tagAnalThe High Seas Adventure continues

The High Seas Adventure continues


Maria and Paul were so enjoying their vacation aboard the luxury cruise liner that Paul had booked for them. Maria especially liked the erotic session on the deck at the railing the evening before. Strangers fucking the two of them on the open deck. What could be more exciting? Paul was so devious about his plans that it set off Maria's imagination. What could she do to please Paul now? How could she surprise him too? They both enjoyed a full and kinky sexual life together. But, it was Paul that introduced Maria to the world of erotic adventure. Once the seed was planted in her mind several years before, Maria had developed into a craving, demanding partner. Paul loved her even more for it.

Maria ignored the stares she was getting the days after the session on the deck. It seems everyone knew about their lustful evening. But then, she figured she could use it to her advantage. She approached a couple of the men who keep staring and snickering at her from the bar. She spoke in a soft voice so no one else could hear her request. They both smiled and nodded.

"Okay, I will send you my instructions soon," said Maria in a louder voice.

She walked away feeling her pussy juice started to stir. She could hardly wait to that evening. Maria returned to the cabin and Paul was already casually dressed for dinner.

"Come on, dear. We don't want to be late," Paul said to her.

She quickly showered and dressed in a short skirt and tight shirt. Maria was a good looking woman with full breasts and a knock out ass. All men liked to watch her walk away.

"I am ready to go, but I need you to wear this for me," she seductively said to Paul. She had bought a butt plug the week before out of curiosity.

"No way," replied Paul.

"Oh yes you will or else nothing more aboard this ship for you. I mean it," demanded Maria. "Now drop your shorts so I can help you," she said firmly.

Paul decided to go along since Maria was always allowing him his way. He unzippered his shorts and bent over for her. Maria was a bit pissed off and demanded he separate his butt cheeks to reveal his hole. She knelt down and massaged his dry hole with some of her saliva. She ran her tongue teasingly around for a minute. Then, she licked the butt plug and jammed it into his ass hole. Paul gasped at her roughness and quickly pulled up his shorts.

"Okay dear, we are completely ready to go now." Maria said with a huge grin. Off they went down the hall with Maria hanging on his arm. She felt completely in control of Paul at that moment and couldn't believe how well he was handling walking with that huge butt plug in his ass. They arrived at dinner to find the other couples already seated at the table. Paul was feeling very uncomfortable sitting in the chair with the plug shoved up his ass. Maria was laughing and talking to everyone knowing that Paul's ass was filled with her plug. She loved the fact he was trying to maintain a normal conversation with everyone.

Every so often, Maria would let her hand caress Paul's cock under the table cloth just to remind him that she was in control of this evening. He could barely contain himself between her hand and the butt plug stretching his hole as they all ate and drank. Paul could only imagine what he was in store for that evening in their room. He felt her hand on his cock massaging him in a stronger and more rhythmic motion this time. Paul glanced at Maria and noticed both her hands were on the table. Who was stroking him, he wondered? One of the lady guests at the table was missing. She had crawled under the table to please Paul's cock. She unzippered his shorts and took out his hard and meaty tool. She went right to work on him working her mouth and lips up and down on the shaft concentrating on his tip. She had managed to pull his shorts down enough to get at his large balls. The lady guest began squeezing his balls while sucking hard on his cock. Maria just looked over at Paul and devoured him with her eyes.

"Feeling okay my love?" she said to him.

"Oh, you know I am;" he replied grimacing with pleasure.

The lady continued to work at Paul's cock with both her mouth and hands. His cock was hard and straight and Paul could feel the pressure in his ass from the butt plug. It wasn't long until Paul trembled and with his hands gripping the table moaned quietly as streams of hot cum came in the lady's mouth. She licked up every drop from Paul's cock and moved his shorts back into place.

Then, Paul noticed that she wasn't coming out from under the table. He glanced over at Maria and knew from the look on her face that the lady had moved over to her. The stranger had completely removed Maria's panties and was massaging her wet pussy with her fingers. Maria sat at the edge of her chair with her legs spread wide open for her. Paul couldn't resist and placed his hand near the top of Maria's thigh.

"Can I help?" he asked.

"Of course, but I want you to stick your fingers in my ass" replied Maria. "You know how I like it, baby."

She lifted her ass off the chair just far enough so Paul could ease his hand under her. Paul's fingers rubbed Maria's pussy for lube and then moved around softly searching for her ass opening. He wasted no time and stuck two of them into her ass.

"Yes, baby. Just like that, my fucking whore" Maria said a bit loud to Paul.

Maria was no beginner when it came to anal fucking. Her hole swallowed up his two fingers with ease. She laughed to herself that they both were sitting at the table with something up their asses. The woman had started to suck on Maria's pussy with her mouth and sticking her fingers deep inside her. Maria loved to be eaten. If she had her way, Maria would be eaten several times a day. Maria craved being eaten that it was her every thought and desire some days. She could never have enough and used her pussy pump that Paul bought her when he wasn't home.

The woman was going at Maria good sucking on her clit and sliding her fingers in and out rapidly. Maria had lifted her ass just enough so that Paul could also put his fingers in and out of Maria's ass. Maria was getting finger fucked in both the ass and pussy at the dinner table aboard their cruise. By now, the rest of the guests knew what was happening to her and everyone was staring at her being pleasured at dinner. Maria was moaning softly and moving her hips to help fuck the woman's mouth. She could no longer stay in this position and allowed the pleasure to overcome her. Maria came hard at the table just like Paul had moments earlier.

