tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 02

The Hogarth Club Ch. 02


Roger was looking forward to reporting to Grinning Griely although it had nothing to do with the Chief Superintendent. He wanted to see if Georgina would smile at him again.

He was in the anti-room waiting. He was obviously lost to the world, Georgina touched his arm breaking his reverie, the touch bolstered him.

"Penny for your thoughts," she said.

Roger pictured the knife puncturing Cynthia's breast on its way to her heart, he remembered slicing her, he remembered the vivacious spark snuffed as the life left her beautiful body. Balancing two lives against the crew of a ship. The numbers told the story but these thoughts could not be shared.

"It's the war is pernicious, not the brave people who fight it," Roger said.

He looked away, despite his sadness he was strangely uplifted. It was a story of honor. He'd come to realize the side you backed only controlled the penalty, courage was universal. The Great War, the War to end all Wars, did not and the world was facing this insanity again. Suffering the sad cost of countless lives lain in the path of the juggernaut of man's pride and vanity. The shining light of the brave was too small a boon to mitigate this madness.

"That's a deep thought," Georgina said, "maybe it was worth sixpence, but he wants you."

She nodded at Grierly's door. Roger nodded and entered the office, he encountered a horrific sight. Grinning Grierly was grinning, Grierly's muscles remembered how to express pleasure, how surprising.

Grierly stood offering his hand.

"Your brother briefed me, it was sad outcome but good thinking on your behalf, well done lad."

"Thank you, Sir."

"I've only got a Constable at her apartment you should be able to return the files undetected. I put Inspector Dodson on the case, he's a plodder. He hasn't found the floor safe. I didn't expect him to."

"So when I've put the files back, you'll clear the scene?"

Grierly nodded, "Your brother is handling the surveillance, fortunately. My force is filled with deadheads all the detectives with a sparkle in their eyes have joined up."

"Was that all the briefing, Sir, succinct my brother isn't?"

"No Hoyden, he said you were setting up a brothel, I can think of no one better suited."

Roger wondered if he was being praised, commended or scorned.

"It's a good idea Hoyden. If the files aren't picked up and the trail ends, your brothel will be a shining light to the Germans. You have the bait, just make sure the trap is set."

"I'm glad you are on-side, Sir. I think your experience will be useful."

"Thank you Hoyden. Yes I'll work with you."

Roger continued, "You'll like this... you'll dismiss me for some demeanor that is criminal but not prosecutable, together with any staff I select."

Griely smiled again, he was making a habit of it.

"Hoyden you are right I will enjoy sacking you. I suggest we resume hostilities, it will look better."

He stopped and thought, then added, "Hoyden don't take all the good staff, please. We still have to fight crime, it's not just the Germans."

"Hello Lola, can you spare me a moment. I have a proposition for you?"

Roger's voice immediately captured Lola's attention. She didn't just turn her head but her whole body. She leaned back in her chair, shoulders back forcing her generous breasts forward. Roger's eyes dipped to take in the body he had recently enjoyed. Lola was voluptuous there was no hardness in her, she was all soft curves. Soft curves which drew male attention, eyes and if they were lucky, hands.

"I can always spare you a moment," she winked, "or longer."

Roger smiled and walked away to an office he had commandeered. Roger could tell the seasons by Lola's shoes, Autumn had turned cold she had discarded her peep toed heels for penny loafers but the clatter of her heels betrayed that she was following faithfully.

Roger held the door and allowed Lola to pass him before he closed it firmly. He turned back to the room just in time to catch Lola as she threw herself into his arms.

"I have a proposition for you too, Roger," she said breathlessly, before she found a better use for her lips.

Roger reluctantly peeled Lola off his body.

"We need to talk."

"First," she said, "then..."

"Surely you don't want to loose your virginity yet again?"

"As many times as you want Roger."

He took her hand and led to one of the chairs around the conference table.

"Lola sit here, do not move until I tell you."

She pouted, then her tongue sensuously caressed her parting lips.

"I like dominant males."

"Lola, I am going to be frank-"

"Role play, I like that too."

"Lola!" he said firmly.

She nodded, deciding the sooner Roger finished his proposition the sooner she could fill her own agenda.

"Lola, you are the most insatiable women I know. I have concluded that you are a nymphomaniac, am I right?"

Her eyes drifted up and to the left. She was clearly thinking.

"You know, maybe I am. I only feel worthwhile in someones arms. I think of nothing but sex and I feel complete when I am exchanging fluids."

She leaned forward to stand.

"Stay!" Roger said firmly, "let me finish."

"Only if I get what I want."

"What do you want?"

"Your tongue. Roger your tongue touches places I didn't know I had. If you agree to plunder me with your tongue I will try to ignore... everything..." she nodded at his tented trousers, "until you finish."

