tagInterracial LoveThe Hitch Hiker: Joyce

The Hitch Hiker: Joyce

byJust Plain Bob©

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My wife Joyce was a virgin when we married and I might as well have been one considering how little sexual experience I had. The novelty of sex itself kept us pretty occupied for the first couple of years. Most of our experimenting was along the lines of position changes - going from missionary to doggie style was a big thing for us. Thanksgiving dinner at my brother's house changed all that for us.

Thanksgiving dinner was a rotating family affair. One year my sister had the family over, then it was our turn and then the next year it was my brother Jeff's turn. Joyce's family was 1400 miles away so they didn't enter into the mix. Dinner at Jeff's was the same as dinner at everyone else's, depending on timing it was watch football and then eat dinner, eat and then watch football or watch football and eat at the same time. About halfway through the afternoon I began to notice that Joyce was a little on the nervous side. I also noticed that she was going to the bathroom almost once every hour and I started wondering if she was okay. After her fourth trip to the bathroom in as many hours I asked her if she was all right. She gave me an odd look, but said that she was fine.

It wasn't until we got home that night that I found out what had happened. Joyce had gone to use the bathroom and she noticed that there was a small magazine rack between the toilet and the vanity counter. She reached down and pulled out one of the magazines and started thumbing through it. It was a copy of Penthouse Letters and as she leafed through it she became curious and started reading some of the letters.

"You won't believe some of the stuff I read" and she took it out of her purse and handed it to me. She had kept on going back to the bathroom so she could read more of the magazine and she finally ended up sneaking into her purse and bringing it home with her. "Turn to page twelve" she said, I did and so began our journey toward sexual discovery.

I know it is going to sound like we were very na‹ve (and we were) but even though I ate Joyce's pussy a lot (she loved it) and she sucked my cock a lot (I loved it) we had never even thought of doing it at the same time. Page twelve changed that. The letters on page twelve and succeeding pages were all on oral sex and after reading the letters we tried sixty-nine for the very first time and we both loved it. The next night we tried something from another letter - I ate Joyce after I'd made love to her - my very first cream pie. There were plenty of other letters and we got hot reading them and then we fucked like horny teenagers.


The following Monday when I got home from work Joyce said, "Guess what I did today? I went out and got the new issue of Penthouse Letters and I sent in the little card to get a subscription."

From the point on PHL became our sexual road map. We would read the letters, get new ideas and then put them into practice. We tried anal sex for the first time and after the initial discomfort Joyce found that she loved it. We had sex in public places where the chance of getting discovered existed and we tried role-playing and had a lot of fun. But the letters that turned on Joyce the most were the ones where men watched their wives and the ones where a wife would have sex with a black man. I didn't really know how I felt about either of those two, but it didn't matter because they were only fantasies. It was obvious that the letters covering those subjects were Joyce's favorites because when she read them she became insatiable. For four or five days after reading an issue with either or both of those topics she couldn't keep her hands off of me. Just out of curiosity, one day I asked her if she ever planned on trying either of them for real.

"Don't be silly. The idea turns me on, but no way could I ever become that big of a slut."

A couple of years went by and, thanks to PHL and magazines like it, our sex life hummed right along. Even though Joyce and I never discussed her two favorite fantasies in detail, at least as far as actually doing them, we did act them out in the bedroom.


Because Joyce's family lived 1400 miles away we spent one week of vacation with them a year and we went to see them every other Christmas. It was summer vacation and we were on our way to visit them. We were headed east on I-70 and it was raining buckets. We saw a figure up ahead walking along the Interstate, shoulders hunched down against the driving rain, not even trying to thumb a ride. In this day and age hardly anyone will pick up a hitchhiker and whoever it was on the side of the road had probably given up trying. Normally I don't pick up hikers either, but it was raining hard and it was at least twenty-five miles to the next exit so I stopped and told him to get in the back.

He was a young black man and he said he was on his way to Hayes, Kansas when his car broke down. We were an hour and a half from Hayes so I told him I could take him all the way. He thanked me and then leaned back against the seat and closed his eyes. For the next ten minutes it was very quiet in the car except for the sound of the windshield wipers and tire noise. Joyce kept glancing into the back seat and then back at me. Finally she said, "He doesn't know us and we will never see him again" and before her words had a chance to register on me she turned and climbed over the seat into the back. I took my foot off the gas and was about to hit the brakes when Joyce said, "Please honey, just keep driving please?"

I looked in the rear view to see that she had already taken off her sweatshirt (she usually goes bra-less on trips) and had pulled the man's mouth to her tits. No way I can stop her now, I thought, at least not without doing major damage to our relationship. The possibility that her actions might just have done the damage was something I wouldn't know till it was over and we had a chance to talk. I wasn't too sure that I was going to be happy about what was taking place; when it was a fantasy it was one thing, but now?

