tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 08

The Hogarth Club Ch. 08


It was mid-afternoon by the time Georgina and Roger got back to the yard. They had stopped by Roger's home in Little Sanctuary. Little Sanctuary was a cul-de-sac off Broad Sanctuary which ran off Parliament Square. Georgina agreed it was an ideal location. It was a grand mansion with six formal bedrooms, four public rooms including a ball room and ample servant accommodation behind stairs.

Roger pretended to be offended when Georgina declared his home would make an ideal brothel.

"Should I have been renting myself out?" he said.

"You'd make a great butler," she said.

Their banter was interrupted by Grierly's usual megaphone loud tone.

"This is not a holiday camp, you two get into my office now!"

He walked in behind them and shut the door.

"You are taking Georgina Lad, that is nothing but mean. The office has been much brighter for her presence."

Georgina's surprise was not well hidden. Seeing a question mark flow across her face Roger said.



"He has two speeds, fast and faster."

Georgina turned to Grierly, "I'm sorry, Sir I enjoyed working here too."

Grierly handed over a missive to Roger, he read it quickly, then passed it on to Georgina who laughed and gave it to Grierly.

"He's read too many penny dreadful mysteries," Roger said.

"Oh!" said Georgina, "he's just trying to provoke you, isn't he?"

"That's what older brothers do."

"Oh Roger, you're quite small, I was expecting you to be at least average."

Roger kissed her with abandon, his tongue explored her mouth. She responded by trying to get closer. The fact that it was physically impossible didn't suppress her efforts. Her blouse which at been liberally untucked was going to be seriously creased.

Esmeralda moved down the corridor almost walking backwards. When she walked around the corner Georgina said, "Why such a blistering kiss?"

"Three reasons to stop your smart mouth, I'll never live down being under endowed," he laughed with genuine joy.

"Two to stop me from laughing, finally I enjoyed it."

"Me too, I wish you'd held me closer though."

"Darling if we'd got any closer we would have blown up London."

She caught on quickly, "Yes but what a wonderful way to split the atom."

"You'd better go and spread our misdeeds."

Georgina left him with a smile that would last him half an hour. She wandered down the corridor making sure that she was tucking in her blouse as she passed the squad room, the more eyes that saw her dishevelment, the better. She looked at her watch and hurried to the agreed alcove.

"Ja, er ist schon auf unserer Seite, aber ich habe ihm etwas ermutigt. Gehorche nur!"

Georgina shouted the last sentence just as Grierly walked past with a group of officers two of whom could speak German. Grierly looked concerned he held his finger to his lips and led the group to his office.

"One of you pricks must speak German, what did she say?" Grierly demanded.

With the current state of the war just speaking German was a almost a hanging offense. Fred and Ulrich chatted, in German.

Ulrich said, "She said, Yes, he is already on our side, but I have encouraged him. Then she shouted Just obey me."

Grierly's door rattled like it was in the middle of a tempest. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Young stormed in, ignoring the group he shouted at Grierly.

"I will not have moral turpitude in my division. If what Esmeralda reported is true, that girl of yours will have to go."

"Please sit down, Sir, we may have a bigger problem."

Grierly explained what they had overheard of Georgina's conversation the phone.

"Get rid of Hoyden too. He's only been here five minutes. He was hoisted on us by the intelligence services-"

Grierly interrupted, "Do you think he is after her, Sir?"

"Don't care Grierly, if she's gone he can't surveil her here, get rid of him too."

"Yes, Sir."

"Esmeralda says Hoyden has spent too much time in Lola Arkwright's knickers, clear her out as well, we can't have these gals corrupting our men. Let's have a clean broom... what!"

Grierly pretended concern, he stood looking to the floor shaking his head.

Then raised his head and stared Young in the eye.

"Very well, Sir. A clean broom, what ho!"

"Good show, Grierly."

Young sailed out of his office like a battle cruiser, Grierly dismissed the pack.

"Send her in," he said to Fred as he left.

"He wants you," Fred said to Georgina with thinly disguised disgust.

Georgina managed to look crestfallen as she walked into the office.