He readjusted his trousers over his crotch and nodded,

"I am investigating a spy network. They use girls to get men into compromising positions then someone jumps out from behind a screen and takes a photograph which is used to extort information. I am going to start a brothel, I want you to be the madam."

Lola was off her chair in an instant. She took the chair to the door and hooked under the handle. Now no one was coming in she walked to Roger.

"I'm in, but only if you eat me."

She sat on the table in front of him and slid across until she had one foot on each side of his chair. She was wearing an A-Line pleated skirt which she pulled just above her knees.

"See anything you like?"

"If this means yes. I like the lot."

She continued lifting her skirt, it slid smoothly on her silk stockings. She laughed as Roger's eyes followed the rising hem.

"If you do this regularly, the answer is yes, and yes, and yes."

"As Madam, your needs will be met, you'll have no time for me."

Roger covered her hands and took over inching her skirt higher. When the skirt reached mid thigh and the top of her stockings were revealed Roger ran his fingers along her inner thigh tracing the flesh above the silk. She shuddered and reached to hike her skirt.

"Slowly," he said.

"Fuck slowly, use your tongue for something other than talking."

Roger acquiesced, partially. He replaced his fingers with his tongue but held her clothing firmly. He also resisted the increasing pressure on his head. Lola was keen to feel his tongue where it would do her the most good. Roger withdrew his head from under he skirt. He looked her in the eye.

"Slowly, or no way," he said.

Her face was a study of suppressed anger, then suddenly her eyes and mouth opened. Roger's finger had found her moist center.

"No knickers?" he said.

"Be prepared," she shut her eyes as his finger became busier.

He basted his finger and used her moisture to lubricate contact with her clitoris. Her face displayed her pleasure when he made contact, he was intoxicated by her unsullied enjoyment. Roger worked hard to maintain her ecstatic smile.

He ran his finger up and down her valley, Roger had spread her lubrication from her clitoris to her puckered ring. In passing he thrust two fingers inside her. He accidentally stroked her upper wall, her reaction was immediate and positive.

"Do that..." she panted.

He kept his fingers hooked and tried to caress her clitoris from the inside. Within moments his fingers were crushed, he felt the convulsions of her orgasm.

Roger kissed her, while she rode his fingers, he was turned on by her pleasure. Eventually, when her concentration returned to the kiss, she took over aggressively. She caressed the roof of his mouth with her tongue, he shivered.

"Now, are you going to use your tongue, or not?"

He kissed her again with passion.

"Lola, you are a joy, of course I'll taste the flavors of your passion."

Roger smiled as he inched her skirt higher, past the top of her stockings, he dropped his head and followed the line of her suspenders with his tongue. He was guided by her smell, he found the coarseness of her pubic hair. Roger combed her thatch with his tongue until he found clear access to her valley, it was already seeped with her erotic juices, a taste he enjoyed. His tongue tracked unerringly to her nub which he teased until her growl of frustration and her fists on his back encouraged him to greater efforts.

He sucked gently until his lips sealed around her clitoris. It was like a love bite and she responded immediately the growl changed to a whimper and her hands urged him on. He released his lips and blew across her glans she shuddered and moaned.

"Come on Roger, get it over with," she said hoarsely and she pulled his head back to her moistness.

He sucked again until his lips sealed, this time he left more room. He sucked deeper and flicked her clit with his tongue.

She acted as if she had been electrocuted, her body spasmed but she maintained sufficient control to hold his head firmly in position. He had found what she liked so he began his slow torture, sucking and flicking. She was now making rhythmic moans as she thrust into him, fucking his mouth. Roger rode her like a rodeo rider allowing her no greater pleasure than his tongue alone provided. She thrust harder to try and gain some syncopation.

The dance of conflicting desires continued both of them seeking ascendancy him nullifying her thrusts, her seeking a quicker release. Roger knew it was just a game Lola was mewling her pleasure she just wanted to dominate. She stopped her attempts to fuck his face her muscle co-ordination faltered as her psyche focused on another orgasm. Roger allowed her to take control, so she could maintain her pleasure.

Being unable to think of anything but herself she mercilessly drove Roger to meet her needs by pulling and maneuvering his ears. Her continued pleasure was interrupted when she pulled Roger's face from between her legs, and by his ears she pulled him into a kiss.

She tasted her flavor on Roger, her tongue was busy she wanted her juices. Although she felt animosity towards Roger she was driven by sex and needed to reward this man who had managed to play her like a musical instrument. She brushed his hair away from his forehead as she deepened her kisses, when she came up for air, she said, "Do you want to go in there baby?"

Her hands fell to Roger's trousers, his erection was like a lighthouse, it guided her fingers, she released the buttons on his fly, groped the front flap of his underwear and released his serpent. She could almost feel it throbbing it was so hard. She thrust herself off the table and landed in his lap.

"Do you want to put that somewhere before it explodes?"

