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The Hitch-hiker



Trevor was driving down the Eyre, heading across the Nullabor. He'd just passed the last town of a reasonable size and now faced a thousand plus miles of tedious driving. He was driving this big old motorhome. It had seen better days but was quite reliable, and had a few nice features. He wasn't in a hurry and was quite happy to stooge along the highway, taking plenty of breaks. He had time and to spare and wasn't rushing, intending to spend three days on the trip.

That's when he saw the woman. Trotting confidently along, trying to hitch a ride. Trevor pulled up just ahead of her and waited while she hurried up.

"Hi," she said. "I'm Marie. I'm heading towards Perth and someone said that this is the road. Can you give me a lift in that direction."

Trevor just looked at her for a moment. He sighed and told her "Your best bet is to hitch back to the town you just left and catch a bus. That way you'll actually get to Perth. Do you realise just how far it is to Perth from here? Do you realise how far it is to any reasonable sized town going west from here? We're talking days of driving, not a few hours, and it's through dry, unpopulated country. Even the kangaroos take the bus if they can. You try walking and you'll wander off the road for a minute, find yourself lost and no-one will hear from you again. It happens. Now be a good girl, turn around and head on back to where you can catch that nice bus."

Marie gave him a cold look, happy smile now gone. "If you weren't going to give me a lift you needn't have stopped. I'm over 21, I make my own decisions and I know what I'm doing." She turned and stepped off, heading west and hitching.

Trevor watched her walking away, cute little bottom wiggling as she went. "Why me?" he asked the heavens. If he just let her go she'd get herself killed out there. She'd step off the road to answer a call of nature and get lost in nothing flat or bitten by a snake. Or if that didn't happen she get picked up by the wrong person and just vanish.

"I'll have to take her for a while," He decided. "At least that way she'll be able to see just what it's like out here. Pommy by the accent. Probably hasn't been more than ten miles from a village in her life."

Trevor eased the 'home forward, leaned across and wound down the passenger side window.

"OK, hop in," he said. "I won't take you all the way to Perth, but I will give you a lift to the next major town."

"You don't have to do me any favours," came the snippy reply. "I can wait for someone else."

"You can, but it may be a long wait. Have you noticed much traffic?"

Marie considered. "He was right. There was hardly any traffic, and he was the only one who even slowed down. Just because she didn't like his advice was no reason to reject the lift. And he wasn't likely to be the type to try and jump her or he wouldn't have tried to warn her off." "Thank you," she said, climbing up. "I appreciate it."

Trevor didn't bother to tell her just how far it was to the next major town or just how long they'd be driving. Nor did he tell her about the way the seatbelt jammed, needing a certain know-how to release it.

"As well as a lift, I'll have to show the woman that acting in a careless manner and ignoring good advice can have some unexpected consequences."

Trevor pulled out and headed off. Tried to chat with Marie for a while but she was still feeling in a bit of snippy mood, and was quite curt with any conversational ploys. Trevor found himself getting increasingly annoyed with her. She was acting like a brat.

After about an hour of driving, Trevor pulled over in the middle of nowhere. He calmly reached over and flicked open the button at the top of her shorts and swiftly pulled down her shorts and panties. Marie was frantically trying to undo the seatbelt, finding it well and truly jammed. She yelled and abused Trevor, finally calling out, "This is rape."

"I'm not raping you," said Trevor. "I'm not even having sex with you. I'm just improving my view while I drive.

Trevor engaged the gears and headed off again. Every so often he dropped his hand and rested his hand on Marie's upper thigh. Just as often Marie would push it away.

"I swear, I'm going to flag down the first car we see," she snarled "or if we stop before that I'll be into the first house I see. You're going to be in so much trouble."

"Go ahead," laughed Trevor, "but could find yourself in a lot worse bother. If I stop, are you really going to hop down in front of a stranger with your bottom hanging out?"

Half an hour later they were still driving. Still seeing lots of nothing outside. There was no noticeable traffic, although one truck had blasted past in the other direction. Basically, it was just them and the road.

"Time for a break," Trevor told Marie. He pulled over at a wider stretch of road, reached across and deftly unjammed the seatbelt. Marie wasted no time jumping down from the 'home, turned to glare up at Trevor and, with her hands trying to cover her pussy, demanded her pants back.

