tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Highway Man

The Highway Man


Carmen had been sitting in this god forsaken carriage for over two hrs now, it was extremely hot and the amount of clothes she wore weren't helping. Her corset was choking her, and her petticoats were now drenched in sweat.

Looking over at the other two riding with her, an elderly couple, he was about 62 and she was about 55, they were nice people and she had enjoyed their company, but now somehow they slept in this heat and racket.

Carmen was on her way to see her aunt lizzy, it had been 5 years since she had seen her, Carmen was 18 at the time. And now at 23 everyone called her a spinster for not marrying. But Carmen hadn't found the right man yet. She was by far the most beautiful creature you have ever seen, long brown locks of hair fell down her shoulders from her pinned hair and wide beautiful green eyes shone lightning up her lovely face.

Time seemed to pass by slowly and Carmen shut her eyes, deciding better to sleep maybe the remaining 5 hours would pass by quickly. She then dozed off.

The carriage came to an abrupt stop throwing Carmen to her knees brining her fully awake and stunned. She looked about to see the other two elderly couple stunned as she was and heard the coachman yell, highway robbers!

"No! No! No!" Thought Carmen.

This could not be happening to me.

The elderly man and lady shook as they looked at Carmen and said, "don't fret young one they shouldn't want to hurt us, just prepare your valuables."

"that's the problem, I don't have any, I am here only on a visit and what I brought with me is just this gold necklace that was given to me by my aunt many years back." she said petrified.

Suddenly their door was swung open and there stood three masked men, only their eyes visible.

"Out now!" one of them yelled.

As they scurried out of the carriage, Carmen noticed a fourth man still riding his horse, pistol in hand and watching his men at work.

"Give us all your valuables now!" yelled one of the men.

The elderly couple began remove their valuable and money throwing them into a bag one of the men had. As they approached Carmen she had nothing in hand.

"Now lady!" the man said.

"I have nothing but this chain, and it was a gift from my aunt I shall not give it to you." Carmen said.

Without being prepared Carmen felt a sharp sting to her face, he had back handed her with a sharp slap that left tears in her eyes.

"Now lady!" he yelled again.

"No!" she screamed, tears now flowing down her face.

Then she saw him once again raise his arm to slap her again. As she prepared herself for the second blow to come she heard the man on the horse yell


Then hand that was about to strike her stopped in midair and he turned to the commanding voice questioning.

"Bring her here." he said.

The man before her grabbed her by her hand and yanked her before him pushing her towards his boss.

As she stood by his horse's side he looked down at her with those grey piercing eyes, she was a sight for sore eyes and the red mark on her face was visible.

James leaned down and pulled her up onto his saddle before him. Swiftly grabbing a rope he tied her hands securely before her.

"Finish up here and meet me back at camp, this one goes with me" he yelled out.

"And Tom no one is to be hurt." he said looking down at the man who had slapped her.

With that he turned his horse and began to ride away.

Carmen struggled in his arms, then he stopped his horse and turned her face harshly to his looking deep into her eyes.

"You shall be obedient! I may have spared you Tom's anger but you don't want to unleash mine, am I clear?" he simply said to her.

Carmen nodded her head, then suddenly her eyes were blindfolded and the only thing she could remember was his eyes, grey, his voice alluring and his power thrilling.

They rode in silence and finally Carmen gave up sitting abrupt she leaned back against him, feeling his strong chest at her back and his arms around her on the reins. He was breathing harder now she noticed, "he must be tired." she thought as she closed her eyes accepting the warmth behind her.

"Damn woman!" thought James. She didn't know what she was doing to him leaning back against him in such a manner. He could smell her hair; feel her soft body against him and most of all her bottom kept rubbing against his groin. It had not been long since he had been with a woman and yet this woman was driving him insane.

"Where was he taking her?" he wondered. His intentions had been to take her back to camp and teach her a few lessons in manner then return her to the nearest town, yet his body was asking for more than just a few lessons.