I adjusted the rear view mirror so I could keep an eye on things and went back to driving. I kept glancing into the rear view and then back at the road so I missed a lot, but I saw enough to realize that what Joyce was doing was turning me on. The man had one of her tits in his mouth and he was squeezing the other one as Joyce's hands were busy trying to get his cock out of his pants. As soon as she had it free she started to jack him off. The man ran a hand down inside Joyce's sweatpants and she moaned as his fingers found her opening. For a couple of minutes she stroked his cock while he sucked her tits and finger fucked her and then she suddenly pulled away from him, pushed off her sweats and panties and straddled the man. I couldn't see from my angle, but I heard her sudden intake of breath when the man's cock split her pussy lips and went into her cunt. For the next ten or twelve miles all I could see was Joyce's back as she rode up and down on the black man's cock, but I could hear her as she moaned, "Yes, yes, oh yes, oh god yes, fuck me, fuck me."

Finally I heard the man gasp "I'm gonna cum lady, I'm gonna cum." I expected Joyce to get off of him and finish him by hand, but she stayed where she was and moaned, "Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me."

I hoped to god she had her diaphragm in because I know she hadn't put a rubber on him. Joyce climbed off the man and she looked into the mirror and into my eyes, "I'm sorry honey. I don't know what came over me, but all of a sudden I just had to do it."

There wasn't a whole lot I could say to that, but what I was going to say was, "Get back up here and take care of me now" because my cock was as hard as a rock. However, before I could say that I noticed her hand move over to the black man's limp dick and start to fondle it and after a minute or so it began to grow again. Between watching the road and watching the mirror I missed the transition, but all of a sudden she had her head in the man's lap, he had his hands on the back of her head and was fucking her Joyce's mouth. Another fifteen miles and I heard him say, "Here it comes, here it comes" and I saw him arch up and I knew that my wife had just taken a mouthful of cum. She kept her mouth on him and in another five miles it was hard enough again to suit her. She lay back on the seat, spread her legs and the man moved between them. For the next thirty miles I watched a black ass with white hands on it move up and down while Joyce moaned with pleasure and begged him not to stop. For the third time since we picked him up I heard him say he was going to cum and again I heard Joyce say, "Give it to me, give it to me." The man gave a grunt and fell forward on top of Joyce and she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him to her.


She was sitting next to the man, stroking his cock, as I rolled past the Hayes city limit sign.

"Where would you like me to let you off" I asked.

He grinned, "I've never in my life had a ride like this one and I would like to show my thanks. If you'll take me to my house I'll have you in for dinner. That way you won't have to stop at a restaurant."

I saw in the mirror that Joyce's hand had his cock erect again and I was all set to say no thanks when Joyce said, "We would like that, wouldn't we honey."

I knew damned well if I stopped at that house that the only thing that was going to get fed was Joyce's pussy so I said, "We are running way behind sweetie and I think we should keep moving."

Joyce, in a very pleading tone of voice said, "Please honey, do it for me, please?"

I was right! We were no sooner in the house than the two of them were tearing off clothes. The black man (we still didn't know his name) sat down on the couch and Joyce knelt between his legs and started sucking his cock. After several minutes she stopped sucking his cock and climbed on top of him and sat on his dick. For the first time I actually got to see his dark pole slide into her white body and I have to admit that it was one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen. I'd had a hard on since Joyce had climbed into the back seat and it had been my intention to pull over to the side of the road after we dropped off the man and fuck Joyce myself.

Watching that black cock sliding into her had me thinking that I was going to have to pull my cock out and start beating it and I was reaching for my zipper when the front door opened and a black man and black woman walked in. They stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of what was going on in front of them and then the woman said, "For Christ's sake Norman, at least have the decency to take her into the bedroom. I don't want stains all over my couch."

The sound of her voice caused Joyce to turn around and her hands automatically went to cover her tits. The woman laughed, "Don't bother honey. You're not the first one of Norman's sluts that I've seen."

Joyce looked a little on the embarrassed side as she and Norman got off the couch and Norman led her toward the back of the house. The woman looked at me, "You going with them?"

I shook my head no.

"You her pimp?"

Again I shook my head no and said, "I'm her husband."

She gave me an odd look, "You do this often? Take her to fuck other men?"

I gave her a rueful smile, "No. This is the first time" and I explained Joyce's fantasy and how we had picked up Norman and what had happened since. While I was talking to the woman the black man who had come in with her walked to the back of the house. He came back after a couple of minutes and sat down in an easy chair. He turned on the TV, but it couldn't hold his interest and he kept looking toward the back of the house. The woman said, "Is this going to be the only time, or are you going to let her make a habit of it?"

It was an interesting question and I told her that I had no idea where this episode was going to take us. She noticed the man on the easy chair looking toward the back of the house and finally said, "For God's sake Harold, just go!"

He was out of the chair like a horse out of the starting gate and heading for the back of the house. The woman said, "I don't know what it is about black men and white pussy. It must be something that is hard wired into their brains. She ever had two men at the same time before?"

I shook my head no and she said, "Well, we better keep them two away from the phone or we will end up with half the black dicks in the neighborhood in here and it might be days before you can get back on the road. By the way, I'm Jolene" and she offered me her hand. I introduced myself and she said, "You want to stay here and talk to me or would you rather go see what your wife looks like with two dicks to play with?"

