tagBDSMThe Hike

The Hike


June was always the best month for camping and this particular June weekend was no exception. The skies were cloudless and the temperatures would get up to the low nineties. It was this reason that David Kurnz and Kim Barr were invited by a group of their friends to the mountains for a camping excursion. David and Kim weren't really the kind of people that liked the outdoors that much but their friends insisted and so they went. The reason for this was because David and Kim were more of the geek and nerd variety of people. They were the kind that found more enjoyment in things that were done indoors especially a few activities that were done behind a closed and locked door with drawn window shades and silenced cell-phones.

It was early morning. Dave and Kim were sitting by their tent near the fire-pit.

David Kurnz was a man nearing his thirties. He had very dark brown hair. So much so that sometimes it would be confused for black but not in the light of the bright sunshine. He was also a rather slim individual but he was starting to develop his muscles thanks to his trips to the gym every other day. Even though he was camping he was still wearing his geek and nerd pride on his shirt which was blue with a telephone box and bold letters printed on it that said, "The Angels Have the Phone Box" while he was reading a copy of "Bad Behavior" by Mary Gaitskill.

Kim Barr was about the same age as David - give or take a year. Just like Dave she also wore a shirt that displayed her geek pride. Hers had the 8-bit characters of Pac-man while beneath it there were the words "Back in the day..." She had reddish hair that was made into a pixie cut which she always found cute and so did Dave. Her body was similar to Dave's in that she was rather slim but that fact wasn't always apparent given how she had a tendency to dress in clothes that were a couple sizes larger than her. Despite Dave's encouragement of "if you've got it, flaunt it, love" but her response was, "I'm not that brave yet, hon." And just like Dave, she too was reading, except she had gone an extra step in technology and was reading on her iPad.

As they read they were called.

"Dave. Kim."

They looked up to find Andy Morgan had called to them. He was already dressed in his rubber boots, fishing vest that had all of its pockets stuffed to bursting point, a bucket hat, a tackle box and his fishing rod. Dave wanted to laugh because of how Andy looked like a cartoon fisherman. The only thing that would have made it even more cliché and perfect is if he caught a rubber tire, a boot and a tin can. Or perhaps a plastic water bottle to make things more modern.

"We're all going down to the river to fish. Wanna come?"

Dave shook his head and so did Kim.

"Suit yourselves." Andy shrugged as he, his wife, and several others went down the path to the river.

In the silence that followed Dave kept looking up and around the camp site, then back down to his page. A few moments later he turned his head to give the campsite a good look and he grew a very sinister grin. This behavior did not go unnoticed by Kim.

"What is it, Dave?" She asked.

"Did you bring that set of clothes with you?" Dave asked, "The one that is fairly old and that you wouldn't miss?"

"Yes but why?"

"Get dressed in them." Dave ordered. "We're going for a hike, little girl."

The moment that she heard her Master call her by that name made Kim shiver in the most wonderful way. It started as a tingle at the top of her spine and shook down to a vibrating quiver in her womanhood. Without another word of question she took off for the inside of her tent. Dave, on the other hand, went for a green backpack that he had prepared the night before with a few items that would be needed for this excursion.

He waited in his fold-up chair for Kim to come back out.

At last she did. The old clothes that she wore were a pair of old gym shorts and a baggy faded Hard Rock Cafe t-shit from Las Vegas that was specked with house paint and frayed at the edges of the cuffs.

"Do you remember our safety words?" Dave asked.

"Yes, Master," she said bowing her head, "'Yellow' if you're going too hard but I don't want you to stop and 'red' if I want you to stop completely."

"And if your mouth is gagged?"

"I will simply hum Beethoven's Fifth if you're going too hard," She said and hummed the five opening notes of the musical piece as an example. "If I want you to stop then I will hum the original 'Star Trek' theme."

"Very good," Dave said and assumed his Dominant posture, "You kept me waiting, little girl."

Kim bowed her head, "I'm sorry, sir."

"I'll deal with that later. Let's get going."

He folded up his chair and strapped on his green backpack and led the way into the woods with Kim following obediently behind. He made sure that he could remember his path back to camp but he needed a spot that was secluded and out of the way.

