tagGay MaleThe Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker


It was an incredibly long drive across Texas, through some of the most desolate country imaginable. My sales job took me all over the southwest. I'd been driving for hours and could count the cars I'd seen on one hand. Of course, this was somewhat by design; I didn't care for interstate highways. I much preferred the two lane state routes. With so few cars to share the road with, I could get lost in my music or just my thoughts. Besides, all my customers lived off of these kind of roads.

I was on a particularly desolate stretch of road when I saw the hitchhiker up ahead. I remember thinking, "How does he expect to get a ride on a road with no traffic?" I believe you can easily divide people into two groups when it comes to hitchhikers, and I've always been in that group that will generally stop to offer someone a ride. It's the samaritan thing to do, and besides, it's nice to have a little company. I'd met some nice people that way, and had some very stimulating conversation. I had never once felt threatened, and had only regretted it once or twice (when my passenger had been too many days without a shower.)

As I got closer I could make out his stereotypical cowboy features... He was lean and lanky, with dusty jeans, a denim jacket over a white T-shirt, aviator sunglasses, a red bandana hanging out of one pocket, and a cowboy hat - the kind where the brim is bent at fairly sharp angles. I slowed as I passed him and he flashed a nice smile and a friendly wave. I pulled over and waited as he ambled up. He opened the back car door and tossed a dusty, well-worn, army surplus duffle bag into the rear seat before climbing into the front seat beside me.

"Thanks for stopping. I'm Brett," he said and offered his hand. I shook it, noting his rough skin and firm grip.

"Hank," I said. "Where you headed?"

"Houston," he replied. I checked my mirrors and gunned it.

"I'm headed for Phoenix," I said. "Happy to drop you off."

"Much obliged," Brett replied, slouching down into the seat. He allowed his hat to tip forward, covering his eyes, as if preparing to sleep all the way to Houston.

I looked over at him and noticed an incredible bulge starting in his crotch and creating a salami-sized outline that ran halfway down his thigh. My mouth may have fallen open in awe, I'm not sure, but I quickly looked away. I didn't know if he could see me from under the brim of that cowboy hat, but I certainly didn't want to give him the wrong idea. I wasn't gay, or even bisexual. Like most guys, I had thought about it a few times... wondered what it would be like. I even found it arousing. But I had never acted on such urges, and never planned to.

Miles went by. I made a couple of attempts at chit-chat, but Brett seemed more interested in shut-eye than conversation. Every so often, I'd sneak another glance at that bulge, my imagination running a little wild. I looked over again, amazed at the size, and as I watched, his hand slid down from his belly, cupped the girth of his shaft and stroked downward toward the tip. My eyes were riveted. Suddenly there came that familiar "driving by braille" sound. Mesmerized by the python in his jeans, I had drifted off to the side of the road. I snapped my head forward, simultaneously jerking the steering wheel.

"Damn, Hank! Just pull the car over."

"Gotta go?" I asked nervously.

"No Hank. Pull the car over so you can suck my dick."

I was literally speechless.

"Pull the car over. Do it now!" He said with such authority that I bewilderedly began to brake and pull over.

"Look," I stammered, "I-I-I wasn't... I mean I'm n-n-not..."

"Right," he chuckled. "Save it, Hank. You've been staring at my crotch ever since I got in the car. That's alright. I get that a lot. I know what you want, Hank, and I'm going to give it to you. And maybe some more besides."

"B-b-but I-I-I don't... I think y-y-you've got the wrong..."

"Like hell I do! You've spent the last 45 minutes thinking about a biiiig mouthful of my hard dick. You even got a bulge of your own going there. The good news is, it's been a while and I'm pretty horny, so I'm gonna let you have what you want. Now just stop yer denying and complaining and pull the car over to that little bunch of trees off over there."

Speechless and bewildered, I did as I was told. "Is this really happening?" I asked myself... "Am I really going to do this?"

