tagErotic CouplingsThe Hitchhiker Ch. 05

The Hitchhiker Ch. 05


Sean walked over to Amanda, her eyes wide with excitement, perhaps even a bit of fear, "are you alright baby?" he asked, holding her hands in his.

"I'm fine Sean," she answered then picked up one of the glass wands, brought it to her pert nipple, then lips and smiled devilishly.

Sean, without words took that as a sign that she was ready to play again. He took the blindfold and placed it over her eyes before he laid her on her back, her head on a pillow. She could feel her arms and legs being lifted then set back down, but they were heavier now and she couldn't move as freely as before.

Amanda felt her arms being pulled to either side and suspended in the air, her legs followed. She was relieved when she realized she didn't have to hold them up for long when Sean told her to relax. "No need to be so tense baby, relax, enjoy it," he whispered then kissed her parted lips gently.

Before Sean began to tease her he told her to think of a word, a 'safe word' and if she felt uncomfortable doing anything or something he did to her began to hurt she would say that word and he would untie her.

"Okay," she replied, "I have a word."

"Good, now all ya have to do is tell me what it is," Sean said with a snicker in his voice.

"Well, actually I have three," she said then continued after she adjusted the strap around her wrist, "It's quite obvious what they stand for; RED means STOP now, Yellow means ease up a bit and last but not least, Green means go for it baby, 'cause I'm enjoying what you are doing to me!"

Sean waited for her to finish her explanation before speaking himself, "Okay, okay I understand. Now the big question is, are you ready to play with me?"

During their play and Sean's occasional torture and teasing the safe words were heard more than once, green being Amanda's favorite and Sean recalled only hearing the word yellow voiced once or twice as Amanda was spanked and pleasured with the toys on the mattress.

Sean and Amanda played for several hours, although only part of the time was she bound and blindfolded, the rest of the time she was free to move about as she wished and boy did she move.

After Sean delivered several orgasms to Amanda she pulled him to her, "I want you inside of me, deep inside, so get over here and fuck me silly," was her plea.

Sean positioned himself between her thighs and lifted her legs to rest on his shoulders. He used the tip of his penis to tease her clit enough to get her nice and wet before he let the head probe it's way into her tight opening. He paused briefly to allow her body time to adjust then began his thrusting movements until he was buried deep inside her. His pumping actions were slow at first, but quickened each time he heard Amanda scream, "Green! Green! Green!" then let out a deep moan as Sean brought her to orgasm one final time before he arrived at his peak.

Together they fell to the mattress. Exhausted and breathless they laid side by side, hand in hand until their breathing returned and their bodies calmed.

Very sleepy, Sean removed the gear he had placed on the bed earlier that night and put it in the box to be put away later. Amanda took the glass wands to the bathroom, set them on a soft towel in the sink and filled the sink with warm soapy water. She wiped her hands dry and returned to Sean's bed, curled up beside him, her head nestled in the crook of his neck and quickly drifted off to sleep.

The morning sun shone through the window in Sean's bedroom, but it didn't awaken either of them, however Sean began to stir when the phone rang. He rolled over and picked up the receiver, "Hello," he said with a heavy yawn.

"Hey big brother," a cheery voice said then continued, "James told me about your new adventure. It's not like you to sleep past 10:00 am so I take it you had a good time last night."

Still sleepy Sean glanced over at the clock, "Holy shit, it can't be that late already," he said, shaking his head in disbelief still looking at the clock on the night stand that read 2:30 pm.

"Thanks for the wake up call sis, I owe ya one," he said as he rolled over, hung up the phone then rolled back to awaken Amanda.

"Hey sleepy head," Sean whispered in her ear and she began to stir.

Amanda practically jumped out of the bed when she noticed the time, "Oh my god, it can't really be that late, I have to get going. I still have to go get my car then drive all the way home. I told my boss I would be back tomorrow at the latest."

Sean stared in disbelief, not only at her tone, but also with the words coming from her mouth. "What? She's leaving already, it can't be," he thought to himself as he watched her scramble for her clothing.

"Excuse me Sean, but where are the clothes I came here with? All I can find in what I wore last night and I can't wear that to go get my car, much less the ride home," she said, sounding desperate.

"Don't worry hun; they are probably in the laundry room. James said he would take care of them your first night here. Let's go look," Sean said as he reached for her hand, still confused why she was rushing to get away so quickly.

Amanda seemed to calm a bit after she saw her clothes on a hanger and even more when Sean showed her the garage, her car was parked safely in the garage. It had been washed, waxed and all signs of fire damage were gone.

"Do you have time for a quick lunch before you leave me?" Sean asked, teary eyed and trying to avoid eye contact with her.

