tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 06

The Hogarth Club Ch. 06


Reggie was enjoying the sleep of the blessed which gave Georgina a chance to prepare dinner. She had shopped Rick's monthly coupons the day before his death. She would post the unused vouches back to the Ministry of food tomorrow.

Richard had complained when she had insisted that Fiona's unused vouchers be returned too. He claimed no one ever checked. Georgina understood why people cheated and passed no judgment but she believed Rationing was the fairest way of distributing rare resources. Should you choose to cheat you were stealing from a fellow citizen not the government as Rick had claimed. As the principle strategy of the Germans was to attack shipping bound for Britain restricting British industry and potentially starving the nation into submission, it was also unpatriotic as well as morally unjust.

Despite Georgina's high principles she sighed when she looked at her meager provisions. She had stale bread so a bread pudding was a definite and because she had guests she would even add sugar maybe even frost the top.

She had three tins of Spam. Maybe a spam hash she decided to stew on it, then laughed, she should hash on it instead.

When she had shopped the vouchers she had managed to buy some fresh vegetables, well if limp carrots, black potatoes, and soggy celery could be termed fresh at least they weren't tinned.

If she made Spam fritters, she could then use the pan for a vegetable Fritatta which would hide their sad condition but expose their full flavor, she only had one fresh egg but that would have to do.

Not knowing what time her guests would want to eat she prepared the dinner. She wondered who would demand food first, a waking Reggie or a hungry Roger.

It turned out to be a hungry Roger, he arrived whilst Reggie was still asleep.

Georgina welcomed him warmly but the greeting was clumsy until he took the bull by the horns and kissed her cheek. Her lips were very jealous but still managed to smile.

"When were you going to tell me?" Roger said with a hint of accusation.

She was the agent his brother had inserted to help him. He was pissed off by his brother, who had misdirected him with the use of male pronouns. He was further miffed by the fact that even without the misdirection he still would not have guessed.

Georgina just smiled there was no way she was going to answer a question like that. Roger waited impatiently then gave up.

"I lunched with my brother."

He raised an inquiring eyebrow.

"That's nice, I hope you are still hungry?"

"Georgina, don't mess about. He moved you to the Met to look after me."

"So why do you want me to tell you when you already know?"

"Were you intending to keep secrets from me?"

She began to understand his annoyance.

"When they are MY secrets I will share willingly but it was your brother's. What would you think of me if I lacked the integrity to respect a confidence?"

Roger looked like flaccid balloon he was all pumped up but robbed of righteous indignation he had deflated.

"Are you holding any other confidences in relation to me?"

"That depends on the depth of your conversation with your brother."

"Georgina, I am the fucking Earl of Alveston, I have not won any of our debates. Will you give a bloke a chance."

"Oh... your poor bruised ego. Two things, watch your language and I thought we were conversing not debating."

He blushed, "I'm so sorry Georgina that was crude, and see you have done it again."

She rose and walked towards him, his eyes followed her. She dipped her head and kissed him full on the mouth.

"There, now my lips are no longer jealous of my cheek."

"I will work hard to ensure your lips are never jealous again," he said.

She didn't have the confidence to pursue that thought, so she changed the subject, "What did you find out about Reggie?"

"She is free and clear, I have ordered her a new Ration book. She is an interesting young lady."

"Can you discuss it in front of her?"

"Yes, why?"

"Her life has been shit, she needs to learn there are people she can trust. We need to be fully open," Georgina gave Roger a firm look, "no agendas."

"OK, I've a friend who can find her an apartment. I am sure her employer would be pleased to take her back. So she'll be right as rain."

"That's fine planning but Reggie is staying with me."

Roger saw the steel in her look, he decided if he was ever to battle with Georgina he would have to pick the skirmish with care. This was not worthy of a fight.

"Why?" he said.

"Because I want to," Reggie said from the door.

She ignored Roger but hugged Georgina thoroughly and whispered, "Thank you."

"So what do you know about me," she said to Roger.

"I know that you are looking much better and that you are obviously hungry."

He pulled a bottle of wine from his bag.

"Why don't we chat over dinner?" he said.

Georgina sprang to the oven found a match and lit it and set the reglo for bread pudding. She rummaged in the cupboard and with much vetting and rejection returned with three matched glasses and a corkscrew.

"Give that half an hour, then I'll cook dinner."

She gave the glasses to Roger.

"If you were charitable these could be wine glasses."

He was charitable so he uncorked the bottle and made a show of sniffing the cork.

"You like sticking your nose in things that are not your concern, pour it and tell me about me," Reggie said.

He did as he was instructed.

"I've told you nothing, how could you find out about me?"

Roger thought about confidences he didn't want Georgina implicated in case it upset her relationship with Reggie. He was just assembling a lie.

