tagLoving WivesThe Hitch Hiker: Lee Ann

The Hitch Hiker: Lee Ann

byJust Plain Bob©

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I was parked in the back row at the Little America truck stop when someone started beating on the passenger door of my rig. I had just climbed up into the sleeper and zipped the curtain so it took me a second or two to get up, open the curtain and look out and the whole time the beating continued. The parking lot was full of flashing red and blue lights and I wondered just what the fuck was going on. Someone was still pounding on the door so I leaned over to see who it was and got a bit of a shock when I saw it was Lee Ann. What the hell was she doing here? The last time I saw her she was in Colorado. I reached over and lowered the window, "What do you want?"

"I need help."

"You need help and you come to me?"

"All right, so you hate my guts, but it won't kill you to give me a break here."

"Where's your boy Brandon?"

"He split about five minutes ago. Now either let me in your truck or tell me to fuck off, but do something."

I reached over and popped the door lock and told her to get in.

"What's happening?"

"The cops raided the place and they are rounding up all the hookers."

"And your main squeeze took off and abandoned you? You sure can pick em kid."

She didn't look at me or respond so I said, "Get up in the sleeper and get your clothes off." She gave me a nasty look and I said, "You wish. I wouldn't touch you with Brandon's dick. If you want me to save your worthless ass get in the sleeper and get your fucking clothes off. You have to look like you belong here."

She gave me a dirty look, but then she climbed up into the sleeper and I followed her in. I watched her strip and thought, not for the first time, that she had the most fantastic and fuckable body that I had ever seen. Her eyes locked onto mine and never left as she took off her clothes. Once she was naked she cupped her hands around her 36D's and tweaked the nipples and despite my efforts to hold it down my dick started to respond. Lee Ann noticed and gave me what I can only call a smirk. I was about to call her a bitch when someone started pounding on the door of the truck. I waited and made them bang again and then I stuck my head out of the curtain and yelled, "Who is it?"

"Police! Open up!"

"Just a minute. I need to put my pants on."

I pulled on my jeans, climbed out of the sleeper, rolled down the window and looked down to see two cops - one fat and one skinny.

"What's this all about?"

The fat one said, "We want the woman who just climbed up into your truck. Send her out."


"Don't get smart asshole. You know damned well why."

"Asshole? You calling me an asshole? Listen you fat tub of guts, I asked you a question and you can either give me an answer or you can fuck off."

"Okay wise guy. You want to play it that way we can. You got a hooker in there with you and we are going to haul her off to jail. You, smart mouth, will get a half a dozen tickets as soon as you pull your rig off this lot."

"You're calling my wife a hooker? Have you been sued lately for slander? Is that what you're fishing for?"

"Don't give that 'your wife' shit. We saw here climb up in your cab as soon as we pulled onto the lot. Now put her out."

"You got a supervisor here? Somebody in charge?"


"Go and get him. Ain't nothing going to happen here until I talk to him and then, depending on his attitude, I may or may not press charges against you."

He told the skinny cop to stay and keep an eye on me, "Make sure the bitch doesn't get out and slip away."

He came back about five minutes later with a cop who had sergeant stripes on his sleeve. He cut right to the chase, "Officer Mace says you are giving him problems."

"No, it's the other way around. The officer beat on my door, woke me up, started calling me an asshole and my wife a hooker and then he told me that he didn't like my attitude and that my attitude had just earned me a half a dozen tickets."

The fat cop said, "He's lying sarge. You know I don't talk to citizens like that."

The sergeant said, "I'm sorry sir, but I'll have to ask you and the woman to step down out of the truck."

I said, "Okay, but first I have to bring you up to speed about your lying officer. I have been driving trucks for a living for over twenty years now and if there is one thing I have learned the hard way it's that there are police who don't like truckers and who go out of their way to cause them trouble and stick them with tickets. I've learned to cover myself when they are around."

I reached behind me and picked up the cassette recorder that I'd started when I climbed out of the sleeper and hit the play button. I watched the blood drain from the fat cop's face as the sergeant listened to every word that fat cop had said.

"He probably did see my wife climb up in the cab, but that was because she had just come back from using the restroom in the restaurant."

I opened up my briefcase and got out my fuel slip and handed it down to him.

"You can see what time I pulled in here for fuel."

I hollered back to the sleeper, "Lee Ann, hand me out your driver's license" and a moment later she passed it out to me. I took out mine and handed them both to the sergeant and called back to Lee Ann to stick her head out so the sergeant could match her face to the license.