As the car slowed to a stop, Brett unbuckled his belt and began unbuttoning his fly.

"Listen, r-r-r-really, I..."

He slid his jeans and underwear down in one quick smooth motion, freeing an erection the size of which I'd never seen before. I couldn't speak. I couldn't take my eyes off of that enormous throbbing cock.

"You were saying?" he grinned.

I sat there, utterly frozen and incredulous.

"Your mouth's already wide open. You know damn well you want it. What are you waiting for, cocksucker?" And with that, he reached out, putting a hand on the back of my neck and pulling my head toward his cock. I resisted, my eyes opened even wider. I looked at him with a mixture of fear and indignation, still trying to hold on to the idea that I was NOT a cocksucker. But he was quite strong, and after a moment, I gave in to his strength and my lust and curiosity.

I stopped, my mouth just an inch or two from the swollen purple head. Everything felt so surreal... I remember thinking, "This must be a dream." But then a firm strong hand pushed my head down and the head of his giant, throbbing cock filled my mouth.

"That's it," he said reassuringly. "Mmmmm..."

I marveled at the soft, smooth skin. It was unlike anything else I'd ever had in my mouth. I slid my tongue around it, feeling the ridge at the base of the head, thoroughly fascinated by the way it felt against my tongue. Slowly, I pushed my head down further, taking more of his cock into my mouth, then I pulled back, my lips tracing the contours of his shaft until it was completely out of my mouth, my lips forming a little kiss at the very tip of his dickhead. I opened wide and plunged down, trying to take him even deeper. He groaned in delight. I repeated this slow pull-back followed by hungry lunges over and over... and each time I was rewarded with a throaty groan or an "Aaaahhh, yeah..."

"Tell me you never sucked cock before, Hank! You're a fucking natural!"

I continued my strokes and began swirling my tongue around more.

"You're loving that hard cock, aren't you, boy?" he cajoled.

"Mmm hm!" was the best reply I could manage.

"Are you my cocksucking little slut, Hank?"

"Mm hm!"

He grabbed me by the hair, yanking my head from his cock. "Say it!"

"Yes!" I cried, desperate to get his meat back into my mouth.

"Tell me what you are, bitch!"

"I'm your cocksucking little slut!" I panted. "Please! Let me have more!"

"Damn right you're going to take more!" he growled. "You barely took half so far, bitch. You're gonna swallow it ALL before we're through."

I fought off a moment of panic as I felt his hand on the back of my head, forcing me down, down... his hand pushing harder and harder. The head of his cock hit the back of my throat and I gagged, then coughed. He pulled my head up slightly.

"Relax your throat," he commanded, then pushed down again.

I tried to do as he told me but I gagged again, coughing and sputtering. He pushed still harder, simultaneously thrusting his rock hard dick further past my gag zone and into my throat. I gagged and began to retch.

"Nah," he said. "This ain't gonna work in here. Get outta the car, Hank, and come around over here to this grassy patch."

I did as he demanded. He stepped out of the car after removing his cowboy boots and shedding his jeans and underwear.

"On your knees," he said. And I did.

"Now lick it. Cover it with your spit." I did it. He moaned.

"Fuck yeah, boy! God damn, you LOVE my cock, don'tcha?"

"I LOVE your cock!" I echoed back.

He grabbed my hair and thrust his hips forward.

"Lick my ball sack!" And I licked and licked and licked.

"Suck 'em into your mouth, now. Yeaaaah, that's it. Aaaaah, fuck yeah! Now get the other one. Ooooohhh... You fuckin' cock slut! Now get 'em BOTH in your mouth! Come on, now, you can do it! Aaaahhhh, that's it. Now stroke my dick while you suck on them balls!"

I did everything he demanded - with gusto. I was in seventh cock slut heaven.

He pulled me off his balls and told me to open wide. Then he plunged his meat rocket into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. He held my head with a handful of hair in each hand, pulling out, thrusting in, pulling out, thrusting in, over and over, gradually picking up the speed. Then he stopped abruptly at the end of a thrust.