"I really should be getting home seeing it's so late already. It will take me at least six hours if I don't stop anywhere along the way, but I guess if I don't eat now I will only have to stop anyway," she said. She pulled out a chair at the table and took a seat while Sean prepared her a sandwich with a pickle, chips and a tall cold glass of milk.

"I wish you didn't have to leave," Sean said again, as he pulled out the chair beside Amanda, sat and stared at her while she ate.

"You know Sean, I've been thinking," she said then paused to take a sip of her milk. She held on to the glass and continued, "This is all going so fast. I have a home and a career back in the city. I just can't walk out on those things and I have no right to ask you to leave all this just to be with me."

She paused again to finish her meal, leaving Sean hanging as to what she was going to tell him. Several minutes passed without a word, just a sorry look on her face then continued talking to him saying, "I didn't mean to lead you on. I know this is hurting you terribly. Just when you felt you've found the woman of your dreams, she turns out to be a coward."

She scooted her chair away from the table, stood up and took her plate and glass to the sink then turned to Sean, her arms out for a hug, but he didn't get close enough to her for that. His heart was breaking, tears filled his eyes as he walked with Amanda toward the door.

"Well, I guess this is it," she added as she leaned in to kiss his cheek, wiped a tear from his chin and said her goodbyes. "Tell James I said thank you for everything" she added as she opened the screen door and walked through, letting it slam behind her.

Sean was in shock as he watched her get in her car, start the engine and pull away. He stood at the door for several minutes in hopes she would come back, but she didn't. As he stood there waiting, watching, thoughts flashed through his head, "I don't think I'll ever see her again. I don't even know how to get a hold of her back in the city."

After standing there for about thirty minutes he decided it was final, she was gone and not coming back. He backed away from the door, closed then locked it and slowly walked to his room. He slammed the door behind him and collapsed on his bed; the pillow soaked up his fallen tears and soon he was asleep.

Sean awakened a few hours later hugging the pillow tight to his chest. He got out of bed and immediately called for Amanda before remembering that she had left him just a few hours before.

He stumbled across the bedroom to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, "what the hell has come over me? No other woman has ever affected me like this. I have to do something about it, I can't just let go that easily. How could she? Didn't I mean anything to her?" The questions rolled easily out of his mouth as he wiped his face with the wash rag that hung on the hook at the side of the sink, as he attempted to soothe his puffy eyes.

When he was finished in the bathroom he turned out the light and walked to the den and started a nice fire then sat in the big leather chair to relax and think. A roaring fire always relaxed him in the past, but this night it was different; while he gazed into the flames he wasn't becoming relaxed but more and more tense the longer he sat there.

"This isn't working," he said as he stood up, walked to the fireplace and closed the screen in front of the blaze to protect the floor from crackling embers then headed into the kitchen to get something to eat and drink. After getting his food he went to sit at the dining room table. As soon as he entered the dim lit room visions of Amanda flooded his mind. He tried to think of other things to get his mind off her but nothing seemed to work, especially after he kicked the shoes she had left under the table.

Sean forced himself to eat the food on his plate, knowing he had to eat a little something if he wanted to keep up his strength. When he finished eating he picked up his dishes from the table and on his way to the kitchen he stopped suddenly and said, "Is that a female voice I hear?"

He placed the dishes in the sink and went to investigate the voice he heard. He walked into the hall; there wasn't anyone there. "Amanda?" He called out, "Amanda? Baby is that you?" he asked again, still no answer. "What, am I going crazy now? I know I heard a female's voice a moment ago. What the hell is going on?" Sean said as he wandered through the house.

Sean was so preoccupied with Amanda leaving he totally forgot about James returning this evening. James entered the house through the kitchen and paused briefly to put the chilled things in the refrigerator before he put the remainder of the groceries away then headed toward the garage to assist Sean's sister, Hanna.

James entered the garage with the car he drove earlier the day before and immediately noticed Amanda's car was gone. He began to think that she and Sean had taken a drive somewhere to test everything out. When he arrived in the house he was suspicious about his initial thought when he noticed Sean's keys still on the hook by the door.

James began the questions aloud, "He wouldn't have left the house without his keys and he certainly wouldn't have gone out and left the doors unlocked. What's going on here? Where is he? Where is Amanda? I have to give her the clothes we bought for her." James paused to remove his jacket then continued, "Oh Hanna, you must meet this woman your brother fell for, she's one terrific catch!"

James, along with Hanna began searching the house for Sean, calling out his name, "Sean, Sean are you here?" they shouted.

Sean didn't want to be found and was in no mood to be sociable with anyone right now and he kept dodging his search party of two. He felt himself becoming irritable and even though it was very late he decided to talk a walk in the garden; one place in his house that he hadn't had the time to show Amanda, so visions of her there with him should not exist, or would they?