"I told him," Georgina said, "you mentioned the Pyro, I assumed it was the Pyrotechnist's Arms. The name is unique, at least in London, that put your house around Peckham. There were not to many bomb fatalities there, plus Tommy called that piece of shit you married Rigby. That was enough for someone as skilled as Roger."

"Language," Roger said smiling at his revenge.

"I'm sorry Roger, of course I meant - that FUCKING piece of shit."

Georgina was angry. Roger reached over and touched her arm.

"Sorry not you," she said. "If Reggie ever chooses to tell you her tale, you'd just as likely dig that turd up and kill him again."

Reggie laughed, it was a peel of joy. It was the first glimpse of the frightened child inside. The laughter was infectious and killed any tension that had been caused by Georgina's reaction. They sat around avoiding looking at each other for fear they would all start laughing again. After ten minutes of restraint and hilarity they understood the purpose of laughter. It was as if they shared a warm, time worn friendship.

"You can tell him if you want Georgina but you are right I don't want to think about him. Come on Roger give."

"OK, you married Albert a year ago. You were recruited to EMI before the war. They considered you to be a camera expert. When the war started you were transferred to the experimental department. You suddenly stopped attending work they sent people to see if you needed any help but they were always repulsed by Albert. They miss your skills and would have you back tomorrow. You were a precision machinist working on Radar-"

"That's classified," Reggie said, covering her mouth.

"Darling girl, your security clearance is high but Georgina and I beat you."

"Oh, sorry. I got so used to saying nothing."

She looked at Georgina, "Can I tell you about it sometime?"

"Of course," Roger said. "Can I continue?"

"Sorry," she said.

" A precision machinist working on Radar, where they miss your keen mind and unique insight."

"How high?" Georgina asked.

"High enough," he responded.

"What?" asked Reggie.

"It seems we can share our assignment with you. I'm sure that will be a help."

A timer buzzed.

"Time to make dinner"

"Want any help?" Roger and Reggie said together.

"It's fine, chat and drink."

The meal was much greater than the sum of its parts. When Georgina pulled a perfectly baked bread pudding from the oven, Roger slyly pulled a can of condensed milk from his bag.

"I was planning on frosting it, now I can save my sugar," Georgina said.

Roger and Reggie insisted that they do the washing up.

"What of the project?" Georgina asked, while she lounged enjoying a second glass of wine.

"I have set Lola on Wilson Knightly, he is a old school fornicator, our services will soon be common knowledge with that old blatherskite. I told her emphatically NO SEX, he has to come back and pay."

"How could you be that mean to Lola, you know she can't handle frustration?"

Roger blushed.

"Oh, you promised to look after her?" Georgina said.

His color deepened, not now a blush but a serious red.

"Does that meet the standard of Fluids and flattery?"

Roger said nothing, he just looked uncomfortable. Georgina continued her stare, he capitulated.

"No, I like her. She is what she is. There is no subterfuge. She is using me too, to meet her ends. I respect her but that's all."

"I thought I could tolerate your promiscuity but can you court me and service your harem?"

Georgina's face was blank, there were no clues there. Reggie was being very quiet but Roger noted a feint grin on her face. Roger decided total honesty was the only way, if it meant the end of the bud of love that he wanted to cherish then that was the cost of his principles. He told them the story of Cynthia the harlot spy.

"Her courage cost her her life. If my courage to pursue victory for my country costs me your love, then it will be a higher price but I will pay it."

He stared at her blank face, his breath held.

"Fluids and flattery we agreed. If you share regard, that is altogether a different kettle of fish."

"Love is important, not love making."

"Let me think about it," she said.

The mood changed, Roger felt like an intruder and quickly escaped.


Roger was downcast as he wandered back to his flat. He could understand what went wrong, even why but he felt a personal loss that defied logic.

He took his dejection and a brandy to bed and was soon asleep, enjoying dreams of a future missed.

Roger woke with a start, the warm flesh he was enjoying in his dream was suddenly too real.

"Come on Roger, I'm as randy as racy rabbit."

It was Lola, she had shed her clothes on the way to his bedroom. Despite the numbness he felt about Georgina, Lola was a magnificent distraction. Fumbling her attributes through clothing failed to show her true balance and beauty. She was Rubeneque, generously fleshed but very shapely.

"Stop looking and get touching," she cried and her hand dove beneath the sheets looking for an appendage which could maintain her interest.

"God Roger, you're not even hard. Did you forget I was coming?"

"Lola, you are always coming."

"I don't come anywhere near enough, I ended up more frustrated than Don Giovanni."

"Wilson Knightly."

"Yes, Mr roaming hands. He could smell me and couldn't understand why I wouldn't let him get his end away. Come ON Roger stop talking and start fucking."

Roger laughed he had contributed nothing to the conversation.