"These morals are bringing our country down," Grierly shouted.

His voice bounced around all the offices on the upper corridor. While he was shouting he motioned Georgina to a stiff glass of Brandy he had poured from his private stock. She sat gratefully and sipped the brandy while he berated her at full volume. When he was happy, he sat and supped his own brandy.

"Georgie, Dear. I really hate loosing you, you have been a breath of fresh air."

He touched her hand to personalize the message.

"Now, before you go. I think it would be a good idea to pull Lola aside and let her know she is going to be dismissed as well as Roger. A new broom and all that, what!"

His imitation of Young was credible.

"Poor Lola, is she expecting it?"

"Not so soon. The fact the you go straight to her will further discredit her. If you need any intelligence use my private number."

He passed over a sheet of paper.

"Lola, could I speak to you for a moment please?"

"You're Grierly's secretary, what does he want?"

"I am... sorry was, no I want to speak to you personally."

"OK, Ducks, follow me."

She led Georgina to an empty interview room.

"Lola, you are about to be dismissed-"

Lola interrupted, "What the fuck for, have you organized this you bitch. You want Roger for yourself?"

"No, No and Yes."

"What?" Lola looked perplexed.

"NO, I didn't organize it, Roger did, no I am not a bitch and yes I would like Roger all to myself but he has a job to do first."

Lola looked hard at Georgina.

"Are you in on this brothel thing?"

"Yes, but as business manager. I don't have the experience to do your job."

Lola nodded to herself.

"He tried, but he wasn't into it last time, that's because of you?"

"Probably, we are still working out our relationship. He likes you and I felt threatened."

Lola didn't want to like Georgina but she couldn't help herself. Normally her instincts allowed her to inch the truth out of people but Georgina was disarming in her honesty. She pulled Georgina into a hug.

"He deserves someone nice. It looks like I need to persuade Wilson Knightly to part with some coin. Roger says I can no longer fuck for free."

"Lola, I am so glad I've met you, I was jealous of your attributes and achievements but I was wrong, I can see that you want the best for Roger too. I am so sorry."

Lola looked hard at Georgina, this intuitive leap was her domain but Georgina was dead right.

"I think I'll enjoy working closely with you, I'll go and throw my stuff into a box."

"We'll meet at Roger's house tomorrow morning," Georgina said loudly, she had heard foot steps coming down the corridor.

"I'm to escort you off the premises Miss," he said to Georgina, then to Lola, "Grierly wants you."

Roger had planned to cruise Soho in the afternoon, but he had spent an afternoon with Georgina. Watching her operate he began to understand why he had made no progress. She had more than taken the bull by the horns she had thrown it too. He was sure that by tomorrow morning she would be serving hamburgers. The pleasant time spent with Georgina now meant it was again a night-time endeavor.

Roger's idea of a fun evening was not chatting up prostitutes. When he had started it had side benefits but with his feeling for Georgina they were now side disadvantages. Still he was not one to quit so he left for Soho just before 10.00pm, when the pubs shut. He figured that it would be hookers rush hour.

He wandered aimlessly about looking at the girls, he was looking for a certain sine qua non, that important ill-defined essential ingredient, but it was seriously missing in the girls he passed.

He was about to return home empty handed but was distracted by a commotion. Two men were threatening one of the girls he had passed earlier. The thin wiry man was doing all the shouting, the well muscled thug was trying to hide behind him. Roger found the scenario interesting, normally the big bloke would have been doing the menacing. The argument had been going for a while, Roger arrived in time for the denouement.

"You've had your last warning, only my girls set up here."

"Fuck off, shit for brains," she said, totally uncowed.

Wiry pulled out a shiv and walked towards the girl.

"I wouldn't," Roger said.

"Fuck off it's none of your business."

"I don't let little thugs like you determine my business interests."

Roger was a little surprised when the cowering big bloke moved towards him. He stopped like he'd hit a pole when he heard the ominous click of Roger's revolver being cocked. Roger waved him away with the barrel until he was no longer an immediate threat. He then focused on Wiry.

"Tuck the knife back into your diaper, piss off and take bully boy with you."