At last he found just the right spot. There was a tall and thick pine tree.

He looked behind and found Kim standing there.

"Go over to that tree." Dave ordered. "With your chest to its trunk, wrap your arms around it as far as you can and spread your legs as wide as you can without falling."

"Yes sir." Kim bowed her head and went over to the tree and did as Dave ordered. Her face was against the bark of tree and so were her chest, her palms, and the skin of her thighs, knees, and calves. She could feel the roughness of the bark against her but she dare not protest for she would be punished for making him wait while she changed.

With Kim in the ordered position, Dave pulled off his backpack along with the chair that he unfolded and set it in the grass. He reached into the bag and pulled out his favorite rope that he loved to use on Kim along with a pair of medical scissors. The rope was a red solid braid with a thickness of 5/16". Unraveling it he came around the tree to where Kim was holding her position like the good girl that Dave had trained her to be. He tied the rope to her wrists and then around the trunk of the tree. Cutting the rope he proceeded to tie up her ankles to the trunk of the tree.

"Try to move now, little girl." Dave ordered in a taunting tone.

Kim tried to wiggle but she could barely move her arms or her legs. The only thing that she could move was her buttocks and that she could only move left and right as well as up and down a just a little.

"Very good." Dave said as he petted Kim on her head. Going back to his bag he brought back a few more items for Kim. The first was a blindfold that he slipped over her eyes. It was the kind that she wouldn't be able to shake off no matter how hard she would shake her head. Then again with the position that she was tied in she could barely move her head at all.

"Open your mouth." Dave ordered.

Kim did so and he inserted a gag into mouth. Pulling one strap to the side of her face and slipping the other strap between her face and the trunk of the tree. Kim tried to accommodate Dave by tilting her head to the side to give the strap more ease.

"Good girl." Dave said as he patted her head again.

Next was the final item that he had: earplugs. He shoved one into Kim's exposed ear and then brought the other one to the ear that was against the tree. Once again she accommodated him by tilting her head so that he could get the earplug in more easily. Dave took a step back and admired his own handiwork. He was suddenly thankful that he came on this camping trip. He reached into his back pocket where he had set his medical scissors. He opened and closed them to make sure that they were in good working order before set his eyes upon Kim's clothes.

First, he pulled at her old Hard Rock shirt, cutting up the back in a strait line then down the length of the shirt cuffs. Beneath it he could see Kim's flesh squirming. That was when he yanked the shirt away from her body, even pulling a few bits of the bark with it. Tossing it aside he went for the gym shorts. Cutting up one leg to the waist band and then cutting up the other leg to the waist band. With another great pull, Kim was nearly exposed to him. All that stood in the way was her underwear. He cut at her bra straps and then at the fabric near the clasp. He yanked it away again and he could hear Kim cry out from beneath the gag.

He traced the cool metal of the scissors up her arms, across her shoulders, down her back, and up her legs. She was shivering and he could tell that she was loving every minute of this. With a pair of final snips he cut at her panties and pull them away tossing them aside onto the pile of cut clothes. The only items of clothes that she had left were her hiking boots.

She squirmed and wriggled but it was no good. She couldn't get free, she couldn't see or hear what Dave was doing. She couldn't even speak to apologize for making him wait.

Except Dave wasn't doing anything. He was only sitting in his folding camp chair, reading his book, and drinking a cold can of AriZona tea that he brought with him. Every now and then he would look up from his book and find Kim still trying to squirm against her restraints. The way she did it was so adorable like watching a puppy trying to roll over onto its back but somehow can't get there.

Minutes passed and the sun was beating down through the tree branches and the heat was wafting in the air. Knowing that he needed some protection Dave had set aside his book and went for his pack once again. This time pulling out some SPF 125 and applying it generously to his legs, arms, and the back of his neck.

He then looked over to Kim and saw the sun coming down on her ivory skin. The thought of her beautiful skin turning red like a boiled lobster made his face scrunch and decided to do something about it.

Even though she was wearing earplugs he still approached her slowly as if to think that by stepping on some downed tree branch would alert her to his presence. Coming up behind her he held the sunscreen bottle above her skin as if he would be dripping melted wax onto her body.

