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The History of Stripping


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I once had a student who, in response to an exam question, wrote that Australopithecus invented stripping. I had the Genus mixed into a list of Homo sapiens progenitors and was looking for those students who saw that it didn't belong on the list. Obviously Francine hadn't picked up on that fact so she, in a gesture of academic frustration, tried to throw me a curve.

To my dismay she wasn't the only student in my class who seemed to miss the faulty inclusion of this hominid on the list but she was the only one to try to inject humor into her answer and I wasn't buying it. There were fourteen questions on the exam which dealt with our earliest forefathers and in a pique of indignation I didn't bother to read the rest of her answers and flunked her on all fourteen. Since they represented 28% of the fifty exam questions she'd be sure to fail her first exam of the school year.

Around 3 AM I began to feel guilty about flunking Francine when she was just one of nine in the class who failed to get that particular question right. Truth be told I'd failed her on her test for her sense of humor and now that I'd calmed down I realized that she should have been commended rather than penalized for that.

So I rose and went into the den and printed the word Provisional above the 'F' I'd given her and went back to bed.

The next day I was actually looking forward to my third period Anthropology class. I'd get the opportunity to embarrass over a third of the class over their inadequate performance and, like a cat with a cornered mouse, I'd get to confront Miss Francine Butler about her sense of humor.

I sat on the front edge of my desk holding the sheaf of exam papers as the students filed in. I could see that several of them were anxious to find out their results but were afraid to ask.

I began after the room became quiet. I scanned the room as I began, "There are twenty five students in this class and nine of you missed the same question on Thursday's test."

I again scanned their faces before I looked down and shook my head continuing, "The disappointing part of it is that I'm fairly certain that if I asked you a few leading questions the correct answer would pop into your heads." I handed back their papers.

"Okay then, questions nine through twenty-three dealt with the list of homidae at the top of the page. Question eleven asks what makes the inclusion of Australopithecus noteworthy. Miss Butler, would you read your answer to that question?"

In the space of three seconds her expression went from panic through embarrassment and straight on to defiance. She read, "Australopithecus is prominent on this list because they were the most probable inventors of the strip tease." She returned to her seat amidst a smattering of chuckles.

I asked, "Mr. Kent, you seemed amused by Miss Butler's answer. Why was that?"

Ross Kent was one of the token jocks in my class. I had no idea why he'd signed up for it.

From his extreme slouch he said, "Because it was stupid."

"Why do you think it was stupid? Someone had to invent the strip tease. Why not them?"

"Ross shook his head. "Have you looked at their pictures in the text, Mr. Cash?

I can't imagine anyone sporting any wood looking at them much less wanting to tip them!"

I could only shake my head. I asked, "Can anyone in the class Not Mr. Shank answer what the necessary ingredient for the earliest strippers would be?"

April Lee tentatively raised her hand. "Clothes? I mean, she had to have something to take off, right?"

I enthusiastically pointed at her. "Give that girl a cookie! Yes Miss Lee, you're exactly right! A stripper without clothes is simply a nudist!

Now, can anyone in the class Not Mr. Shank tell me the most commonly used method for guestimating the earliest use of clothing?"

The seconds ticked by. "Come on people. I know we didn't cover this in class but it was in Chapter fourteen and if you read it I doubt that you'd ever forget it!"

After more extended silence I sighed and finally pointed at Pat Shank. "Mr. Shank?"

"Lice. A hundred and seven thousand years ago the earliest differentiation between head and body lice was found and body lice are only found in clothing. There is a school of thought however which uses six hundred and fifty thousand years as a best guess."

"Thank you Mr. Shank. Now can anyone else tell me when Australopithecus was pounding our global pavements?"

Another student opined, "Four million years ago?"

I was having fun, "Yes! They first appeared around then and when did they disappear?"

Betty Carlisle was normally the quietist student I had. "Around two million years ago?"

"I love you Miss Carlisle! Yes; they failed as a species and disappeared around then."

I turned back to Francine. "Miss Butler I only provisionally flunked you on this question. You have until Monday at three thirty to defend your thesis."

