already at the counter. The place was small, dinky, and barely lit. The door a few yards behind the counter opened up, and a large man wearing a bloody apron stared at Ken and I.

"Can I help you two?" The large man's voice was deep and raspy.

"This is a friend. We are here to see the man whose sight is greater than time." The large man looked at me, he knew me. I had seen him around him before, but I think he is a little cautious about Ken.

"Does anyone know you two are here?"

"No we have told no one of this place, nor that we were headed here." The large man nodded slowly.

"Walk with me."

Oh thank sweet fuck. For a second I thought this guy was going to lock the door, and charge at the two of us with a knife. Ha I should really learn to not be so tense. I need to calm down, or I'm going to fuck with Ken's head. After a heavy sigh of relief I walked around the counter with Ken following me.

Through the door he led us there were 3 more doors, 1 on each side and 1 door at the end of the path. The hallway was bright with grey walls, and the door at the end of the hallway appeared heavy and metallic. As we approached the door, the large man stopped and paused for a moment.

I can hear something coming from behind the door, it sounds like someone laughing loudly or shouting. I turn to look at Ken, and he has his eyes wide open, he's tip-toeing trying to see over the large man's shoulder.

The large man opens the door, and we both slowly walk in after him. "Inquisitor these two men wish to hear the secrets of your sight"

As I walk to the left of the man so that I could see around the room, I saw what looked like a black portal just about to close up near the wall. A portal that looked suspiciously similar to the one Nuclear princess rips open.

"Yeah no shit. I already know why they are here. Get back to the front." The large man says nothing in response, and calmly walks out the room.

Ken and I both stare at the old frail looking man. He is wearing a long black robe as he sits down in the center of the room on a pillow.

"Relax young man. I am not here to cause any harm Ken."

Ken looked shocked, and I was a bit too actually. "Inquisitor, my friend is very troubled after the events of today. Is there a way you could see into his future? He'd feel a lot better knowing he'll be OK."

"I could do that. You would like me to see the events of his entire life? But what of you Samson? You always come in here for these little bullshit conversations asking about horses on a race, but I know you want more."

"I too would like to see into my future, if possible" my heart was beginning to beat rapidly. I always feel so uncomfortable in this sketchy room.

"Ahhh so the truth rears its glorious ass... Doorman!" He shouted loudly.

The large man walked back into the room quickly, as Ken and I stood there almost quivering. I really hope that doorman doesn't walk in with a gun.

The large man opened the door and poked his head in, "Bring me the women, these men wish to have the events of their life seen."

"The women? Do they also have the power to see into the future?" Asked ken a bit nervously.

"Haha no kid, I am the only one with this great power. This great power is however, a bit tricky. In order to specifically see an entire life unfold, I will need to see more of your life energy. I need you to fuck these two women, and finish into their mouths. I will look deep into their throats to see your futures."

"Holy shit, dude that sounds..." said ken surprised, and sounding a little conflicted.

"Like it's expensive as shit. Inquisitor how much will this cost me?"

"I've been having visions of this moment for quite some time. I believe one of you have something in you that needs to be seen. If this is true, then there shall be no charge" said the inquisitor as we heard a knock on the door.

"Oh thank fuck. I get my fortune told, and to bang a hooker. Ken this has to be the best-"

"But! If my visions have misled me to this moment, then that shall be 600 dollars. Cash preferably, but we take credit and debit at the front. There is also a 15% charge if you need to use card."

"Oh fuuuuuuuck" said ken in a gasping quiet voice.

The door opens, and two unbelievably hot women walk in. One of them is a taller blonde woman, with a tiny waist, a really nice bubble butt, fit toned legs, curly hair draping just past her shoulders, small brown eyes, and really nice full perfectly round tits.

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