Carmen woke up suddenly as she felt the horse stop moving and her weight being shifted from the horse down. And suddenly she felt cold; she could smell moisture in the air and the sound of water rushing. Then the blindfold was removed and she opened her eyes, looking about she saw they were in a dark cave, water flushed at the bottom, clear as ice surrounded by 4 tents and where they stood above was one big tent overlooking the bottom, behind it was a pool in the ground where the water spilled from the rocks into it then funneled down to the water below. It was amazing, she gasped.

Then she was pushed into the tent, looking about seeing it was very neat and in the corner was a bed on the floor, covered with furs and sheets. Then she felt him behind her!

James approached her slowly places his hands on her hips, whispering in her ear.

"now what am I to do with you woman? I could take you on that very bed and no one would know, I could teach you how to be obedient and do as you're told or I could make you serve me?"

Carmen's eyes widened at his revelation, thoughts rushing through her mind, she was still a virgin, no one had touched her before. She quickly weighed her options and spoke.

"I shall serve you and when you are done with me you shall return me untouched." her eyes looking directly at his.

"Very well then, start by taking off all your clothes, wear that white shirt and go to the pool and wash my clothes, now!" he ordered

She stood there mouth gaping open as she heard what he had told her. She couldn't believe he just asked her to strip and wear that shirt. No one had seen her in less than what she wore now since she was a babe.

"What woman? Do you want me to strip you myself." he said.

"No! I can do it!" she yelled back.

"I'm going to bathe at the pool, meet me there in 2 minutes if you don't appear, I will come after you myself" he turned to leave then stopped and added, "and what is my new slave's name?"

"Carmen." she whispered, tears springing to her eyes.

"A nice name for a slave very befitting, and Carmen you may call me Master James. Or sir, it's your choice." he winked at her as he left her standing there in the tent shocked.

Carmen walked over to the shirt picking it up she looked at it, it was so sheer, she blushed and began to shake as she undid her dress, her corset, her petticoats, till she stood there naked and slipped the white top over her smooth body. Trembling she picked up his clothes from the floor and placed them before her as she walked out to the pool.

He was laying there in the waters, chest naked and visible to her, hair all wet and his clothes in a heap by the side of the pool. He heard her coming and his eyes looked her way, what he saw shocked him. Her hair still pinned up yet his gaze traveled lower to her legs long silky and beautiful, she hid her front with all the clothes and left his mind imaging. He smiled, that was soon going to be changed.

Carmen placed the clothes by the side of the pool kneeling behind them hiding as she bent down to soak each garment and scrub, keeping her eyes from wandering to that lovely view she saw, him there in the pool, naked, wet, and so lovely. She felt a tingling feeling between her legs and suddenly became uneasy. It was a new thing for her to feel.

"Carmen!" she heard him say.

"Carmen, I want you to wash the clothes with you in the pool not out!" he ordered.

As she opened her mouth to protest he simply barked, "NOW! Carmen!"

Quickly she jumped into the waters, it was cold, and she felt her nipples grow harder beneath the thin fabric.

He watched and saw his eyes traveling down her body, he saw the way the cloth clung to her naked flesh, he saw the outlines of a lovely body, and he felt his erection grow.

Then suddenly he grabbed her waist and pulled her back against him, she screamed and fought, he simply kept his grip hard on her, his free hands roaming down her body. She felt something pressed into her back and knew what it was; she had heard women speaking of men's tools. Then his hand went to her hair and he started taking out the pins, soon her hair was spilling down around her shoulders, and he started kissing her neck.

He had never lost control in his life, but he couldn't help it, he wanted her now. He figured that this was what he had brought her for in the beginning, no teaching a lesson he just wanted her.

She squirmed and moved on his lap, pleading saying she was a virgin and she didn't want this and would do anything he wanted, yet her pleas were unheard to him.

Then she felt it, his hand stroking her mound, she shook, then lower, she trembled, she felt him touching her womanhood stroking it and that feeling she had felt earlier returned and she began to squirm and bite down her moans.

He nibbled at her neck, whispering caressing soothing words as he touched her, his index finger found her clit and stroked it, he could feel her trembling, he knew she would soon be his, then he caressed her folds gently, rubbing his hard erection against her bottom. She squirmed and he loved it.

Then she felt it his finger dive into her and she moaned out loudly, it was like an intruder yet felt so delicious, she didn't know what she was feeling, she wanted him to stop yet to continue.