Actually I did want to go and see, but this woman and her matter of fact attitude toward her husband/boyfriend/brother (whatever) fucking my wife intrigued me. "I'll stay with you, at least for a while."

She laughed, "You wondering what dark meat is like? You going to try and get your dick in me?"

I told her no (and I thought I detected a little disappointment in her eyes when I said it) and that I was just curious about her attitude toward what was going on in the bedroom.

"Do you let him do things like that very often?"

She laughed, "No sugar, normally I'd scratch the eyes out of any slut I caught even looking at Harold, but not this time. She's white and I know that black men have a huge curiosity about what they are like. As long as she is here and is fucking Norman I'll let Harold satisfy his curiosity."

"How about you" I asked, "You curious about white men?"

She laughed, "Oh you smoothie. You do want a piece of my black ass, don't you?"

I'm sure that I blushed, "No, I'm just curious about whether the back white thing holds for the women also."

"I don't think so" she said, "Most of the women I know get pissed when they see their menfolk look at white women, but I don't see them trying out white men. How about white men? Are they like white women in their desire to try out a little black meat?"

I had to think about that for a moment or two. "I don't think so. Most guys I know just want pussy and they don't seem to care if it is white, black, red, yellow or even green."

"Well sugar, I've never really thought about doing a white man, but you are here and if I know Harold and Norman as well as I think I do you are going to be here for quite a while so I might as well see what you got."

If I had any choice in the matter it was gone when she reached over and felt the lump in my trousers. I said, "You know that after all that I've watched that I'm going to cum pretty quick."

She giggled, "I can take care of that sugar. Trust me on that."

She took me by the hand and led me toward the back of the house and past the bedroom where Norman and Harold were fucking Joyce and I stopped for a moment to watch. Joyce was sitting on Harold's cock and she was bent forward so Norman could stuff his cock up her ass. Her tits were swinging from side to side and she was moaning, "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh god yes" as the two cocks moved in and out of her.

Jolene gave me a tug and led me into the back bedroom. She sucked my cock and I came almost immediately (I was a gentleman - I told her it was on the way), but she kept my dick in her mouth until I was hard again and then she fucked me. Then she asked me if I would mind eating her pussy, "I got to warn you - I fucked Harold before we went to the store and I haven't cleaned myself yet."

I grinned and dove right in and listened to her squeal as I sucked her pussy. She twisted around and went into a sixty-nine with me until she got me hard again and then she straddled me and fucked me. We had just finished when we heard Joyce cry out and then the cry was choked off. Jolene giggled, "Sounds like the white slut just had a cock stuck in her mouth."

We got up and walked to the other bedroom and looked in. "I told you we needed to keep them away from the phone."

There were five men in the room and the reason for Joyce's cry was obvious - the black man working his cock into her ass had the biggest cock I had ever seen. "Oh my" Jolene said, "I never realized that Ozzie was so well equipped. Maybe I shouldn't have slapped his face the last time he made a pass at me." She giggled and said, "If he ever does it again....oh fuck, come on sugar, you're not going to get her out of here any time soon. We may as well join the party."

She led me over to the bed, pushed me down next to the three guys and my wife and climbed on top of me. Joyce saw me out of the corner of her eye, but never took her mouth off of the cock in it to say anything. I did think I saw disapproval in her eyes, but if that's what it was I ignored it. The rest of the night was pure orgy as all six of us guys took turns on the two women. I did have to smile at the pissed off expression on Harold's face as he watched Ozzie slide his huge cock into Jolene and the look on Jolene's face told me that it was something that was going to happen again and again - whether Harold liked it or not.


It was eight in the morning before we were ready to hit the road again. Jolene had offered to fix breakfast for us, but I knew that if we sat down and took the time to fix breakfast and then eat it the orgy would start up all over again. Norman asked us to stop back on the way home and I saw from the look in Joyce's eyes that she was going to work on me to do just that. Jolene walked us to the car and as Joyce was getting in on the passenger side Jolene kissed me. "Hey whiteboy, I don't want to scare you, but if you stop here again you might never get that slut of yours back home. What happened here last night will be known by every black cock in this town by noon today. If you come back God alone only knows how many she'll have to take on. God knows that after last night I'm going to be fighting them off for a long time to come."

"That's her problem" I said, "She started it and I know she's going to work on me to stop on the way back. Just you make sure that Ozzie leaves enough for me, okay?"

She giggled, "You noticed? I hope Harold didn't."

She kissed me again and I got in the car.

"What was that all about" Joyce wanted to know. "Nothing. Just wanted to know if I was going to bring you back."

"What did you tell her?"

I turned to her, "You and I have an awful lot of talking to do in the next eleven hundred miles."

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by Lickideesplit04/14/18

One of JPB’s Best

Damn, that was hot. Loaded with stereotypes (except maybe for Jolene - there may be a song there) but WTF cares. None of them were disrespectful, anyway. JPB is, after all, a gentleman.

EZ 5*

PS .more...

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