"You have bought a ton of trouble Mush, you can save your arse by backing down. We'll forget it happened."

"Thank you for the offer, but I'd prefer that you remembered. I don't know which shit heap you were incubated in but real men respect women."

"That's not a woman, that's a slut."

"I disagree and I have the gun, so fuck off."

Wiry cocked his head to indicate to bully boy that they should go.


The single word was more ominous than all his previous rhetoric.

Roger looked back to the girl. He had passed her before because she looked so young but he had been wrong, she was just little.

"You should have let me kill him, he'll have a gun next time you see him."

Roger looked at her she looked like a waif, she'd be incapable of killing anyone.

"So now you've nullified my entertainment, are you buying?"

"After saving your arse, are you giving?"

She pulled at her clothes, "Giving doesn't keep me alive."

He nodded, it was a fair point.

"Five quid," she said.

"A quid, for the night."

"Two and a half quid."

"Three guineas, and I can do what I like."


"Yeah, it's classier."

One pound and one shilling, three bob would buy her a slap up meal.

"Nothing obscene or perverse?"


"You are intending to fuck me?"

He nodded he didn't add, only if it's strategic.

She offered her hand, "Gabby," she said.

"Roger," he reciprocated.

She followed him, insisting on walking behind him.

"Walk beside me," he said, .

"I am not your equal, why pretend."

Roger took her to the bathroom and poured a bath as soon as he got home.

"What I smell or something," she asked with defiance. While she stood fully clothed in the bathroom with her arms folded across her chest.

She did smell, with her profession it was unavoidable.

"No you are cold."

"So what's that got to do with you?"

Clearly she was not a taker of charity.

"I hate cold feet," he said.

He pulled her arms away from her chest and unbuttoned her coat, it was more than thin it was frail. It was only adequate as a covering it would not have provided any warmth. He shucked her out of it.

"Are you preparing the goods, or should I participate?"

"You are not goods and you can do as you please."

She allowed him to unbutton her top, it looked like a man's shirt. It was androgynous, it did nothing to advertise what assets she may be hiding. He slipped it off her shoulders, she was wearing no underwear. Her breasts were small but full, just a handful, they stood proudly, firmly and perkily.

"You can touch, you are paying."

He did, her breast filled his hand perfectly, he felt her nipple indent his palm as it expanded.

"Despite your hard attitude, you like this don't you?"

"I enjoy making love but this is just fucking... sometimes my body betrays me," she said, as an afterthought.

He bent and drew her nipple into his mouth, despite herself she held him urging greater contact. He released the top two buttons on her skirt whilst he teased and tasted her teat. Her skirt fell to the floor, again no underwear. She lifted a leg onto the bath to give him access. She was skittish he decided his actions were still strategic.

He focused on her pleasure, allowing his touch to respond rather than dictate. Her lips had parted, she was passive but he could feel what she wanted and he gave it to her. He felt her quiver on his finger, expecting her to orgasm he was surprised when she stepped back and then into the bath.

"Why?" he asked.

"YOU paid for pleasure."

"... and if my pleasure is pleasing you?"

"Then you have a fucking Good Samaritan complex. Lets just get you to squirt, forget about me."

She reached for his fly, he brushed her hand away.

"We agreed anything I wanted, I want to bathe you."

She nodded, she was not pleased. He reached for the soap and washed her hair. She offered a strange mix of defiance and compliance but he managed the task.

"Wash your face," he said, "I'll be back in a minute, I still want to find you in the bath."

Roger went to the kitchen, he put a casserole Georgina had prepared into the oven to re-heat. Then set the table, bread, cheese and honey.

"What, you've left me in here to freeze," she said on his return.

Ignoring her he turned on the hot tap, the furnace above the bath burst into life. She just sat there, so he stirred the hot water into the bath, enjoying the contact with her body.

"That's enough," she said.

Roger remembered fondly bathing Reggie, he was surprised that he'd liked it. Gabby would prove if it was the action he liked or Reggie. He took the arm closest to him, soaped and rinsed it.