Then 2 fingers slid into her and Carmen let out a, "oh! My god!"

She was wet, tight and lovely. How long he could last he didn't know, she was driving him insane with her reactions, yet he kept going, his fingers sliding in and out of her slowly then faster, he wanted her to climax before he would take her. The hand around her hip loosened it's grip and he now kissed down her back, her squirming moves rubbing his hard tool deliciously.

She felt something building, she couldn't help it, she felt possessed she arched back her hand flew to the sides of the pool as she tried to grip onto something, her body rocked, her nipples straining against the wet shirt, her hips moving against those fingers while she felt her bottom rub against the heat beneath it. Then it hit her, she let out a wild scream as she reached that point and felt her whole body explode. Breathing heavily she slumped back against him and panted. She wanted to run yet his hand was still on her hips. Then she felt him move his fingers away, and both hands now held her hips as he lifted her slowly.

James was at the edge, he lifted her slowly, his tool now nudged at her entrance, he could feel her stiffen above him, yet he wasn't about to stop, as he as he dropped her inching his tool into her, inch by inch, she started to plead again, but he still couldn't hear her, then he felt it, her barrier, he didn't break it, he pulled back out and teased her again, soon her pleas were turned into moans and she rocked above him.

Then he whispered into her ear, "Carmen this will hurt for a brief moment then intense pleasure will follow."

She heard his words her eyes widened, she wanted to stop him, yet her body was once again building and it was tingling all over, it had a mind of its own. The tip of his tool driving her mad as it entered her and slipped out, she wanted it all in her now.

"This is insane!" she thought.

Then with one push he broke her, bringing her fully down onto his length, she screamed out a cry of pain, leaning back against him her fingers dug into his thighs, he let her rest for a while, letting her get used to the feel of him deep inside her.

"Carmen it's done." he whispered into her ear.

Her whole body shook, the brief pain was gone and now a sense of fulfillment was felt. His tool deep inside her was amazing, she wanted to feel it move, her senses were going wild, then suddenly she moved, rocking her hips gently, she felt better, she felt excited then he took over.

The little minx was teasing him! He thought. He gritted his teeth his hands about her waist loosed yet held her still as he began moving her up and down on his tool, her tightness engulfing him, she was extremely tight, slowly pumping into her, he knew he would not last long, his hand at her waist went to her clit and began massaging it gently as he pumped now harder and faster, her body bouncing on him.

"Ohhh!!" she moaned as the pressure built, her body now moving with his, his finger teasing her magically and his tool raking her soul. She gave up, she gave him herself fully now, moving with him as she strained to reach that incredible sensation. She could hear him grunting and panting hard against her hair, she leaned back turning her face to his gasping, then suddenly his mouth descended on her in a passion kiss that she had never had before.

He was close! He knew it and so was she, he could feel her walls tighten, her lips so tasty, her body so smooth against his, he now went faster and harder, not thinking that she was new to this, but the only desire rushing through him was to climax and he knew he would climax hard, so very hard.

She moaned and gasped then turned her head as she felt it near, his tool now diving harder into her depths his fingers bruising her hip while the other continued its attack on her clit, she gasped, moaned then suddenly she screamed out her climax, feeling her body shake from its core, then suddenly he shook beneath her, he moaned out loud and she felt it, something warm pour into her depths and new he had reached what she had reached.

They remained so, Carmen lying back against his panting chest, his arms now about her waist, holding her cozily, his tool still buried within her, and then she heard him whisper, "Carmen."

She turned her eyes to look at him and he said, "do you still wish to leave? Or do you wish to remain and explore more of what I have shown you?"

"How much more will you teach me?" she giggled.

"Let's start by moving to my bed and getting you naked." he said.

"Yes Master James." she smiled back at him, knowing she was now his, no matter what.


Carmen remained with James for a week then was returned to her aunt "untarnished".

Yet every night at the stroke of midnight a tall figure would creep into her room and take her to places she craved.

Then one day her aunt woke up to a note on the table saying "I have left aunt do not despair, I have found a new life as a pet", with reading that her aunt had fainted.

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