"Now relax those thrust muscles and forget about gagging. You're taking it all the way, now."

Slowly, he forced his cock deeper... and deeper... I felt him slide down into my throat. I fought the urge to gag, swallowing instead.

"AAAH! YEAH! That's it, now, swallow! Keep swallowing!"

Further and further I felt it go down my throat. I swallowed again and again. My nose was now buried in his pubes and smashed up against his hard abdomen. He pulled out two or three inches then pushed slowly back down until it was all the way in again, as far as it would go. He pulled out two or three inches again, then quickly rammed it all the way back in. He repeated this a few more times, then seemed to realize that I was growing desperate for air.

"YEAH, BITCH!" he whooped. "You LIKE being face fucked, don't you?!"

I wasn't sure I did. It was a little scary not being able to breathe because your windpipe was blocked by eleven inches of rock hard man-meat. Still, I didn't want to upset him. I genuinely wanted MORE of his cock!

"YES!" I nearly shouted.

"Yes, WHAT?"

"I like to be face fucked!"

"Bullshit!" he yelled. "Say it like you mean it!"


"Need it, do ya? Fuckin' BEG for it, you little cock slut!"


"Anything, huh?" he replied in a sly tone of voice. "Just remember you said that, cock slut!" And he plunged his cock back in, thrusting slowly until he was in as far as he could go, then stroking back and forth, fucking my face with wild abandon. Every so often he'd stop and pull out to allow me some air. Then, right back to it.

Just then, a car drove by. It honked wildly as it drove off into the distance. Someone had seen everything. Was it anyone I knew?

"I'm not going to shoot my load down your throat, he said. I'm gonna fill your mouth 'cause I want you to taste it."

He pulled back until just his head was in my mouth, then thrust forward, slowly and not too deep.

"I'm gonna fill your slutty little mouth in just a few seconds. Don't you dare spit it out! And don't swallow it, neither. I want you to savor it, boy. Savor that spunky flavor all around in your slutty little mouth 'til I tell you you can swallow."

He continued his short, slow thrusts, but they were getting kind of jerky.

"You ready for it?"

"Mm hm!"

"I ought to pull out and make you... OH! OOOH! OH, GOD! HERE IT COMES, BITCH! YOU REMEMBER WHAT I TOLD YOU!"

Just then his ball sack started to spasm. and his dick swelled a little. I reached up to stroke his balls and felt the first big spurt shoot against the roof of my mouth. It was hot - really HOT, and it had a strong taste almost like I'd imagine curdled milk might taste. Spurt after spurt, it shot into my mouth and I began to wonder if he'd shoot so much cum that I couldn't hold it all.

Then it stopped, but he still held his dick in my mouth as he panted and moaned.

We stayed like that for what seemed an eternity. I savored - truly SAVORED the strong, spunky taste of his jizz. No one would say it tasted good; it tasted NASTY. And that's what this was all about - NASTY. In the course of 30 minutes, I had gone from an average, every day, farm equipment salesman to a dirty, NASTY, cock loving cum slut!

"OK, now swallow," he said, "but not all of it!" I swallowed about half.

"That's good." he said, as he pushed his now partially erect cock deeper into my mouth.

Again grabbing my head, he moved it around, causing his cock to poke around all over inside my mouth. "Open real wide, now." he ordered, then he pulled out his cock. It was covered in thick ropes of his slimy cum.

"Now close your mouth," he said, "and your eyes.

I did as I was told and felt his cock slap against my left cheek. Then he rubbed it along the right side of my nose. He rubbed it across my forehead, then my chin, flopping and wiping, almost as though my face was his canvas and he was painting a masterpiece with his cum.

"I'm marking you, Hank. You're mine now. My personal cocksucking little cum slut who will do ANYTHING I say... Now let's hit the road.

As I started to get up off my knees, he said, "Don't even THINK of wiping that off your face."

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