The cool substance splattered onto the skin of her ass. She twitched at the contact of it and Dave continued to dribble the stuff all over the exposed parts of her body -- her arms, her sides, and down her legs.

Seeing her wriggle like a little worm in wet dirt had stirred Dave's arousal even further and decided to use her. He set aside the sun block and went for his pack where he had brought out a single condom. Quickly and quietly opening the package and then unzipped himself. After slipping the latex barrier over his erection he went over to Kim who was very still and oblivious of what was to come.

Setting himself into position, Dave placed his hands on the trunk of the tree and thrust himself into Kim. She let out a hard grunt through the ball gag and her hands gripped into the bark of the tree so hard that she could have torn it off.

Dave made his simple motions of up and in then out and back. Within minutes he had climaxed. Pulling out, he stripped off the condom and shoved it into the trash bag that he had brought along. As he was throwing away the trash he saw Kim wriggling around once again still hungry for more. Dave smiled knowing the one trick that would make her climax above all others. He came up behind her and allowed his fingers to probe her and found that she was moist with lubrication. Slicking his fingers with the fluid he slipped them into her. Her body twitched as he slipped one finger into her, then two, and then a third. He wriggled his fingers within her like the tentacle arms of an octopus and she wriggled about furiously. Then her body went rigid and her breath grew short before she let out one long groan.

But Dave still wasn't done with her.

Going back to the pack he pulled out one of their favorite items -- a long leather paddle. Dave gave the paddle a few flicks through the air hearing it cut through the wind itself.

He approached Kim placing the paddle into position over her ass but never touching her skin. Best not to give himself away as to what would come to Kim. He pulled it back as if he were a baseball pitcher ready to throw the ball with all the might of his arm.

The paddle came down and there was a loud crack that echoed through the woods. The sound even startled a few birds in the high branches that made them flee in fright of the sound.

Kim let out a gasp and then a whimper.

But Dave continued with his usage of the paddle.

Two strikes...








And Ten...

Kim's ass had turned a deep red color and even a little purple in some spots. Feeling merciful Dave went back the pack where he put away the paddle and brought out some Gold Bond cream. He applied it generously to her ass which wriggled as she let out gasps of pain. But only after a few seconds did the cooling sensation take hold and she relaxed against the tree.

Once again Dave felt aroused by what had happened and what he had seen and done to his lovely Kim. He unzipped himself once again and began to pleasure himself was he looked at Kim's lovely reddened ass. He set a hand on the trunk of the tree for support when he had spilled himself all over Kim's lower back. Letting out a few exhausted exhales he zipped himself back up again and began to take the items off of Kim.

First the earplugs, then the blindfold, then the ball-gag, and finally the ropes.

"Well done, little girl." Dave smiled.

After Kim had regained her balance she covered up her body with her arms. Dave saw this and knew what she was thinking. He knew that she was fearful that her master would order her to walk back to the camp naked and hope to whatever forces were at work that none of their friends would be there.

"Do you want clothes?" Dave asked in his dominant voice.

Kim bowed her head. "Yes, sir. Please, may I have some clothes?"

Dave reached into the pack and tossed Kim a spare set of her clothes that he had brought. She began to dress and not caring to wipe the spilt fluids from her lower back.

"Let's head back then." Dave said pulling on his pack.

"Okay, hon," Kim smiled pulling on her shirt, "I think I"ll have to sleep on my stomach tonight."

"Don't worry, love," Dave reassured, "you can lie on top of me."

She came up to him and kissed his cheek, "You're such a loving dominant."

"And don't you forget it," Dave smiled tapping her on the nose.

They headed back and sure enough their friends were all waiting for them with stringers of fish that he had caught and pans out for cooking them. The fresh scent of the cooking was inviting as well as appetizing.

"There you are!" Andy Morgan said raising a can of beer up in a cheers gesture. "We were wondering where you two were. You really should have come with us. The fish were really biting today."

"No worries." Kim smiled looking at Dave who was blushing slightly. "We kept ourselves busy."

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