"Fuck yes, damn that's good." Maria cried very loud this time.

Paul removed his fingers from her ass and kissed Maria's face softly. "You sure do know how to please me," Maria said to Paul.

They quickly finished dessert and slowly headed back to their cabin. Paul having a bit of trouble walking with the butt plug firmly planted up his ass. Maria kept rubbing her hand over Paul's ass checks while they walked along the hallway, just to remind him she had shoved it in there.

Paul flipped on the lights in their room and to his surprise the two men from their table was standing naked in front of the bed. Maria started to undress herself while the two men quickly undressed Paul.

"I get to remove the plug," she snapped at them.

Maria then walked over and instructed Paul to bend over. She pulled the plug from his hole, which was now gapping and ready to take a cock in. Maria couldn't believe how huge his ass hole had gotten from the plug. Maria sat back on the chair with her legs wide open for all the men to enjoy. Her pussy still glistening from the pleasure it had at the dinner table. Maria took some of the sweet juice on her fingers and licked it with her tongue.

"His ready for you boys now," Maria said in a low voice. "Pleasure him good."

One of the men stepped behind Paul, who was still bent over, and lubed up his cock. With one big thrust, he jammed his full, hard cock into Paul's ass. He started pounding immediately letting his balls slap Paul in the cheeks. Paul was ready for it from wearing that butt plug for hours. He let out a loud moan and glanced toward Maria who was pleasuring herself with her pussy pump.

"Do you like it my fucking whore? Do you like being fucked up the ass by a man?" she yelled to Paul.

"You know I do." groaned Paul.

Maria yelled to the other stranger. "Don't just stand there, put his cock in your mouth and suck him hard."

The other guy did exactly what he was told and started sucking Paul. Paul had his hands on the man's head and was holding on to him for support. The ass fucking was hard and Paul was being thrust forward with each blow to his ass. He was being worked hard on both his spots at the same time.

"Don't you dare let him cum in your mouth," demanded Maria. "He must only cum in me tonight. Maria was still pleasuring herself and could feel the intensity start to build in her.

"Take the cock out of your mouth and come finish me off now, "shouted Maria at the stranger.

She moved over toward the bed and the stranger dove between her legs. He licked and sucked her pussy so filled with her sweet. hot juices. She was ready to cum from all the pleasuring she did to herself. Within seconds, Maria was screaming and fucking the man's mouth with all her strength. She grabbed onto the man's head and pushed it at her wet pussy. She came hard in his mouth and continued to ride him until the vibration and intensity was gone.

Now, his cock was so hard and ready for action that he swiftly penetrated her pussy. It took Maria by surprise but she didn't care. The stranger pumped only a few times and let a couple of streams of his cum inside Maria saving the rest for later. Paul saw what was happening and was craving his Maria's sloppy pussy now.

"Get closer to me with that pussy of yours, Maria." Paul snapped at her.

"Who the hell do you think you are talking to, Paul? You are the fucking whore who likes it up the ass." she said back at him.

Maria gladly obliged him anyway and got into position for Paul. His cock was so hard from the ass fucking and the stranger sucking on him. Paul pounded Maria good with his hard cock

"That's it baby, fuck me hard'" Maria yelled loudly. "Harder, harder, my fucking worthless whore."

Paul was taking it up the ass and at the same time fucking his Maria. It was as if it was one motion flowing threw all three of them. Paul started to feel a greater pressure in his ass hole now. The other man was trying to enter Paul's ass. He lubed up his cock and forced Paul's cheeks as far apart as they go stretch. The first stranger removed his cock and together the two men entered Paul's ass. His now gapping hole was being penetrated by two rock hard cocks. They entered his hole slowly at first. But once Paul's ass consumed them both, they both pounded Paul in one wicked motion. They went at him as if they were one enormous cock Paul could feel the pressure of them both deep inside him. He couldn't believe his own ass could fit these two huge, hard cocks in there. In and out they went, each of them moaning and grunting. They were holding Paul's hips hard and slamming themselves inside. The strangers' balls slapping against Paul and swinging back and forth with the motion.

Paul was still inside of Maria's pussy with his own hard cock. He had enough of holding it back. A few more hard thrusts and he began to fill her with stream after stream of his sticky, hot cum. He moaned and thrust at her long and hard slapping his own balls against her thighs. He continued filling her pussy with his own juice to mingle with the stranger's.

"I want to eat that out of you. I love the sloppy seconds," Paul said to Maria. She already knew it. He was a whore and all hers to do as she pleased.

It was the strangers turn to cum and they did. First one, and then the other came inside of Paul's ass. They filled every bit of his cavity with their juices. It seemed to last forever and Paul could feel the heat inside of him as each stream was released.

Maria turned to Paul and said, "I also get to eat the sloppy seconds tonight." She turned to the strangers and thanked them for their time and hot, fucking juices.

"Now, get dressed and leave so we can clean each other up." she told them. They obeyed her every wish that evening. She was so pleased with their performance.

Paul climbed on top of Maria so his cock and ass were over her face and his face over her wet, sloppy pussy. He loved to eat all the cum out of her and licked and cleaned her up until she was fresh again. But this time, Maria too wanted it. She licked his cock and balls and drank every drop of the juice coming out of his sore ass. Paul too got thoroughly cleaned that night.

Maria was starting to enjoy the "sloppy seconds" that Paul so eagerly craved.

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