Sean walked through the breezeway to the garage past where her car had been parked. He shielded his eyes from the view as he passed quickly through the garage. He pushed the door to the outside open with his foot after unlocking it with the key he took from above the door jam. He turned and held the door so it wouldn't slam shut, he still didn't want the others to know his exact location or be grilled about Amanda just yet.

Sean panned the garden area after he shut the garage door. He paused just long enough to grab a handful of fish food pellets from a container just outside the door and he decided to walk over to the pond, there was a nice gazebo there where he could stretch out and collect his thoughts or better yet, just sit there with no thoughts at all.

The pond, quite a large one, was home for several fish and a multitude of plants. It was set in a hill and a decorative brick wall that framed three quarters of the pond had a dual purpose. The wall served as a barrier to keep the dirt in place and also for decoration. Large natural stones were placed strategically which allowed the water to flow gracefully from the top of the wall and return to the pond. Sean designed it himself and with his love of waterfalls he just had to have one in his yard.

Across from the pond stood a gazebo, which he also designed and built himself. The octagon shaped gazebo constructed from northern white cedar is the perfect getaway. Enclosed in screen to prevent bugs from entering makes the gazebo a nice retreat from the confines of four walls.

Sean built benches that surround the inside railing and when he got to the gazebo today he took refuge there, curling up on the furthest bench he closed his eyes and attempted to concentrate on the sounds around him. This night the crickets chirped and the deer passed through on their way to the forest. He even heard an occasional bat fly past the screen of the gazebo.

The night sounds were peaceful and soon Sean had dozed off curled up on the bench. Although his sleep was not a peaceful one, he remained asleep as dreams came and went. He dreamed he was exploring with his nephew in the mines, he dreamed of the first day when he was introduced to James, a week later becoming his employer. He dreamed of time spent with his mother and younger sister after his father passed. Of all the dreams he'd had, the last one wasn't one he wanted as he dreamt of Amanda and finding her car burning on the side of the road.

All the events replayed in his mind up to the moment she left him. Sean awakened abruptly, covered in sweat. He sat up and shook his head a few times trying to shake off the dream he'd just had, but it wasn't working. He stood and stretched then decided might as well face the facts. He returned to the house and faced his family; yes James was considered part of the family according to Sean.

Returning to the house from the garage Sean found his sister and James in the kitchen talking quietly. As Sean neared Hanna ran up to him and gave him a big hug saying, "I'm so sorry she wasn't the one for you. James was telling me all about her earlier today and she did sound perfect for you. He even said you proposed to her and she said yes, accepting the ring you offered." Shelly paused, walked to the sink to refill her water, turned back t look at Sean and continued, "Did she at least give you the ring back?" she asked with hatred in her voice.

"No," Sean answered. "It's okay, I don't want it back, she can keep it for all I care. It holds too many memories for me now. I would never be able to give it to someone else, because it would be Amanda's fingers I see when I looked at the ring."

Sean walked to the table and slouched in a chair resting his head on his arms that were folded in front of him, took a deep breath and sighed, "Guess it was never meant to be."

That night as Sean slept the dreams of Amanda continued. One was so real that it made him go looking for her. He awakened in a pool of sweat, thinking he had heard a woman screaming. It was a blood-curdling scream, one that had Sean's hands shaking when he woke.

Not being able to shake the dream, he dressed quickly, grabbed his backpack and filled it with some bottled water from the refrigerator and some snacks from the pantry then headed out the door in a panicked state of mind.

Sean headed down the path that lead to the dirt road, still hearing the screams in his head. Not knowing which way to turn he collapsed on the side of the road near the main road. He laid there helpless, the screams haunted him.

Sean managed to crawl to the edge of the main road, exhausted, he wiped the sweat from his brow and when he removed his hand from his eyes he saw bright lights heading straight toward him. The lights were coming faster as each second passed, they didn't seem to be slowing down at all.

Once again Sean heard the screams and tried with all his might to get off the road but it wasn't possible. He saw the car come crashing through the trees, headed straight for him. Paralyzed and in a panic, all that was left to do was pray.

Sean prayed out loud saying, "Dear lord, please protect my Amanda and ease her pain. I'm not asking for anything in return for myself, just protect her. Lord, please guide the car headed toward me now to safety, as you can see I'm in no condition to help anyone at the moment and if I must die tonight out here on the road, please make it quick and painless. In my father's name I pray, Amen."

Before the crash, Sean heard a man's voice, "My dearest Sean, I wish I could calm your fears and make things right again." The voice faded as quickly as it began and then a loud BANG! CRASH! Then nothing.

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