Trevor just laughed. "Later. After I've been entertained a bit more. Until then it's not going to happen. If you're thinking of wandering off like that, I feel I should point out that there's nothing in any direction but miles and miles of nothing. And the occasional snake. Mustn't forget the snakes. I'm putting the coffee and preparing some lunch. I'll call when it's ready."

Trevor prepared some lunch for the pair of them, keeping one eye out the window to make sure Marie didn't do anything stupid. He heard another semi approaching and looked to see how Marie would react. Laughed as he saw her duck safely behind the 'home so that the truckie wouldn't see her standing out there, half naked.

"Time for lunch," he called. "Hop up."

"I am not going to get back in with you. Just give me my pants and go away."

"Now you know I can't do that. You have very little water or food. That silly little pack you were carrying just hasn't room for any decent supplies. You could quite easily die before you got picked up again. And remember that I warned you of some rough characters out here. You wouldn't want to meet them."

Trevor watched as Marie climbed back into the 'home, no longer even trying to hide her nudity, resigned to having to play his little game for a bit longer, but muttering threats of vengeance as she came. They sat at his little table and ate, then Trevor showed her the little bathroom built into the motorhome, so that she could freshen up.

"Buckle up. Time to be moving," he said, waiting for her to take her seat and put on the seatbelt. "What I would call a slow learner," mused Trevor. "She really should have checked the belt so she could figure out the trick of undoing it. You're trapped in that seat again, sweetheart."

Now that Marie was safely buckled in, Trevor reached across and very deftly stripped of her top and bra. "Just improving my view of the scenery again, " he murmured, ignoring her protests and struggles.

Trevor then gently squeezed one of her breasts. Marie snatched her hands up to fold them across her breasts, only to see Trevor's hand drop down and pat her pussy. She promptly dropped one hand to defend that and realised, as Trevor looked at her boobs, that she didn't have enough hands to cover everything. "And that monster is laughing at me," she thought, as Trevor did just that.

Trevor started the engine and they were soon heading even deeper into the Nullabor. Every so often as they drove Trevor would idly reach out and pat her leg or breast. Marie was still pushing his hand away when he did this, but not so enthusiastically as earlier. Sitting there naked, with a man next to her while the rumble and vibration played against her naked pussy was turning her on. Like it or not.

They drove through the rest of the afternoon, passing a couple of small signs of habitation, but these weren't much more than a store and a pub. Marie didn't try to attract attention as they passed them, preferring to settled a little lower in her seat in case someone was looking. Trevor finally stopped for petrol at one of the little stores. Marie still didn't move. "Even if I can undo this stupid belt, there's no way I'm walking naked into a store that sells beer in the middle of nowhere," she fumed quietly to herself. "But I'm going to kill that arrogant pig when I get a chance."

Driving on, and on. About six Trevor stopped again and prepared a meal for them, after helping Marie out of the belt. Told her to hop down and stretch her legs, but not to go too far and avoid the scrub.

Marie asked if she could have her clothes before getting down, with the only reply a smile and the shake of a head.

The uncertainty was starting to get to Marie. "If you're going to rape me will you please just do it and get it over with," she grumbled.

"But there's no hurry," Trevor told her. "I haven't made up my mind yet. We've still got two days of driving to the next major town. Plenty of time for me to ravish you along the way, if I decide I want to."

Trevor could tell that Marie was feeling aroused and slightly horny. Her nipples were erect and she was sitting with legs slightly apart, not caring if he was looking or not. She was also a little flushed and her pussy had a slight gleam as though it was slightly damp.

"She wants sex but doesn't want to admit it or seem to be agreeing to it," Trevor thought. "She wants me to give her no choice."

Marie got back in the 'home when called for dinner, her attitude reluctant but obedient. "What else can I do" her expression seemed to be saying. They ate with some talking while they ate. Just discussing where Marie was from and where she was going. She suddenly remembered his earlier comment.

"Were you serious when you said we had two more days driving to the next major town?"

"Yes. I'm not exactly speeding, and as I told you when I picked you up, it's a long way. Apparently a lot longer than you let yourself realise."