"You will notice the last names and addresses are the same. Something your officer could have verified in less time than it took him to go and get you if he had behaved the way that the public expects the police to behave."

The sergeant handed me back the stuff I had given him. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience and you may rest assured that Officer Mace and I will have a very long and not so nice talk about this" and the three cops left.

I gave Lee Ann back her license and she said, "Thanks for lying for me."

"It was only half a lie. The divorce isn't final yet so technically you are still my wife. As for the other part, you are a whore, but not a hooker. At least you didn't used to charge for it."

"Well, that has changed. Brandon has been charging guys so I guess that makes him a pimp and me a prostitute."

We were interrupted by the sergeant who had come back. "I know it's not fair, but I would suggest you leave now. Mace will tell the others how you burned him and they will find a way to nail you when you leave. Which way you headed?"

"North, to Bozeman."

"Well, I'll keep everybody busy here until you have had time to get out of our jurisdiction, but I'd be real careful coming through here from now on. I'd also hang on to that tape. It might prove useful if Mace or one of his buddies ever gets you into court."

I thanked the man, got dressed and fired up the diesel. Lee Ann said, "What are you doing?"

"I'm doing what the man said I ought to do, I'm getting the hell out of here."

"But what about me?"

"Unfortunately, for me anyway, you just became a hitch hiker. If you get out now they will know I lied and they would probably throw both of our asses in jail. You're stuck with me until I can find a way to reunite you with your pimp."

As I pulled through the lot I saw that the sergeant had probably been right. I got several nasty looks from the cops and saw a couple writing down my rig and plate numbers. I pulled out of the lot and headed north on the Interstate. The first exit I came to I got off, crossed the overpass and got on the southbound side. Lee Ann asked, "Why did you do that?"

"Because I don't trust cops. I told him I was going north to throw him off. I'll bet there are at least two county mounties waiting for me on the northbound side. For all I know he might have called ahead and got this side covered too. We'll find out pretty soon."

"But why? Why would he do something like that?"

" Because he's a cop and they all stick together."

Neither of us said another word from there to the Colorado state line.

A little background here; Lee Ann and I had been married up until four months ago. Technically we were still married because the divorce wasn't final yet. The first three years of our marriage Lee Ann used to travel with me as co-driver, but eventually the novelty wore off and she started staying home. The next three years went by and I thought we had a good marriage and then one day as I was pulling out of the yard for a trip to Kansas City my tranny locked up. No other truck was available so I went on home. I walked in the front door just in time to hear Lee Ann cry out, "Oh Jesus oh god yes, like that, just like that, fuck me baby fuck me."

My heart turned to stone and my feet felt they were in buckets of cement as I walked toward the bedroom. The sounds of Lee Ann and who ever was there with her were hitting my ears like someone beating on me with boxing gloves. I reached the bedroom door and looked in; I recognized the man right away - it was my brother Brandon. Lee Ann was on her knees with her butt stuck up in the air and Brandon was pounding into her from behind and, if I wasn't mistaken, he was pounding into her behind. They were both facing away from me and neither one of them noticed me.

I stood there for two or three more minutes, watching and listening to the two of them and then I reached over and flicked the light switch a couple of times. They both turned to see me standing there and it was almost comical to see the two of them trying to get away from each other. Lee Ann started to say something, but I held up my hand, "I'm the only one who has something to say here. I'm leaving for an hour and when I come back I'm going to hurt anyone who is still here. I'll make that two hours - just to give you enough time to get all your stuff out of here. I don't want you to have to come back for anything. I don't ever want to set eyes on either one of you again."

I turned to leave and Lee Ann cried out, "Wait! Let me explain" but I kept walking and when I got to the front door I turned and hollered, "Two hours; two hours and not one fucking minute more!"

I called a locksmith and made an appointment to meet him at the house in three hours and then I went and found a bar. When I came back Lee Ann and all of her stuff was gone. Lee Ann called several times, but I always hung up on her and I hadn't seen her again until tonight.

We had just crossed the state line when Lee Ann said, "Why wouldn't you ever talk to me?"

"Because you didn't have anything to say that I needed to hear. There wasn't any way you were going to convince me that what I saw was a figment of my imagination so what else was there?"

"You could have at least let me explain why."

"Why? What difference would that have made? You really think you could have told me why and that I would have said 'oh, that's okay if that's why you did it'. It wouldn't have changed a fucking thing."

"No, but you might have been a little nicer, a little more understanding if you were to understand that you were part of the cause."