Lola stripped off the sheets, growled that her hand had done little to restore his function. He doubted that he could perform, he was feeling really bad about Georgina but his doubts were soon dispelled by Lola's mouth and hand. She was an expert in reviving lost interest.

She wanked him three times waited for the blood to flow and then licked his emerging foreskin. Unhappy with just hard she repeated the process until he would make concrete look soft. Before he had a chance to regress Lola was on him. She guided him to her moist center, he felt her pressure on his cock as she slid down it.

"Ah!" she said.

Being filled with cock seemed to be enough for the moment. Roger was in the moment too. He planned to reject Lola but her heat transmitted in the most intimate way tempted his resolve and when she started moving Roger forgot the word resolve all together.

"Keep still," she said, "I'll do it."

Roger relaxed and enjoyed the look on her face, it was pure pleasure, she rode him up and down slowly mostly on the middle of his shaft, she was teasing herself. He reached for her buttocks. He didn't drive her he let her set the pace but his hand enjoyed the soft flesh supported by a firm base.

He gave up first he needed more contact, he added his motion to hers. She laughed.

"I knew you wouldn't be able to take it for long."

She took over, her movement increased, she almost let him escape then she plummeted down on his pelvis ground backward and forwards before repeating.

"Tits," she said.

He had relished the way they had moved with her motion. To please her all he had to do was put firm pressure on her nipples, her movement would do the rest. His palms seemed to be pushed away by the growth of her barrel shaped nipples. He tweaked them, her motion slowed and became erratic then she screamed in orgasmic pleasure. Grinding out her pleasure against his cock.

He brushed her cheek.

"Oh no Chief Inspector, you owe me more than one."

He was still like a steel bar. Lola started moving again, then she laughed.

"Don't move," she said.

Using him like an axle she spun slowly around so she was facing away from him then she tensed her pelvic muscles to keep him in and rolled them onto their sides then threw a leg over his. They were spooning and he was still in her but now from her back.

"Move lover," she said.

He did, it was nice, he could kiss her, or even fondle her breasts, he did both, She responded by augmenting his thrusting and giving tongue.

He caressed her body, her bones were well padded but all in the right places, he loved the feel of her skin, the thrust of her nipples, her eager need for pleasure.

"It's about time you came too."

She squeezed him as she withdrew trying to milk his seed.

"Ladies first," he said.

His hand dropped, he found his own cock and used it to navigate to her clitoris, he tried to time his stroke with her motions, but he needn't have bothered as soon as he flicked her clit she thrust towards his fingers.

"More," she said.

He dutifully responded, he increased the pressure of his stroke she responded and carried on responding until he was rubbing her.

"Come on, Lover," she said. She tilted her head for a kiss she sucked his bottom lips and moaned into his mouth as she came again. This time he joined her.

He held her, understanding the concept of post coital bliss. He woke a little later. She was asleep, they were still connected. Feeling wicked he felt the weight of her breasts. He ran his nails lightly along the glorious mounds towards her nipples, her tit exploded with goosebumps, while she still slept.

Her reaction fueled his, as was his intent. Hard enough now, he moved gently, in and out. He laughed this was the only time he had been able to dictate the action with Lola, he would have to fuck her while she was asleep more often.

The thought of fucking Lola again, made him think of Georgina, he could have claimed ignorance this time, but not if he did it again. His erection almost faltered but the feeling was so good, increased pace kept him up to the job. Roger ended up taking his guilt out on Lola's minge but she had no complaints. She woke when the pace increased, sought a kiss, and guided his hand down to her clit. They maintained a steady pace, not frenetic like earlier it was more erotic, less needy.

They worked each other like lovers rather than Nymphomaniac and Lothario. They just maintained pleasurable contact each delaying the inevitable until strangely, in unison, they let go. They each enjoyed a monster climax. They fucked their way through every ounce of pleasure offered by their orgasms. When the titillation stopped and it became just hydraulics they stopped.

"Lola reached for her knickers, fortunately they were close as they had been discarded last.

"Pull out Lover, I have two bucket loads of your come in here."

Roger withdrew, she stopped the creamy waterfall with her underwear.

"Move over Lola, you can have the dry side."

"Are you being kinky or considerate," she asked.

She didn't wait for the answer, she snuggled into him so that he could spoon her, she reached over and caressed his buttocks.

"If I wasn't wired the way I was, I could quite settle for you Roger."

He snuggled her closer.

"Thank you," she said, "no one stays and cuddles, I like this. Someone deserves you."

He didn't respond, she would have been asleep anyway.

He liked Lola, not for sex, but because she was a smart detective. She was instinctual she ran on the gut feel of the case. He wondered how much she knew but the nail had been firmly hit. Despite a sexual interlude that all but a few men would ever experience, Roger fell asleep feeling deep regret.

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