She had not let go of his cock, she was rubbing his pre-come over the head with her thumb. Roger's only reply was, "Huh!"

She kissed him again, with aggression, as she slid down his erection.

"Is that better, Roger?"

Their roles were now reversed, when Roger thrust she rode with him negating the movement.

"What's sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander." she said.

He nodded and kissed her. While they fenced tongues she rose and fell in his lap agonizingly slowly. Roger's hand fell to her buttocks in an attempt to drive her. She stopped.

"Unless you leave it to me I'll stop."

"Well get on with the fucking fucking."

"Would you like to play with these as I'm riding you?" she asked.

She slipped the buttons on her cardigan as she slid backwards and forwards on his lap. The action slid his cock in and out of her. He was being flopped this way and that like a windscreen wiper. He liked the feeling and once again grabbed the cheeks of her arse.

"Naughty!" she said, and stopped her movement.

Lola pulled back her cardigan to reveal a blouse so tightly fitted it would show goosebumps. Her prominent nipples were adding strain to seams which were already threatened.

"Start at the bottom," she said.

Roger couldn't help himself he tweaked her nipples instead.


To get her moving again he acquiesced, he pulled the blouse from under the waist of her skirt and popped the lowest button, then the next.

"So the more I please you, the faster you go?" he asked.

"Yep, and if you talk too much I'll stop."

He continued releasing her buttons, then brushed her blouse back across her shoulders. He was now met with a front buttoned corset, the pleated flaps were straining to contain her breasts. He caressed them through the fabric.

She laughed, "They do seem to want to escape. Please help them Roger."

He now understood the direction, to start at the bottom. It was a tease, he would get to her glorious mounds last, but he played the game.

He slipped the bottom two buttons, the next button exposed her stomach, it was flat and muscular, he traced the muscles on her stomach, she sped up a little.

He continued upwards until her breasts were exposed and the corset pushed back with the blouse. He reverently cupped her tits, they were spherical, firm and high.

Lola covered his hands and guided them showing Roger what she liked. Last time they had just fucked, he was glad Lola was demanding or he would have missed this sexual adventure.

He imitated her actions, he pushed her tits to her chest squeezing her nipples between her sternum and his hands. He maintained the pressure and slowly circled his hands rolling her nipples between the base of his fingers. Lola moaned and sped up.

"She used her pelvic muscles to squeeze him at the top of her stroke, trapping him inside her.

"You do that, I'll do this," he said.

His circling hands moved slowly to trap her nipples between his thumb and finger, he now circled and squeezed.

Lola was really working him now, her pelvic grip trapped him, it allowed her to extend her movement, stretching his cock rather than allowing it to escape. Roger was loving it.

"Be adventurous," she said.

He cupped her mounds and alternated tweaking and sucking. He thought her nipples hard before but now you could break concrete with them. The skin around the base was puckered as her expanding nipples seemed to be trying to escape. He was getting very close now, Lola was panting he suspected she was on her way to her third orgasm.

He cupped her breasts again, this time he placed his thumbs on her areola below her nipples and pushed them in, he pressed the into the mammary glands and nerve roots behind her nipples.

She liked it, her pace increased.

"Do that," she gasped as she rode him to another orgasm, he joined her.

She felt his seed forcefully hit the wall of her womb, she pressed a wanton kiss on his lips and she continued to ride him, wanting to milk the last drop of his fluid.

When she had eked the last skerrick of pleasure from their union, she collapsed into his embrace.

After many minutes she lifted, kissed Rogers forehead.

"Thank you, you are the fucking best."

She squeezed her pelvic muscles, "Want to go again?"

"Lola, there is so much lubrication down there it would be like fucking a bowl of dripping."

Lola was off his lap in a moment, she dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth, he was no longer hard. Her mouth was not titillating, she licked him clean. When she was happy, she tucked it back into his underpants and fastened the flap. Roger lifted her back on the table and spread her legs.

"No Roger, no one does that."

"Good reason to try, most of the juices are mine."

He dove between her legs before she could object further and licked along her valley. He didn't taste as bad as he thought he would, he was expecting stale damp cardboard but he tasted sort of clean with a lemony tang. He reciprocated and licked her clean, ending each pass with a flick of her clit. She pulled him up.

"If you carry on doing that, we will have to go again."

"Not sure I could Lola."

"Darling, nothing is beyond you would you like me to prove it?"

He shook his head. He drew his handkerchief and wiped his chin, then her valley. He sniffed it and put it back in his pocket.

"I wonder how long your smell will last," he said.

"I'll top it up whenever you want."

She took his hand and used it to caress her breast. She really was insatiable her nipple hardened with his touch.

"Can we spend Saturday doing this, please?"

Roger pulled the edges of her corset together and buttoned from the bottom, when he reached her breasts he gently tucked them in and completed the buttoning.

"Maybe," he said.

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