Marie sagged slightly. Two more days. She'd had no idea. The distance had just been numbers to her.

"Let's go," Trevor said. "We can get a couple of hours driving in before calling it a night."

They drove on while the light slowly faded. When night had fully fallen Trevor pulled over into one of the wider spots on the road. Undid her belt (while she watched this time, to see how it was done) and indicated that she should precede him into the back of the 'home.

Trevor pulled down a bed and told her to lie down. He could see that Marie was assuming that this was it. Now he was going to take her. She slowly lay down and laid there, legs parted, waiting for him to make his move. Trevor stepped forward, reached above her and grabbed a blanket of a shelf. Tossed it to her and told her she'd need it as it got quite cold during the desert nights. He then pulled down a bed on the opposite wall, grabbed a blanket for himself and lay down.

He could hear her muttering to herself as she lay there, with the words gay and queer seeming to come up a lot in her mumblings. He grinned and waited while she settled and very shortly heard her breathing deepen as she fell asleep. He then relaxed and slept as well.

Trevor woke up early and rose. It was light outside and they would have to be on their way soon. He heard Marie stirring and glanced over. She was awake and watching him.

He strolled over and lifted the blanket off her, automatically folding and storing it. He stood for a moment, admiring her figure, then reached down, ran his hands gently over her boobs and down to her pussy, cupping and squeezing lightly. Marie could feel her body quivering with a gentle anticipation and made no effort to stop the liberties.

"Go ahead," she muttered. "I can't stop you."

"Stop worrying," Trevor murmured back. "Nothing is going to happen. I'm just getting acquainted with your body. You have an excellent one, you know, and it seems highly sensitive."

Then Trevor hauled her to her feet, nodded towards the small bathroom and told her to go and freshen up, but to go easy on the water. He then sent her on her way with a casual smack on the bottom. Watched as she headed toward the bathroom and smiled. It couldn't be easy to flounce when you're naked, but Marie was managing it quite nicely. She came out as he was dishing out their breakfast, and they sat and ate quietly.

After Trevor had cleared up he pointed to her bed and told her to lie down again. He could see a 'finally' look on her face as she lay down, showing great reluctance and defiance and a preparation for a struggle, but also, he noticed, with her legs conveniently apart. Overdue for some loving it seemed.

Trevor got out the special sunscreen/insect repellent. With the temperature forecast to be over 100 degrees and her running around naked she was going to need it. He poured some on her tummy and started rubbing it on, explaining what it was and why she would need it.

"I can just as easily put it on for myself," Marie pointed out. "True, but I'll do it. I don't mind," Trevor said, keeping his face straight and managing to inject a note of servitude into his voice.

He covered her front with the cream, rubbing it in carefully, noting in passing that her sexual excitement seemed to be gathering again.

Trevor then had Marie roll over while he did her back. She obediently rolled over, quietly fuming. Trevor started rubbing on the cream, starting at the back of the neck and slowly covering her right down to her feet, noticeably lingering as he massage the cream into her buttocks and inner thighs.

He then reversed direction, moving from her feet up towards her bottom. Marie found herself unable to control her reactions, and as his hands moved steadily up her legs she found her thighs drifting steadily apart, her bottom lifting, exposing herself and positioning herself for the invasion of her body that was imminent. Any thoughts of struggle or resistance had faded as that tantalising touch had teased her body to life. Trevor ran his hands over her bottom, dipped down between her legs, stroking and squeezing her pussy, noting the heat and more dampness than could be accounted for by the cream he had applied.

"Are you ready for this"? he queried. "Yes! If I must," came the subdued reply. "You don't want me to?" He asked, hand still playing with and teasing her pussy. "No I don't. Why would I want to be raped?" A very indignant retort. "OK. I won't. Pity, as I'm feeling very horny," said Trevor, standing and moving away from the bed.

Marie nearly screamed with the frustration she was now feeling.

"Are you going to rape me or not?" she demanded, wanting to force the issue, wanting this itch scratched.

"Hmm. Not just yet. Maybe later, if you're good. Buckle up. We have to get moving."