Her face adopted a blank stare. "What?"

"Defend your thesis! You put forth the rather controversial idea that the earliest strippers were of the Genus Australopithecus. Defend it! Show me how their females might have accomplished that feat and I'll give you credit for your answer."

Monday afternoon I was in my office arguing baseball trivia with Pat Shank. Pat was not only my best student; he was obviously eager to learn and was going to go far in his academic career. I didn't think he had much of a social life but he was reasonably okay looking so I was sure that social confidence would eventually follow in college. He started to leave and said, "Well I guess I'd better go before your thesis defender arrives."

"Don't leave. I'm sure she won't be very long. She'll either admit defeat or make her point and be quickly gone. Besides, I'm still feeling guilty about marking all her fourteen early man questions wrong without reading them. Your response to her research might be less subject to the vagaries of my temper tantrums."

Pat sat back down just as Francine knocked at my door. I shouted, "Come in."

Francine came into my office toting a large hockey equipment bag. She announced, "Mr. Cash I'm here to defend my thesis. I've brought along some visual aids which would be more effective if I set them up somewhere else."

I said, "Mrs. Hanes' office across the hall is empty since she's on maternity leave. Why don't you use it?"

"Great, now I need to make some room here if you don't mind getting up." She proceeded to rearrange my office furniture, pushing my desk against the wall and putting my two chairs against the far wall. "I'll be right back."

Paul shrugged his shoulders and sat. I joined him saying, "This should be interesting."

I was completely unprepared for what next occurred. The office door opened and Francine returned and put an iPad connected to a pair of small speakers on the desk. It was playing David Rose' 1962 hit The Stripper.

However what had instantly grabbed Pat and my attention was Miss Butler herself. She began swaying her hips wearing some sort of hide. Whatever it was it wasn't stiff like cowhide but soft and supple like an antelope's skin. It was pretty obvious that the hide was the only thing she was wearing as she said, "I know they didn't have iPads four million years ago but I thought music would add to the demonstration."

She continued bumping and grinding her way back and forth before Pat and me alternating her focus from one to the other. Holding the hide closed over her C cup sized breasts she dropped it down enough to bare her shoulders. "Mr. Cash, I considered wearing 5" stripper heels but ruled them out as being unavailable back then and there's no known evidence of the use of shoes but there's no way they'd pass up a meal of fresh antelope if they could get it. I still wonder if my presentation is hurt by the music. Do you think it would be better without it?"

I was having a hard time focusing on her question since my attention was on the tattered ends of the pelt swaying rhythmically back and forth over her hips. Her pussy hadn't yet peeked out but had, on several occasions, come perilously close. I could only mumble, "Seems okay to me, ask Mr. Shank."

Francine shifted her attention to Pat. She raised her bare foot and placed it between his legs. She began to twiddle her toes against his thigh as she asked, "What do you think Mr. Shank? Should I go over and turn off the music?"

I regained my composure while watching Pat squirm. He opened and closed his mouth three times trying to voice an answer but wound up just shaking his head violently from side to side. With her leg raised and hips still swaying I was being treated to metronomic views of her delightful ass and I was hard pressed not to reach out and touch it.

The music changed from David Rose to LaBelle as the 1974 version of Lady Marmalade started to play. It seemed that Francine had put together a list of appropriate music to strip by. I thought to myself that her grade should jump to a passing one on the basis of musical research alone.

While still holding the pelt closed at her breasts with her left hand Francine put her right hand on her hip keeping the garment from closing in front of her. Now with every thrusting of her left hip I was treated to a delightful shot of her shaven pussy.

I noticed that Pat's right hand had drifted to the front of his slacks gently rubbing whatever was growing there unseen. Francine noticed also and again raised her leg, her toes replacing Pat's fingers on his crotch. With her left leg raised and her right hand still on her hip we were both treated to an unobstructed view of her beautiful distended labia.