I laughed and said, "Somehow I just knew that it was going to turn out to be my fault."

"Not all yours, but you had a hand in it. Oh, the major blame is mine and I'll accept seventy-five percent of it. Brandon gets maybe ten percent, but you get the rest."

"Go ahead, I just have to hear how it was my fault."

"You are the one who got me to liking sex. The first three years of our marriage you were after me damn near every night. When I stopped riding with you the sex stopped too. You would be gone on a nine day trip, come home for three days and then be gone for another seven or nine days. I was getting sex six or seven times a month instead of six or seven times a week and that just wasn't enough. I tried to talk you in to taking a regular job and staying home, but oh no, you just had to keep on trucking because you liked the freedom of the open road. Well, you might have had your freedom, but I was stuck at home with nothing but a rubber dildo for company. For almost two years I used nothing but that damned rubber dick even though what I really wanted was the real thing. I had plenty of opportunities to run around on you, but I passed them up because I loved you.

"Your parent's anniversary party changed all that. You were on the road again and so I had to go alone. I drank too much and your parents wouldn't let me drive; they made Brandon drive me home. I don't remember what happened after I got in the car, but when I woke up the next morning there was a naked man in bed with me. I thought you must have come home during the night and I slid down to wake you up with a blow job and when you were nice and hard I climbed up and slid down on your cock. The cock had just entered me when I saw that it wasn't you, it was Brandon. I started to get back off of him, but he grabbed me and held me there. I should have screamed and hollered and fought to get away, but I didn't. It felt so good to have a real cock in me instead of a rubber one that I just stayed there. Besides, it was obvious, given the fact that he was naked and in bed with me that he had fucked me the night before.

"After that every time you went out of town we fucked. It had nothing to do with my loving you, it was just sex and after a while it just didn't seem to matter. I took care of you when you were home, tried to keep you happy and I kept trying to get you to take a regular job. If you would have taken a job that would have kept you home I would have dropped Brandon in a heartbeat. When you were around you were all I really wanted, but you were gone more often than not. Not that you give a shit, but I don't even like your brother."

"Then why are you still with him?"

"Where was I supposed to go? I believed you when you said be gone or get hurt when you came back. I had no money and no place to go and Brandon said I could stay with him. I got a job flipping burgers and I intended to leave Brandon as soon as I saved enough for a place of my own. You have any idea how hard it is to save money on what you make flipping burgers?"

"How did you end up going from burger flipping to fucking for money?"

"The same way I ended up fucking Brandon. I got drunk one night and woke up the next morning with a friend of Brandon's lying in bed next to me. I guess he and Brandon had taken turns on me most of the night. When he left he told Brandon that I was worth every penny and when I asked what he meant Brandon told me that the guy had paid him to fuck me. After that, any time Brandon needed money he would get me drunk and sell me to someone, and Brandon always needed money. He sells drugs and he never seems to have enough to pay his supplier. Tonight was a perfect example. We had driven up to get five pounds of grass and he was a hundred dollars short so he took me to the truck stop and sold me to a couple of truckers. He didn't take the time to get me drunk this time and I basically got raped. Once he got the money he went and got the dope. We stopped back at the truck stop for gas and I saw you at the fuel pumps so I ducked into the bathroom so you wouldn't see me. When I came out I saw you pulling around back to park. Brandon and I went into the restaurant to eat and then I used the bathroom again. When I came out I saw the flashing lights and Brandon pulling out of the lot. He must have panicked and thought they might catch him with the grass. As a woman alone and with no car I knew I was going to picked up with the rest of the hookers so I swallowed my pride and came to you for help."

We were both silent for the next fifteen or twenty miles and then she said, "I miss you. You will never know how sorry I am for what happened."

Well, the truth was that I missed her too. And she was right - I had left her home a lot, but damn it - I went without sex while I was gone. Was it too much to have expected her to do the same? Another ten miles of silence and then she said, "Did you really mean it when you said you wouldn't touch me? I saw you looking at my naked breasts and I know you had a hard on."

"Yeah, well, you always could do that to me."

She took off her blouse and pushed down her bra, "Am I doing it now?"

It was too much for me. I hadn't been laid since I kicked her out and the truth of the matter was that I hadn't gone one single night since she left without thinking about her. I started down shifting and she knew right away what that meant. She scrambled up into the sleeper and started taking off her clothes, "Hurry baby, hurry. I want you so bad." As I pulled off on the shoulder and turned on my blinkers I wondered where this was going to take us. Well, if it took us back home together I guess that wouldn't be all bad.

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