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The Heroine


David and Karen had been married for two years, they met right after college, and within weeks they both knew that they had found the person for them. In that time their relationship blossomed as they grew to love one another, and all of the little quirks were seen as cute and darling instead of annoying habits.

The one thing that kept their relationship knew and interesting at all times was their sex life. Part of their amazing connection was that they matched perfectly in the bedroom. Nether had much experience with other people, but they had a level of trust that made it possible for them to do anything to one another and not be afraid.

The part of their sex life that was the most fun was the surprises they planned for one another. Having been together and experiencing new things they both knew what the other wanted (and having access to the internet history didn't hurt either).

She found a wide variety of stories in their internet history, and she wasn't the one viewing them. From Wonder Woman to Supergirl or Catwoman, the stories featured all of them at various stages of dress and undress, being forced to do things against their will, and of course then there were the videos featuring them fighting henchmen of some sort, with them eventually taking a few punches and going down, only to be used as sex toys by their captors. Karen kept watching video after video, getting more and more turned on by them. Realizing that this was something that had never been brought up before, and something that would be the ultimate surprise for him.

David was having a fairly boring work day, his company was in its light season, and while that meant he was able to come home at decent hours, it also meant that the hours he spent at his desk at work were interminable. Mainly the hours between 2-5 pm, the hours where he wanted to do nothing more than to leave his desk and go home for a nap on the couch, or to get started on the errands he needed to do. Today ended up being far different however, typically throughout the day he would text message back and forth with Karen while she was managing things around the house.

Today however, he had barely heard from her, she only mentioned running "errands" but didn't specify anything to the level of detail that she normally kept for things around the house. This made his mind wonder where she could be going, since she wasn't one to hide things from him, no matter the triviality. He was set to leave at 4:45, and he got one singular message from her, all it said was: "I'm looking forward to seeing you tonight, please read the note under the mat before you come in."

Clearly this was not the style of message he was used to getting from his wife, and he quickly tried to think of what the note could possibly contain.

David rushed home, looked under the doormat and all it said was "Go inside and open the box on the kitchen table."

As he walked into the house he saw the aforementioned box, slightly larger than a shoebox, and made of cardboard. He picked it up, shaking it briefly to try and figure out the contents, and then opened the box and found clothing for him, but was unable to determine what it was for, since it looked like a jumpsuit with a weird logo he had never seen. Underneath the jumpsuit there was a note taped to the bottom of the box. It was handwritten in Karen's handwriting "The Cunt has recently come close to inventing a new nerve gas that would make everyone who inhaled it obey her every command. The Dominant has set out to stop her, and must find out the names of the people who have helped her create it, by any means necessary." It was signed by Karen, and as a PS it said "Don't take it easy on me, treat me like one of those girls in the videos you enjoy so much."

Instantly he realized what videos she was referring to, all the ones he thought he had cleared the cookies to on the computer. "Well if she went to the trouble of setting this up, this must be what she really wants." He looked back down at the jumpsuit and cape and sees a large D on the chest "Good to know I'm not the Cunt."

He put on the costume, it was a black jumpsuit, a belt, cape, gloves, and a small black mask that covered his eyes, he felt a little silly wearing it, but realized it was all a part of the game, and that ultimately it would pay off in the end. He walked around the ground floor of the house, paying close attention to any noise, or anything changed, and then headed downstairs into the basement, which was also a makeshift playroom for them. As he walked downstairs he was careful not to make too much noise, and as he got down there he looked to his right, seeing a desk set up, and Karen, dressed as The Cunt. Her red hair hung down off her head onto a shiny pink cape, he could see black high heeled boots that went up to her thighs, and red gloves as he walked closer, holding his breath to not make any noise, as stepping quietly until he was right behind her, and then pounced, one hand reaching around, grabbing her head, the other wrapping around her ample breasts, which were on display bulging out of a pink corset, pulling her sideways off the chair. "I've got you know Cunt, and I'll make sure your nerve gas is never put into use," he declared, trying his best to sound like a superhero.

"You'll have to do better than that," she said as she fought back, doing her best to kick and squirm to get out of his grasp, getting half free before he reared back and did something he never thought he could ever do, he punched her in the stomach, not as hard as he could, but enough that he could hear her breath escape from her mouth. He looked at the room and noticed their sawhorse set up in the middle of a play area that they blocked off.

"I need to know who helped you, clearly you don't have the scientific know-ho to accomplish this," and punched her again as he led her by the hair.

"I'll never tell you Dominator, my evil plan will be carried out to completion," she said, doing her best to stay in character.

"Fine, I guess we'll do this the hard way," he said, and threw her onto the horse, still holding her head down he cuffed both of her wrists to the front legs of the apparatus, and then moved back to do the same with her ankles, leaving her legs spread, and learning why she decided to go with "The Cunt" as a name, since the panties she wore were leather and crotch less, leaving her pussy lips open for all to see. "Last chance before this starts to get painful for you," he said, his hands beginning to undo her corset.

"I'll never talk Dominator, soon enough my plan will be complete, and even you will do my bidding," she looked at him, holding her head up as much as her position allowed her to. "You can do your worst, but my desire to rule the World is far greater than any pain you could inflict."