He became quite hard, it was clearly caressing a female body that he liked, Gabby offered nothing but he still enjoyed it. Comfortable with the pleasure he was giving himself. He soaped her chest and ran his slippery hands over her breasts. Gabby was trying to show no interest but as she had said, her body sometimes betrayed her.

Her nipples were hard and very pale, the soap made the contact smooth, no sweaty palms and grippy skin. It was like caressing a satin garment but one that was warm and despite Gabby's efforts, responsive. Georgina's breasts appeared to be about the same size as Gabby's so Roger shut his eyes and imagined it was another women he was caressing. It felt so real he was very close to coming himself when his reverie was interpreted by Gabby.

"You bastard," she said, "you made me come."

She was panting, she had covered her minge as if to try and stop it climaxing. Gabby looked at him with undisguised contempt.

"You said nothing obscene or perverse!" she said, accusingly.

Roger was lost for words, between Reggie and Gabby he seemed incapable of doing anything right.

He said, with indignation, "What have I done NOW!"

"You made me come you pervert."

Roger stood and shook his head, god women were a proverbial pain. He wondered about how a man could ever understand them. He walked out of the bathroom without responding.

"I'll be in the kitchen, follow the light," he said.

Roger sat in the kitchen, the casserole was starting to smell nice, it put him in a good mood. He decided to take pity on her, there was little point in putting a clean body back in her filthy clothes. He searched a gown Helen had left. Intending to slip it around the door, he opened it quietly. Then stood open mouthed.

Gabby had a leg on each side of the bath and had lifted herself so the water was lapping her cunt. She was stroking herself, up and down then in, She was maintaining a steady rhythm, no urgency, just pleasure. Roger was attracted by her busy fingers, he had never seen a woman masturbate by herself, it was a turn on.

Her breasts were being swept by the tide her movements were creating. Roger watched fascinated as the water caressed the mounds that he had so enjoyed just moments before. As if sensing his thoughts she lifted both hands to her breasts. She kneaded them, as Roger had, then grabbed them roughly and pulled them away from her body, her grip slipped until she was stretching both her nipples. She gasped, then flattened her tits against her chest, she circled her palms over her nipples. Her moaning increased when she stretched her nipples and when she ground them into her chest, the process was repeated, her keening slowly increasing in intensity. Gabby's nipples were pale when first released from her clothing, now they were red, almost the same color as her cheeks.

Gabby continued working on her breasts, her breathing becoming ragged. Roger was spell bound. Her motions increased in intensity, she might be delaying coming to maintain that almost painful pre-orgasmic state but Roger suspected that massaging her tits alone was not enough to drive her over the edge.

He smiled when her hand returned to her valley. Roger expected her to brutally attack herself but she did not repeat the physical assault suffered by her breasts. Gabby with a single fingertip, gently and lightly stroked herself to another orgasm. She was fighting to be quiet, In case the noise should disturb him, where he should have been, in the kitchen. He dropped the robe and escaped before she returned to the world and opened her eyes.

Roger had developed good deductive skills as an engineer and latterly as a detective, he challenged himself to solve this female conundrum. He stilled and played chess in his head with all the variables. By the time he was joined by Gabby he was little the wiser.

"Eat," he said.

"I don't want your fucking charity, you paid to fuck me, so fuck me."

"You were paid to do as I asked, I like watching people eat."

"We shook hands we have a contract. If you are not man enough to honor it, I am walking. Given I am a slut honor is all I have left."

Gabby had proven herself to be tuned to her sexuality, she would be an asset if she could be convinced to work for the house. Without his compliance, Roger had no doubt she would leave, even without being paid. It was as if she resented being a prostitute.

That thought was like a light in the darkness. She hadn't been on the streets long enough to be able to separate herself from the act. Most brasses would not allow themselves to be kissed, kissing was for their boyfriends. Gabby was resigned to be penetrated, for money to survive, but she felt betrayed by her body if she enjoyed it.

He pulled his wallet from his pocket, counted out three pounds, three shillings.

"Yes, we'll fuck," he said.

He knew it was necessary, if he reneged on her, so called, contract she was lost to the house.

"A strategic fuck," he said.


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