tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe High School Reunion Ch. 02

The High School Reunion Ch. 02


I had gone back to sleep after being fucked by my two former high school classmates, Mark and Chris. I had an assful of cum and there was some dried semen on my face as well from the previous nights events. I was still dressed all in black; skirt, stockings, bra, g-string, top, and shoes. Ann had emerged from her bedroom and jarred me awake. She wished me a good morning and asked if I had had fun last night being her girlfriend. I admitted that I had and that made her smile.

She then pulled me up off the couch and had me bathe myself in the tub while she went into the bedroom. I shaved everywhere again and used some nice smelling lotions. When I got out I was led back to the vanity for another makeup session and then shown my attire for the day. Ann had laid out a nice blue flowered sun dress with short sleeves and a rounded neckline. She had also put out a blue bathing suit top bra and matching bikini bottoms. There was also a pair of blue sandals, my enhancers, and my short black wig.

Ann had gone in to bathe while I had gotten dressed, then come out and put on a sundress of her own and white bathing suit beneath. She handed me a nice little purse and put some lipstick inside and some other makeup in case I needed a touch up during the day. She also handed me a pair of big sunglasses and then we headed out.

I was certainly hesitant once we got outside, but not for long as a neighbor had inquired as to where us two lovely ladies were headed. Ann told him that we were headed down to the park to get some sun and he wished us luck.

Ann drove us to the park down by the lake and found a very secluded spot for us to stretch out two big beach towels. She took off her sundress and I followed suit until we were both in our bikinis. She had me rub some sunscreen on her and then did the same for me. Then we both laid down, her with her face to the sky and me with my ass to it.

Thirty minutes later, we both shifted, then another thirty and we were back to our original positions. That's when I heard them. A fairly large group of college-aged boys began coming down the path to our spot by the water. Ann had selected a fairly remote spot where it was enclosed on either side by shrubbery, so I had felt fairly at ease with lying out in barely anything. I just lay frozen as the group of five boys approached.

They greeted Ann and she introduced us. I just smiled and waved. She invited them to join us and was pleased when they offered us beers. I just kept laying flat in my stomach while the conversation played out. Eventually one asked why I was so antisocial and Ann responded that I had had a long night being her sex slave. My cheeks burned bright red and then she confessed to them that I was a guy.

The college guys couldn't believe it and asked me to roll over. Ann ordered me to obey and I did. They could see my bulge and all started to laugh and make fun of me for being in this predicament. Now that my secret was exposed, I just lay on my back evening out my tan lines. One of the guys commented that I actually made a pretty decent girl, especially with the enhancers Ann had given me. Ann thanked him for noticing her handiwork and then bragged about what a slut I had been the evening before. She retold the entire story from the previous night and I noticed a couple of the guys getting aroused as I leaned up onto one arm and began sipping a beer.

Ann had noticed it also and asked if any the guys wanted to see my cock sucking skills. One brave guy stood up and nodded, then walked right over to me. He took the beer out of my hand, pushed me back, removed his shorts and then lay down on top of me so that his hips were even with my head. His limp cock fell down to my lips and I began licking his head before taking him into my mouth. He let his knees touch the ground just below my armpits and rested his upper body on his elbows so that he was in sort of a girl push up position. I felt his cock begin to swell as I worked my head up to the base of his shaft, enough so that his balls had momentarily sat resting on my chin. I heard a click and looked over to see that Ann snapped off a picture on her camera phone as two guys dropped down next to her. I looked sideways as they began to remove her top and bikini bottoms before having to refocus on my guy. He had begun to pull back and then forward, filling my mouth with his cock. Each time, he tried to go a little further until I would turn my head. A few minutes later, I felt a pair of hands from one of the other free guys on either side of my head, holding me in place as my guy drove his cock into my throat. I choked the first few times until I got used to the feeling of his head in my throat, and then was able to let him bury his cock deep inside me. Once he did this, I felt the hands on my head disappear and watched as his hips would withdraw and then drive down until I had his hairy balls resting on my chin.

My guy continued pumping my throat, allowing me to get air when he pulled back. He really started working up a pace and eventually drove his cock fully inside me when he came. I felt his hot cum shooting down my throat and resting in my belly. He pulled out one last time, wiping his soaking wet cock on my lips. Once out of my mouth, he climbed up off me and allowed me to see Ann lying back across one guy, with another one on top of her and one at her side. The guy beneath her had stuffed her ass, the guy on top her pussy, and the guy at her side her mouth. She was being triple fucked and loving every minute of it.