Francine's toes having accomplished their goal of making sure that Pat was properly hard she withdrew her foot and twirled around allowing the pelt to fly to the floor behind her. She smiled at me as she straddled Pat and began rubbing her lips up and down the fly on his pants. As I watched her I was quite sure that she had the most magnificent body I'd ever seen. She presented as being a young Kelly Preston before forty years of gravity began taking their inevitable toll. The only differences I could see were slightly larger breasts, much more prominent and distended puffy nipples and Miss Butler's perfectly rounded ass being slightly more prominent than Ms. Preston's.

The other difference was of course the fact that I'd probably never meet Kelly but that Francine's pussy was a scant three feet away.

I was as hard as I could remember being for quite a while and as I looked up to Francine's eyes I discovered her nodding in the direction of my midsection. Perhaps I was a bit dense but it took her two such gestures combined with her taking three fingers to her pussy before I understood the gesture and reached for my own belt buckle.

As soon as I'd lowered my pants and boxers to the floor Francine got up off Pat's lap and straddled mine. As she grasped my erection and began to lower herself onto it I found myself attempting to focus on her right nipple which was now one inch in front of me. That nipple caused an immediate change of role in me as I shifted from being a passive spectator to an eager participant. My lips closed around the tip of her breast just as her fingers helped my cock find the path to the heaven which awaited it between her pussy's lips.

No doubt feeling a bit abandoned Pat came over and began fondling Francine's breasts. Without missing a stroke she said, "Excuse me... Sir... this isn't an orgy... I'm giving my customer a lap dance... so if you'd please go back to your table or rock or... whatever... I'll come over after... this customer is finished with me."

She looked into my eyes and added, "Unless, of course, my present customer wants to share me..."

My hands were clutching her ass cheeks tightly; my cock was in her pussy and whenever she wasn't talking to Pat my tongue was dueling hers. I had no desire to share. It occurred to me that although normally I was acutely aware of where the teacher/student lines were drawn and always followed them in this occasion I was breaking so many of them I hadn't bothered to try to sort them out.

In my youth and since my divorce I'd been reasonably successful with women but I had to confess never having been with one before who combined a thorough scalp, face and neck massage along with the fuck. I had found bliss.

As it became obvious to all that we were both nearing simultaneous orgasms I noticed Pat stripping out of his clothes to be ready for her after she was done with me. When the first wave hit her she released my hair and wrapping her arms tightly around me tried to inhale my tongue. As she continued to cum I took her a notch higher by thrusting my middle two fingers into her ass. I felt guilty about the extreme amount of effort Francine was exerting to keep from screaming.

While Francine was demonstrating her stylized version of an early hominid lap dance for Pat I went down the hall to the teacher's lounge to see whether there was any coffee left. I was actually more interested in having a beer but a hot coffeepot would indicate the presence of another teacher working late so I was pleased to see the pot washed and in the drain. When I got back to my office I found Pat and Francine putting the furniture back in order.

Francine asked, "Was my demonstration enough to successfully defend my thesis Mr. Cash?"

I smiled as I sat on the edge of my desk. I answered, "Miss Butler if you had come in here and shown me the pelt or modeled it over your clothes you would have made your point but the totality of your presentation was sufficient to raise your test grade to a solid A."

Her voice changed to Maple syrup as she continued, "You know Mr. Cash how you told us we needed to let you know the topic of our term projects by next Thursday. I was thinking I could extend my research in this area and do my project on a history of stripper's clothing and erotic accessories. What do you think?"

I pretended to give it some thought but my dick was already telling me that it had made my decision for me. I said, "Why don't both you and Mr. Shank work on the project together. I can tell you without hesitation that Pat's a great researcher."

We could immediately see that my suggestion wasn't being well received by Francine. Pat quickly responded, "Mr. Cash if Francine would rather not work with me I'd understand. I could go ahead with my project on the deification of early tribal leaders and heads of state."

Francine was now embarrassed. "Oh no, it's just that Ben Roth is my boyfriend and if he found out I was working on a project with another boy I don't think he'd like it. It has nothing to do with working with you! Like today I really enjoyed it when you helped me with my thesis defense." She smiled coquettishly to Pat before turning to me and continuing.