He pulled her corset down her body, seeing her DD breasts spill out and hang down on either side of the horse, grabbing both nipples and pulling down, pinching them tightly between his two fingers.

"Is that the worst you can do?" she responded with a smirk, which was immediately wiped off of her face by his hand, leaving a stinging sensation on her cheek, and in his palm. He pulled out a set of clamps, connected with a chain, and attached one to either nipple, wrapping the chain around the bottom of the horse, pulling her nipples down some, and even moreso when he grabbed the chain and pulled down harshly, seeing her tits stretch down further than he had ever seen before. She was clenching her teeth and contorting her mouth from the pain, which only helped him pull them down further before letting his grip loosen and then shaking the clamps back and forth.

He grabbed her head by the hair, looking her directly in the face "I can do far worse than you can imagine Cunt" as he pulled down on them slowly, watching her mouth open wider as he pulled more. He slapped her again, harder this time, then let her head hang down along with the clamps, and moved behind her, trailing his fingers down her now exposed body and moving behind her, his hand finding her exposed cunt, feeling its heat and its wetness "I see I have a little pain slut, don't I?" he taunted, right before slapping her pussy with his hand, and then hitting it again, and again, seeing her body react each time, and his hand now having her juices on it.

"I am a painslut, which is why you aren't capable of breaking me, switch," she said, adding an attempted evil laugh at the end. It was ended abruptly by the feeling of leather striking her pussy in the form of a flogger, the strands hitting her pussy perfectly the first strike, forcing her to elicit a moan at the feeling, and then each time subsequently as he varied the impact from harder to softer, keeping her off balance as he assaulted her wet cunt with the toy. Then pulling on the panties and eventually ripping them off of her, leaving her supple ass exposed. He fondled it at first, feeling the softness, the roundness, teasing the most sensitive areas of it before the flogger began again in earnest. He hit one cheek, and then the other using a figure-8 motion, alternating cheeks and building up speed and intensity as he got into his rhythm. Her ass turning bright red, then shaking when he reared back with the flogger and struck her, the strands combining into a much harder object as it came down on her ass, her back and her legs, leaving red marks on her body as he continued on and on with it. Her moans and noises turned from pleasurable releases of air to whimpers as the pain all over her body was slowly becoming too much.

"Not that big of a painslut, are you?" he taunted, running the flogger up her body, letting the strands barely make contact with her reddened skin.

"Still not talking, am I?" She said as she craned her head to look back at him.

He leaned forward grabbing her by the hair again, looking her in the eyes as he grabbed their ballgag, and pushed it as far into her mouth as it would go, then wrapping it around her neck tightly. "That's fine, I'm not really expecting you to after just that." After making sure the ballgag was secure he pulled a blindfold over her eyes, trying to isolate her from her primary senses.

He pulled his belt off slowly, letting her hear the leather move against the loops. Pulling it taut with a snap once or twice and she knew the sound immediately, even before he ran the cool leather up and down her back. The first thwack was soft, but leaving a stinging sensation, very controlled on one side of her ass, and then the other and back, and then stopping, the leather working its way up and down her body again. David could see her body convulse and her muscles tense and loosen as the leather ran across her body, teasing it, letting her feel it over every inch of her. Then he loosened his grip on the belt, letting it unfold once, then rearing back with his right arm, his hips turning from being perpendicular to her body to parallel in an instant, his arm following their momentum, the belt lagging slightly behind, then speeding up at the end as it made perfect impact on her ass, the sound resonating throughout the room, her ass immediately becoming red as a muffled scream fought to emerge from her mouth. Her breathing increased as her body prepared for more, and it received just that.

Time after time he would repeat the process, rearing back, bringing the belt forward as fast as he could against her ass leaving 2 inch wide strips all across her ass until it was covered in them, her entire ass changing from her normal skin color to one that would normally be found in a box of crayons.

He let her body rest for a minute, running his fingers over her ass, prolonging the sensation as his dug them into her flesh causing her to squirm against her bounds. She could hear his footsteps across the room, going away from her, and then coming back, listening intently to try and get any clues at all for what was in for her next, then she heard the unmistakable sound of a cane being swung through the air at full speed. He swung it over her body, then near her head, letting the sound permeate the room before it came down at full speed across her already reddened ass. Then softly, moving from the small of her back to the tops of her thighs, then harder again, leaving parallel horizontal lines across her ass, the skin already beginning to welt after each successive stroke. He let her ass settle, letting the cane move up and down her back, the end tracing the outline of her spine, moving vertically along her body until she heard, and subsequently felt the thwack on her ass, this time, a different alignment, it hitting vertically, making a grid out of her ass, red lines emerging out of a red backdrop, her muffled cries still trying in vain to escape her mouth.

He moved to her head again, releasing the ballgag, which fell out of her mouth onto the floor, spit on both sides of her mouth. "Well Cunt? Anything pithy to say now?" He asked, mocking her as he pulled her head up by holding her chin.

"Mmm,"she said "Take me to bed and fuck me David."

"Sounds like a good plan," he said, undoing her bounds, carrying her back to the bedroom.

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