I felt a pair of familiar hands grab my ankles and turn me over onto my stomach. Then I felt my bikini bottoms being pulled down. I felt the last guy move up to the bottom of my ass, with a leg on either side of me. I felt him spit into the crack of my ass and then rub the moisture around with the tip of his cock. I felt both hands grab my hips and then him force his way inside me quickly and painfully while I inhaled deeply from the shock. Thankfully, I was still fairly stretched out from the previous evening. He froze when he had fully impaled me onto what must have been a twelve inch long cock. Then he grabbed both my ankles and bent them up, ordering me to grab them. I reached my right hand back to my right ankle and left to the left. This forced me to arch back and lift my fake tits off the ground.

I then began to get fucked fast and hard. I moaned out loud from the sheer distance that this new cock was driving inside me, begging to be fucked like the whore that I was. My audible words of pleasure got the attention of the guy that Ann was sucking off and he shifted over so that he was in front of me. Being arched back, my mouth was completely exposed as he knelt in front of me and stuck his cock inside. I continued to moan around the shaft in my mouth and my ass was repeatedly stretched to its limits. This fucking went on for a good fifteen minutes before the guy in my mouth finally blew his load all over my face. Shortly afterwards, I felt Mr. Huge Cock bury his as deep within me as was possible and unload a torrent of cum. I finally released my ankles and collapsed forward, unaware of anything but my own bliss at having a face covered in cum, and an ass stuffed with cock. I lay breathing hard as Mr. Huge Cock stay buried inside me a moment before pulling out. I felt him slide off of me and be quickly replaced by another cock. I was lying with my head turned toward Ann and tried to open my eye on that side to see what her situation was, but was blinded by a thread of cum that had settled nicely around my new long eyelash. I just kept my eyes closed and I was fucked mercilessly by another cock, albeit one not nearly as big as the one that just destroyed my little asshole.

This new guy fucked me for a while and also shot his load deep inside me before being replaced by yet another of the guys. Again I was fucked and cum inside before being replaced. At one point, I tried to turn my head to the other side to see who was fucking me and to make sure I would get an even tan. As soon as I had shifted, one of the guys was there waiting and unleashed a torrent of cum onto that side of my face. I realized that it was going to be no use to try to open my eyes and just lay there being fucked by my fourth guy of the day. There was another load of cum inside me and yet another cock to penetrate me. By my count, this was the fifth of five guys to come down the trail, maybe the one I had blown originally. I lay there moaning and being fucked for a while longer until I felt the fifth batch of hot cum shoot inside me. This last guy pulled out and I felt some cum leak out of my ass with his cock as I lay there imagining that I had just fucked five young college studs.

It was at that moment that I heard a voice ordering to hold my ass cheeks open. I reached back and did as I was told as I felt a sixth cock penetrate me. I suddenly became aware of more than five voices around our bathing area and began to wonder how many guys were there now. I felt a cock against my cheek and turned my head slightly so that it could penetrate my mouth. I imagined from the angle that this guy was fucking my mouth that he was laying over the top of my head and perpendicular to my body. Whatever way it was, I was being double fucked again. I felt the guy in my ass pull out and shoot his load on my back before being replaced and the guy in my mouth across my eyes again before he too had a substitute. I was ass and mouth fucked so many times that I lost count. All I knew was that I was covered in cum and filled with cum.

After what seemed like an eternity, there were no more cocks inside me. I couldn't move from exhaustion and wondered what my poor little asshole looked like. Whatever it was like, I doubt it was little any more. I felt a hand scooping some of the cum away from my eyes. I was rolled over and my face cleaned off with a wet blanket. I was finally able to open my eyes to see Ann there, looking as drenched in cum as I was. When I asked her what happened, she told me that the guys had been part of a very large fraternity. When the fun had started, one had texted the rest to come meet them at our spot. From Ann's guess, there must have been about twenty-five guys that had come and fucked them, some taking turns on both of us, others just fucking the girl of their choice.

She sat me up and we helped each other into the water to wash as much of the cum off as we could in the lake. My wig was a mess, but we managed to get as much of the cum out as we could. Then we went back to the shore, dried off, put on our bikini bottoms and sundresses and headed back to the car. There was a note there that said thanks for the fucking good time and signed with some greek letters. Ann and I just looked at each other and smiled before climbing into the car and heading back to her place for a very long bath and nap.

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