"Actually... I'm sure Ben wouldn't mind if it was a group project. Mr. Cash would it be alright if April and Betty joined Pat and me with the project? I've read enough to see that when royalty brought early dancers into their courts they usually got several girls to dance at the same time."

This time I didn't need to pretend to think. This certainly escalated the pleasure potential but also the risk in the situation to significantly higher levels. I said to her, "Miss Butler I can imagine April's enthusiasm for any project which might feed her exhibitionist streak but Betty? I could never have imagined that this might be something which would appeal to her. Quite frankly it shocked me when she volunteered an answer in class when we were discussing Australopithecus!"

Fran's enthusiasm fully kicked into gear. "That's why she'd be perfect for this! Betty's really smart with a beautiful face and killer body but she's just so painfully shy. I've been working with her to help her to get over that and that's why she volunteered in class. Can you imagine the breakthrough she could make if I could get her involved with this project?"

She came over to be and began nibbling my ear. "Come on, Mr. C; if you let Betty join in on this you'll win my humanitarian award and it's..." She rubbed her tits on my shoulder. "really worth winning!"

I laughed as I said, "Okay but no more presentations here on school grounds."

"I already thought of that. My parents rarely use our cabin at Arrowhead Lake this time of year."

I shook my head. "Lake Arrowhead is an hour's drive in good traffic. My house on Essex Drive is five minutes, tops. If your project involves multiple demonstrations it would be much more convenient."

Fran said, "Essex would be great! I could walk there."

"In front of my nosy neighbors? I don't think so. That's all I need is for them to get curious about high school age girls dropping over! We'll use a contractor's van I know I can borrow pretty much any time I want."

Life went more or less back to relative normalcy. Apparently Miss Butler and Mr. Shank were capable of keeping their mouths shut since the teacher's whisper circuit was dormant. In class Francine hadn't acted in any way differently but every time I happened to make eye contact with Miss Lee she extravagantly licked her lips which wasn't really a good sign. I'd have to get Fran to speak to her about it. it was Betty Carlisle who most fascinated me, however. She would never make eye contact with me but whenever she slid into the periphery of my vision I could see her eyes following my every move.

When the class was filing out I said, "Miss Butler if I might have a word..."

After I was sure the rest of the students were out of earshot I asked, "What's up with Betty? She's acting very strangely the last two classes."

Fran giggled, "After two weeks of turning me down, Tuesday afternoon she finally came up to me and told me she wanted to be part of our term project. I think she's still amazed at her own decision."

"Are you sure you'll be able to keep her tongue from wagging?"

She smiled coyly, "Oh yeah; I'm very sure about that. She doesn't want to be so shy.

By the way; do you have any plans for next weekend?"

I sighed. "Outside of preparing the following week's lesson plans nothing really, why?"

"We'd like to give you our first demonstration of our term project on that Saturday."

I couldn't help it. I'd thought about this moment for two weeks and what level of deportment I should project when it came but I just couldn't help it! I started grinning like a Cheshire cat. I so wanted to project this visage of being composed, objective, even professorial but I failed miserably. I could even feel my dick getting hard from the prospect which lay before me. I said,

"I'll have to check my calendar to be absolutely sure but I'm fairly confident that Saturday's doable."

Francine was pleased by my reaction and my botched attempt to regain my composure. She tilted her head and raised her eyes as if she was considering something, "Doable; what a terribly appropriate word for next Saturday. I can think of a number of things which will be doable that weekend."

Oh, this demonstration is a bit elaborate and we'd all be more comfortable if we presented at the lake cabin if you don't mind. I told my parents that April, Betty and I wanted to have a girl's sleepover in the woods so they're cool with the idea."

The fateful Saturday morning finally arrived and I picked Pat up at a quarter past ten. I had very specific instructions to be at Lake Arrowhead at precisely noon. Pat knew the way since he'd helped with the preparations. As we were headed up the Interstate he said, "While I'm confident you've been dwelling on the more salacious aspects of our presentation the girls and I want to be sure that you primarily judge us on the academic research which went into this project if that's possible."

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