Driving for a few more hours. It's amazing what driving on the open road while naked can do to a girl. Marie barely seemed to notice when Trevor's hand rested on her thigh, stroking gently around her pussy. Couple of times when they hit a bit of rough road, Trevor thought she would climax on the spot and, truth be known so did Marie.

Mid morning, and they pulled over for a break. Trevor headed into the back of the 'home with Marie following meekly. After a short break Trevor turned to Marie and offered her a choice. They could continue driving or she could lie down and rest from the heat for a while. Marie was breathing hard and opted to take a longer break. Trevor lowered the bed and indicated she should relax while he checked her Sunscreen.

Lying face down, legs slightly parted and, in the same way the massage had finished that morning, Trevor rubbed her feet and then started moving up. Again, the same as that morning, Marie found herself unable to stop her bottom rising and her thighs spreading to give that easy access to her pussy. She felt those treacherous hands running over her bum, rubbing and squeezing and then moving down and cupping her mound, fingers gently parting her lips and dipping lightly within her.

"Yes?" Trevor breathed. "Go on. You know you're going to, anyway." "I am, but not until you say so. Do you want me to take you now?" Trevor quietly insisted on an answer.

The "no" came out hesitantly, saying what she felt she should say not what she wanted.

"That Bastard," Marie exploded internally, as with a friendly smack on her bottom Trevor said "Ok. I'll leave it for a while."

He then started rubbing his hands up and over her back, reaching around and rubbing the sides of breasts, letting a hand drop back and stroke between her legs, fingers spreading her lips and dipping within. She was hot and wet and they both knew it. Her nipples were stiff and her pussy pressed against his hand while she was moving slightly sideways trying to press her breast into the hand that was stroking the edges.

Trevor continued teasing, running his hands over her, drawing out all sorts of ripples of feeling, moving up from her pussy and down from her breasts, pooling deep within her.

He gently indicated that she should roll over, and there she was, lying with legs apart, waiting for him to finally release these tensions that he'd built up within her.

"Still no?" came the gentle query.

Marie was mute. She couldn't talk if she tried. She lay there looking at him, slowly shaking her head.

Trevor laughed internally. He knew damn well that Marie meant that it was no longer no, and that he could now take her without protest. But she had signalled no, so no it would be.

Trevor stood up with a show of reluctance. "It's your choice", he said. "Buckle up and let's get moving. We still have a long way to go."

Marie was very slow moving back to her seat. Trevor fancied that he could actually smell her arousal now. His roadmaps had indicated that there were some unfinished road-works further down the way. It would be interesting to see how the bouncing along the unsealed road affected her.

It was the weekend and no workers currently out. Trevor hit the road-works without slowing, causing the entire motorhome to shake and vibrate. Marie found her pussy being bounced repeatedly upon the seat, sending impulses deep into her. She put a hand down to cup her love mound, trying to protect it and stop the vibrations, but found it didn't help much.

Nearing the end road-works and Marie was breathing hard, faced flushed, nipples standing out so far that Trevor thought he could probably hang his hat from them. They hit the end of the road-works with a bang and the car literally bounced onto the tarmac again. The rough ride settled down, but Marie didn't. Unable to help herself, she gave a squeal when they had that last big bump and climaxed, shaking with the force of it. She fervently hoped that Trevor had been paying too much attention to the rough road to notice what had happened to her.

Marie was sitting back now as they continued on. Trevor noticed that her legs were slightly apart and she was breathing hard, but was too gentlemanly to comment. Not too gentlemanly though, to refrain from reaching out and touching her lightly, gently rubbing the top of her mound. Marie shuddered again but did not try to move away from.

Time sure flies when you're having fun, observe Trevor. It's pushing lunch time already so time for another stop. He pulled over, telling Marie that they were having a lunch break. She moved into the back of the 'home before him, pulling down and sitting on her bed. Trevor moved to stand in front of her, takes her hand and placed it on his erection. Marie stared up at him, breathing hard, then closed her hand over his cock and just held it tightly.

"Lie down," Trevor murmured, and she sank back, still holding him.

He undid his trousers and let them slip down, watching as Marie transfers her hand from the trousers to his actual cock, clasping it firmly, now moving her hand along the length of it, treasuring it.

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